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    Php-Nuke modude!! Udløbet left

    I am trying to integrate a dating script with php-nuke 6.0 using the same username and password of phpnuke. I would like to port this script as a module without modifying phpnuke code for furture upgrade. It is not a hard job for those who already familier with *nuke system. This is not a job coders that writing the whole dating script package, the dating script has all the feature I need, just a ...

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    I need a stream server/capture to listen for incoming connections. This must be TCP and multithreaded, saving each 'frame' to a file (dumping the data) Basically: I have a video sender (client) that should connect to the 'streamcapture' on port x on a network (must be *NIX) This program will read the data and save the frames continuously, overwriting the next frame. The current...

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    I need either: a)A Visual Basic app that reads a local text file that has specifically formatted categories for a site, puts them in a TreeView to allow for adding, deleting categories, then writes it back to the specifically formatted file. Written to run under and Windows environment. b)A Perl script that will read a specifically formatted text file containing categories, then using CGI, allow a...

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    Intrusion Detection System on *nix like system It can be any method, approach unless it works, preferably host-based anomaly detector. I would like to receive properly commented source code, I don't require any advanced facilities, or extra functionality - it's just a project for educational purposes. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable fo...

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    I need a script that will hunt another file on the filesystem, and when it finds it reports the relative path from the "search script" file to the "target" file. The script must also report the absolute path of each file (the search and target files). The script must take the form of a text box (in which you enter the target file) and a "depth" drop down menu (HTM...

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    81313 Where am I? Udløbet left

    I need some PHP code that I can place in any script that will make available as variables the following information: A variable that reports the domain of the server the script is running on, ie: "[log ind for at se URL]". I want all "www" and "/[log ind for at se URL]" and "http://" taken out, along with any query strings "?action=1". The scrip...

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    I run a shell/webhosting company and need a piece of software that will process emails from paypal, pick out the person's name, address, phone number, email, etc and add it to our Access database. This should also email these people a welcome letter requesting more information from them...Should be quite simple. Can run on *nix (*bsd)/dos, windows, or other os's if necessary. ## De...

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    We are in need of custom cgi scripting for tracking affiliate sales on our websites. Please contact us immediately for the specific details on what we need. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platfo...

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    I want a small CGI app. created that will allow an existing PDF file to be modified via string substitution similar to what can be achieved with normal *NIX string substitution. eg. s/'dog/cat/g' So whereever the string 'dog' appears in my PDF file it will be replaced with the string 'cat'. Both 'dog' and 'cat' would be ta...

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    Basic Gaming Ladder Udløbet left

    We need the basics of a gaming ladder, either made in PHP/MySQL or ASP/Access (note that database types doesn't matter). The list below shows some of the stuff we need: * Signup System (Teams and Players) * Join/Leave a spec. ladder * Join/Leave Rooster * Report loss (loosing team) * Ranking System (Teams and Players) * Monthly Tournaments & Admin Added ones * Stat...

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    Looking for a program written in C that will complie with a gcc compiler and run on solaris (or better yet, generic code that would compile and run on all *nix systems). This program will call another system program and parse and create a small report (.txt file). For testing purposes you could write a program that would just print out the following output: cre.310 Default cre.311...

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    BE WARNED: I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to go ahead with this. I might purchase a commercial package if I find one to suit my full needs. Hi, I’ve started my own hosting company on redhat 7.2 Servers. We are currently running ensim applicance 3.1 ([log ind for at se URL]) Ensim has many restrictions Such as: Subdomains Email forwarding And I also don’t like the way it han...

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    I need someone to Convert a Perl script to PHP, then add one more module to the perl script that does credit card charging (recieve an approval or denial) and then either throw out an error or finish the perl script (in which it queries an SQL server and posts a new "user"). The Script can be viewed at [log ind for at se URL] ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working pr...

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    Looking for some web-based games =============================== Hi, Please read the requirements before bidding. I'm looking for some more games to add to my [log ind for at se URL] site. Please visit this site to get a feel of what kind of games I’m looking for. I need PHP/Flash games that store information/results in a MySQL database. The game must involve the user clicking on a bann...

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    WebSite Syndicator Udløbet left

    I would like an application programmed that can syndicate content using JavaScript as the end delivery mechanism. The application must be built using PHP and MySQL (though using the abstraction ADODB layer from [log ind for at se URL] ) and be based on a *nix server (either Solaris or Linux). Skills needed will be Generic *nix skills, PHP, MySQL, ADODB, SQL, JavaScript, good documentation skills, ...

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    Need access to use someone's lyris server (or any other mass e-zine sending server) for my opt-in list for my teen website. I need access to use probably around 150,000 email addresses, with e-mails 3-times weekly with an individual file size of around 2-6k per email. But this amount of subscribers will grow to hopefully over 250,000 in a short while. Please respond along with your bid with t...

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    Website Fixing Udløbet left

    My site is based on 100% perl technologies and has been unfunctional for quite some time now. The problem is with the modules my site requires to work (image magick and such). There being a huge problem, my host doesn't even want to lift a hand to help fix it. The winner of this project will gain access to the FTP for my site and have access to the entire source code of the site. You wil...

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    The software is in 3 parts (x) 2 main and 1 'setup' (1) Program to be run on clients machine (windows *.*) that interfaces with webcam and streams it to a server in a config file (see (3)). This program will require authentication of username and password against an sql db held on the server. the program must include a 'preview' box and a start and stop button as well as some s...

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    We are in the process of building a toolbox of Active X OCX components, making ordinary VB Programmering, like playing with LEGO BRICKS. Many companies needs a quick VB solution here and now, and since Bill haven't added enough LEGO bricks for us NonNeards, I will try to build the worlds biggest set of ActiveX OCX components for this customer segment. The goal is to make a full package making...

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    I need a web based control panel for a Windows 2000 / .NET server written in VB.NET. Must be VB.NET - no exceptions. Control panel will allow customers to manage their hosting accounts. Must support Admins, Resellers (including the Resellers Users) and regular users. Instead of listing every little feature, check out 2 sites I have found that have this. Nice, but too pricey for what it offers. Doe...

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    linked list Udløbet left

    Write a C++ program (OOP implementation) that initially presents a menu of choices for the user. ## Deliverables The menu should consist of the following choices: a. Create an initial linked list of employee ID’s, Name and Phone Numbers. b. Insert a new record into the linked list. c. Modify an existing record in the linked list. d. Delete an existing record from the list. e. Retrieve a p...

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    I have written a small cgi (perl) script designed to work in conjunction with ClickBank such that multiple landing pages can be specified so that affiliates could end up landing at 1 of 50 different pages (normally, ClickBank only allows you to land at 1 sales page). This idea came from a PHP solution: [log ind for at se URL] ...and I've tried to create the same functionality using Perl. I�...

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    Synopsis: A community site with a message board, IRC based chat, user profiles, file storage, database, and utilize a tiered access system. Controls and privileges should affect all these areas. - The core of the project is basically a highly customized, subscription based version of Yahoo! Groups. You should be extensively familiar with all of the features and functions both as a member and a mod...

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    Multi-Tool Udløbet left

    Attached is a project I tried to build in VB6.0. I need someone to recreate the basic functions of this into a better language. By better language I mean a language where ZERO external files are needed, all they need is the exe file to run it. It needs to work on Win and *nix. Basic features: Meta Tag builder, Website Submission, Registration, Load/Save profile, etc. Needs a professional layout,...

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    WebCam Software Udløbet left

    I need a webcam program that meets the following requirements: -Capture a photo from any windows compliant webcam -Run on Win 95, 98, Me, and XP -Maintain the ability to capture from as many as 3 cameras. -Be able to upload image via FTP -FTP Upload must be able to have two modes, one where it connects uploads and disconnects and another where it connects at the beginning of a session and repeats ...

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    JavaCam Program Udløbet left

    I need a webcam display system that does the following: Java Applet: -Allow refresh rates at minimal of 1 frame per second. -Allow the applet to be clicked on as though it were a link and have that URL be a parameter specified in HTML code. -A PLUS - stop the image from being captured via print screen operations! Perl Script: The perl script is to be called upon by the java applet. It will read im...

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    I would like to emulate and improve the following script: [log ind for at se URL] ...which basically generates a user name and password upon clickbank payment such that a password protected site is created. ** Emphasis cannot be stressed enough on making it extremely easy for a novice web master to install on their site ** Currently, above mentioned script only works with '.htaccess' fil...

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    Webmail site Udløbet left

    Hands on Project Manager/Team leader (Consult then Permanent, Herts) Project: To create a web based e-mail system (Hotmail style) for 1m users using Open Source software as far as is possible. This will involve reviewing and load testing the available options then customising the software we decide on to suit our needs. You will need to be able to create a load balanced, clustered, high speed, h...

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