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    I have twelve previously written, simple Visual Basic programs that I need debugged. Basically, I need the programmer to find the errors on some and let me know the ouput on the rest. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work

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    3 bud stickers are affixed or the product is deemed reworkable and blue stickers are affixed. There are multiple workstations involved in the inspection all running the same programs and feeding to a common database. There is only one “6G?? product involved in this inspection. One of the workstations may act as a server or there may be a separate server

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    ...use any 3rd party components. Ability to make future modification is extremely important. Programmer must be willing to give me all rights to use the program as I see fit including selling the program. In other words no restrictions of use. Programmer will need to provide complete working demo for their bid to be considered. One note. I will be looking

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    2 small C programs Udløbet left

    I need 2 small programs writen in 'C' with good code documenation. Please look at the attached zip file for further instructions, and example of variables and out put. the first program is a backward( ) function that prints out to the screen a string backwards, and the second program is one that initializes a double-subscripted array, called slime,

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    Coder wanted to write C++ code for (4) small programs in Deitel & Deitel text "C++ How To Program" (3rd Edition). Will be easy for a good C++ programmer but I don't have the time to become one right now. I have no interest in becoming a programmer but unfortunately will need these for a seminar my job requires me to take. If you have the text, the pro...

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    I need you to write a program (in JavaScript preferably), but I will accept Java applet format if you don't know JavaScript. i'd probably pay a little more if you could figure out how to do it with JavaScript. I already finished 6 of my check digit programs using JavaScript. But this ibm check digit scheme requires that i get the length of numbers entered

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    We are looking to purchase completed software programs related to EMAIL that have profit potential. Programs must be written in Microsoft C++ or Visual Basic. Third party component use acceptable so long as we can obtain a legal copy of same components. You must make available a complete working copy for our evaluation. You must be willing to sign a

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    C++ programs Udløbet left

    full description given in the attached file. Required text files will be supplied! Description is in Adobe Acrobat file format. The Maximum bid is for all three programs [log ind for at se URL] is $140 per program ## Deliverables Program has to do exactly what is required in specification and source code has to be relatively easy to understand. Complete and

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    I need an EXPERT in COM+ who can finish this project very fast. My new website is done but the COM+ components on the site need to be updated and possibly 1-2 added. The site is in ASP and the work-intensive functions involve querying the SQL database. I need this site to manage 100-200 concurrent users so I need the coding as efficient as possible

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    proj Udløbet left read it. Anyway,here goes. I am a small developer/programmer. This job will be New VB6 code. This is a 2 part project. It will become a part of an app which I am in the process of porting. I will beta test your work on a timely basis. I will pass All data and images to you, everything you need. You job is to arrange and format the items I pass to

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    We need a function or a way of passing information/data between two Visual Basic .exe programs. Our application will have a "program launcher" that will call several .exe programs, and we need to be able to know 1) What programs are still open when closing the "launcher" and when launching a program, for transfering control instead of re-launc...

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    c programs Udløbet left

    must use #include in all the small programs specs in the zip file ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased.

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    E-mail server proxy Udløbet left

    Need programmer(s) who : 1- are familiar with e-mail server functionality (SMTP) 2- know what mail relay is and how it works. 3- How to listen and reject requests on TCP/IP ports. 4- Can write programs that can handle multiple requests simultanously. The reason for this program is that Our company gets an awful lot of spam, and writing a program

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    Partner Coder Udløbet left I won is **completed** and now I need to add few more forms as shown in the attachment. There are to be **designed and coded**, which I will use in my module. Though the forms that you will be assigned to use include zipping files, **you need not do that**. We got modules ready for every thing. We just need to incorporate them OUR project after

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    ...will be on the site. ------ Please note, I'm an experienced programmer. I only need the HTML and Graphis for the header and footer. I ask that the links be text so I can change the descriptions myself. ------- I'm looking to create a site that sells several spy type programs. I need only need the header and footer and an area to drop content into. So...

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    ...program that helps the user create immediate sales. I have applied for a patent for this sales technique. Both the game and the sales letter with attachment have been completed. I need to have someone design a high volume internet site that will automatically down load the game, receive payment, and pay out sales commissions up to four levels. It's multilevel

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    Mailing Programs Udløbet left

    Program needed to mass mail off of, needs to be like the program Emerge, you can download a trial version of it here ftp://[log ind for at se URL] MUST have all the same options. The program also must be modified to send to another computer which can remove the the senders header information so the email cannot be tracked. Program must also be made so that the person who installed the mailer has t...

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    ...script choosen is missing 2 very important features. That I need a programmer to add to it. It has to do with how I want the members placed in the club. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. What I need added to the premade downline club script is. Every 4th

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    #1 I need a C++ program that will open a file and re-write that file with all the spaces between the words being single. So if the file has 2 or more spaces I would like for it to change it back to one space between each word with the output written to a file called output.txt. #2 Then I would like a program that merges the numbers in two files and

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    I need some code that will properly shut down any programs running on a win9x/2000 system. We have tried several ways with some success, but have trouble shutting down certain D3D games like Counterstrike, etc. I need something that will properly terminate these programs, and restore the windows desktop to the proper resolution and color depth, without

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    ...password protect certain programs. For instance Microsfot Outlook, when the user try to open the file, I would like a simple small window to appear asking for the password. (Similar to the windows 9x screensaver). I would obviously need a gui to allow the user to select the apps to protect and assign a password. The application would need to be professional

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    VB Debugger Needed Udløbet left

    Hi, I'm looking for a Visual Basic programmer to help me finalize and debug programs that I've been working on. I have close to 15 projects that all are 85% complete, just needing final touches and debugging to be released. This bid request is to help me finalize one of them. If all goes well and I'm happy with your work, then I'll pass a lot more

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    Program 1 - I need a program that reads any C++ program, which is determined by the client, that reads all assignment statements. All variables need to be extracted from both the right and levft hand sides of the operators. (see .zip under [log ind for at se URL] for exact definition of problem.) Program #2 - Extend a String ADT included in the .zip file

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    2 simple C++ programs:) ## Deliverables Prgram 1) A program with a string copy and string concatenate functions. Write a program to test both functions. The program should not allow buffer overflow. Should test both copy and concatenate functions Should test both good and bad (overflow situation) data. ----------------------- Program 2) Web pages

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    I need help in producing a simple windows diagnostic utility application that will scan, diagnose and show the results in a rich text format after the utility application has finished searching for problems in the registry for bad key, shortcuts and other problems that general users accumulate on their windows operating system. It needs to be interfaced

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    5 Java Programs Udløbet left

    It's done! ## Deliverables done

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    Hello, I am starting up a company builds programs for compaines, by connecting with programmers all over the world, a programmer would be given a part of the software to work on. and would be paid based on the work that they do. I need ALL TYPES OF PROGRAMMERS! c++ / C / VB / JAVA / you name it. I also need graphics. to join up, please email justin

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    simple programs Udløbet left

    1) Need a program that will interactively read from the user the number of one-dollar bills, dollar coins, half-dollars, quarters, dimes, nickles, and pennies. Print the initial data i.e. number of each type of money, to the screen, and the compute total amount of money. 2) a program that reads a nonnegative integer and computes and prints it's factorial

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    Internet Tracker Udløbet left

    ...something that can be accessed from Visual Basic 6. I need the program to monitor the internet like zone alarm or other firewall programs, and send the data to the Visual basic program it needs to run in 98/95/me/nt/2000. The programmer will have to be "interviewed" ## Deliverables Work with VB, need the source and working verison as well as some way

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