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    I need you to write a research article on a claim. Need to provide evidence that supports the claim. Claim is = cima-1 functions upstreams of Egl-15 in epidermal cells to inhibit Egl-15 protein accumulation to prevent overgrowth of glia adjacent to AIY thereby preventing Ectopic synapse formation in AIY

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    case study 5 dage left

    As the preliminary meetings are concluded, Sam tells you the Company is concerned that Karli maybe be committing accounts payable fraud. You are being retained to perform a forensic investigation and the Company would like you to answer the following questions: Is Karli part of a fraud scheme? If so, how was the fraud was committed and concealed? What was the dollar amount of any fraud committed...

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    Implement my bash script to work on Install MariaDB Anonymously prevent and block access to the database Only with username and password you can manage the database Create 1 username and password, with privileges of everything Create rule for database connection only locally Import database file Create a PHP script that checks the database connection and lists available databases and tables

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    I'm trying to connect to a remote JSON file by PHP Curl but I keep getting a 403 error. I have no issues browsing to the same exact URL from browser and getting a 200 response along with the JSON data. This is the error I am getting while trying to fetch: ========================================================== 403 ERROR The request could not be satisfied. Request blocked. We can't c...

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    We are a small financial services firm in The Netherlands. We have developed our own CRM/client management system using SharePoint + SPFx extensions. We're looking for a freelancer that can frequently assist in creating new extensions and/or upgrading/extending existing extensions. We are looking for a listview customizer to be developed. * It should render in list "Projects", for ...

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    We are looking for a packager to create 100+ packages of publicly available applications that should be packaged inside our own packaging framework and delivery platform. The framework is based on PSAppDeploy Toolkit, so all those functions are available. Requirements for those packages: - prevent auto-update (also during install) - update existing versions of app if present (if existing versions...

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    Most of the GUI and functions are already implemented, only thing left to do is validation and send receive coins for server and client. RXTX files A pickup coins system needs to be implemented for offline transactions, basically the user puts the coins into the frontend servers [log ind for at se URL] file for the user to download and verify the coins in offline mode it wont prevent double spend...

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    Full Stack Development of web app with admin panel + user panel. The web app is ready need some bug fixes and make the platform more stable and prevent it from crashing Make the ui better. It should easily handle upto 1000 members Fix a small validation issue of webapp in mac. Need to integrate payment gateway & auto termination of service. Send automatic email to who so ever signs up.

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    I am looking for a lawyer who knows Canadian Law in regards to liabilities with delivery hot foods and Alcohol. I am looking for a Contract waiver to prevent liabilities.

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    Hello freelancers. Need to create dashboard page with HTML, CSS, Javascript. We do not want to use bootstrap or material ui, and only use pure css. This is a fixed price job but it has potential to be a long term project depend on your work. And to prevent auto bid freelancers must include "no india" at the first line of your proposals Good luck.

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    The Beacon Ponte Advisors are concerned about the ESG investment and regulatory framework so these are the main topics to highlight. writing goals: • Brief history of ESG • Outline the regulatory environment of ESG • What are current legal regulations related to company social actions? I mean what regulatory bodies affect the Environmental , social and governance actions of comp...

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    Hello, I have a personal java data structures 2d game Note: Only you have to use and extend the code that is given in the attachments, no removing of files Project Description: Making a java 2d game with data structures. I'll state the directions: Specifications: This project has two “layers” of requirements: one is algorithms and the other is data structures. Algorithms used ...

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    I need a PHP developer 3 dage left

    Create a MySQL database and tables • Query database using PHP (list, add, search for, delete records in a database) • Implement best practices to secure user password • Implement form-based web authentication in the user log in process • Use prepared statements and user-defined sanitizing functions to prevent certain injection attacks • Provide client-side validation using...

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    The project is to prevent any of the WORDPRESS site pages from being accessed (except the login screen), if the user has logged out or not logged in. Users not logged in should be redirected to the login page if they try to access any pages on the site.

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    Text watermark to pdf using Itext 2 dage left

    Need to add a text watermark to the edge of pdf's that I already have. The script will be used as CLI in a linux distribution, will have a configuration file where I can set default paths, usage should be like this: pdfscriptname -source path_of_source_pdf -text the_text_that_is_going_to_be_appended_to_the_pdf. as the return value should be the path for the watermarked pdf file. I also want t...

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    [log ind for at se URL] using below shown table create a pivot table on the existing worksheet( starting point is the cell J17) and find the overall average speed of all rides seperately for the date that opened before year 2000(including 2000) and after 2000 that satisfy the following criteria and structure: [log ind for at se URL] a summary Report for these scenarios by using scenario manage...

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    This is the workflow I want. 1. Customer buys product on ebay 2. Customer receives a download link to their ebay message inbox / email. 3. The message needs to be sent instantly, as soon as they purchase the product. 4. Customer than then quickly access the link. - This will save tonnes of time for me if it can be achieved. - At the moment I use dropbox. And manually send links to every singl...

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    TASK: This task requires you to analyse a real-world crime issue, displaying an understanding of the challenges it poses and outlining possible hypothetical responses to the problem. **Crimes across borders** is the crime issue you are writing this piece on. The total length of the piece is to be 2000 words (±10% excluding any covering pages and the reference list), with the final ~500 w...

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    I want to add a coupon system to my website I am building it using bubble. I want the system contains three parts which are generating coupons, coupons referral and coupon usage. For Generating Coupons (Every coupon has an unique code that allowed only use once) Coupon overview Easily check the details of your coupons to see codes, usage, date created, validity, ID numbers or any extra att...

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    I would like to find someone who specializes in Video.JS. My vision is to use the [log ind for at se URL] source code to build from, and add custom code on top of it. My goal is to build a video player that handles these custom features: Customizable interactive elements: -- opt-in forms (with email, name, phone number, text-input, submit/next button) -- clickable buttons, text, images, gifs, s...

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    We have an application that runs on an android tablet. It runs as a user interface for a coffee machine. We want to ban the operating system messages (such as status bar). The user should not be able to see the status bar in any instance. Similar commercial application is "surelock" and there are others. So the program should be able to prevent the user to access tablets default interfa...

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    The preflight is being triggered by Content-Type of application/json. The simplest way to prevent this is to set the Content-Type to be text/plain in this case. I didn't put the text/plain on the request header Content-Type of api. I am looking for a person who has experience in fixing this issue.

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    Looking for a developer with VBA / HTTP API experience to build some VBA code so our excel spreadsheet can communicate with a licensing tool running on our online server (WordPress plugin). The spreadsheet will have to communicate with a licensing plugin for WordPress called WooCommerce Software License. However, we are open to using a different plugin if you have a different recommendation. Not...

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    I have app in ionic 5, i want protection from screen recording and screen shot for IOS app. App should detect or prevent screen recording.

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    Hi, I purchased a layout for my new website its currently all in HTML format. I want it to be converted into a PHP site with all pages dynamically loading the nav-bars and navigation system so that I can edit it all from one place. The website is just the bare bone layout I need it to be completed and created into a cryptocurrency website. 1) Re-format all HTML code into PHP 2) Integrate sign up ...

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    My name is Evelyn Prophet and I am the inventor of Crybaby, a product designed to remind the driver to retrieve children & pets being from vehicles. The main purpose is to prevent this precious cargo from being left in a hot smoldering car. For this project, I would like to manufacture a device that creates the sound of a crying baby when the door is opened in car or home.I uploaded this sound...

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    I am looking for help in making a Squarespace site compliant with current WCAG requirements. Not I am currently using Monsido's accessibility auditing tool to identify issues on my site and validate remediation. In addition to remediation, I'd love someone who could help me identify where I am making errors so I can proactively prevent them when designing new pages.

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    Will need to implement this bug fix: [log ind for at se URL] The bug is exactly as describe on stack overflow, so should be straightforward.

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    HOMEPAGE HOME CAREERS Here's The Best Way To Answer When An Interviewer Says 'Tell Me About Yourself' Emmie Martin Oct 27, 2014, 3:15 PM Interviews "Tell me about yourself" can be an overwhelming question to answer. Highways Agency/Flickr "So, tell me about yourself." It's one of the most ubiquitous interview questions, and often one of the most diffi...

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    Trophy icon T-shirt & hoodie design Udløbet left

    We need a design for our company t-shirt and hoodie. Color of shirt/hoodie is light gray and the print is black. I want a spectacular design that stands out from typical, so be creative. We operate in the line of gas safety and gas detection equipment. Design should include our company logo and our company name. Additionally it may have text "GAS SAFETY PROFESSIONAL" and/or same in Finn...

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    conduct a preliminary slope stability analysis on the Lawrence Vale Landslide in Launceston for understanding the processes associated with the landslide and designing appropriate measures to prevent or mitigate the landslide. This should include a geotechnical model to be developed for the Lawrence Vale landslide, probabilistic and sensitive limit equilibrium analysis, and a finite element analys...

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    I'm looking to someone who has a good experience in writing and collecting the requirement for building a website and mobile applications which help users to find a registered personal worker who work from their home to prepare a food orders or preparing small parties. The proposal should include but not limited to: 1. The best language that should be used in implementation to maintain the se...

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    i have an api [log ind for at se URL] paid version, i want to integrate it into my [log ind for at se URL] page of my website to prevent all bots

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    On the effect of single tensile overload on subsequent high cycle fatigue in common aerospace materials. “It is commonly acknowledged that the fatigue tests under a constant amplitude load do not represent the service load sequence very well. In relation to the fatigue crack growth under variable load conditions, the term "load interaction effects" (also referred to as "load s...

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    We are looking for someone who can provide us with a marketplace ecommerce platform with mobile APPS as well on IOS and Android. They should have these features: Analytics both customers and sellers Different Chat feature with sellers with limited wordings (to prevent customer to buy from seller directly. Chat feature with admin as well Wishlist Featured product Analytics on customer behavior and ...

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    The project is to build a Shopify public app that enables Shopify merchants to add a countdown timer to their website at the click of a button. The timer is added to the checkout page to get their customers to complete the purchase faster and prevent abandoning the cart. The web app should allow the merchants to customize how they want the timer to appear on their website, the value that it should...

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    MY EMPLOYER HAS TO COMFIRM THAT i PERFORM THESE DURIES BASED ON MY DAILY ROUTINE WORK. So please help me to rephrase job duties a little but not completely. In case to prevent from similarity. I'm currently working there so please adjust grammar accordingly. [ * Supervise and co-ordinate sales staff and cashiers * Assign sales workers to duties and prepare work schedules * Authorize paymen...

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    ONLY BID IF YOU CAN START WORKING ON THIS IMMEDIATELY!! Unity3D Shaders have general errors such as UNDECLARED IDENTIFIERS and REDEFINITIONS preventing the shaders from compiling meaning that the material renders in pink when the shader is applied since the errors prevent the shaders from being able to compile. I seek an expert to fix these errors. Will pay for time and effort. I have no prior CG...

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    Paper writing help Udløbet left

    In class we identify three types of pipeline hazards that prevent perfect instruction execution. Structural hazards are relatively simple to discuss. They occur over contention between instructions for a hardware resource, so providing additional hardware resources is the solution. Data hazards are our primary focus on optimization, in part because we can create examples in which data dependence i...

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    I need an expert in extracting data from retail websites. There is always issues our existing team comes up against. - Need for different headers - Proxy conditions - Data Center (waterfalls into) Residential / Unblocker Proxies - Retries - Cost Management - Algorithms to prevent over spend or over time on each page or stuck conditions BOTH Hardcode (PHP) and Softcode coding (XPATH 1.0) will be...

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    Hello there; First of all, I would like to state that my budget is 30 dollars and I cannot go beyond. Post attacks are carried out on my web page with complex codes such as vulnweb or acunetix, and my database is suddenly full of 20-30-40 records and completely meaningless records. To prevent this, I would like support from an expert friend.

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    There are vulnweb attacks on my web page and mixed records are sent to the database. A block of code is required to prevent this. According to my research, I think there are CSRF attacks.

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    Modern OS tries to prevent basic stack overflow attacks. Please try to perform stack overflow for the following program: void execcmd(char *str) { char buf[128]; strcpy(buf, str); system(buf); } Please write in details: • All the necessary (compiler and OS) options/configurations you need to do to make the attack happen in a modern OS, 64 bit Ubuntu [log ind for at se URL] LTS with its def...

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    Freshclam will download new signature files by using the proxy instead of applying to the ClamAV site directly. The target is to configure the Freshclam utility on our IBM i server to work with the proxy. Details: 1. Login to VPS  2. Use or reinstall squid proxy in the VPS server.  3. Find the best way that Freshclam will use the proxy for refreshing its signature files. Or any other way...

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    We want to prevent Reflected XSS in our Shopify Theme - Gecko. Kindly review screenshot for details

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    Wowza Replacement Udløbet left

    Hello I currently have a Wowza server on Centos. They are increasing their monthly price and I am looking for to replace them, hopefully with something free. I would like your recommendation and install the program and help setup one stream. 1. I do not need to transcode my streams 2. I want to prevent other sites from stealing my streams, and only requests made by my site or specific IP address...

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    EntHire is looking for a Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist (Technical Recruitment) who has more than 3 years of experience with the full-cycle recruiting process, from sourcing and screening to the final offer. About EntHire: Founded by Alumni from IIT Kharagpur and UC Berkeley, EntHire is an HR tech start-up building the first AI driven 4-way marketplace connecting companies, recruiters, ca...

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    Covid-2019 Udløbet left

    What are the symptoms of corona?  Kovid-19 / corona virus first has a fever.  This is followed by a dry cough and then after a week there is trouble breathing.  These symptoms do not always mean that you have corona virus infection.  In severe cases of corona virus, pneumonia, excessive breathing difficulties, kidney failure and even death can occur.  The risk may be seri...

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