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    I have an Excel document with two sheets, one that acts as a database and has item numbers, descriptions, who the item was sold to etc and another that has just an invoice written on it. I would like some functionality between the two sheets so doe example, when I type an item number in the invoice, the description for this item is automatically filled in. Also that when an invoice is processed, t...

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    I know it is a strange request - but I need a graphically talented person to draw us up a set of four christian symbols. They need to be simple, black line art drawings which will, in turn, be cut out of wood to decorate a wall. I appreciate this seems out of the realm of ordinary rentacoder work, but i've had such great success here with other things

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    Given four Application Extensions ([log ind for at se URL], [log ind for at se URL], [log ind for at se URL], and [log ind for at se URL]) and one Microsoft Excel Worksheet ([log ind for at se URL]), create some way to simplify for the user the process of installing all DLLs, registering [log ind for at se URL] and [log ind for at se URL], and opening the spreadsheet. I don't want...

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    This is a relatively simple 2 illustration job of a hair shaft cross section showing the 3 layers (Medulla, Cortex, Cuticle)in color. The only difference in the 2 illustrations will be size of hair shaft and number of cuticle layers. I need to be able to show this on the web as well as in print. Can point you to examples on web if necessary. I will

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    ...**STANDARD** and **FORMATING** - the customize buttons and all its options for building toolbars must be included) , Header and Footer (as excel) , Zoom. **INSERT** - Worksheet. **FORMAT** - Cells , Row , Column , Sheet. **TOOLS** - Spelling , Autosave , Protection , Macro (all as excel) , Options (all as excel). **WINDOW** (Complete

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    I need a script that takes GET parameters and/or POST parameters depending on the request method and forwards these to another server to be handled... this is NOT a 301 redirect. When the script receives a request in either GET or POST form it needs to read a text file on the server containing a unique code (account # type of thing), appends that unique code into a new HTTP request (along with the...

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    ...buttons like this: 1) CommandButtonSaveLocally_Click() needs to unprotect the ServiceDataSave worksheet (bittel), insert a new row above the third one, populate each of the columns with what has been selected in the combo boxes, et al, reprotect the worksheet, and save the workbook. 2) CommandButtonSaveAndExit_Click() needs the same functionality as 1)

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    ...title to move slowly across the screen until it is centered. I would love it if it bounced or something better than jst moving across but I will settle for what you can do. WORKSHEET FOR RESUME PREPARATION is the title that I need to run across my screen, then load the page. Like I said, I need this now, I cant wait. Thank you. ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    ...various platforms. ## Platform The app will be cross-platform (Win 95/98/NT/ME/2K/XP, Mac OSX, Linux) and support multiple languages (incl. double-byte languages- altho initially we will be using English throughout.) We want one set of code for this, so we wish it to be developed with some cross-platform GUI toolkit (such as QT, although you're free

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    This is a VB6 issue. I have a form with an OLE Control on which has an embedded Excel worksheet. When the application runs the user can edit data on the VB form using the Excel interface. When the user pushes a save button on the form I want to read the Excel cells. Technically I want to create an excel object reference to the OLE container control

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    ...VBA would suffice. 4) there are two parm (parameter) section I like to include loss threshold for the Unit calc i.e. 1% 2% or 3% and starting account size ($100,000) 5) A worksheet for futures tick-data (need that for unit calculation) Later phase II would be to include rules-based logic to use pyramiding and portfolio managment functions. Please read

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    4 bud on other browsers at all. We are looking for someone who is expert in ASP, Javascript and VB Script to edit the code (within the code generator environment) to make it cross-browser friendly. We still want it to take advantage of all the features in IE5.5+, but by using conditional code we want it to run in other browsers such as IE/Netscape 4+

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    ...together according to each field. After the inventory is complete for a job, I need the file imported into an existing excel worksheet. The Palm program layout will simply step through each item that's on the existing Excel worksheet. I'd prefer to have this app written in PDAToolbox, to allow me to make minor changes after completion. This is not mandentory

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    ...have been completed by another VB program. These spreadsheets represent the amount of time a piece of equipment has been used. They are monthly workbooks with a different worksheet for each day. Each row represents 10 minutes. The program I want must be written as a tutorial, so that I can see what you are doing every step of the way, and modify the

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    ...Excel VBA programmer to add additional code to an automated worksheet report. The workbook app has: 1. User form 2. 2 Data Worksheets 3. 1 Criteria Sheet 4. 1 Sample Report The request is to build a report at runtime using input from the User form, and the data worksheets. On the Input Worksheet, There is a button to a Userform. Disregard the Filter button

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    ...**STANDARD** and **FORMATING** - the customize buttons and all its options for building toolbars must be included) , Header and Footer (as excel) , Zoom. **INSERT** - Worksheet. **FORMAT** - Cells , Row , Column , Sheet. **TOOLS** - Spelling , Autosave , Protection , Macro (all as excel) , Options (all as excel). **WINDOW** (Complete

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    OVERVIEW: I need the "engine" of a learning portal. Test and worksheet builders will be added later. The teacher or parent will be able to create a test/worksheet and save it to one of her customized folders. She can then print it out in PDF fromate or administer it online. The online verision will be scored and the score is transferred to her online

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    1 bud, password protected site within our own site or under another domain name for us. We need the ability to add new order info every morning by uploading a CSV or Excel worksheet file to the website - with the info formatting and displaying instantly. Need to make it reasonably idiot proof!! Need a secure front end application (I can design the graphics

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    ...plotting picture box Plotting is to be accomplished through the use of OLE automation. The information to be ploted should be sent to an excel worksheet that has a graph that plots information in the worksheet. When excel receives the new data it will automatically update the graph which then can be programmatically copied to the clipboard and pasted

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    I need a very urgent fix for the problem with cross-domain logins under NT4 with NT4 security. Problem: The ASP engine creates an object with [log ind for at se URL] under an anonymised SYSTEM account. This object (p.e. [log ind for at se URL]) cannot log in the remote SQL Server which is on the same domain, but with Authentification Windows NT Only. I need to

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