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    Java Reporting Applet Controls: Need a set of Java applet controls for reporting a data mining tool which displays graphs for visitors to a website. These reporting applets will be used on a web pages and will need to generate the following based on parameters passed through html to the applets: 1) Bar Graph 2) Line Graph 3) Pie Chart 4) 3D Bar Chart 5) Scatter graph There shou...

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    Our business offers automated publishing solutions as a web service. One of our long term objectives is to provide a comprehensive suite of JSP-driven charts and graphs for providing summary information to our customers regarding the jobs they have submitted. For now, the first task is to develop a JSP application to display bar charts indicating job activity. The data source will be a single MS A...

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    I have a problem in that im trying to link my 2 programs together but having difficulty. The first program displays a real time counter incrementing in a text box and the second produces a graph with 2 arrays. I need to Produce a Real Time Graph and i dont know what to do. The program should have an array of a fixed value ie 100, now as a counter is incremented the first index value shou...

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    Caribbeansearch.com Udløbet left

    I am developing a series of websites that I want to be able to use the same backend. I already own the names and have some site design complete but need a programmer to do the backend for the sites. I had someone who completed a good backend that would work perfectly but I can no longer get him to answer me and after many frustrating months am searching for someone else. The sites will be search p...

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    Hello fellowCoders. My company have a huge project that we would like to implement in 90 days and we need help. We need the following type of coders: 1)C# 2)Java 3) ASP.net 4)SQL Server 5) Graphic Arts We need coders that have a variety of skills but most impotantly we need coders that have experience in charting, DataGrids, Sql Database, Calender pickers, TCPIP so...

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    I need a simple windows (95) application to display the voltage (and if possible, the current flow) from the battery for my laptop. Specifially, this laptop is an IBM thinkpad 380D. A simple, small? windows GUI that can be set always on top that simply displays this information as a number in volts and milliamps is desired.? Also the ability to set a warning voltage (beep to sound when hits this v...

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    This is not a bid equest for a specific project. Looking to work with 1-2 high quality designers to develop the following types of projects: * business cards * logos * bi/tri-fold brochures * Stationery * Flyers * simple static websites (5 pages or less) All projects are to be completed exclusively through RAC. Need a designer or design team that is: 1. extremely prof...

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    I am looking for someone to design the front page to our flagship site for our entire network and affiliate program. This will include design of a logo and the design/acquisition of 10-15 individual appx. 50x50 pixel icons for linking purposes. Designer will be given a concept and a list of links but will have the freedom to design/create the page as desired. The design will integrate a 400x400 ...

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    We have a comma separated file (CSV) with data, we want all or multiple 3D surface plots of any 3/4 columns. Some columns are primary, primary columns will always go the the Z-axis. We should be able to select a primary and which secondary columns we want to plot. If possible(desirable) allow us to plot three secondary columns and the primary column represented as the colored surface of the p...

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    We are currently in the process of updating our online client service web page. This is a password protected section (Username, Password) on our site for clients to view their video project. The client page will include video,ftp upload, a progress bar and a PDF downloads. These area will need to be dynamically build from a password protected admin page. The admin page will include input fields su...

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    ASP Website changes Udløbet left

    **Please! If you can't make comments on this project other than generic bids then please don't bid. All bids without comment will not be considered. I only say this because I work very hard for my money and want to make sure I have someone who has taken the time to ACTUALLY review my bid requirements. Any emails to the contact page in the attached sample site will be reported. Pleas...

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    I'm currently working with a Programmer on a PHP application that performs order fulfillment operations for a company that sells wedding and baby shower guesbooks. There is a vellum sheet template and custom pages templates. Vellum Sheet - When an order is placed, they recieve a free vellum cover sheet for their wedding guestbook. For order fulfillement, the vellum sheet is printed and packed...

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    Dear all programmer in here, i need the cyber cafe management system where consist all of the security when u want to run a cyber cafe. the best security i ever seen is with the cafesuite software. and the antamedia caffe. so what i want is exactly the same. please look at the description works on any TCP/IP network -dynamic or persistent IP addresses. Charging rates system Periodical discounts sy...

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    Ms Chart in VB Udløbet left

    Hi There. I need a piece of code in vb.net that takes data in from 2 arrays and displays them on a line chart. The graph should only display the last 100 or so items in the array. The x axis should be the index value of the array and the y axis the value of whats contained at that index value in the array. There should then be 2 lines in the graph. Is anyone out there able...

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    We have a comma separated file (CSV) with data, we want all or multiple 3D surface plots of any 3/4 columns. Some columns are primary, primary columns will always go the the Z-axis. We should be able to select a primary and which secondary columns we want to plot. If possible(desirable) allow us to plot three secondary columns and the primary column represented as the colored surface of the p...

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    We currently have a website!!! But we are looking to add memberships (paid subscribers) to selected content. Subscribers will need to create a profile that includes company info as well as login ID and password. Subscribers will also need to be able to edit this profile. We will need a method to take credit card payments (reoccurring monthly payments). We can provide the payment tool, but we are o...

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    I need this site finished and I have so many projects I can't dedicate my time to it. This has been my pet project, it is written in php and is totally a dynamic site. Please visit [log ind for at se URL] and you will see everything that needs to be finished. I will also need a members section added to this and an admin section too. I will give you the specs, so bid accordingly, upon winni...

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    Create a Database Driven Project Planning Tool based on asp.net (Delphi 8). - Plugs into Outlook as seperate Folder (Project Management) - Calendar - Project List with Tasks and Ressources (People, Budget), Time Line, Sponsor (Database Driven) - Gantt Chart Representation - Allow to attach Documents per Project - Allow to create Project Templates Components may be suggested and...

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    my auction web is all template, now i need to modify it 1024 more width, now 640 for detail please check those jpg file i enlcose to see what to change, or how and what to change,(similar to ebay will do) bidder should know how the auction site work, and please bid if you know how auction dotcom work flow, and please bid if you can meet the dead line you had bid, and do ask before bid only if ...

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    1. Select a variety of market data from files residing on my hard drive. All data is in the same format. The only thing that will differ is the number of decimals (0-6) 2. Rank the selected markets by Trend strength and put them into three categories ??" (Up, Down, Sideways). * **Trend strength can be defined by:** * (Price yesterday ??" Price 1 yr ago)/Price 1 yr ago or; ...

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    This is a simple database of drug names, J-codes, cost, and a listing of payors and what they allow. This information is used in one of several reports to generate for individual patients, the total cost of a particular treatment and what they can expect their insurers to pay. Please see attached description for more details, including two draft report forms. The information should be fu...

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    We require a good marketing activities tracking system containing - Summary - i) User IDs for every team member ii) Recording the daily marketing activities of the marketing team. ii) List of pending tasks for every individual iv) A nice automated followup tracking system for the individuals, whereby they can see what is to be done next for every account. v) A Revenue project...

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    travel web site Udløbet left

    we need simple web user interface similar to this one etiher HTML or Flash in combination with ASP or any other scrypt if needed we have temlate in Photo shop with graphics for main page only user interface filelds are neded <[log ind for at se URL]> or any of these <[log ind for at se URL]> here are data flow charts <[log ind for at s...

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    We acquired a php script that ended up having around 705 files. Now we want to work "backwards" and define the database in flow chart relational format. We require printable flow chart documents of the general systems analysis. We require printable flow chart documents of the relations of the database tables in all forms. For each table we would also like the fields included in the...

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    This project requires a skilled coder in VB6 or.net. This project will basically take away the need for projectors in 'Optometrists' (Eye-Doctors) offices. The program will be run from a keyspan remote (I will provide). The program will need to be able to do the following (the following I will provide samples for you in case you do not understand): 1 - Jump from 20/100 vision font to20...

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    Hi Coders, I need this code by Sunday, June 6, noon US Central Time. I need a windows form application, nothing fancy. It should do the following: 1. read the csv file that I include. The csv files contains prices of 2 stocks, stock ADR and stock TW 2. create 1 array in memory that contains the information that depends on the size of the data. Just the rows. There will al...

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    Write a C program that displays a title, "Currency Conversion," and then writes the names of five currencies and their equivalents to a US dollar. The conversions must be hard coded equations. (i.e. specified explicitly in the program) and must not have a menu or any user input. Insert comments in the program to document the program internally. Include a design flow chart or psuedocod...

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    Integrated Insurance and Financial Management Solution. This will be a complete application for the Insurance Industry. This software must be able to take care of Marketing, CRM, Claims, Reinsurance, Policy, Underwriting, Accounting, Party, Buisness and Policy administration, Document Manager, Security and Products Rule Engine. This application will be a web based application using JAva Server Pag...

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    We are a patient flow software company in need of a graphic that shows how workflow automation helps a fictitious patient, Anne West, travel more quickly and efficiently through the hospital (from the Emergency Department, to surgery, to recovery, and then discharge.) I have written the scenario in bullet form, and need someone to create a "flow chart" with images or icons that explain t...

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    We urgently require at least 5 different logo designs so that we can choose one. We also require the full .psd files upon completion of the project. We can pay into escrow when a few designs are complete and fully when receiving the Photoshop or Illustrator files. Here is information for the logo design ------------------------------------------------ Type of business : Analytical chart for ...

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    We are a printing company and need a automated php script for buyers to purchase our printing services. I need a purchase script built, or manipulated to fill our need. Here is most of the features we need, some minor additions may be needed as work progresses, but nothing major: Order area: -Member Login or Registration -"Ship to" & "Bill to" address input -Project size ...

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    I am looking for a currently running Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application written is ASP. Please, only respond if you have an existing application - I do not want one written from scratch. Following is the sort of thing a good CRM application should contain. I already have a collaboration application and want to extend this to include CRM ..SECTIONS.. Campaigns Leads Accounts Contact...

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    i need a Delphi unit ( or non-visual VCL) to convert MSword/Excel/Powerpoint document to XML. the generated XML is customizable, the XML generated by Office 11 is too complicated for my need. what i need is clean XML with text, paragraph style and "hard" page number (page-break manually added). <[log ind for at se URL]> is very closed to what i have in mind, but i...

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    A flash demo of our product. We would like to have a flash slideshow for our “Web Organizational Chart?? product. The specification of the flash slideshow is attached. Please read it before sending any bid. Note: I don’t need any general comment and I am not going to give the project to the individual who would like to read the requirement after it is bid is accepted. I...

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    We have Intranet Organizational Chart products written in Microsoft platform. I would like to add our site and products info in asp, asp .net, resellers or HR sites in England, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. In USA our site has been regsitered in some of the above sites. If there are other sites in USA that you can also register our site and products I would like to hear your offer. I am...

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    We have an immediate need for a developer to create a survey script in PHP and Java (for survey creation Wizard) with SQL database). The script will be offered through a membership site (membership area is already set up. Members will be supplied HTML produced by the script. The survey results and respondent information will be hosted on our site 1)Members will be signed up at four levels,...

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    **We have an immediate need for a developer to create a survey script** in PHP and Java (for survey creation Wizard) with SQL database). The script will be offered through a membership site (membership area is already set up. Members will be supplied HTML produced by the script. The survey results and respondent information will be hosted on our site 1)Members will be signed up at four levels, ...

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    This project is for the "header" and side navigation look and feel for a residential real estate agent site. The site needs to be consistent with the mid-west United States (Michigan). The following is requested: 1) A top of page header measuring 780px wide X approx 80-100px in height. 2) A left side navigation area approximately 120px wide. This side panel should flow with the he...

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    I need a website designed from scratch, this includes the look and feel, navigation, enter text into pages from a PowerPoint file, creating pages and getting the site uploaded to a server. I have a logo and a PowerPoint presentation to get inspiration from. The business site is a start up for representing hotels in Australia. Links Will Be: About HRA (content In PowerPoint) HRA SERVICES (content...

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    Splash ONLY Udløbet left

    I need a splash page just like this one http://www.deepblue.com. These are the requirments: - Brown BG - Ship Sailing - Name of Company (galleondesigns) - We need an icon like the one on the splash, but it has to have three sails and match flow with the image. Please note that I might need some more work done by you if I pick you. You will also be required to send me the PSD for all the...

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    Risk Profiler Udløbet left

    A question builder with bar graph performance chart required. I will provide the questions. Must be capable of allowing new section and questions for that section to be added or taken away. Scores and bar charts must allow drilling down to analyse further. Preferred build. ASP.Net, SQL Server. Looking to set up long term vendor relationship, as many projects will flow from this one. ...

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    Web page monitoring Udløbet left

    The purpose is to monitor a stock chart, focusing on its two moving indicator lines - The chart can change settings but the lines will always be present. It is these 2 lines that are monitored. -From now on. -And from time to time execute an action or two. -Based upon rules yet to be written. -A small, simple interface included. That is basically all there is to it. On being awarded the job, coder...

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    This project will involve the redesign of an existing user Interface, end user registration process, new menu trees, list navigation and search functions and a new Portal Information solution that be used by end users to review internal information specific to their organization. (Currently, end users that sign into their partner organization only see 3 buttons that allow them to navigate withi...

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    Here is requirement of the project. Requirement: Our customer is the manufacture of bra and underwear. Currently they are looking for a system to do inventory, order, shipping/packing slip and reporting. Business detail: 1) The system should have different roles access. It includes sales, warehouse worker, accountant and administrator 2) Business Flow: a) Administrator enter all items and c...

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    70249 Flash Over Ad Udløbet left

    I need a simple logo and text flash over ad with a dramatic movie feel. The text would read "MP aka The Wizard and C. Whisky debut Glitz release Back 2 Back G's Coming Soon" The design must flow with my site [log ind for at se URL] . I will answer all questions in the PMB.

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    I am looking for someone in the UK (preferably in the East Midlands) who has very good knowledge of oscommerce and its structure. You will also be familar with open accounts and possibly prima solutions software. I am looking to integrate oscommerce with open accounts and syncronise stock control with a sql backend running locally. The flow will be incoming stock -> updating oscommerce -&g...

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    mind map project Udløbet left

    I require the following project for a home work assignment. It must create a mind map of the entered search criteria. from there draw a mind map, when you click on a bubble it will download images from the web. Please see attached document for more information. I require all source to be documentated and a user manual created along with a programmers manaul (program structure chart, t...

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    I am looking for a professional coder to create a web-based association (non-profit, political campaign) management script. This will be for a site that allows users to download a licensed copy of the script for a set amount, or lease it (hosted on our server for a monthly fee). This is really _not a hard project_, so _please don't act like it is and respond with greedy, unrealistic bids...

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    Logo for website Udløbet left

    Looking for a logo for our company Host Trail [[log ind for at se URL]][1] We are in the process of a redesign and we need a new logo. Not sure what colors to go with. Possibly looking for a cartoonish look. Would like to see one like this and one more serious looking logo. Looking to see what you can do with regards to the Trail. Could be a flow with the entire site, a sign, trail sign,...

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    This is a fairly simple assignment. All I need is 1 page word document describing **Oracle corporation**. You will need to discuss the following: 1. What their major products are. 2. Who are the customers? 3. Who are the competititors? 4. How sucessful is the company? **Everything written must be custom and not copy and pasted. If sources are used, remember to site them.** I will a...

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