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    As part of a bigger project, CRMDM, I want a module be made that allows a surfer to open an html document, located on an internet server, in Word. The bigger project, CRMDM, offers the user a way to create HTML documents. These documents can be sent to an email address, or should be opened in Word for sending by postal mail. The aim of the requested project here is to make the module tha...

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    PHP script to create and post online real time reports and charts from a mySQL database on a site with user authentication and acces restrictions. This will be used by a company that sends promotion packages by postal mail with a lot of different documents and products in it. Some of the customers that get the package will fill an online survey about how and when they received the package and its ...

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    I have a client who runs a business that processes 5-10 orders a day that require postal fulfillment. They use a perl based shopping cart called PDG Shopping Cart 2004 ([log ind for at se URL]) to take the orders. Fulfillment tasks creating lables, packing slips, and order management are taking a significant amount of time for them. I designed and concepted a GUI and created a requirements documen...

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    Hi- I have a small osCommerce project if anyone is interested. My hosting company said they can do this, but the price they gave me I thought was high for such a small task. I have given them too much money for a site that doesn't work right, so I would rather see what someone else can do. Here is our account signup page. <[log ind for at se URL]> When you enter a state, it ...

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    ZIPCODE SUBFORM Udløbet left


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    This project is two fold: 1 - I have nine pages of stickers. Each Page has approximately 20 stickers per page. Each sticker has a unique image, unique description, unique price, and unique Add to Cart Button. I need to have these re-arranged. I will provide you with an Excel file with the order I would want these in. They are set up in rows of 2. So the order would be : 1 2 3 4 5 6...

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    I need a formail script which has the following features. It must capture the following info from the person filling out the form: First name,last name, email address, time date stamp, ip address, home phone, work phone, full postal with zip and info from 4 other fields with drop down menus that I can modify The phone number fields as well as the other should be set so that they the user cannot ...

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    After receiving advise from a few coders, I have chosen to lower the maximum bid to $3,500. I am told that this project can be easily with far less than even this amount. I am looking for some type of software which would automate and maximize our Lead Department. Leads are printed on 4x9 pieces of card stock. My company outsources these and they come back to us at the rate of about 1000 per we...

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    I have recently purchased an off the shelf dating software and would like someone to change the following for me: Change the layout of the homepage Change the layout of a few pages using the templates provided(that is color only) You will also create a header and footer that will be used throughout the website Incorporate a third party billing piece of code Incorporate a Canadian postal...

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    I require someone to take digital photos of our product line which includes 20 to 30 products. A few of the products are in kit form so a concept box will have to be included along items that are included in the kit. I suspect 2 or 3 products will have to be done this way. All products are to are to have one standard display image and one thumbnail image. The exact specs will be determined between...

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    I am looking for a database file containing Canadian Postal codes with lattitude and longitude information. This will be used for a dating website to calculate the distance between users. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depen...

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    I have recently purchased an off the shelf dating software and would like someone to change the following for me: Change the layout of the homepage Change the layout of a few pages using the templates provided Incorporate a third party billing piece of code Incorporate a Canadian postal code search utility An ideal candidate would be a person who has already worked on a datiting software before, b...

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    Enclosed is a sample project I have that gets UPS rates. The only problem is it does not work for Canada for some reason. The postal code to try for this is L0S 1J0 For the rest of the parameters, does not matter what is used. For the country to ship from, choose US and for zip code from, use 85006. However, whatever is done to fix the problem, the other situations must still work (US, Austraili...

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    I need help with my homework, I need the following information. Part 1: this will be webpage #1: Create a basic and well structured Web page (tables etc.) utilizing the HTML/XHTML form element that you will use later for validating user input and doing some calculations. The page should have the following form fields: § Name § Address § City § State § Postal C...

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    PDA Survey Creator Udløbet left

    Looking for an experienced programmer to develop an application that would run on Microsoft Windows and allow us to customize/create surveys and install them on a Palm or Pocket PC handheld so we can run the questionnaire at any time & any place. Additionally, the buyer would like the ability to install the survey on a camera enabled PDA so a color picture could be linked to the survey respons...

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    I need a searchabe db done including the following fields (in spanish): - Nombre - Apellido_1 - Apellido_2 - Dir. Física / Ciudad / Zip Code - Dir. Postal / Ciudad / Zip Code - Email - Tel. Trabajo - Fax The search script should allow the user to search by single or multiple fields: - Nombre - Apellido_1 - Apellido_2 - Ciudad (Dir. Física) The script MUST have a admin interface tha...

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    I need help with my homework, I need the following information. Part 1: this will be webpage #1: Create a basic and well structured Web page (tables etc.) utilizing the HTML/XHTML form element that you will use later for validating user input and doing some calculations. The page should have the following form fields: § Name § Address § City § State § Postal Code &...

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    I am looking to have a bid website built. Coder must have experience with Search Optimization techniques. I have left certain phrases blank (shown as nnnn) to withhold some information about the business model, but it should not affect the design Home Description Seller Login Buyer Login Seller Account Management Account Summary Report Date nnnn for Rent Revenue per nnnn Bid Status (open or closed...

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    We require a flash application that will allow our customers to design stickers and decals for their car or club online. They should be able to choose from lots of fonts, colours and even load an image of their car into the application so they can see what the stickers look like once they are on their car. I would then like them to be able to complete a form - which is e-mailed along wit...

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    Window Book, Inc. is a software company that wants to add fast direct thermal printing technology to our software product called Postal Package Partner (PPP). PPP currently prints to the Window printer driver when we print bar-coded labels. This process is much slower then sending the commands directly to the thermal printers in the thermal printers native control language. We need someone to des...

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    DavidvsGoliath Udløbet left

    Every once in a while an opportunity crooses our paths where we get a chance to make a difference. If you are a person who understand the story of David vs Goliath then you should respond, if not then don't. I need 10 dedicated, talented, rebelious programmers who are willing to work for equity and a cause. I am developing a operating system using Linux Open Source that includes all the fun...

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    Need enhancements on website [log ind for at se URL] Need to register and track Affiliates (called Distributors) and members of software club. Done already: Members pay $99 for 125 software programs. They pay through 2Checkout and we email them an access code to software download. Code lasts 1 year from first use. Members also get another 1 software unlock code for all software. Distributors pay u...

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    C# Paint Program Udløbet left

    Please develop a C# program that acts as a simple graffiti application that enables users to paint pictures using the mouse. The program has to be submitted by Thursday, March 25th 5:00 PM. User required features are: * painting using a paintbrush tool (by click-and-drag on the painting canvas). * controlling the color of the paint for the paintbrush; multiple colors can be used in a sin...

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    I need a script written to allow users of a website the ability to locate dealers in a certain State and/or Country. It should work very similar to this system: [log ind for at se URL] The server this will be located on does not allow PHP or ASP... so it will probably have to be a .cgi script or .pl The system must have a very easy to use back end for a "non web savy" use...

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    The "It's Your Life Show" Web Site with Admin Control Panel for Content Management. * Items marked with option 1 and option 2 are because the client wants to keep the costs down. So, we will need 2 prices on this project please: option 1 price (higher) and option 2 price (lower). Thanks! * Suspend means to keep in DB, but not show online. Sections of Site Upcoming Shows ...

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    The re-programming in **Access 2000** to run on **W.2000** of an equipment rental program currently being used on an old w3.1 computer. Dates to be in **ddmmyy** format. Involved are: **System maintenance Menu**: Enter/change [log ind for at se URL] **Contracts Menu**:accounts/contracts entry/maintenance, receipts, enquiries, re-print contract, terminations, quotes/create c/tract. Check over...

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    I own a small dvd rental shop. It is in a small town with a few villages in the surrounding area. I want to be able to offer people in the villages a postal service. They will be able to view all dvd's I have in stock online through OScommerce. They choose a "wish list" and then phone me to see what I have in stock and pay by c/card over the phone. Therefore, I need a few minor hac...

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    Have contact information in a SQL Server 2000 database. Want to synchronize these contacts with an Outlook 2000 contacts folder. SQL database is accessed over the internet using ASP.NET. Outlook is on local machine. Need to update address info (street, city, prov, postal code, phone, email) for matching first name, last name, company name. Also, add any new contacts. Would like ASP.NET ...

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    I know how to suck HTML pages from eBay programatically using VB6, but when I suck the page that has the information about an auction (of mine) that has been won, the page does not contain the winning bidder's postal code (zip code) even though that information DOES show up if I go to the page manually.? I'm hypothesizing that the eBay server knows that my programatic data suck is not pa...

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    Product Pictures Udløbet left

    I require someone to take digital photos of our product line which includes between 20 to 30 products. A few of the products are in kit form so a concept box will have to be included along items that are included in the kit. I suspect 2 or 3 products will have to be done this way. All products are to are to have one standard display image and one thumb nail image. The exact specs will be determine...

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    We are looking for a php to run our website ([log ind for at se URL]) The script should provide a user area, dealer area, and admin area. Dealers can add there company to the listings for free in a basic form , then they can upgrade to a paid listing which could include link to a web site, upload an image etc.. Payments to be made by paypal. All listings are to expire each year with email notic...

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    **_Project Overview_** **Overview** The following document is an overview of some of the features that we hope to include in the CLife project. This is not an exhaustive list. It is our intention that those involved in this project will provide additional input that will help refine this list to help create a better final product. A current Mock-up of [log ind for at se URL] is accessible at: [...

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    Content/Marketing Writing for Email, Fax, and Postal Service Mailer. Please create templates for each version and include a generalized version of each. Research and discuss our service with us. Create message to communicate our intent to our audience (including graphics if applicable). We are looking for an informational mailer to send out to potential customers of our service. Our we...

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    The bidding is now for a software program that can extract the necessary data from these sites below and place it into our site.(<[log ind for at se URL]>): Name (of Club) Club Type Address City State Country Zip or Postal Code Phone Number Website Discription Image (not from clubzone) in the discription From these sites: [[log ind for at se URL]][1] [[log i...

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    Hi, I need someone to convert the PHP Class, AddressStandardizationSolution which is found in the file It takes an address line as input and returns the United States Postal Service version of the address. [log ind for at se URL] is a test web page that takes an address, passes it through the class and then returns the standardized address. I would like you to convert ...

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    Need POS System for Food Delivery Store, requirement as follow Build in Visual Basic 1.) Multi Language Support (ie dual language item name, menus) 2.) Customer database 3.) 100% MS access compatible 4.) Security levels for different user (ie manager, server, driver) 5.) Integrated Caller id ( caller id module source code provided in VB) 6.) Touch screen and keyboard (item number) input sup...

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    Full documentation is available from UPS via me upon request. It details all the XML stuff and has sample code for VB and Java. However, I'm only able to run Perl or PHP. I would prefer the code to be in Perl, but I'm not certain if Perl will work. PHP is my second choice and I know that it works as UPS provided me with a demo version of the XML Tracking function. The script in either pe...

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    I have a content management system for small publishers. It allows publishers to manage their catalog of books; email and postal communications with readers, libraries, distributors, and other customers; configure appearance of their web site; sell books online; exchange book data in ONIX format (a book industry standard) with partners; and view reports on visitor activity. ## Deliverables 1) A...

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    Please note: This project is a project for "bobik" only. This project needs an experienced programmer for php, MySQL, Linux, Apache who has extensive knowledge of and has already developed scripts for the following area of usage: *** Classifieds, Real Estate, Automobile Sales, Dating & Matching Site and has programmed scripts for *** Private Messaging, defining flexible Price Pla...

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    Online mailing list management program required. Basically I need a simple CGI mailing list management program that can take (via a normal web form) a **visitors name, email address and postal address **and store this information in a database*. There should also be an easy-to-use password-protected **online control panel** which allows the site owner to edit and delete records and send out e...

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    Have 180 Locations with 2 catagories in each city (20 cities currently) Need to have the user go to our page, they select what catagory they want, from there they are going to either select there city to get a complete list of locations in there city, or they will enter their postal code to recieve a list of the nearest 5 locations. This list is going to be links, each link will be the name of the...

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    [log ind for at se URL] is a dating site that is looking for a script that contains customizable profile forms. (ex. coose from a checklist in a setup program.) The scripts MUST contain a setup file for ease of installation. The items in the checklist for the profiles must contain First name, Last name, City, State/province(drop down or text box) Country (drop down or text box) Hair colors (all...

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    This is to be a server side database that has the following features. 1) Login & Password protected 2) Timing Script that automatically updates from ebay every few hours and parses the information into a mysql database 3) Gets payment information from paypal when a buyer pays and saves to database. We also currently have numerous paypal accounts that need to be checked for payment. 4) Manual i...

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    Our Need: 5 business days 100% payment on project completion. We are planning to higher telemarketers to work on a very simple Lead Management tool that you will develop quickly. We require the admin to access a mysql database with a php application. The admin has the ability to create records and also to create users. The admin has the ability to assign records to specific users or to all the us...

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    I need a webpage php form that not onlys sends data back to email of main site, but adds it to a MYSQL database with an web ADMIN interface. ADmin area needs to be able to assign members, passwords etc. Should have logo upload, and nice PRO layout. The form results should be organized by date, last name, first name, address, city, state, zip, other information. The results MUST be available via ...

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    Hallo, here a short overview : *FOR DETAILED INFORMATION HAVE A LOOK AT THE ATTACHEMENT!!* This will be the working process: 1. Documents are scanned by a document-scanner (pages DIN A4 & A5 mostly). 2. The image files are saved to a specific directory. The server-software you should design is supposed to do the following: a. Open each image file and scan it for a barcod...

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    asp order form Udløbet left

    I operate a small family pizza & Pasta business mainly for deliveries. I need to bring my delivery system online in asp and MS Access database backend. -Client enters the website and type in their CustomerID (saved in a access2000 database) and click submit. If no CustomerID is found. client is prompted to enter information. Name, address including city and postal code, phone,nearest intersect...

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    We're printing 5,000 postcards on an HP black and white laserjet. We have a 5,000 page MS Word document on an XP machine. Postcard measures 5.5" wide x 4.5" tall. Printer is rated at 18 ppm, but I'm only getting 6 ppm. I think it's the jpeg return address logo that is slowing it down or the postal indicia. I need to speed this up. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-f...

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    I am in need of a script (preferably CGI) that is as close to the one linked below. [log ind for at se URL] I purchased this script, so I have it in it's current state and an older version as well. The problem is that my UNIX server does not support .PNG or .TTF which this particular script requires. Is it possible to have a clone written that does not require those particular parameters?...

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    PHP MySQL WORK. Udløbet left

    I need someone that can intergrate a postal code database and a simple ecommerce solution using open source code. The person should be really good with css php and sql. I allready have the data base containing city state postal code and area code. I also have the scripts that work with the database. We allready have the basic template for our site done. There will be a few other small tasks that I...

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