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    I am looking for someone who can create color children's illustrations. I am making some magic tricks that will be performed for children. I will be selling these to magic hobbyists and performers. These will be combinations of 1, 2, 3 & 4 color designs. We will need the artwork in QUARK or similiar, both as final with all colors and then seperated, one color per screen (these d...

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    Last year I had some work done for me on a website that I never finalized. I've changed my domain and would like a price on modifying the script a little more. The script is a double optin mailing list script with database connectivity. DESCRIPTION OF WORK The main functionality of the script is already set up with some dynamic pages (on the e-mail confirm and unsubscribe pages). I want to ...

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    I AM LOOKING FOR A LONG TERM CONTRACTOR THAT I CAN DEPEND ON AND A PERSON WHO IS GREAT WITH DEADLINES...... This project is for a PHP gateway that i need to create. The backend is done, I have made a sample xml file that connects to the merchant and gets a reply if it is approved or not. Now I need a programmer that can make me a dynamic page so that I can use this gateway for numerous sites....

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    Online Attendance/Conference management system EASY DB, I know a little about PHP and mysql but by no means able to write a program Attached is a program that is being used right now on a pc(start the program with [log ind for at se URL]) the vision is to do the exact same thing online, with a few more features and a few left out. I have also attached some PDF's with detailed information on h...

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    I am in need of a Paypal IPN integration for an upcoming site I am going to release. We are taking care of the design, HTML, and all graphical aspects - we just need some simple programming to integrate with the site. We want much like [log ind for at se URL] (in regards to Terms of Serivce, this is not our web site and we have no relation to them), if you register and on the top right go to C...

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    Unique Website Design Project #AN6827-040801 Hello everyone, My name is Anthony Caldwell. Thanks for taking the time to read this project :) Please Note: This project will be listed for 35 days, it may even possibly be extended. The reason for doing so is: 1) my client lives in a remote region, 2) is preparing for an International trade show exhibition. This an opportunity to work with a...

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    We need someone to collect data either in an excel spreadsheet ** (attached) or with our quick submit form, information on companies in the road service and repair industry in the United States & Canada. We have a quick submit form on our site that could possibly be used for copy / paste work if this would be easier for you...whichever you prefer, (but please specify which you are bidding for...

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    This project is a follow-up to the previous project Graffiti-wall. To develope the following added features into the system. - Cleaning of database - Add custom colors from admin panel - Fixing the bug which when the wall have certain amount text the colour will start to change randomly on the wall for each post. Note: This project is for vimalbrd only.

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    I need to design, simple but powerful Real Estate automated interactive dynamically driven website for selling and buying the properties. Website must be ready for expansion. Customers/users (up to 1000) will be able to log on and upload their own properties with description (up to 3000 words) and pictures (up to 10) with administration settable size restriction. The reference number and password ...

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    *Please do not reply with 'canned' responses. I usually don't bother reading them as they are generic in nature and don't tell me anything about you, your skills, or why we should pick you.* We run a decal site on the internet. These users can browse our decals, and choose one they like. They are able to select a color, size, etc. and add the item to the shopping cart. (OSC ...

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    *Please do not reply with 'canned' responses. I usually don't bother reading them as they are generic in nature and don't tell me anything about you, your skills, or why we should pick you.* I posted this project back in May - and had lengthy converstion with a my chosen programmer (I wont mention names) for over 2 months. All of a sudden the programmer just stopped answerin...

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    Need design for webpage and logo. The webpage is a cross between an ad_option ag_ency and mat_ch mak_ing service. The web page allows the person to post their photograph, text description, and play a sound file recorded by the user. This bid is for DESIGN work only. I will find someone else to do the programming. If you can do both, please bid on design work only and include cost of pr...

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    This project is for the purchase of collections of photos and copyrights to the individual photos. The requirement is that they are original photos that you personally took. You must be able and willing to sell/transfer them and the copyright to them to me. I am looking for collections of at least 100 photos, up to 10,000 of them. A index must accompany each collection that gives the filename o...

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    I have a small business, based out of Iowa, USA, where we do custom programming. I need a creative writer to provide me with 5 pages of content for our website, which advertises our services. All content must be in English, and must be professional sounding. Home - generic home page text. Mission Statement - a generic mission statement focusing on customers (first), and quality. Ser...

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    we are looking to have a new design & logo created for [[log ind for at se URL]][1] LOGO: for the logo we are looking to have something along the lines of: Graffiti Style Writing A PIMP standing instead of the I in Pimp A HOE laying down accross the TAC in Attack Background: Graffiti wall maybe also have a street kid standing at the end of the logo with a spray can....

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    This is a reposting of a 7/2 closed bid due to spec changes. I've been asked to provide a PHP/MySQL script for subscription orders on a web site. Currently, an existing form, when submitted sends an email to the client for the order, which they hand enter into our database system. We want the script to also enter the order into a mysql database. Our existing web import should be able to ...

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    The system (website) will allow a user with access-code to input via the web contact-details plus a number (min 1 - max 500) of 6-digit postal-codes. The system will store this data with user-id label (generated by the system) and calculate realtime the percentage of postal-codes overlap with each of the other stored user-datasets (max 500). The calculation results will be displayed online per sto...

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    go to <[log ind for at se URL]> here they have a list of postcode co-ordinates areacode,x,y,latitude,longitude AB10,392900,804900,57.135,-2.117 AB11,394500,805300,57.138,-2.092 AB12,393300,801100,57.101,-2.111 AB13,385600,801900,57.108,-2.237 AB14,383600,801100,57.101,-2.27 AB15,390000,805300,57.138,-2.164 AB16,390600,807800,57.161,-2.156 However postal codes ar...

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    Need to integrate the Edit-X shopping cart with the UPS (United Postal Service) API. Specifically looking for a programmer with knowledge of the UPS API and a strong PHP background. This project consists of two tasks, Address Verification and Live Shipping Rate Calculation. Each of these two functions will be integrated into the Edit-X CCF Pro + Eccomerce version. Address verification will be trig...

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    BACKGROUND/SUMMARY: "LEASED CONTENT MANAGEMENT SCRIPT" I currently have 2 password protected websites that I want to be accessible through HTTP_REFERER checking. I want to "lease" access to other webmasters who want to place a link to MY password protected area of my sites. I currently have 2 site's but plan to have more so I need the script scalable to accomodat...

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    example: [log ind for at se URL] this site contains most of what I need. What I need is a striped down proyecto similar to this one. TERMS OF THE GAME (GENERAL) Bones, Tiles, or Stones The actual playing pieces. While Dominoes is the name of the game, referring to a playing piece as a domino is not strictly correct. Blank An end of a tile which contains no pips or spots. Double...

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    Box Design Udløbet left

    I am looking for an artistic person to design a Box for software. This job will have a winner - $150 and two runner ups of $50 each. I will be needing two designs from the winner. One for one product set, the other for several products. The second can be modeled after the first just have a montage of images whereas the first will just have one image. You will need to lay out the box s...

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    A client of ours is in the business of renting DVD's. The site allows any number of users to register with them, so long as they provide a unique email address. The site allows people to add any number of DVD's to their "booked" list. This booked list can be sorted by the user into any order they want at any time. After providing the site with other necessary details, suc...

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    This is the project (Graffiti Wall) that I last open and the winning bidder is vimalbrd. Other bidders will not be accepted.

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    USPS address verification from Filemaker database for standard bulk mail presort, adding Zip+4, cleaning addresses and certification by linking to ZP4 or other postal database. ie: start CASS Batch, clean records, extract all ZP4 lines, backup originals, clean found records. The previous package we used to generate CASS certification no longer supports Macintosh. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and...

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    As part of a bigger project, CRMDM, I want a module be made that allows a surfer to open an html document, located on an internet server, in Word. The bigger project, CRMDM, offers the user a way to create HTML documents. These documents can be sent to an email address, or should be opened in Word for sending by postal mail. The aim of the requested project here is to make the module tha...

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    PHP script to create and post online real time reports and charts from a mySQL database on a site with user authentication and acces restrictions. This will be used by a company that sends promotion packages by postal mail with a lot of different documents and products in it. Some of the customers that get the package will fill an online survey about how and when they received the package and its ...

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    I have a client who runs a business that processes 5-10 orders a day that require postal fulfillment. They use a perl based shopping cart called PDG Shopping Cart 2004 ([log ind for at se URL]) to take the orders. Fulfillment tasks creating lables, packing slips, and order management are taking a significant amount of time for them. I designed and concepted a GUI and created a requirements documen...

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    Hi- I have a small osCommerce project if anyone is interested. My hosting company said they can do this, but the price they gave me I thought was high for such a small task. I have given them too much money for a site that doesn't work right, so I would rather see what someone else can do. Here is our account signup page. <[log ind for at se URL]> When you enter a state, it ...

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    ZIPCODE SUBFORM Udløbet left


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    HTML Changes Udløbet left

    This project is two fold: 1 - I have nine pages of stickers. Each Page has approximately 20 stickers per page. Each sticker has a unique image, unique description, unique price, and unique Add to Cart Button. I need to have these re-arranged. I will provide you with an Excel file with the order I would want these in. They are set up in rows of 2. So the order would be : 1 2 3 4 5 6...

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    I need a formail script which has the following features. It must capture the following info from the person filling out the form: First name,last name, email address, time date stamp, ip address, home phone, work phone, full postal with zip and info from 4 other fields with drop down menus that I can modify The phone number fields as well as the other should be set so that they the user cannot ...

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    Lead Management Udløbet left

    After receiving advise from a few coders, I have chosen to lower the maximum bid to $3,500. I am told that this project can be easily with far less than even this amount. I am looking for some type of software which would automate and maximize our Lead Department. Leads are printed on 4x9 pieces of card stock. My company outsources these and they come back to us at the rate of about 1000 per we...

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    Website Changes Udløbet left

    I have recently purchased an off the shelf dating software and would like someone to change the following for me: Change the layout of the homepage Change the layout of a few pages using the templates provided(that is color only) You will also create a header and footer that will be used throughout the website Incorporate a third party billing piece of code Incorporate a Canadian postal...

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    I require someone to take digital photos of our product line which includes 20 to 30 products. A few of the products are in kit form so a concept box will have to be included along items that are included in the kit. I suspect 2 or 3 products will have to be done this way. All products are to are to have one standard display image and one thumbnail image. The exact specs will be determined between...

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    I am looking for a database file containing Canadian Postal codes with lattitude and longitude information. This will be used for a dating website to calculate the distance between users. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depen...

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    I have recently purchased an off the shelf dating software and would like someone to change the following for me: Change the layout of the homepage Change the layout of a few pages using the templates provided Incorporate a third party billing piece of code Incorporate a Canadian postal code search utility An ideal candidate would be a person who has already worked on a datiting software before, b...

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    Enclosed is a sample project I have that gets UPS rates. The only problem is it does not work for Canada for some reason. The postal code to try for this is L0S 1J0 For the rest of the parameters, does not matter what is used. For the country to ship from, choose US and for zip code from, use 85006. However, whatever is done to fix the problem, the other situations must still work (US, Austraili...

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    I need help with my homework, I need the following information. Part 1: this will be webpage #1: Create a basic and well structured Web page (tables etc.) utilizing the HTML/XHTML form element that you will use later for validating user input and doing some calculations. The page should have the following form fields: § Name § Address § City § State § Postal C...

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    PDA Survey Creator Udløbet left

    Looking for an experienced programmer to develop an application that would run on Microsoft Windows and allow us to customize/create surveys and install them on a Palm or Pocket PC handheld so we can run the questionnaire at any time & any place. Additionally, the buyer would like the ability to install the survey on a camera enabled PDA so a color picture could be linked to the survey respons...

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    I need a searchabe db done including the following fields (in spanish): - Nombre - Apellido_1 - Apellido_2 - Dir. Física / Ciudad / Zip Code - Dir. Postal / Ciudad / Zip Code - Email - Tel. Trabajo - Fax The search script should allow the user to search by single or multiple fields: - Nombre - Apellido_1 - Apellido_2 - Ciudad (Dir. Física) The script MUST have a admin interface tha...

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    I need help with my homework, I need the following information. Part 1: this will be webpage #1: Create a basic and well structured Web page (tables etc.) utilizing the HTML/XHTML form element that you will use later for validating user input and doing some calculations. The page should have the following form fields: § Name § Address § City § State § Postal Code &...

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    Bid Website Udløbet left

    I am looking to have a bid website built. Coder must have experience with Search Optimization techniques. I have left certain phrases blank (shown as nnnn) to withhold some information about the business model, but it should not affect the design Home Description Seller Login Buyer Login Seller Account Management Account Summary Report Date nnnn for Rent Revenue per nnnn Bid Status (open or closed...

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    We require a flash application that will allow our customers to design stickers and decals for their car or club online. They should be able to choose from lots of fonts, colours and even load an image of their car into the application so they can see what the stickers look like once they are on their car. I would then like them to be able to complete a form - which is e-mailed along wit...

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    Window Book, Inc. is a software company that wants to add fast direct thermal printing technology to our software product called Postal Package Partner (PPP). PPP currently prints to the Window printer driver when we print bar-coded labels. This process is much slower then sending the commands directly to the thermal printers in the thermal printers native control language. We need someone to des...

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    DavidvsGoliath Udløbet left

    Every once in a while an opportunity crooses our paths where we get a chance to make a difference. If you are a person who understand the story of David vs Goliath then you should respond, if not then don't. I need 10 dedicated, talented, rebelious programmers who are willing to work for equity and a cause. I am developing a operating system using Linux Open Source that includes all the fun...

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    Need enhancements on website [log ind for at se URL] Need to register and track Affiliates (called Distributors) and members of software club. Done already: Members pay $99 for 125 software programs. They pay through 2Checkout and we email them an access code to software download. Code lasts 1 year from first use. Members also get another 1 software unlock code for all software. Distributors pay u...

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    C# Paint Program Udløbet left

    Please develop a C# program that acts as a simple graffiti application that enables users to paint pictures using the mouse. The program has to be submitted by Thursday, March 25th 5:00 PM. User required features are: * painting using a paintbrush tool (by click-and-drag on the painting canvas). * controlling the color of the paint for the paintbrush; multiple colors can be used in a sin...

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    I need a script written to allow users of a website the ability to locate dealers in a certain State and/or Country. It should work very similar to this system: [log ind for at se URL] The server this will be located on does not allow PHP or ASP... so it will probably have to be a .cgi script or .pl The system must have a very easy to use back end for a "non web savy" use...

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    The "It's Your Life Show" Web Site with Admin Control Panel for Content Management. * Items marked with option 1 and option 2 are because the client wants to keep the costs down. So, we will need 2 prices on this project please: option 1 price (higher) and option 2 price (lower). Thanks! * Suspend means to keep in DB, but not show online. Sections of Site Upcoming Shows ...

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