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    Fix site for IE 7, 8 Delivery popup hover.

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    ...components. Don’t worry about state or anything. I will add that myself. Just code the UI elements / screens. You can see the design here: Notice there are 7 screens in total that need to be built. Login Screen Sign Up Screen Forgot Password Reset Password Terms and Conditions Billing Manage List Add card popup They do not need to be mobile responsive right now. For now just do the desktop view which you can see in that link. I will provide you access to a GitHub repository that already has an example application that you can start from so you don’t need to begin from scratch. The technology for the frontend will need to be: (React) TypeScript Styled-Components (for styling/css) Don’t worry

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    Queremos hacer un ebook descargable desde nuestra web que está montada en wordpress Requerimos: - Popup en la web con diseño para descargar el ebook y que nos dejen nombre y correo - Diseño del ebook que debe tener al menos 15 páginas entre imágenes y texto Tenemos unos ebook referenciales para tomar idea, ya tenemos el título y el contenido - Diseño del mailing con el ebook y configuración del mismo en la plataforma de mailchimp para que se envíe de manera automática al momento de dejar los datos en el popup

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    Build Pages in .asp net 6 dage left

    We have a few pages to develop website on .aspnet platform.

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    pop up setup 5 dage left

    1: remove all pop up plugins from the website 2: install a popup on the site which needs to be connected to mail chimp 3: i give you a specific design (attached) the font should be the same from the existing pop up 4: screen recording of how I can change text/pic in the future, 5: trigger: first time changing the page ( not with subsequent page changes) and when leaving the site

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    Magento CE Store 5 dage left

    ...Requirements Product Order in Product List View Product list must be order following this rules: Products out of stock will be placed at the bottom of the list. Products most sold must be placed at the top of the list. Home Pop ups We need to show pop ups to publish offers when the user opens our site. In order to achieve this, we require a Javascript function to trigger this popup. Furthermore, it would display a block that should be edited from the backend. Elements to get. Javascript function. Template block with their backend edit Backend Requirements Business requires the ability to manage stock’s thresholds by sticking them with catalog categories. The backend user should be able to set the threshold on categories settings. The backend inv...

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    ... Livewire and a Maria DB. In the web system, are set 2Factor procedures, login, data entry and token (API Key), which can be controlled via the REST API. Each user has their own database tenant to connect to. A comprehensive task descripion has already been created and will be handed over for effort estimation. We would like to get the mobile app operational by the end of June. - There are 4 dialogs to be set, local storage and synchronization with the rest API. - Mockups are available - Important: the briefing contains mainly information how the app should run on Android and iOS. It is very important to us that it also goes to the Windows App Store and runs functionally there as well. Here it is very important that we expand the briefing and work out together how to prepare all...

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    ...modify/remove a few elements (inside a ClassName). 1. When loading, there is a button that should open a filter popup and it's not working (maybe there's a curlopt_* missing). 2. I would like to modify all the hrefs of a button (with ClassName). 3. In the map that, if you click a button, it updates it. I would like that if you move on the map, it updates automatically (like pressing the button manually). 4. I would like too add 1 script that changes all the values with a ClassName -X percentage. So, if value is: "150.000 $" and I want to sum -1%, it shows "148.500 €" 5. There is a PopUp with Class X, and inside this PopUp there is a div with Class Y. I would like that this PopUp doesn't show up. But there are more...

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    Need BSOD popup 4 dage left

    I need BSOD POPUP for almost all the browsers Candidates with previous experience in BSOD message me

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    I need a hard popup to freeze the computer When the client visits the link there will be a popup window and his computer will be freezed …

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    Build a tech support Hard popup 4 dage left

    I need a web developer who can build me a HArd pop-up for tech support and also help me in creating campaigns

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    Hi all. We have a restaurant ordering flutter app that needs some bug fixing and small changes. No new development for this project. If all is fine, we will need new development and open another project. There are aprox 15 fixes to be done. 50% are cosmetic (wrong text, wrong popup font, move cart icon from up to down), and the other are little more complex (fix how the calculation screen is showing the order - rearrange the text... We are hoping to find developer/s who will take care of your app, at first, fix the bugs and make the changes that we need so we actualy put the app in function and then is all ok, close the first project, and continue with some upgrades we have in mind: make point system, add driver modul and similar. You can check the fixes in this Google Drive Sh...

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    Write a program that is a game like ”duck shooter”. During the game, ducks of various colors move from left to right and...results, so you should take care of scrollbars in case it does not fit in the window of a reasonable size. • High Scores list must be implemented using JList component and own data model using AbstractListModel • Ducks can be implemented using buttons (however, so that it looks aesthetic), but you can also design your own component. • Not all windows need to be implemented via the JFrame class. Dialogs can be used. • Take care of the appearance of the application The MVC design pattern should be used in the project. • An important part of the project is the use of: inheritance, collections, interfa- ces or abstract classes...

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    I need a software in which i can have word editor with text and image insertion on one side while library in tree manner of various text template on other side. Take reference of dolphin compose. I need a Hoover popup of the contents within phrase when I Hoover I need filtered search from phrase file name and internal content I need text to speech coding as well Layout is given in file.

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    need to customize laravel script downloaded from codecanayon script link : demo link : to customer, not show to vendor) edit stock status (Instock/Out of stock) for every item *Coupen Settings :* Need a option to add discount value in wallet and customer pay full amount Need a option to give discount only on delivery fee Need a option to give discount from vendor Need a option to give coupen for selected users *Other Options:* Need report for delivery boy, Store and MIS Add popup using onesignal or firebase Set delivery Fees zone wise Restaurant Automatic calling system - Exotel Need option to Order from multiple restaurant in single checkout

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    I can give more information once we engage but high level when I click a button I should get a Modal and then once I submit the information it should take the data back to the python script via Jquery and the response is displayed back on another Modal. I already have it working but I need some improvements as I can only alert but need that in a modal. This should be a simple task if you know the logic.

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    Build a Map for Shopify 2 dage left

    I would like to have a map in Shopify that places a marker for each customer with a set Tag. The map should use the Google Maps API and will have multiple markers. Each marker should also display information in a popup window when the mouse is moved over the marker. Colour of the markers should differ from state to state with Australia. I would also like to include URL from a tag set in each customer. Simple Example.

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    I am looking for coder(s) for short/medium term contracts to work on my desktop sound post production app. A variety of potential jobs including: - Upgrading and tidying the Objective C Mac UI - Porting Mac app to Windows, maybe c-sharp, maybe c++WinRT - Improving async/modal elements like background tasks, progress bars, modal dialogs etc - Other architectural considerations in the c++ backend Could be independent work, zoom collab, or in-person collab (London).

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    Emprendimiento de venta de artículos de computación en Chile, considerar lo siguiente: - Un diseño web moderno con una estrategia de marketing. - Que tenga configurado envíos en Chile o tarifario ( Uso Starken y Bluexpress) - Integración Webpay Plus - Subir 2 artículos. - Que incluya 3 slider home con diseños profesionales de acuerdo a los productos. - Que incluya popup (WhatsApp) - Conexión con redes Sociales - Formulario de contacto - Configuración SEO - 100% autoadministrable

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    Please help me setup the modal to assign a row/column to an employee id - livewire modal popup when you click "Vacant" or "Employee Name" with select employee box (save) - display total hours assigned / unassigned in clear columns down the bottom - display total shift time between two times. - display budgets hours / actual hours roles based on selected role location

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    I need this code created for a project. I will link the end result needed to the file attached. HTML Examples of both hover and clickable trigger are needed. See image attached below.

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    1. Slider 2. Todays audio work 3. and before that we have did - popup close sound off work

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    Build a website 1 dag left

    Need a appealing website for Google ads that can capture leads. Must have experience in landing pages, popup forms, contact forms, submit inquiry forms You must know how to use these on a website for better leads.

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    On UI there is page is to enter OTP, after entering wrong password for 5 times i need show a popup that account is locked

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    Marketing Popup 7 dage left

    Hello. I have a WordPress website. I would like to make a popup that asks for a survey of how customers found me(Google Search. referral. podcase. social media. trade show. email, radio. television. other) I would like this to show every time they log in until they answer it. If they answer, they won't be asked again. I definitely need a way to figure out how I'm getting my clients so I can focus my marketing better. Thank you

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    Front-end: React Native Back-end: ASP.NET Core C# Database: MSSQL 2019 Error message: Access to XMLHttpRequest at <...> from origin <...> has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. There are three ways to enable CORS as described on below page. I chose to use endpoint routing. Please fix the error and load data from backend. Related backend and database code are 95% done. You have to work remotely on my computer via TeamViewer. No other options.

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    Hi. I need urgent a React & React Native installation and rebranding of android and IOS app. additional things are to Add user policy popup requested by goggle developer console. Limit free rides to 4 then driver be forced to deposit funds on wallet. Thank you

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    ...coordinates a popup will be shown on the same page and href will be loaded in the popup Example : <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <h2>Image Maps</h2> <p>Click on the computer, the phone, or the cup of coffee to go to a new page and read more about the topic:</p> <img src="" alt="Workplace" usemap="#workmap" width="400" height="379"> <map name="workmap"> <area shape="rect" coords="34,44,270,350" alt="Computer" href=""> <area shape="rect" coords="290,172,333,250" alt="Phone" href=""> <area shape="circle" coords="337,300,44" alt="Cup o...

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    ...have assets to create a skin with a different topic we are open for other ideas, too. In the attachment we will provide examples for all currents assets which need to be replaced. In Summary, what we need is: 1 App Icon (optional) 2 App Banner (optional) 1 Preloader screen 4 background images (high prio) 4 level selection images (high prio) 35 game elements (high prio) 19 gui elements 1 flexible popup (high prio) If you already have a set of matching assets you're a big step ahead and can merge them into the new skin. The item with high prio as marked above need to done. But all others, esp. the optional things can be left out if it doesn't fit into the budget. We will discuss the details if the overall project is interesting for you. For detailes requiremens pleas...

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    I have existing two web pages online which I would like to have rewritten in bootstrap 5. The functionality can stay as is. The only pages needing conversions are: and No need to convert the dialogs opened from the buttons. After this I probably have some other small design / html / bootstrap jobs for the same project.

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    You will be responsible to: - Create a brand (color and logo) - You should be creating icons / images for all the sections I will share privately with you - Implement a wordpress website based on the content we will share Besides the design, we are requesting a static content website based on the following pages: - Main (there are 26 links, that should open a small informational popup). Text content shall be provided by me. - Who we are - Help (FAQ) Request information about the content

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    we are looking for an impressive SEO friendly wordpress product catalog with good content for display of our products. our product range consist of dried and powdered food and herbal products products. we need interface to add and remove products on the site...are looking for an impressive SEO friendly wordpress product catalog with good content for display of our products. our product range consist of dried and powdered food and herbal products products. we need interface to add and remove products on the site whenever required. we are looking for look and feel of something like this May be even single page website with a popup of product descriptions will also be fine. aesthetics is very important with minimal animation effects. drop in your ideas with ...

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    Hi, We're preparing a new app for launching and seeking for native English speaker to correct grammar and syntax errors. We want you to go through all the main pages of the application and write out all the mistakes that you...errors. We want you to go through all the main pages of the application and write out all the mistakes that you will find, so that we can correct them. Application consists of two parts: 1. Landing page () 2. Interface of the app () that consists of 8 main screens (starting page, step "About business", step "Images", popup "Tips for making creatives" in step "Images", step "Audiences", screen "Adjust your audience" in step "Audiences", step "Advertising Coverage", page &qu...

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    Show user a (data already exists) popup message when submit the form if the user enter same data that already exists on the server by identifying two fields 1- StudentName, ChildName & FatherName, Parent Name NOTE: Form: Duplicate data received: Dynamic form file attached, java scripts are written below of the file

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    i have freebpx installed and i want to connect my Custom build crm with it, i need to send a parameter from freebpx to my crm and cause a popup to open so that my team do a simple form fill out.

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    Hi Jayesh V., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Update the logic in SP for the outdated Terminal Types: all the outdated Terminal types will be displayed, a)when user select terminal type with status=1, it should allow and proceed for the save b)but when user select Terminal type with status=0 (i.e outdated)it will display error message in popup window

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    Popup on click Udløbet left

    ...following exit intent popup script And I want to show this popup on click <script src=""></script> <div id="Blanket-148" style="position:fixed; left:0px; top:0px; width:100%; height:100%; background-color:#000000; z-index:99997; opacity:0.75; display:none;"></div> <div id="PopUp-148" style="position:absolute; top:25px; width:610px; left:50%; transform: translate(-50%, 0); max-width:80%; z-index:99999; display:none;"> </div> <script type='text/javascript'> jQuery(document).ready(function($){ ("", function(data){ ...

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    I'm looking for developer ti vuole a simple JavaScript alert popup Whit text inside, when customer select a financial payment at checkout, on my opencart e-commerce

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    need to change item menu at 11:00 Pm all thursday until Friday 4:00pm and open popup when user click on new item menu

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    I have backend api which returns data but need FE help on this. I am new to react. Would be great if someone can give me hand on this. I need it to be wrapped up tomorrow.

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    buen dia, tenemos un proyecto iniciado en AspNET MVC, quisiera saber de inicio si pueden expedir CFDi

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    Hi, I'm in need of a custom front-end website based on HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP. Must be interactive, colorful and modern, 100% responsive. Pages required: Homepage, Plans Listening, Contact Page, Who we Are, FAQ, Newsletter, Discount POPUP, Login, Register.

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    our project needs to connect with Firebase and collect data on Firestore. the authentication part on Firebase is working but we have a chatroom that sends messages but can't collect users' messages on Firestore. We need to have an admin dashboard to connect to our users and chat with them. We need to connect payment and subscription with Stripe. All working but we have a chatroom that sends messages but can't collect users' messages on Firestore. We need to have an admin dashboard to connect to our users and chat with them. We need to connect payment and subscription with Stripe. All users should start with a Freemium account that is let them have a 30min chat whit admins in a month. after using the Freemium account they should see a popup to redi...

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    I want to make small program for Android Tablet. The application gonna work in portait mode only on a 10.1 inch screen. Icon of the app gonna be my company logo. This program is more used as an Interface to a...device. Setting Page Contain 5 settings with toggle switch. Recipe Page Not used for the current projet but I want to show a demonstration image. Report Page Some statistic from the device. Login Page Gonna have a list of 5 username. need to select the name and get log with a password. Alarm Page Gonna receive receive alarm from the device Alarm history Alarm history from the device. Popup page : Language/Unit setup Confirm off mode XXXX Control The program need to have nice graphical look with our company color. the image is an exemple but need to be di...

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    Estimation and feasibility needed for the development of a web platform to learn a language. MVP: Standard learning path with combination of theory and practice (text, pics, audio dialogs, pronouciation checker, writing excercises). Similar to modern providers like Babbel and Duolingo. OPTIONAL: Ask questions to teachers. INFO: I am a UX/UI designers, so each screen and flow will be provided.

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    CTI - SalesForce Integration Required Features Click-to-call Auto-open existing contact for incoming and outgoing call Auto-detect existing contact and redirect to the related page Auto-detect existing contact to resolve incoming and outgoing call Auto-detect existing contact to customize call workflow Incoming call popup Outgoing call popup Call History Dialpad Search Bar for contacts ??? Create a contact of an unknown number via the popup window That should be integrated with Sales Force (Classic e Cloud Lightning) What is required is an integration regarding NethVoice computer-telephony integration (CTI) systems with Salesforce Call Center using a browser-based Javascript API. OpenCTI may be the right tool to allow this integration, to displa...

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