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    ...development of a VB6 application, that is 60% finished. You need to go deep inside the sourcecode for further developments. It is necessary, that you have some knowledge of charting/financial software. - Do second level support. I am searching for a long time partnership. Once the application is finished, you still work for me to correct bugs and add

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    PLEASE REVIEW THE INFORMATION UNDER DELIVERABLES CAREFULLY. IT WOULD ANSWER ALL YOUR QUESTIONS. BlogBridge is an open source RSS reader system, consisting of a Java client and a web based service, also implemented in Java. The project's web site is here: The SourceForge area for the project s here: [log ind for at se URL]

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    I have a simple existing pocket pc program that was done for me. I need some enhanced features that allow me to manage my customer base and how they use the program. You will deliver: Web script/service Program that creates custom CAB/executable PPC files Updates to the core PPC Program that allow items described in the DELIVERABLES section of this

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    This is a project for creating an applicaton to generate HTML based on a list of kewwords. 1. The application will search contents from free articles sites/search engines for keyword relevante contents and using a free dictionary tool to replace common words. 2. The application will output the HTML pages meeting the format & specification

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    We need quick help converting a excel spreadsheet to a web application. The excel file allows a user to input 8 inputs: A date, a name, a number, a topic, a dollar amount, a time, another dollar amount, and a third dollar amount. A user may input numerous records like this. Based on these records the excel file calculates various statistics. To make

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    ...**SUMMARY:** It is a **hybrid** windows based software - a mix between a normal stock and commodity market charting software like you would find from [[log ind for at se URL]][1] **and** an astronomy ephemeris - notice I said astronomy - _not astrology_ - there is a big difference. I believe the software from [log ind for at se URL] and TradeStation is the most popular among

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    I am looking for some immediate help on the following project: I have a C++ .NET application about to be deployed. I am looking for some help to write a C++ .net function/class that is able to programatically log a report with the open source mantis bug tracking system. Upon acceptance, I will supply the details to a test account on our system

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    **_Description_** I am creating an accounting application for a company. I need you to help me create the system. This is what I need you to do for me:- 1. Microsoft Access:- -macros -updating automatically -menu driven -form entry for data -storing and retrieving financial information -profit and loss accounts -balance sheets -graphs and

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    I am developing a J2ME application for Nokia Series 40 Platform and need some help concerning access to the incoming/outgoing SMS, flash storage, making the app auto-runnable, and maybe one or two other similar issues. I will pay up to $100 for a few email exchanges in which you will answer my questions, possibly provide snippets of relevant code etc

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    ** Instant Messaging system** System must be designed in n-tier model. Must have a client, an administration site, middle tier must manage services and persistence and a Database layer. The system must store date, time, users and the content of every conversation or thread between users and must be able to make queries for any of these criteria

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    Help! We have lost the control module source code for one of our multimedia? applications, and the original programmer is no longer available.? ? We therefore require somebody to recreate it.? We can show you the original application working.? (It's very simple, just a? flash presentation, then login screen, then a list of lessons.)? ?

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    ...for customers and one for banks/investors). ***This PROJECT assumes you have an EXCELLENT understanding of Active Server Pages, VBScript, database methods, etc.*** What kind of work to expect: 1. PSD/Dreamweaver files are a MUST and must be readily accessable to me for future updates as per website appearance. 2. my client will be contracting

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    €88 - €440
    19 bud a support officer doesn't need to login again into cpanel and perform system admin tasks - There is a status box of servers - listing HTTP ok FTP ok etc. - An operator can have multiple chat sessions for multiple DOMAINS - Works for multiple domains and can so show statistics from CPANEL - Has server monitoring abilities for

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    ...for Outlook 2003 / XP for the Email-Support or a STANDALONE Program in Windows XP ** communication language: **english** or **german ** please send your resume to <rec@[log ind for at se URL]> for your application to this project. **small description:** Support helper Outlook plugin that helps answering repeating emails with templates that are created

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    Hi! I need someone to put together some code for me in VB.NET that grabs data from web pages. (The pages are all 'computer generated and 'consistent') This should be quick and easy for anyone that has done this before. The application should be supplied both as an .exe and VB.NET source code. Important: The code must be very clearly documented. Detailed

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    ...stock storing and managing application. the problem is that the instructor needs to use a barcode scanner to read a product's price and description. this part i dont know how to write its code in VB. so please I need some help with that, how can i write a code that can read from a barcode scanner the price and the description of an item, knowing th...

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    Please can anyone give me help with this project. This project is to be based to write a programme for an autonomous robot. To do this i need the software code in Borland C++ version 5.02. The robot should detect an object reconised by the objects size and dimensions e.g a tennis ball without the white stripe going through it as the object must be off

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    I have an urgent need of a simple application that can show me a couple of things about the action diagrammer and language syntax. 1. connects to a db (sql server, access, msde) and does a read/write. (shows sql statements) 2. shows a user written function of how to parse a string field (like switch firstname, lastname to lastname, firstname)

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    here's the problem i have for my class 2 Write an application that will compute a final grade (numeric) and final letter grade for each student in a class. The data for the students has been entered into a file called “[log ind for at se URL]? Assume each student has six grades, each of which carries a different weighting toward the final grade for the semester:

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    ASSIGNMENT 1: Write a program (Java application) to accept input of a Nobel prize winner&'s name, and output the year of the award. Inside your program, you should have defined and initialized an array of strings that forms the Nobel laureate database as shown below. Your database must consist of an array of strings, and each element of the array

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    Looking for an experienced Java coder to create an AOL type chat client/server. This should have these basic features: 1.) Login/Authentication 2.) File upload/download support 3.) Categories of Public Chat rooms to choose from 4.) Instant Messaging / Private rooms 5.) Fully configurable via configuration files/db (Don't hard-code everything in the

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    ...interaction between users listboxes and labels. The client is written in VB 6.0, so whatever client controls you write need to fit into it. As far as server and connectivity, I would like this to be some type of peer-to-peer application. I have a linux server and want to run it through that. Avoid .exe and avoid clients having to enter IP addresses

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