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    Sales VR/AR Games Udløbet left

    Vi er et hollandsk spilfirma og har udviklet vores egne VR/AR-spil, som vi sælger til evernt-bureauer på licensbasis. begivenhedssteder og escape rooms. Vi har en leadliste på 100 virksomheder og søger en sælger, der kan lave fysiske aftaler for os. Hører gerne fra dig

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    ...technical support member, you will assist our learners by addressing their inquiries, which enables them to successfully complete their training. The media design area includes the following courses: • Adobe Creative Cloud tools • Graphic design basics • Graphic design for advanced users • Basics of video production • Basics of web design • Basics of Wordpress development • Basics in the field of AR & VR Our Expectations: We seek a dedicated individual passionate about education and sharing of knowledge. You should have the enthusiasm for introducing new topics to others, coupled with patience and empathy. Proficiency in German (B1 or B2 level) is essential for effective communication with learners. Your work schedule will be from 9:00 t...

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    I'm interested in developing a VR Simulation aimed at providing an educational experience. The project requires a blend of creativity and technical skills to create an engaging and effective learning tool. Main Objectives: • The primary objective is to create a VR simulation tailored for educational purposes. • This VR simulation will target adults and intends to provide an interactive platform for learning. Key Skills and Experience: • VR Development - An extensive background in VR development is crucial for this project. Candidates should showcase previous experience, preferably with simulation development. • Educational Content Integration - Ideally, you should have previous experience or a solid understanding of integratin...

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    Realistic Human Avatars for VR 6 dage left

    I'm in need of a talented 3D designer to construct realistic human avatars specifically for VR. Your responsibilities for this project will include: - Designing accurate, real-life human avatars. - Ensuring the avatars are suitable for integration within a VR environment. Your experience and skills should ideally include: - Proven expertise in 3D avatar creation. - A good understanding and knowledge of the VR space. - Ability to design realistic human figures. The end goal of this project is to have lifelike human avatars that provide a more immersive experience in a VR setting. Please share portfolio examples indicating similar work done in the past. Looking forward to your proposals.

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    ...Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) to create interactive experiences for both mobile (Android, iOS) and web (browser-based) platforms for our existing E-commerce Website. Please Apply if you have prior experience in AR/VR E-commerce and have prior work to showcase. The Specific tasks for the project include: - Design and develop Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences - Work on 3D modeling and animation - Create engaging virtual content for Our E-commerce Website. For this project, you should have: - Proficiency in creating AR and VR experiences - Familiarity with the design and development of Virtual tours - Strong skills in 3D modeling and animation - Expertise in developing for both mobile and web platforms The goal of the project is to deliver ...

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    I require an adept VR developer to create a captivating walkthrough for entertainment use. The VR experience should be tailored for the PC platform and designed specifically for compatibility with the Oculus Rift. Expertise in VR development for entertainment use is a must. Ideal skills and experience: - Extensive Oculus Rift development - PC VR experience creation - Proven track record in creating VR entertainment content

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    ...pursuit of a VR specialist to help me develop a training program using Oculus Rift. The main emphasis of this program is to help learners master different social behaviour patterns, such as: - Daily hygiene routine - Meal preparation - Social Interaction etiquette The tasks within the game should be designed in such a way that learners can perform them step by step. While basic interaction would be sufficient, incorporating gestures and head movements would make the learning more engaging and memorable. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Oculus Rift and VR software development - Proficiency in creating interactive VR scenarios and environments - Knowledgeable about social behavior patterns and how to demonstrate them in VR - Proven track recor...

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    I am in need of an experienced Virtual Reality (VR) professional who is proficient in creating dynamically engaging 360-degree videos, 3D models and environments, as well as interactive simulations. The VR content will be utilized for comprehensive architectural visualization. Key job requirements: - Extensive experience in creating high-quality 360-degree videos, 3D models and environments. - Experience in creating interactive VR simulations. - Knowledge of VR platform adaptability on different devices, including PC, mobile, and VR headset devices. - Previous experience in creating VR content for architectural visualization would be highly advantageous. The goal of this project is to effectively visualize architectural designs in the most imme...

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    Create a magazine cover image 8.5” x 9.5” Main Cover Focus - Better ways to watch TV shows and movies using a VR Headset No Magazine Title Attention: use colors and/or shapes to get the attention of the reader. Interest: include graphic elements that develop interest related to using VR Headset to Watch Television and Movies Audiences: - Tech Enthusiasts - emerging technologies - Gamers - how to use VR headsets to experience TV and Movies. - Content Creators - what new TV and Movie content for VR Headset users - Streaming Media Service Providers - how to change streaming systems for VR Headset users. File Formats: winner needs to provide a high resolution version (300 dpi) in editable PSD or AI format and TIF formats. Stock Image Bud...

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    Looking for a proficient Python developer to create a bot that'll execute an automated price comparison on Amazon and eBay using EAN from eBay listing. It needs to continuously check latest listings on eBay and send an aler...comparison on Amazon and eBay using EAN from eBay listing. It needs to continuously check latest listings on eBay and send an alert via email when found item meeting condition. It should check old listings too in case there is a price update for old listing. We want it for specifically eBay UK and Amazon UK. It needs to search in the category "Video Games", and the platform needs to be PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X and Nintendo Switch We need following filters: - Set price difference percentage Here is explanation vid...

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    I'm seeking a qualified developer to create a VR game that simulates farming operations, specifically agricultural machinery. This project aims to create a highly engrossing, authentic experience for Oculus Rift that lets players manage every aspect of agriculture machinery operation. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in VR game development is paramount. - Strong understanding of Oculus Rift technology. - Familiarity with agriculture-based simulations preferred. - Excellent skills in creating engaging gaming environments. - Ability to incorporate accurate agricultural machinery functionality into gameplay. Deliverables: - A fully functional, Oculus Rift compatible VR game. - Accurate representation of agricultural machinery operation. - Engaging ...

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    Virtual Reality Real Estate App The real estate industry is ripe for disruption. The traditional way of buying and selling homes is inefficient and time-consuming. Buyers have to rely on photos is inefficient and time-consuming. Buyers have to rely on photos and descriptions to get a sense of a property, and they often have to visit multiple homes in person before finding one that they're interested in. Virtual reality (VR) has the potential to revolutionize the real estate industry. VR allows buyers to experience a property as if they were actually there. They can walk through the rooms, look out the windows, and even get a feel for the layout. This can help buyers make more informed decisions about which properties to visit in person. A VR real esta...

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    VR construction 2 dage left

    I need someone to create VR software where I can upload architectural floor plans to be able to see what the final product will look like. I also need to software to have options to move and change the plans as necessary, e.g. change room sizes, tiles, staircase, windows, colours of walls, external finishes, etc. I basically want to be able to upload the attached plans and renders to be able to virtually do a walk through of the property with options to change anything needed. Like google sketch up but in VR

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    Advanced VR & AI Tutoring Platform 2 dage left

    ...academic performance - Should be able to capture personalized work done in class and understand what to teach or revise and use point system to evaluate learning. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Extensive experience in VR, AI and data visualization - Knowledge of trends in eLearning and educational technology - Familiarity with academic subjects and curriculum for high school and senior secondary school - Understanding of user interface design for younger audiences. If you’ve built platforms in the field of online education and possess a strong foundation in AI and VR, I would love to hear from you....

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    I get bunch of errors when try to install arch linux need help get it to work its linux arch on playstation 4 what you bid on the project is my budget.

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    I am Looking for a Animated branding video for a VR (Virtual Reality) related product. I have sample (Demo Video), screenshots & logo for the product/ company. Goal is to publish this video on LinkedIn and website.

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    Nous recherchons un freelance spécialisé dans l'optimisation de polygones pour un projet en réalité virtuelle sous Unity. Notre projet consiste en un module de simulation d'un aéroport immersive, incluant divers environnements tels que les pistes et l'intérieur. Nous disposons déjà d'un environnement 3D détaillé, mais nous avons besoin d'expertise pour optimiser ces environnements afin d'améliorer les performances et l'expérience utilisateur en réalité virtuelle, notamment pour les intégrer sous Oculus Quest 2. Le délai et les prix sont négociables, mais idéalement, nous aimerions obtenir un résultat le plus rapidement po...

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    ...---------------------------------- I'm currently in need of an expert in optimising polygons for a large AR/VR project using UNITY. Covering over 100,000 polygons, I am looking for a balance between maintaining detail and performance. While some details can be discarded, the integrity of the original design must be preserved as much as possible. A simple animation on these 3D models will also be required. Skills & Experience: - Expertise in UNITY - Specific experience optimising large 3D models - Animation experience - Strong judgement in balancing detail preservation and performance Your understanding of these factors will greatly contribute towards an effective and efficient VR experience....

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    Vr training for fire extinguisher uses

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    The main objective is to create a captivating platform for online education. My website will focus on delivering virtual reality driven tours to make learning more immersive and engaging. Key features: - Creating virtual tours on various topics Ideal freelancer skills: - Proficiency in web development and designing virtual platforms - Experience in creating effective, interactive v...delivering virtual reality driven tours to make learning more immersive and engaging. Key features: - Creating virtual tours on various topics Ideal freelancer skills: - Proficiency in web development and designing virtual platforms - Experience in creating effective, interactive virtual reality content - Comprehensive understanding of educational context and how to match them with effective VR ...

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    ...between Spatial and social media APIs. 1. Experience with 3D Modeling and Design: The developer should have proficiency in 3D modeling and design tools such as Blender, Maya, or 3ds Max. They should be able to manipulate and optimize 3D assets for use in virtual environments. 2. Knowledge of Virtual Reality (VR) Development: Familiarity with VR development frameworks and platforms is essential. This includes knowledge of platforms like Unity as well as experience in developing VR applications and experiences. 3. Understanding of Metaverse Platforms: The developer should have a good understanding of the metaverse platforms involved, including Spatial and the platform from which the space is being imported. This includes knowledge of the platforms' APIs, ...

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    I need a custom space for - Must work for VR and for Pc (without VR). The room must be build with the measures from the attached drawing. The walls must be white or very light grey, view from windows can be just sky or grass/sky (nothing complicated). Dont include the shadet areas, (these rooms are no use for me). You must help me uploading the space to ! It must be easy for me to start using my space, I am new to this so make it as easy as possible to start! The room will be a small gallery for my paintings, and the measures is the same as a physical gallery I am using! I am looking for someone who knows

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    57 bud create an engaging VR script for an entertainment-based project. While the type of VR experience has not been defined, the final product should ensure audience engagement and entertainment. The ideal candidate will: - Have previous experience scripting for VR or similar immersive experiences. - Be capable of writing engaging scenarios and characters that fit within the VR medium. - Understand how to balance narrative and interactive elements in VR. There is no set timeline for this project, and therefore we are more focused on quality over speed. Nonetheless, consistent progress and periodic updates will be appreciated. The emphasis is on creating a script that will captivate and entertain VR users. Please include examples of past script...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to build a comprehensive VR software for meditation and energy healing sessions. This software should be cross-platform, compatible with Windows, Mac and mobile devices (Android/iOS). Key features should include, but are not limited to: - Guided meditations: The software will guide users through mindfulness and relaxation procedures in a virtual environment - Energy healing programs: I require the software to incorporate programs that support energy healing exercises. - Biofeedback integration: The software should be equipped to connect with a biofeedback device to monitor heart rates. Changes in heart rates should result in corresponding changes in the VR environment. - Customizable meditation settings: The software should allow use...

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    ...operating system specifically designed for virtual reality. This OS should distinctly focus on high-performance, ensuring smooth operations and minimal latency in the VR environment. The OS will primarily be built for wearable technology, requiring an intricate understanding of such hardware. Skills and Experience: - Expertise in the development of operating systems - Strong knowledge of VR and wearable technology - Proven track record in improving system performance & efficiency - Familiarity with security measures for assurance against hacks or data breaches Your role will not just be about creating an OS but making the VR experience as seamless and realistic as possible. This project's success hinges largely on system performance, so a portfolio ...

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    I need someone who can convert photos of buildings into 3D models suitable for virtual reality. I also require help in deciding the level of detail needed for the building interiors, but it might range from basic shapes and colors to medium or high resolution...reality. I also require help in deciding the level of detail needed for the building interiors, but it might range from basic shapes and colors to medium or high resolution textures and models. We may need to add detailed features to the interior walls such as decorations. Since I'm not familiar with 3D model formats, I'll need your guidance there too. Ideal Skills & Experience: - 3D Modelling - VR Design - Knowledge of suitable 3D model formats - Attention to detail - Ability to work off photographs to create ...

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    Hello potential developers, While the exact focus of this VR project is yet undecided, I am seeking a loosely defined partnership that can help bring a concept to fruition. We are looking to brainstorm ideas with our future developer and as such, we are open to various VR focuses such as gaming, education or training. Key Functionalities: Though a clear direction for our app hasn't been set, the platform versatility is a must. Therefore, your experience developing VR apps across multiple devices like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or PlayStation VR will be highly appreciated. Despite the ambiguity of the app's focus, there are certain features we'd be keen to explore: - Interactive Environments: Regardless of our final goal, we want our VR...

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    I'm looking for a proficient mobile app developer who can build an app compatible with...notifications to users; • Location Tracking: The app should display and utilize user's location endpoints; • AR/VR Support: The app should incorporate immersive Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality features. Key Skills and Experience: • Proven experience in both iOS and Android app development; • Proficiency in creating futuristic app designs; • Expertise in implementing core functionalities such as user authentication, push notifications, location tracking, and AR/VR support. I look forward to working with a developer who shares my enthusiasm for creating a groundbreaking app. Please provide samples of your previous work, particularly if you have de...

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    ...between Spatial and social media APIs. 1. Experience with 3D Modeling and Design: The developer should have proficiency in 3D modeling and design tools such as Blender, Maya, or 3ds Max. They should be able to manipulate and optimize 3D assets for use in virtual environments. 2. Knowledge of Virtual Reality (VR) Development: Familiarity with VR development frameworks and platforms is essential. This includes knowledge of platforms like Unity as well as experience in developing VR applications and experiences. 3. Understanding of Metaverse Platforms: The developer should have a good understanding of the metaverse platforms involved, including Spatial and the platform from which the space is being imported. This includes knowledge of the platforms' APIs, ...

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    Data Extraction Udløbet left

    I need help extracting data from VR controller and sending to matlab using UDP connection. I have the connection it just needs edit to work.

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    I'm seeking a talented VR game developer to create a cutting-edge snowboarding game specifically for the Oculus Quest platform. This project is ambitious and requires a developer with a passion for delivering high-quality, immersive experiences that push the boundaries of current VR capabilities. **Key Requirements:** - **Platform Compatibility:** Must be fully optimized for Oculus Quest, leveraging the platform's unique capabilities to provide a seamless, immersive experience. - **Graphics:** The game should feature photo-realistic graphics to create an incredibly lifelike snowboarding experience. Experience in developing high-fidelity environments and character models is essential. - **Core Features:** - **Multiplayer Mode:** Ability to race and interac...

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    We're in the exciting development phase of a VR Golf game and are on the lookout for a talented 3D modeler to create a standout cartoon-style, rigged character with several outfits that will bring our game to life. This character will be the user's host and guide and be in nearly every scene and level. It's critical that the humor and attitude come through at first glance. The character's name is Mortimer, and he is a _very_ grumpy old man. He introduces each level and may mutter under his breath about the performance of the player. Each level has a different theme (think: space, jungle, arctic, etc), and Mortimer has a different outfit to match the theme. No matter what outfit Mortimer has, he should be immediately recognizable. **Requirements:** - Create ...

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    I am searching for a skilled VR developer to create a simplified VR version of my flat. Here are my main requirements: 1. Virtual Walkthrough: I would like users to have the ability to virtually walk through my flat without guidance text or audio commentary. 2. Simplified Interior Design: I don't require an exact replica of my apartment. Instead, a basic layout with generic furniture would suffice. Ideal candidates would have experience in VR development, particularly in architectural visualization and interior design. A keen attention to detail and the ability to mimic spatial layouts is essential. Your portfolio showcasing similar projects will highly increase your chances of selection.

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    I'm in search of an expert to SETUP family account (ours is a mess) create an ultimate gaming experience through Oculus. This personal project focuses on elevating my home setup for immersive gameplay. Here's what I'm envisioning: **Ideal Skills:** - Experience with Oculus VR equipment and setup. This role requires a balance of technical savviness and a passion for gaming. If you're excited about crafting unforgettable VR experiences, let's redefine gaming together.

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    I am embarking on a project to design an advanced Virtual Reality (VR) headset that combines cutting-edge technology with user comfort and extensive software integration. My ideal candidate will have experience in electronics, embedded systems, and software development, with a keen eye for innovative design. **Key Features & Functionalities:** - **Wireless Connectivity:** For ease of movement without the constraints of cables. - **Adjustable Lenses:** To cater to different visual requirements, ensuring a clear and immersive experience for every user. - **Built-in Audio:** High-quality, integrated audio systems for a fully immersive sound experience. - **Inbuilt 360 Cameras:** To capture real-world surroundings for virtual integration or recording. **Design Preferences:** - **H...

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    ...creations will be at the heart of immersive VR environments, requiring a high level of detail and lifelikeness to enhance user engagement. Proficiency in creating realistic human figures, particularly girl characters, with Blender. A strong understanding of anatomy, proportion, and clothing is crucial. - **Animation Abilities:** Expertise in rigging and animating full body movements. The characters must move naturally within the VR space, including walking, gesturing, and interacting with the environment. - **VR Experience:** Previous experience or a strong understanding of VR limitations and optimizations is highly desirable. Knowledge of how 3D models interact within a VR space will be beneficial. - **Collaboration:** Ability to work closely with ou...

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    Fully immersive vr experience for groups to complete an escape room within 50 minutes

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    I'm seeking a VR developer proficient with Unity and experienced in Oculus Quest 2 gesture recognition. Here's what I need: - Implementation of specific custom hand gestures within a VR experience. Details on the specific gestures will be shared with the chosen freelancer. - Compatibility of the developed VR experience with Oculus Quest 2. The ideal candidate possesses deep knowledge and experience in VR development and particularly gesture recognition for the Oculus Quest 2. They should also be detail-oriented and responsive, as this project will involve understanding and applying very specific gestures. Familiarity with industry standards for VR gestures is a plus, even though the project will focus entirely on custom hand gestures.

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    I'm looking for a skilled artist to hand-paint a standard-sized PlayStation controller with a Moab, Canyonlands, mountain climbing theme. Key specifics for the artwork include: - Rock formations: these should faithfully represent the unique geology of the Moab and Canyonlands area. - Mountain peaks: these should be distinct and represent mountain climbing pursuits. Expectations: - The painting should be durable and last a good deal of handling. - The overall look and feel should remain true to the natural colors and forms in Moab, Canyonlands and throughout popular climbing mountains. The ideal candidate is highly skilled with painting on plastic surfaces, has an eye for detail, and preferably has a background or at least a passion in either gaming, nature, or mountain cli...

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    I am embarking on an exciting venture to develop a VR game that stimulates the mind with complex puzzles and maze challenges. This project aims to captivate adult players, offering them an immersive and intellectually stimulating experience. To bring this vision to life, I am seeking a freelancer with a unique set of skills and experience. **Key Requirements:** - **Experience in VR Game Development**: You should have a strong portfolio showcasing your work on VR games, particularly in the genres of puzzle and maze games. Your past projects should reflect your ability to craft engaging and challenging gameplay within these genres. - **Proficient with Unity and Cardboard SDK**: The game will be developed using Unity, utilizing the Cardboard SDK for broader accessibili...

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    We are currently developing a VR sports game centered around cricket and I'm in need of a unique, immersive sound design. Here is what I'm looking for: - Creative and experienced game sound designer with a portfolio in game sound design. - Proficient with designing a wide range of sounds, from the crack of a cricket bat to the cheer of a crowd. - Understanding of the dynamic of a cricket game to create an engaging auditory experience. An understanding of cricket and sports games and experience with VR game design is a plus, as. The sound designer should be able to create a seamless auditory experience, intertwining the sounds of the sport with the atmosphere of the stadium to create an exciting, immersive VR gaming experience.

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    6 bud

    Estou precisando de um aplicação vr, podendo ser em unity ou unreal, o funcionamento é para ser simples o usuário vai abrir o app, com o app aberto vai ter um menu de mão simples com algumas opções, entre elas a principal opção de carregar dados/objetos, quando o usuário usar essa opção será carregado um arquivo .OBJ, que está em uma pasta pré-determinada, que ira carregar em tempo de execução o objeto e permitir o usuário interagir com o objeto. Uma interface básica mais agradável ao usuário será necessária, preciso que funcione inicialmente com o Meta Quest 2, o arquivo .OBJ vai ser passado para dentro do oculus atrav&eacu...

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    8 bud

    I'm in the process of developing a multiplayer game specifically for Oculus Quest VR. The game is at a stage where it's integrating Amazon Gamelift for hosting multiplayer sessions. However, a recurrent, critical issue has arisen: an SSL curl error occurs during the authentication process of user credentials, specifically tied to our API Key authentication method. I need a skilled freelancer to resolve this issue efficiently. Key Challenges: - Diagnosing the SSL curl error efficiently. - Ensuring secure and smooth authentication of user credentials via API Key. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Oculus Quest VR development. - Strong understanding of Amazon Gamelift service. - Expertise in resolving SSL curl errors. - Experience with API Key authenticati...

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    29 bud

    I'm looking for an accomplished AR/VR mobile app developer to complete an e-commerce project. Key requirements include: - Proficiency in iOS and Android app development - Capability to implement 3D product visualization, virtual try-on, and AR/VR gaming features - Experience in integrating both payment gateway and product catalog - Proficiency in user account integration A successful candidate will need to demonstrate their expertise and previous experience in similar projects. Please only bid if you are confident you can fulfil these requirements promptly and professionally.

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    21 bud

    ...combining the exhilaration of game development with the cutting-edge realities of virtual reality (VR), and I need talented individuals to bring this vision to life. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a VR-compatible real estate simulation game for PC and Mobile platforms. - Create realistic 3D designs of buildings, interiors, and landscapes. - Implement engaging gameplay mechanics suitable for a real estate simulation. - Ensure smooth, immersive VR experiences across different devices. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Unreal Engine for high-quality game development. - Expertise in 3D design, specifically within real estate or architectural visualization. - Strong experience in developing for VR environments, with a portfolio showcasing previous ...

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    ...immersive, educational experience to life through Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR). This project will focus on machinery, and should be so real and engaging as to provide an in-depth understanding of different machinery operations and functionalities. Requirements: - Develop an AR/VR application for iOS /Android platform. - Ensure the AR/VR tool focuses on educational content regarding machinery. - Create detailed, realistic and interactive machinery models. - Optimize user interface and design for easy comprehension and navigation. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in iOS development. - Proficiency in AR/VR development. - Competence in translating educational content into engaging AR/VR experiences. - Strong understandi...

    €344 (Avg Bid)
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    11 bud

    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer to create a Virtual Reality (VR) Explainer Video aimed specifically at healthcare professionals. This video will serve as a training and educational tool, designed to enhance their skills and knowledge in a cutting-edge, immersive environment. **Key Requirements:** - **Target Audience:** The primary audience for this project is healthcare professionals. The content should be relevant, engaging, and tailored to meet their advanced understanding and expectations. - **Objective:** The main goal is to provide training and education. The video should tackle complex medical concepts and translate them into an accessible format that facilitates learning and retention. - **Interactivity Level:** The project demands a moderate level of interactivit...

    €1986 (Avg Bid)
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    25 bud

    ...visitors can browse. - **Virtual Tour:** A captivating virtual tour of our multiplex, giving potential visitors a glimpse of what to expect. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Experience with API integration, particularly movie database APIs. - Proficiency in building secure e-commerce systems for online ticket booking. - Capable of creating engaging, interactive web designs, potentially with VR experience for the virtual tour. - Familiarity with user-generated content moderation tools or platforms for the reviews and ratings feature. This project requires a developer or team that is creative, detail-oriented, and has a proven track record in delivering comprehensive web solutions that engage and retain users. If you have experience in similar projects, I'm eager to see ...

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    I'm looking for a professional with 3D animation and VR skills to create a highly interactive 1-2 minute video showcasing a cable car project in Dominica. Key features to emphasise in the animation include: - The construction process - Stunning scenic views - Details of the cable car cabins The animation should allow for high-level interactivity, letting the viewer explore these aspects in a virtual reality environment. Your expertise in creating engaging, detailed, and high-quality 3D VR experiences will be essential to this project's success. Previous experience in similar projects or having a good understanding of architectural or engineering processes would be a distinct advantage. For your reference, I have attached a link to a 3D video that we like:

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    Graphics project Udløbet left

    ... 3)Geometry processing more details in inbox Key Requirements: - Strong background in UI design, with a portfolio to showcase previous work in computer graphics or animation. - Expertise in implementing drag-and-drop functionality and customizable layouts. - Ability to facilitate real-time updates within the application. - Familiarity with modeling software, geometry processing, and potentially VR app development. - Proficiency in Unity or similar platforms to potentially extend the project into a video game. - I particularly value creativity, attention to detail, and a user-centered design approach. The successful freelancer will work closely with me to design a UI that's not only intuitive but visually appealing, enhancing the overall user experience. Ideal Skills: - ...

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