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    read data from a mysql entry that contains the start up parameters of a script using php and bash to start the process and record the pid of that instance to the same data record the written script must support multiple instance

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    Hi, I have 2 sites. The main site is a wordpress site with woocommerce. Our client wants all their orders to go through site 1 (wordpress). Site 2 is just a clean html campaign site, no cms. Just clean html. On this campaign site, there is a html form. This form includes, name, email, address, phone number, country etc. The same standard fields as on the woocommerce checkout page. What they want:...

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    I need a PHP script to be able to include in other pages that will create a simple payment form for the user, populate a payment amount and return information regarding if the payment went through or not. To simplify: 1. Create a simple payment form using Square merchant ([log ind for at se URL]) , populated with given variables (stored in sessions or current PHP script) with the price to be pa...

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    You will be paid: AU$15 in total upon completion. Deadline: 3 days Please send me the python code when you complete. The code must run on my machine (Windows 10). If it does not, you are free to teamview into my computer and make it work. TASK: Query these two websites real time: [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] Find, all "PROPERTY_TYPE", with "> B...

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    Responsive Website Udløbet left

    I need a responsive website, than can work smooth in browsers at desktop, tablets and mobile. The site contains graph, charts data tables and some real time data. Attached is a better description of the need. Please note, we need the site in spanish, but variables etc can be in english, so we will help in the spanish part. Document is in spanish and english, please feel free to ask anything about...

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    Hello, I need create PHP link from my movies google drive

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    Necesito optimizar una función matemática mediante una red neuronal. Ésta función tiene 10 variables. Yo proveería de las series de tiempo de dichas variables. Requiero también que se me entregue un pequeño escrito donde se explique paso a paso en Matlab cómo llegar a la solución de dicha optimización mediante redes neuronales.

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    I would like to hire a programmer to create a simple warranty and admin page. There will be no login page for user front end. This front end page is actually to be accessed via our existing hybrid app. The following and attached are the crystal clear information. FRONT END (Must be accessible via phone) ========== 1. The link should be accessed as follows: [log ind for at se URL] where XX i...

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    Need php trainer for php training, trainer have to give 1-1/2 hours Mon to sat for 3 months

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    dashboard whatsapp Udløbet left

    Please read the full description of the project before bidding or applying for the position. I need to send in average per day 250 to 300k whatsapp messages. I need the developer to develop my own Api and make an online dashboard system that allows you to send mass messages to WhatsApp. (reference link: (link removed)/). The desire system I wanted is 95% similar to this given site. Please have a...

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    I need to seperate curl headers from the response in php into associate array

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    Changings and the repairs of the current app. Adding functions. Must has knowledge of APIs. Core PHP

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    I need PHP framework developer such as Codeignitor, Yii, Zend framework. And you should to have experience in cpanel. Let's discuss more on message.

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    Android Print Application, Hardware: 10 inch tablet, Lenovo TB-x104f and ZT230 zebra printer. Name: Succulent Stickers, Version 1.0 All application data and files will be stored and accessed from the external SD card on the device. Variable data cannot be stored internally on the device. This is important for backup purposes. The storage folder should be in the root of the card and named &ldquo...

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    All the code works already! Just need someone to layout the Jasper Report. I would like to create a static 17 page Jasper Report (given a JavaBean) with only 7 variables (scores). Each variable (such as Grit / Growth Mindset) will be scored 1 to 10, and the Stacked Bar Chart (Colored graph) should automatically change and be able to give a different description per score. The code base is alrea...

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    The work consists on developing an API with .Net Core 2.2 with entity framework that fulfills the following characteristics: 1. Map the db (sql server) using Entity Framework 2. JWT authentication and token refresh. 3. Management of data property (each user see only his data) 4. API disponibility by Swagger configuration. 5. Functionalities: 5.1. Login 5.2. Registration 5.3. Recover password (by ...

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    I had some HTML and CSS a while ago but I forgot some of it and I want to freshen up my knowledge. I can find everything online but I want someone who can go over it with me (we can use a messenger or a screen sharing app like zoom). I want to cover the following this weekend: go over tables very quickly: I know they are nearly obsolete go over forms quickly (form only, no backend, no css) CSS B...

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    App project Udløbet left

    Hi.. Are u good in fuzzy relation modeling using Matlab? I have a fuzzy relation model for credit scoring that you need to optimize/ modify/ edit then test/ evaluate its accuracy using the confusion matrix. I have the model but it’s not correct in terms of the accuracy. The current model has: 8 input variables (i.e. 5 main input and 3 output to be used as input), 1 output variable, 5 linguis...

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    1) Export data from my affiliate account to google sheet 2) Send HTML emails with dynamic variables based on criteria met in google sheets 3) Perform specific actions in Affiliate account based on criteria in google sheet sent 4) Create custom discount codes in shopify and add them to affiliate account and google sheet 5) Check trackings on [log ind for at se URL] and add records to google sheet ...

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    Update my WP site including 1. PHP code 2. Plugins 3. Sendgrid

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    Merge php based scripts into php/CakePHP based site is required. Please see attached screen capture image_1(excel upload) and site page where blank box (marked as 3rd) is located. Both are already done, and, it is possible to see at site Advice how to merge/combine excel upload scripts into box(marked as 3rd) is required. Kindness from experienced people would be highly appreciated.

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    Confirmatory factor analysis and reliability tests in order to purify scales Structural equation modeling (SEM) to test relationships among variables The model wanted is showed on attachment picture Software : AMOS

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    I'm looking for someone with strong Javascript skills that can build a CLI tool which can search and replace some unique defined variables and replace them with content from specified files.

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    I need a coder PHP Udløbet left

    I wish to automatically rename images in a folder based on the files meta information, there will be multiple files from different sources and camera types in the folder and I need them to be renamed by running the php file through cron and the end of each day to [log ind for at se URL] with [log ind for at se URL] being the oldest or first image taken. I intend to have this same php file in each ...

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    Por favor, lea la descripción completa del proyecto y solo solicite el puesto si está 100% técnicamente capacitado y motivado. El pago solo se realizará después de la finalización y las pruebas del sistema, ya he perdido dinero con los desarrolladores que comienzan a trabajar y no terminan el proyecto. Necesito desarrollar una aplicación web que se...

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    Either create actor or take our existing python code, edit as needed, and setup actor in apify to scrap website. For that will need to setup Python Dockerfile so it will load a system with Python installed. Then to pass some input in and then save the data to for example a dataset or key value store or use proxy for the requests, we will need 2 things: -Access environment variables - Things like ...

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    HTML Expert Needed Udløbet left

    Need an expert html and css developer to create an email template using predefined variables (provided by my eCommerce platform)

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    Por favor, lea la descripción completa del proyecto y solo solicite el puesto si está 100% técnicamente capacitado y motivado. El pago solo se realizará después de la finalización y las pruebas del sistema, ya he perdido dinero con los desarrolladores que comienzan a trabajar y no terminan el proyecto. Necesito desarrollar una aplicación web que se...

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    The project is about writing 45 HTML + CSS templates for a backend written in PHP Symfony. The templating language is TWIG. There is NO NEED for the backend code, all front-end variables are given to you along with the designs. It is about translating the design into HTML pages. All 45 pages have to be responsive and fit both Desktop and Mobile (design provided). Requirements are: CSS, HTML, PHP, ...

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    I need build a php page that includes several form inside.

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    Php website built Udløbet left

    Hi, i need a website like the following : [log ind for at se URL] To get the full functionalities of this website you need to sign up and explore the website by your self as i don't have a lot of time to explain each and every point. Once signup and functionalities checking is completed update your proposal with " CHECKED " at the starting of the proposal of yours without checking ...

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    I am currently working on a project that will require me to calculate average wave power for a small grid as well as other variables such as number of hours that a certain wave height/period occurred. I have never worked with NetCDF data before and I am willing to hire someone to help me with this. It will be 1 year of data, I will need you to explain the process and walk me through the results. E...

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    I need you to find for me the full equations [log ind for at se URL] is using to determine the price for the 3 box styles (mailer box, folding carton, shipping box); taking into consideration all variables that determine the price on [log ind for at se URL] such as color (inside/outside), size, quantity, materials, etc. [log ind for at se URL]

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    R programming Udløbet left

    it is a project that you need to build a regression model and analyse it via applying R statistical software to the dataset. dataset is not available, so writer should find the dataset for variables in the model. 25-30 pages and appendices. topic is about foreign exchange and time-series relationship.

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    Project report should be submitted in PDF format and should include the following: Here is reference paper that you have to use and make a report for this or do some changes in this research paper as per our requirement - [log ind for at se URL] You should provide - An overview of the project, aimed at someone who probably doesn’t know anything about the particular topic area. I recommen...

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    - Need Unique & Premium Designs (Shouldn't look like free templates) - Design should be responsive and should work perfectly on mobile & tablet devices. - Pages: Home, About Us, Play School, Day Care, Gallery, Blog List, Post Detail & Contact Us - All templates should be completely different from each other but should have same content. - Code should be clean and Bootstrap 4 shoul...

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    product cost app Udløbet left

    HI Work will ONLY!!! Be done through remote control software like TeamViewer or any desk You should also have a microphone, do not make an offer if you are not willing to work with this method, I do not give the admin login information. I want to build plugin for Woo commerce about cost of product. all the data be only in backend of woo commerce where i add new product All information is for the...

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    Develop a computer vision algorithm that can track human movement and accurately recognise 3-5 body weight exercises being performed (push up, squat, lunge, sit up, star jump). Deliverables will include detailed documentation on software development process used, reasons for use of specific components (why they are better than other components), key variables in the algorithms, full copy of the c...

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    I need to send push notifications from my PHP server to my mobile app (Xamarin), for iOS and Android.

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    I need a spreadsheet for user input data, with two sets of data to compare potential output cost of employee salary. Quick, short and easy project. I want to be able to calculate a given employees salary cost per day / week depending on when and how long (many hours) the employee works. There should be various data entry fields that generate the various salary costs. See further description in t...

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    We are the originator and administer of a series of behavioral assessments called, The Navigator. Our platform is built on PHP and we need troubleshooting, modifications, and maintenance work done, from time to time.

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    I am looking for a Laravel developer, who will be working on a sub-project basis. He should be able to work on web services, API integration, and other related work. The assignment will be task-based, and we will discuss on each task. It is year long engagements, but sometimes it might be 20 hours a week and other time it might be 40 hours a week. I am looking for someone local to Noida, NCR regio...

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    Php Developer Udløbet left

    Hi freelancers, I am looking for a php developer for some modifications in Php website. I need someone who can work for me regular basis. I need expert developer who can start work for me right now and will hire for regular basis. I will provide you FTP details you need to work on my server. Apply with your skills set. New freelancers welcome. Thanks & Regards, Mack

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    Please be good at working with larger numbers of entries efficiently

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    We are looking for a person who is responsible for finalizing the HTML layout of an already made design (we have the .psd and .jpg files) of a web platform and subsequently the corresponding integration in Laravel. Regarding the layout, the desktop version of the platform is advanced, so the idea is to finish the layout and perform the corresponding integration. Regarding the mobile version, it mu...

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    Hello. I need to build simple Car game. I want to be able to define variables: speed, acceleration, breaks, surface. I need also to be able to edit driving track (track will be bigger than screen size f.e. 3000px x 3000px). Please write CAR on the begiining of bidding.

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    Hi people, I'm looking for a continuous work freelancer for Wordpress modifications and PHP scripts changes. Chat me if interested. Thanks.

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    On our Wordpress site we have a projects page. There are about 20 projects in this page. They are assigned different categories. In the standard theme there is no way to customise the style of the categories page though. And there is no way to add any specific text or images to each page. Therefore we would like you to create a custom project categories page.

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    Javascript PHP Core 5.6 modification of already existing Pos Software,xampp mysql

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    Need to set up an import to get historical and current prices and data such as ASX listed shares, commonly used market indicators such as commodity prices, interest rates, currency values. Have this done on google finance, yahoo finance, Morningstar, Bloomberg. Open to use of any that will retrieve the relevant data. Aiming to have this contained for all assets in one spreadsheet.  I know goo...

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