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    ...someone who can move my Wordpress sites from HTTP to HTTPS using Cloudflare, but keep all my social share counts (Facebook, Pinterest). I have a dedicated server, with plesk, nginx, php. I only want to use code in my wp sites and not using any plugin like social warfare, or any other costly solution. If the first site is ready there will be much more sites

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    ...contenido adulto el cual hemos migrado a un servidor nuevo, en el servidor viejo utilizábamos el servidor web Apache, en el proceso de la migración hemos decidido utilizar Nginx para mayor rendimiento, pero resulta que hay ciertas funciones de la web que han dejado de funcionar. A continuación enumeramos algunas de esas funciones que han dejado de

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    my website developed prestashop [log ind for at se URL] this error coming payment validation part

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    Necesito configurar mi servidor NGINX para recibir peticiones https desde el cliente hacia un servidor NodeJS el cual tambien debe responder en https, ya que en este momento la configuración que tengo me arroja un error de certificado no valido

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    We have a NGiNX installation with FPM-PHP where we need a config that has 3 conditional checks in the config for a specific path. The checks has to be: - URL (Has to be equal to) - Referer (Has to be specific URL) - User-Agent (Unique User-agent) - Requester IP (Has to Not be a specific IP) Requirement are that is has to support a package installed

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    504 gateway timeout nginx plesk

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    Fix NGINX Install Udløbet left

    Fix an NGINX and Plesk upgrade. NGINX error [log ind for at se URL] - A high performance web server and a reverse proxy server Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/[log ind for at se URL]; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Wed 2019-02-06 07:10:12 UTC; 11ms ago Process: 127233 ExecStartPre=/usr/sbin/nginx -t -q -g daemon

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    There is a video CMS I need to install. I have had it installed in Ubuntu 16.04 with PHP 5.6 but it no longer seems to work, as I keep running into trouble when disabling php 7.0 now. I just need this script installed: [log ind for at se URL] And the setup instructions for it are: 1) Copy all files from archive into

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    Hola freelancer estoy buscando alguien experto en servidores ,para que me ayude mensualmente verificar que todo funcione bien ,dar extrema seguridad ,reparar errores si hay fallas ,hacer backup,etc. experto servidor de digitalocean ,amazon ,y firebase

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    Hi, I need someone who knows really well server configurations. I am running wordpress sites, on a dedicated server. We installed, plesk, nginx, php-fpm 7+. Description of the issue: After I moved to a new server, google started to warn me that many of my pages got error 500. The interesting part is that I can open these urls in browsers and all

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    Develop proof of concept application that will use the following technologies. HTML5 PHP 7 MySQL Nginx There will be 2 functions / pages. (This is just for basic proof of concept with larger project and substantial work to follow) Function / Page 1. Make a posting. Can be text only, image only or both. (will also contain timestamp will be set on

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    Hi , I want to setup a reverse proxy on CentOS7 you can use Apache or NGINX. Actually i want to produce one error . Am having Japan Desktop application that uses to connect one Https server. My Client is using Reverse-proxy and when he is accessing with name he is getting the following error. When he open to that name in the proxy server now he is

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    ...rather agreed-upon tasks to optimize the DB and handle any issues. It is a dedicated server with CloudLinux 7.6 (based in CentOS 7) along with Plesk Onyx and both Apache + Nginx (that proxies requests to Apache) are in operation. I want to optimize it, so the similar setup can be replicated also for specific VPSes set up for our future customers.

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    Template System Udløbet left

    One Server with multiple disks managed through KVM - qcow2. All OS a...with multiple disks managed through KVM - qcow2. All OS are Ubuntu 18.04. To access the server it takes a late Teamviewer. Requirements: Nginx rev. Proxy, Apache2, Certbot - SSL, SMTP servers, KVM - qcow2, MySQL, PHP, LibreOffice, Ubuntu, Asterisk PBX for invoice info., HTTPS, etc.

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    ... Build a docker container based on the official Alpine Linux container (library/alpine:latest) iii. Build the container so that nginx is installed and started iv. Configure nginx to serve out some static “Hello World” content v. Start the container as a micro service e. At the end of the provisioning the

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    ...due to a poorly written PHP application that uses the MariaDB database or what....or if it's just poor server configuration to handle the traffic. The applicant must have experience in MYSQL (MariaDB) and server configuration to help optimize performance. Must also be able to identify causes and fix these causes in any PHP scripts that might be causing

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    Nginx expert required to fix some issue with a website. Thank you.

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    Project for Sina A. Udløbet left

    ...managed by plesk. This afternoon, it started to be very slow. We use PHP7, apache and nginx as a proxy. The first error we had were : 3933#0: *1232 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream Then I stopped nginx and used only apache, it seems to work but our website ([log ind for at se URL]) is very slow

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    We have an error on our server to fix. And we are looking for a server admin to hire long term.

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    Hi, I have an Magento 1 website, but I need to configure few satellite stores with configure few satellite stores with different domains and themes from the main M1 admin panel. I need someone to set this on the M1 backend and the server (Centos 7 with Nginx) and SSL (let's encrypt). Just to set 3-4 sub-stores and I will finish the rest.

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    I'm looking for a full stack developer, full to our partner. This is unique project related globally. Skills : BACKEND: node.js framework: express, joi, sequelize, moment, etc database: postgresql proxy server: nginx FRONTEND: dashboard: angular 5. mobile apps: ionic 3 notification: used SSE (Server Sent Event) / firebase in progress

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    programming Udløbet left

    Programmer needed tod further develope aplication using Nginx, Gunicorn, Django , EmberJS

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    nginx web server small config need to your

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    ...Linux/Centos con Apache, queremos pasar a Nginx y tener la mayor optimización posible, nuestro sitio web es bastante ocupado dedicado al contenido adulto donde constantemente los usuarios miembros suben vídeos que son procesados por la herramienta de codificación de vídeos FFmpeg. El sitio esta desarrollado en PHP con Smarty Necesitamos la persona ind...

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    Hola! Tenemos un sitio web de contenido adulto dedicado totalmente al streaming y constante codificación de vídeos con FFmpeg, queremos pasar de Apache a Nginx por motivos de rendimiento y optimización, ademas ya tenemos bastante tiempo con el servidor actual y estamos presentando bastante problemas. Necesitamos un SysAdmin experimentado para esta

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    ...Django setup (through a screen share) and help us understand how it is structured, how to add a new HTML Form etc. 3. Some questions on Nginx. E.g., How to install and configure Nginx for a Django site Note: Nginx is already installed and working on our current site. We just need to understand how it was done. Please note, the consultation will be

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    Django support Udløbet left

    We have a working Django site but need some documentation and steps for some ho...add a new HTML Form we know how to do it (what all files to touch) 2. Consulting for Nginx. Note: Nginx is already installed and working 2.1 How to install (steps) - if we need to install on a new machine 2.2 Configuration changes required to make Nginx work

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    Document Server Udløbet left

    Server with multiple disks managed through KVM. All OS are Ubuntu 18.04. To access the server it takes a late Teamviewer. Requirements: Nginx rev. Proxy, Apache, Certbot - SSL, SMTP servers, KVM, MySQL, PHP, LibreOffice, Ubuntu, Asterisk PBX, HTTPS, etc.

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    server setup nginx for tamcat with ssl in godaddy

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    Install on Linux VPS - all required software to optimize MOODLE 3.6.1 performance - PHP 7.2.x and configure all required extensions (for example, PHP extension intl is required) - MySQL - Apache / NGINX See more details here: [log ind for at se URL] and [log ind for at se URL]

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    ...• Familiarity with typical IT monitoring solutions in the spirit of Prometheus and Grafana • Back-End Expertise: • Understanding of HTTP and Reverse Proxy servers, such as NGINX • Basic understanding of Python and Web server frameworks, such as Flask • Basic knowledge of WSGI and Python app integration into HTTP Servers • General Engineering: • Proficie...

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    check nginx service, roundcube, database...

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    I broke the PHP FPM on a server, i need repair it. ( Cpanel )

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    ...external" stderr: PHP message: PHP Warning: file_get_contents([log ind for at se URL]): failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /var/customers/webs/xxx/[log ind for at se URL] on line 6, referer: http://xxx/ [Sun Jan 27 13:14:07.013408 2019] [:error] [pid 3647] [client [log ind for at se URL]] FastCGI: server "/var/www/php-fpm/xxx/xxx/...

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    Only apply if you are expert. You should have following skills. At least 5-years of work experience developing web applications using PHP o At least 2-years of work experience in using Laravel framework o Proficient understanding of HTML5, CSS3 and/or JavaScript is required o Must be familiar with integration of multiple data sources and database into

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    Hi do you have any experience with laravel? I need to install an open source invoice software on ubuntu with nginx. here is the link for github [log ind for at se URL]

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    Searching an expert who can teach me nginx from scratch to advanced level in a low budget, specially targeted to those who are new to and want to build a profile. Thank you.

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    I need a Dockerfile that allows me to run an ASP.NET-Application V4.7.2 on Linux. - It needs to run on latest Mono-Image (NOT .NET-Core) - It needs to use Apache OR nginx as Webserver - It needs to run on Debian-Linux (9+) - It has to be possible to pass the base-directory of the web-application to Docker via Parameter - Proof of work is: - Create

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    Hi, I am learning Docker and I want to use Nginx and Redis and I want to make work load generator to use NginX as a load balancer, I would like to know how can I do that for my personal information , I want it to be done in my laptop using docker. Please let me know your offer.

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    Hi I have a high traffic CMS website which is facing alot of High load due to %ysql Queries The CMS is Vivvo script . we need someone to optimise...Queries The CMS is Vivvo script . we need someone to optimise server queries ( caching issue and check our CMS caching system ) If he is Expert with server optimisation and NginX it will be good Regards

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    We are looking for a very experienced server specialist in Linux / Nginx / Cloudflare. - Reduce server response times (TTFB) to under 200ms - You can check settings in Cloudflare Website is programmed in Laravel. We would like an offer and Milestone payment.

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    This system consists of one disk for the Web Servers, one disk for...All Operating Systems are Ubuntu 18.04 and to work on our server You must have a late Teamviewer available. Requirements: Apache with Nginx rev. Proxy and Certbots-SSL, MySQL DB, SMTP Servers, KVM, LibreOffice, PHP, HTTPS, Asterisk PBX, Ubuntu OS, etc. -- This is not for amateurs !!

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    ...operations experience supporting PHP (Laravel, CodeIgniter, etc.) Server and database analysis and planning Proficient with open source / linux development and production environment Experience handling Load balancers / Firewall / Security applications Windows server, Ubuntu server Web caching tools such as Nginx, Varnish PHP development experience Perform

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    FreelanceDesign2 Udløbet left

    ...experienced && quick to respond && 100% satisfaction && We include all specialties designs web and mob details around Specialized in : html,html5, CSS,CSS3, WHMCS, PHP, Web hosting, Nginx, Apache, Linux, Asp. Net, Javascript, JSON, #C, C++, JQuery, MySQL, AJAX, SEO, photoshop-Adobe Illustrator and sketch, CorelDraw,word press, templates, Blogs, Joomla

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    ...should easily be able to update any of the technology to the newest available version. The instance should have the following technology: Elasticsearch Memcached MySQL Nginx PHP Redis Varnish And any other recommended tech that will speed it up we should easily be able to update any of the technology to the newest available version. Please let me

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    Help us create the Nginx config files and debug my remaining issues. The app is small but we go stuck on the NGinx config file. If you finish this project completely, I can provide other jobs for you. Server: Nginx 1.15 Rails: 5.2 Ruby: 2.5

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    ... • Experience with complex projects developed over Wordpress • Developer with at least 5 years of experience on web solutions, based on PHP or Python, javascript, jquery, html5. • Knowledge with frameworks MVC PHP (for example Lavarel, Symfony) or Python (Django). • Experience in the design, development and maintenance of BBDD. • Demonstrated ability

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    Devops training Udløbet left

    Dear All, My name is Shasikant, is my pleasure to discuss my requirement here. I am searching for an experie...on DevOps with real-time data in the topic like Shell/Python scripting, AWS, GIT, Jenkins, Maven, Ansible/Chef/Puppet, Docker, kubernetes/Docker Swarm, Web servers (Apache, Nginx). Thanks Shasikant Mallick (Removed by Admin)

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    ...Details: 2 Core (2800 MHz) Distro Name: CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core) Kernel Version: 4.18.16-x86_64-linode118 Platform: x86_64 [kvm] Ram 4 GB and hdd 80 gb we use php 7.2, nginx proxy, apache and varnish also cloudflare pro our visitor less 1000 perday, we use cs cart and for the db server we use maria db there is time around 02.00 PM until

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    ...100% of what we request . we need to install nginx on cloudlinux 6.10 server having Cpanel V76.0.18 installed. you should advice us which ngnix brand name we should use after checking the server we can use one of [log ind for at se URL] or [log ind for at se URL] After installation you will config the nginx with best practices and according to what our

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