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    Someone has amde a database for me using JSP, but no hosting company will support it. I need a PHP database done. The are about 5 items a person can choose from and the results come up- some results have pics. A no compete agreement must be signed. Future work if happy. -Mike

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    an integer is said to be a perfect number if its factor, including 1 (but not the number itself), sum to the number. for example, 6 is a perfect number because 6 = 1+2+3. write a procedure Perfect that determines if parameter number is a perfect number. use this procedure in a program that determines and prints the perfect number between 1 to 1000. print the factors of each perfect number to confi...

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    I need an entire website done for a rug gallary web site. The features include a backend database, shopping cart, product page, contact info., lots of links, a location finder, educational info (to be given), a calader of events, a registration process (with verification), promotional emails to send, easily modifyable database **(add/modify/delete items &** other easily modifyable administrati...

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    I have a site that offers graphics, downloads, tutorials, & member incentives. All works well, except ... I have some minor issues that need to be looked at and possibly fixed. Some are email issues, login issues, & some other verification of users within my chat. I've done most of the work, but now .. I really need some assistance to get the small details finished. ## Deliverables ...

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    We need a PHP programmer for long term business , we have lots of projects for PHP programmers , we are giving our first project in this bid and we have kept its price low as we want to test your skills first , if you complete this project in a good manner then you will be getting lots more projects from us. This bid request is for a site similar to [log ind for at se URL] We need a script better ...

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    MRB shopping cart Udløbet left

    Integrate a shopping cart into an existing website. Application must support online and offline transaction based requests. Items must be stored in a database that can be administered by a password protected user using intuitive html forms supported by IE or Netscape Items table will include the following fields * Graphic image (name and location. assume same directory) * Graphi...

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    I came across your site on the net. I want you to take a look at [log ind for at se URL] This site has most of the features we like. It needs the following. The first index page should allow the customer to have a choice between static or flash page. It also requires a search engine for products. The admin part for product uploading requires fixing so that pictures may be uploaded to the site. The...

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    I need you to add tables to a MySQL database and add the queries and results display to my php pages(templates). [log ind for at se URL] This site will: 1. Allow providers/programmers/coders to add/UL software/programs/scripts to the site that can be purchased and DL from the site. 2. Allows surfer to first purchase and then DL the software/program/script. 3. We should be able to display th...

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    creation on a mass dns record tool - that work with many ips. montioring and verification system. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership...

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    Hi, I am making a php account maker for an online game we have. I have it set up but it doesn't seem to work. I have a few errors in it that I can't figure out... I was hoping someone would be able to take a look at it and help me out. I have a copy of the script in an attachment. Thanks. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as...

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    An OSCommerce WebSite Design and Payment processing must cover the following: OS Commerce [log ind for at se URL] Must cover product robustness (example: maintain shop-session, add/delete product/shop information) and security enhancement in the administration area. Password Encryption/Decryption must use AES 256 Algorithm. The Website Design changes would be minimal to accomodate the new store de...

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    I need someone to integrate nola (erp) and a popular online cart. I need the database for nola made more into the format of osc - I will need the databases of nola to have nl_ preface. After this, they should be seamlessly integrated. For more details we can correspond privately via rentacoder as I will need a nda signed from the hired coder. The cart cannot be made to conform to nola, nola must c...

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    -----Description----- Looking to clone [log ind for at se URL] with all features and functions of the site. Site design should be more user-friendly and easy on the eye. Take a look at [log ind for at se URL] Additionally, should have a "last minute deals" page for vacation property owners who have had last-minute cancellations. Admin control panel is also required. The admin control...

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    Looking to clone [log ind for at se URL] with **all** features and functions of the site. Site design should be more user-friendly and easy on the eye. Take a look at [log ind for at se URL] Additionally, should have a "last minute deals" page for vacation property owners who have had last-minute cancellations. Admin control panel is also required. The admin control panel ...

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    I am looking for a tester to test out a gui application. This bid is for - creation of a formal test plan (with sign off) - initial round of testing and verification of fixes - 1 year of regression testing (no more than 1x a month) ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation packag...

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    Database DLL needed Udløbet left

    Need Visual C++ DLL to access MS Access 2000 database. Tried MFC/CRecordset but performance and UI refresh were unacceptable. db must also support 1-5 users. Want C++ wrapper DLL for ADO, but must be accessable from MFC Standard EXE. Would like to aquire in a short time period. If you already have something coded that you think would fit the requirements, that would be great. Requirements: 1. Must...

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    Consider the structure for an unlimited-digit number as given in the attached WordPad doc. Turn this into an ADT with the following operations. In the following descriptions number refers to a linked list of digits as defined in the attached WordPad doc, and M, N and O are all numbers. The sample usage for each operation shows how it might be used, although you can make your operations work differ...

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    I need a program that would allow me to make calls from my computer while I'm on the internet. The software so be installed on the local machine and should be ISP independent. In other words, it should not matter if I have a Dial-up or Broadband connection. Also, if I make a long distance call, it should not show up on my phone bill if I should use dial-up to my ISP. Also, the software should...

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    MySQL / PHP A program that can manage coupons on a website. Keep track of clients and allow them to enter their own coupon and activate (with a payment). Have current coupons show up on the website. Coupons can be text or text/graphic. Admin back end to manage. See Example website: [log ind for at se URL] I have a converted PHP code (from ASP) from the author. I would like to have this code cleane...

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    I looking for a clone of php based WYSIWYG editor based on one offered by this site ([log ind for at se URL]) with the following alterations:- 1. Remove the URL verification routine. 2. Add a image upload limiter (number of images) which can be set via step 3. 3. Admin screen (for me)to install the script to the clients web space and set its limits. I have a copy of snippetmaster fully working and...

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    Phone Dialer Udløbet left

    A simple phone dialer embedded in a web page. Customer will dial the phone number and talk using the PC microphone and the speaker. This will be use in an Internet kiosk where the users have only access to the web browser. Phone dialer doesn’t need to be embedded if a hyperlink could lunch the phone dialer once with out any complication such as popup window saying save or run the program etc...

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    HI I am looking for a very basic PHP MYSQL script. I will be creating several websites that I would like to use this script for. Examples of the type of script I am looking for is below. All of the sites below are using the same script. A different template is used for different types of sites. I need to be able to use different templates with the script [log ind for at se URL] Admin [log i...

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    Looking for a Php or cgi script as follows.. Need php to do radius auth such as icradius... Need to be able to add names and passwords via URL or other to the mysql DB or other DB for dialup user auth... Need a radius authentication system such as Microsoft's internet authentication service or IC-radius looking to run radius server for incoming dial-up authentication, Microsoft's interne...

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    SMS TO CELL PHONE Udløbet left


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    To design and create a simple game for mobile phones in the Java 2 SDK programming environment. The game must be able to be downloaded from a website onto a mobile phone and being able to execute correctly. The game is going to be a very simple game, this includes the normal menu system that you see in games currently available now. e.g. Snake. The game idea will be provided, all is required is fo...

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    Email List Verifier Udløbet left

    This should be a simple project for someone who knows ASP programming. I need ASP scripts that perform an email verification process on a list of emails from a database. The verification process is very detailed and should be performed like the program at [log ind for at se URL] . As you can see it does much more than just check the email address format, but actually hits the SMTP server to comple...

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    Phone diary Udløbet left

    PLease note that you need to be a UK resident to take this project. UK bidders only please. If you know someone in UK...thats OK too. ....U need some telephone knowledge too for this project.... I want to develop a complex Phone diary. All Databse. Can u do this?? I already have a code which dials the number from a modem. Just need to embed it with phone book. COntact me as soon as possible. I nee...

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    I would need a php script to communicate with my sms gateway, the gateway supports http post. I would need this code to be implemented in any user management php system, and communicate via open sockets. I have developed a bit of code and have some reference pdf for you to take some reference points. The ability to send binary and unicode messages is a must This is an urgent matter we would be ...

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    We need a simple VB program to dial telephone numbers and report if the phone either rings, is busy, or is a bad number. If the phone is answered it would be good for the program to play a wav file to tell the customer this is just a test call, but this is not absolutely required. Please note the deadline on this project as it is very short. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional work...

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    phone dialer Udløbet left

    We are a pc to phone company operating in the south-asian region. we are interested in having a custom designed dialer for our consumer base here. I need a dialer coded preferably in java, it should be light.. not exceeding 300 kb. it should have all the regular features of a normal pc to phone dialer application which includes routing tables for 5-6 IP's, volume, mic control.. easy to use nu...

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    I require an image loading, understanding, post-processing and saving program. I have a method for producing fairly uniform 5 megapixel images of a petri dish (aka petri plate). This is a circular plastic dish which contains a small amount of jello, on which bacteria form colonies. Because the photo may be taken at a slight angle, the circular plate looks ovoid (by a few pixels); and because it ha...

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    For Cokelee as agreed: -basic email support and moderation for onlinecampus 60US$/month (this task will take around 1 hour a day..sometimes less...sometimes more) -Other scripts and php upgrades to our platform: we will work on a case by case basis, you quote your price we accept etc.

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    I want a class writen in VB.NET. The class will verify e-mail addresses at several levels: -Syntax -domain check (mx records) -smptp (user name test) see: [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] The class should verify the addresses without contacting the recipient. Implement your own logic, but I liked the method of "validate pro",...

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    SEO Tools Udløbet left

    Hi, I am looking for exact SEO tools like [log ind for at se URL] working exactly like it. 1)Linkpopularity check 2)Keyword Verification 3)Search Engine saturation All 3 should be able to generate results as fast as marketleap. 4) Need webbased control of the tool ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work d...

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    phone recorder Udløbet left

    Hi, I need a VB/VC program that will: 1).Answering machine 2).Record incoming voice call (to mp3 file) 3).Record outgoing voice call (to mp3 file) * I when all phone calls to be recorded. * TAPI/win32 app only (no external OCX) ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that wil...

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    Assignment Brief: To Design and Implement a “Small?? WAP Application using WML for the static pages and some dynamic functionality using WMLScript in the Nokia Mobile Toolkit with a little database activity using Microsoft Access??. The assignment requested is to create a series of WML Decks, some of the choices below, using a combination of the Nokia WAP Toolkit 3.1, WML and WMLScript. Your...

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    I require a php script which will look at a specified folder on a server and return the contents of that folder (files only not subfolders or the actual php pages with links to download the files). The script must be able to show the name of the file (plus file extension) the size of the file plus date that it was last modified (as if you were viewing it via a ftp client), the files MUST be shown ...

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    Faked Traffic Udløbet left

    We see many requests for faked traffic generators and we want to be able to spot that sort of traffic when purchasing traffic for our sites. We therefore require a script that will spot "faked" traffic. We should be able to setup different campaigns with campaign name, campaign creation date, tracking URL and redirection URL (meaning that we can receive the traffic into any campaign trac...

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    need help using uniform random variables to apply central limit theorem to create normal random variables with zero mean and unity variance. a few quantity of samples should be enough. would like to use 12 and 24 for different problems. Also need help using 50 random variables to generate and arbitrary number of N normal random variables with mean = sqrt(3) and variance = 30. use 10,000 samples. a...

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    296247 PHP BB Udløbet left

    Install bb system with membership verification module.

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    Looking for someone to design/develop a site just like [log ind for at se URL], but for a different demographic. The site will be set up to eventually accept ecommerce such as Paypal and [log ind for at se URL] after launch. If not familiar w/ [log ind for at se URL], it's an online community/network where people meet other people through friends. You can post pictures, send emails to other p...

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    Create a small program that inputs two points, upper left and lower right, and calculates a unique value that represents the pixel layout on the screen in that area. There needs to be two buttons, "Black" and "All" When "black" is pressed the program should find all the black pixels in the specified area of the screen and calculate a value based on layout of the black...

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    A) Record all phone calls to a Access2000 database. Our serial device delivers diffrent data formats, most used is A12345678#R, starting with A ending with R Write a log in tabel, If data do not exist in tabels mark it for later lookup via internet (sampel is provided) B) Update tabels with data found on internet. Idea for Internet-data-lookup see: [log ind for at se URL] and see in attached file,...

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    I would like to get the serial number out of a bios under a win32 environment. It cannot rely on wmi as wmi is not install on the computer. It should directly talk to the bios to get this info ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to...

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    This is a Business Card system. I have given a full scale detail in the word file attached. I want a coder who will be creative enough to make the system user friendly and add further functions that might simplify my system and business process. There are some missing detail which I will update as the process of work starts. I would like a coder who could communicate with me daily and update me th...

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    Hello, here is what I need: A routine that will dial a list of phone numbers until it detects that someone has answered one of the calls. It should indicate which dialed numbers failed by erasing them from the list. A failed number is one where one of the following things happend: The line was busy or the timeout was reached before someone answered the call. Any other suggestions by the coder woul...

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    I am looking to improve my Traffic Exchange, in order to do so, I need 3 scripts created for me. The first is an anti-cheat system similar to the one used by This system should show the user a page where he needs to click on a link to continue surfing. If and when he clicks on the link he will be credited a certain number of credits and cash. If he doesn't click on the link...

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    I need a simple mod done to a number guessing script. When a user guesses the right number and wins i need a unique ticket number to be generated and sent to me via email. I also need a simple form for the winner to fill out with the ticket number embedded. To check the script out it can be found here: [log ind for at se URL] (number guess version 1.0)

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    I need a very basic SQL based search engine that anyone can easily install on their host (similar to gossamer links 2). Surfers will be able to add and later modify a site to the search engine using an "add a link" and "modify a link" functions. The webmaster who is running the search engine will be able to approve or refuse inclusion in the archive from a password protected co...

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    The project is to design and build an easy to administer and use squash league system for use on a squash club website. The club runs a set of up to 15 leagues every 2 months. Each league can have up to 8 players in it and each player plays the other players in his league. The general outline of the project is that the resultant set of ASP pages should allow an admin to set up and administer ea...

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