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    SECURE VPS 6 dage left

    All my Wordpress sites databases are being changed to the same admin details + passwords 100+ sites. I need someone to stop this attack and secure this server.

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    hi this is detail for our project SOFTWARE General We have products with a QR code. In our software, users will have accounts and these accounts will match the qr code when the qr code is read , and the user who used the qr code reader will be able to upload their photos to the page opened with qr. Login The user will first create a mail and password to login to the application. When he logs into ...

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    Dear PBX developers, you must have prior experience specifically for PBX installation into vtiger system. it is clear that if you know what you doing than this task becomes to you only 2-3 hours of task max...therefore, apply for the position only if you have prior preparation for this task and able to prepare your proof of ability with providing usable condition of your previous works, with a vi...

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    this hosting was working with the same domain's SSL properly till the old SSL expires... its a local office machine of mine... once it's old SSL certificate expired, I did my best but couldn't make it to work with the new SSL certificate that I purchase from godaddy successfully and give up. Anyway, it's most likely a silly mistake that I am doing there. however, already give u...

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    Build me a website 5 dage left

    im owner of [log ind for at se URL] i needs an costum cms with same features as the actual wordpress site. wordpress currently fucks off, slow, lagging, connection lost on have mass visits needed functions: Account management (registration, account activation, assignment of passwords, assignment of rights, account duration, deletion etc.) Comment management (style, activation, edit, delete etc) ...

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    There are many sample codes including Google Quickstart. I have downloaded credentials. I get the auth error Certificate failure for [log ind for at se URL]: self signed certificate: /OU=No SNI provided; please fix your client./CN=[log ind for at se URL] ... using No Auth gives another error ... Can not authenticate to IMAP server: [ALERT] Application-specific password .. tried this [log ind ...

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    Sales Representative -- 2 5 dage left

    *** This is a full time job *** Remote work *** MUST SPEAK & WRITE FLUENT ENGLISH **Interested in pursuing a career in Cyber Security Sales?** This is an opportunity to get involved in an early stage startup with a mission to eliminate passwords, and the threat that they bring to individual and businesses security. We are looking for a driven, out of the box thinker to work on our sales t...

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    Ongoing WordPress Website Updates 5 dage left

    I am needing someone to help with various programmatic tasks for my client's WordPress websites. My current programmer is overwhelmed with projects from his own company, therefore, my tasks have fallen through the cracks. The amount of tasks varies from week to week and ranges from... 1. Performing security updates...theme, plugins and such; resolving conflicts and such 2. Launching sites on ...

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    im owner of [log ind for at se URL] i needs an costum cms with same features as the actual wordpress site. wordpress currently fucks off, slow, lagging, connection lost on have mass visits needed functions: Account management (registration, account activation, assignment of passwords, assignment of rights, account duration, deletion etc.) Comment management (style, activation, edit, delete etc)...

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    password manager 3 dage left

    Write a password manager program. Specifically, write a program which does the following: 1. Generates the master password (during the first run). 2. Generates random passwords for website names provided by the user. 3. Retrieves a password for a given website. Further instructions in chat. Already have a sample template, need to add codes and comments.

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    ONLY TO USERS WITH AT LEAST 10 REVIEWS! MOST HAVE ENGLISH FLUENT ON WRITING & SPEAKING MAXIMUM PAY 80€ PER WEEK (Expect 40 hours work) Looking for someone to work (EU Time = Berlin, Paris, Madrid): 8H00-12H00 & 13H00-18H00 Monday-Friday (40hrs per week) 80€ per week = 320€ per month 1. PLEASE MAKE THE TYPING TEST (min 30 words p/min ) 2. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BASICS KNOWLEDG...

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    Facebook Security 2 dage left

    Morning I need someone who is very familiar with Facebook passwords: Separate my company account from my personal account. At the moment there are both linked. We have asked a friend to help here and I fear he is way over his depth so we need to check he has not left our account open. Could I please ask for UK applicants only. Thanks

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    Making a similar page. Hello. I would like someone to make a page like this: [log ind for at se URL] I would like it to be identical. functions : - login only after giving eth address. (no passwords, only wallet address) - each wallet address gets a unique invite code. - each logged in user receives a designated number of tokens - The user who invited someone receives tokens (set by me) - al...

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    We have lost the access codes to our website due to a server failure and the only way to retrieve them is by hacking into our own system. Therefore we are looking to hire an experienced hacker in order to retrieve our website passwords

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    I need to make many changes to my Linked In profile. I wish to start with getting rid of multiple accounts, fix passwords etc. Once done, I need to have my Linked In profile created, for which I need assistance. I am only interested in working with someone one on one, at my house or your place. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE NOT IN MELBOURNE, OR ARE UNABLE TO MEET ME AND WORK WITH ME SITTING TOGET...

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    Hi, I need a security specialist right away. The passwords of my emails get reset each week for no reason. I contacted my web host and they did a scan and found some malicious files. I need someone to remove them, so how they get there and prevent anyone from installing or adding anything to my website again.

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    Multiple Login & Logout Form Envoirment: Will have a shared workbook some where in the server or cloud and will have a local excel workbooks on the user’s computers. Requirments: User side: 1. Multiple Login by predefined Username & Passwords (the Username and Password will be retirieved from the shared workbook.) Usernames: emails 2. Change Password a. Log change password: Usernam...

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    Create a python script to take .txt file of users & passwords, ssh to each host and run commands

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    KA-APP iOS & Android + web admin panel development + Edit/update website ONLY LOOKING FOR BACK/FRONT END DEVELOPERS WHO ARE CREATIVE AND MUST HAVE IDEAS. Story: We have 100 customers that require mechanical car breakdown services on the go. I need an iPhone and Android [log ind for at se URL] request and provide roadside assistance services when a vehicle is immobile. An on-demand Roadside Ass...

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    I have 300 users on an existing platform. They all registered and got their usernames and passwords sent to their emails in the past. I want these usernames and passwords to be reset now and sent by SMS. QUICK PROJECT please and Freelancer must be familiar with working with Droplets on Digital Ocean. Thank you.

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    Hello iCreatewebtech, a pleasure to work with you again. We have detected a small problem in the page to remember passwords of our [log ind for at se URL] portal. The "Send password" button is not activated. Are you interested in reviewing it? Thank you

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    I need to have a Docker Compose file which creates a MySQL container with following requirements : - Root passwords being set via a variable - MySQL User and password set via a variable - 2 different schemas which should be loaded - Basic security (should be available from outside the docker machine over 3306, though) Why this request? Because the image mysql/mysql-server:8.0.13-1.1.8 doesn&#...

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    We have a mega-basic website which could do with an overhaul. We don't want the website to do anything other than show an online presence, given that we market via social media. All we want is an overhaul, resulting in a no bells or whistles website, but which is a more attractive than our current one. You can see it on We would ideally want this to be a one-off pro...

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    Hi, We are looking for a capable freelancer or a group of freelancers to create a custom private WordPress plugin with the following details: The WordPress plugin will have a separate user base from WordPress and database table(s) with access to a private section that requires a secure login (salted passwords with ability to reset their own password as well as allowing an admin to reset user pas...

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    Looking for someone who can help me fix a bug on my web app. Must have a good understanding of GITHUB, LARAVEL, JS, PHP, and working with APIs. Also must use LastPass so that I can share passwords securely. 1. My web app connects to API to download people profiles and then displays them in a searchable directory list widget. 2. I want to add back the email profile field that was showing before ...

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    $10 I need all of my passwords in my aws server secured and updated.

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    ONLY TO USERS WITH AT LEAST 10 REVIEWS! MOST HAVE ENGLISH FLUENT ON WRITING & SPEAKING MAXIMUM PAY 2€ PER HOUR = 80€ PER WEEK (40 hours) Looking for someone to work (EU Time = Berlin, Paris, Madrid): 9H00-13H00 & 14H00-18H00 Monday-Friday (40hrs per week) 80€ per week = 320€ per month 1. PLEASE MAKE THE TYPING TEST (min 30 words p/min ) 2. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BASICS K...

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    We need to solve these issues: [log ind for at se URL] out why and fix our emails now stopped after we completed a large mailout to our customers. They are not even appearing in RoundCube. [log ind for at se URL] emails (like new passwords) don't reach customer. Fix our mail hosting without resorting to nailgun etc. [log ind for at se URL] a way to read our emails from multiple locations. Bet...

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    EXPERTO IN BITBUCKER He creado una cuenta en Bitbucket y necesito que el experto haga lo siguiente: • Pasar mi proyecto de mi servidor a Bitbucket • Crear acceso a 2 desarrolladores con ciertas restricciones • Crear una rama del proyecto y asignarle acceso a un desarrollador con ciertas restricciones. • Crear el proyecto en mi local (my pc) para monitoriarloo con facilidad . &...

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    the project is to Write an ansible-playbook, [log ind for at se URL], that deploys the HAproxy, and Nginx on appropriate existing hosts, i.e. the playbook does not need to launch any Virtual Machines. Once the hosts have been configured, the The playbook is assumed to run -outside- the site, but -via- the Bastion host. Hence, you need to have an SSH config file that allows your host to use the ...

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    .ee domain registrar EPP module for WHMCS most be compatible with WHMCS 8.x .ee requirements in English: [log ind for at se URL] The following WHMCS functionality is implemented by this module for .ee-domains: Registration & Registration of domains won in the auction! With registration code Transfer Transfer status sync Expiry date sync Nameservers (get & set) Contacts (get & set) EPP...

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    I need sysadmin setup help to configure a machine learning project. The setup uses Ubuntu, NVIDIA CUDA, Anaconda (Python 3), TensorFlow-GPU, Jupyter Notebook. The project is published and running on Google Colab, however I need to run it locally on a dedicated machine. I've tried to install and configure it, however there must be some step I missed or some versioning issue. I need external he...

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    We need an articulate, professional trainer to create an engaging video class on cybersecurity awareness. Specifically, this would be for employees of small and mid-sized businesses (5-99 employees), that need basic understanding of how to keep their computer and accounts safe. This course can be easily created by modeling the existing cybersecurity awareness classes that already exist online. (...

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    Change how php script encypts passwords in mysql. Please change the way my script encrypts passwords. Sha512 to either md5 or sha1.

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    Modify the current site to allow editing users and adding roles (including multiple roles for each user). Admin should also be able to create new users Admins should be able to reset passwords (which should be encrypted in DB). Add edit page for admins to update and create new users. I will post the current project to this posting... I have made minor changes.

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    Cpanel have found that my website WordPress content has been comprimised and being used for bitcoin mining, On top of this it seems to be sending malicious software. I cannot access my wp login page : this error appears 0 Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/keepaseat/public_html/static/[log ind for at se URL]) in /home/keepaseat/publi...

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    Hello, I was working normally on my pc then I stoped for little time like 30 mins. Fortunately I was in front of my PC and suddenly I saw that the mouse started to move on the screen and someone had access to my PC I didn't know how, he had full access... I saw he was openin chrome tab and he went to my passwords page but then he didn't find what he was looking for and then the pointer s...

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    We own 2 websites made on Wordpress who are hosted by OVH. The domains are on [log ind for at se URL] the OVH account is at the name of the previous webdesigner. So we want a new host at our company name to get the full hand on our website. We can stay on OVH or we are open to change of provider. The websites are : [log ind for at se URL] and [log ind for at se URL] We have : - Wordpress admin...

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    We need to release our mobile app to our customer and they have asked us to complete a mini PEN test to ensure all our data is secure. The main concern is the storing of username and passwords within the app, we are pretty sure this is all secure but before committing to a complete mobile app PEN test we would like to setup our our suite of tests. We have been looking at Frida development tools, ...

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    I am configuring a newish Windows Server 2019 and am having trouble connecting client workstations to the domain. This has previously worked but is no longer working. All existing client accounts can currently log on to the domain using cached passwords on client machines, but new accounts created on the server cannot be logged on to any workstations. An error message appears with message to th...

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    Application is written at Electron Framework. 1. Make possibility to work with application at remote desktop. 2. Get passwords from .txt file (or another) and make auto-login (so that you cannot see entering data.) 3. Hide some elements at main application after login (settings and data which show username)

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    I need 500 manual directory submissions USA based sites / car related / vehicle tech payout 50US we have lots of SEO projects that need done , our site is [log ind for at se URL] , we also will need more marketing done in future if this goes well. We will check so we will need a the username passwords and urls to check the work

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    -113 landing pages - landing pages linked and categorized into a web store that work with PLA's so either paypal or stripe integration -landing pages also to be organized and linked by brand and by application -Planning And Information Architecture Development -Serving Environment Setup Initiate hosting environments for build and for live areas Set up and distribute user permissions, username...

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    ANDROID EXPERT Udløbet left

    MUST BE BASED CLOSE TO WEST LOS ANGES Set up a brand new Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5", 64GB in West Los Angeles, with the ability to be fully CONTROLLED [not viewed only] from my [remote] PC... 24/7, without passwords and without a waiting room, etc. We have exhausted Team Viewer [on a business contract and the extended support package] having received this response from them: "there is a Sam...

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    1-Obfuscate react native code and enable proguard 2-Android version is working ,haven't tried IOS version [log ind for at se URL] necessary pods and fix inconsistiencies with android version 3-Manage application on codepush(It is already installed),Publish code on app store and google playstore(Username and passwords will be provided by us)

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    python parser Udløbet left

    1. Python parser: Write a python parser which takes [log ind for at se URL] file as input, (optional date) and return following summaries. Sample [log ind for at se URL] file is attached. Python [log ind for at se URL] –file /foo/[log ind for at se URL] [--date DATE ] # of “Failed password” and # of “reverse mapping” attempts distributed by IP addresses for a gi...

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    Security expert to implement Login, encryption, PHP, sessions, reCaptcha. User IP address, generation of strong passwords.

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    Good Day, I am looking for someone (one person) NO TEAMS that could assist me with uploading all of my creative digital assets onto my online stores. Each listing will overlap across these 4 different platforms: 1) [log ind for at se URL] 2) [log ind for at se URL] 3) [log ind for at se URL] 4) [log ind for at se URL] You will be supplied with the creative assets, preview files, a description o...

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    Goal of the project: Build HTML/CSS/REST/Angular website from storyboard-style sketches on paper. Work with me on adding/changing/deciding design of the pages. This project will be flexible and input from a good designer will be valuable through the process. Some elements I know I want a certain way but others will be open to your creative solutions. Goals of the project: - Create a FE site that ...

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    Telegram bot Udløbet left

    Need to: 1. Registration in the bot via Google OAuth with mail from a specific domain 2. Binding in the google admin panel gsuit to certain organizational units (depending on the tariff, there will be 3 tariffs) - I will provide access to the admin panel 3. Acceptance of payments (it is advisable to confirm the payment manually if you send a photo of the check to the bot and the admin checks the ...

    €165 (Avg Bid)
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