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    Programmer is required to create an easy-to-use, graphical password cracking wizard. The wizard will welcome the user, request a file name, determine the file type and then attempt to retrieve the password. It needs to be 99.9% successful. The application will need to retrieve passwords for the following applications within Office 97 onward: - Access

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    €440 - €1319
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    Full Website Design Udløbet left

    Hi, I need a complete website design for a school Content Management Objective: Depending on the permissions of the user, the user would be able to edit, update, and insert content, graphics, and can post including of adding, editing or deleting, services dynamically. Functionality Details: This editing should be capable of being done in either one

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    Plumtree Gadgets Udløbet left

    Current intranet site need to be converted to Plumtree Gadgets. Each Web Page need to come with an admin module where content leads will update data, content, graphic uploads, document uploads. User merely sees the content, attach documents if any...etc. The Plumtree platform will provide the security aspects + audit trials. -----------------------

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    18 bud of these I could find is at [log ind for at se URL], however this is WAY more comprehensive and customizable than what I require. I'd prefer a very easy-to-use wizard interface, where the user is asked: 1) Whether to (i) traverse links via an http address or (ii) traverse a local directory 2) Scanning options - one of the following: - current

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    Factoring Wizard Udløbet left

    ...factored). and multiples of these...Please see the attached word documents...Please note, they are both the same, its just I saved it as two different versions in case you can't open one... Plus I want it to have an install script, be easy to use and easy for kids to put in exponents... That is what I want my primary bid to be on... However I want secondary

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    I have a VB6 Access 97 based program designed for distribution to as wide base of computers as possible and compiled using VB’s Package and Deployment Wizard. When installing the program I got the message: “TITLE: [My Program Name] (Registered Version) Setup?? “C:WINDOWSSYSTEM[log ind for at se URL]? “An access violation occurred while copying the file?? “AB...

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    I would like an Access Customer Database built from scratch (not from a wizard) to hold customer contact information, forms to enter in the information and reports to display customer visits, payment history, tutoring history, and payment plans, etc. Attached document includes: 1. A scope of the project 2. A confidentiality agreement that needs to be

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    Hi, Need someone to design a template for [log ind for at se URL] and make it work with [log ind for at se URL]'s email service. Once I choose the designer, you will have to do the following: - Design a nice looking template which targets all the industries for engineers. I like the look of - Design must be targeting list of industries located here:

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    ...and deployment wizard to make a cab file to deliver an active X exe which includes Adobes [log ind for at se URL] a cab file [log ind for at se URL] if referenced if you opt to have the [log ind for at se URL] downloaded separately. Can you make and test this cab file? ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source<...

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    Can someone who is wizard with music applications (you guys/gals) change a melody 16 note mp3 to a 4 / 16 note Polyphonic midi file mobile phone compatible.? is there an application that could be made to convert.? / batch produce.? I have attached an mp3 16 note preview,and would like to know if it would be possible to make an application which would

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    ebook compiler Udløbet left

    I need program code that compiles a set of .html pages, images and/or sound into a stand-alone distributable exe. I need the source code well documented in Visual Basic 6. Ideally, I want a wizard style program that would compile the user input neatly into a standalone exe for distribution. this software should create a multipage, multipicture storybook

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    2 bud, etc of this dbx file into an access mdb file for the purpose of creating envelope mailing labels to mail out. i've been doing this manually by hand using the mail merge wizard in word, and it's a pain! i don't think it would be too difficult, but i have no coding experience or any idea of how to accomplish this. any help would be appreciated from

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    We are looking to implement an advanced web site community site. Its for a member base of around 200,000 members and will get lots of hits so need to be scalable and robust. The main idea is to enable registration, then members to search for other members and message. We need comprehensive messaging, inbox out box etc. We want high level of members

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    Mailing list system Udløbet left

    ...must be programmed in PHP Basic system ------------ We want a system which handles multiple mailing lists where users can subscribe (and unsubscribe) to a list via a web interface (and also through clicking on unsubscribe within the email). The features include: 1. The ability to have multiple lists that people subscribe to. 2. A web interface to subscribe

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    ...another server! It requires a mysql dump via ssh to install which I don't want to have to do. I would like some sort of install wizard, something which makes the script very easy to install. Upload files then run wizard, no playing around with permissions and config files. So simple an 10 yr old can install it! 2. If possible I would also like something

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    I need someone very familiar with database f...scripting language in the product I need someone to research these things from all the source available. Also use images of the different tools (query wizard) when possible. ## Deliverables the full comparison in MS Word and PDF format. Should also specify source in bibliography ## Platform windows

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    ...another for drug information. The template is in two forms: A4 (Landscape) and an equivelant in tractor form. Sample forms will be supplied. Within the existing prescribing wizard the user ## Deliverables Generic function for use within VB 6 based around supplied template which when called will print out a prescription with all data in the correct

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    Boot Disk Wizard. Udløbet left

    I need a Boot disk wizard creating which can be run in any windows version (windows 95,98,ME,NT4,2000 and XP) I have downloaded another program which I would like this program to look like and do, Please mail me for the file before placing a bid, so you will know what I need. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in

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    Web Site Backup Udløbet left

    ...multiple sites based on the user configuration. When the program is run for the first time a license agreement will popup (I’ll code this myself). After accepting the license, a wizard style interface will allow them to setup their first website by providing the minimal amount of information needed to login via FTP (including the frequency in days between

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    4 bud into a nice GUI wizard. OBJECTIVE: Simple (four step) Win32 GUI wizard that modifies generic (relative) “playlist data?? from an input file and puts them into a user defined directory. The resulting playlists would contain the same .mp3 files, but now pointing to a specific directory defined by the user. FOUR STEP PLAYLIST WIZARD: 1. Select the desired

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    ...well as complete source code of all work done. A complete description of the requirements is in the attached file, 2) Programming language: VB6 SP5. 3) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. Use the VB Package and Deployment Wizard. 4) Complete ownership

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    CE Device Driver Udløbet left

    ...created the driver-wizard that it needs to be compiled under CE platform builder. The driver connects a digital camera to a Nec p300's usb host port. I believe it will be seen as a storage device. The OS is PocketPC 2002 ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work

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    Hi, I need to update my site's layout & function. Keeping in mind a design that is simple and user friendly. Will need the following: basic web site pages, a new logo, a stick man response card "help" image/button, would like you to incorporate these prebought scripts: Freelancers, Equotes, Smart FAQ, Smart Frame, Smart Search, Intellink Pro. (They

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    ...items in the form, and once its registered and a unlock code is entered it become full version with unlimited items. It needs to be a clone of the froogle feeder wich is a wizard based software tool at [log ind for at se URL] This should be a simple app since it is just making a .txt file from a form and uploading it via ftp. I will need full rights

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    ...involving good knowledge of both Delphi internals and ActiveX building using Delphi Active Forms. In the attached archive you will find a sample ActiveX built using Active Form wizard, that contains 3 edit boxes (Edit1, Edit2 and Edit3). Install the resulting OCX and create the corresponding Delphi wrapper for it. Next, run the [log ind for at se URL], that contains

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    4 bud the source files and get a general description of QTVR files. To install the COM Objects required, read [log ind for at se URL] for directions (see attached zip for VB source, and sample files). This is a VERY EASY project. Taking the VB Examples in the attached ZIP file, convert each program into a wizard style interface (see zip for bmp of wizard ui)... No

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    When using Exchange Explorer to register a system wide even sink, the Exchange Store Event Sink Registration Wizard does not let you select the "any" option when determining the scope for the event registration. Here's what we are doing: 1. Using Exchange Explorer we go to http://localhost/exchange/SystemMailbox{GUID} 2. We then drill down to Store

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    Payslip Maker Udløbet left

    ...complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform As mentioned - program must be provided as a *.CPP file for me to run from Console Wizard in Borland

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    Shopfront Wizard Udløbet left

    ...specifications see included zip file which also has the working exe file. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership

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    We need a standalone windows software that can encode PHP script(s) so endusers of distributed PHP scripts can't view the source. Encoded PHP script should still run on any PHP enabled server without problem. Have a look at these php encoders to get some idea of what we want: [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] The

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    ...Image File from a source CD/DVD disc. Will copy the image file to a recordable CD/DVD disc. Has an Image Finder Wizard enables users to search the particular types of image file from the specific locations or devices in the computer. Will copy discs from a CD/DVD reader to CD/DVD recorder Writer (Copy CD/DVD on the fly). Copy Wizard combines the reading

    €88 - €440
    €88 - €440
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    DirectX Help Udløbet left

    ...DirectX Im trying to run the Sound hardware Wizard with the following code. Dim dvSetup As DirectPlayVoiceTest8 Set dvSetup = [log ind for at se URL] Call [log ind for at se URL](dxPlayBackGUI, dxCaptureGUI, [log ind for at se URL], 0) dxPlaybackupGUI and dxCaptureGUI are setup to an audio Device but the wizard ALWAYS tests the Default Audio Devices!!.

    €26 - €4396
    €26 - €4396
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    Monitoring System Udløbet left

    ...process the system as him or her about 20 questions about the projects and the preferred username and password to come and view the estimate or detail proposal on cyhosting web. The system will e-mail the answers to the site administrator and save the information on the server for future use or reference. The system will create these users accounts

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    Image redesign Udløbet left

    ...attached picture, a wizard, redesigned. You must keep approximatively the same size. You can: 1. Draw a new wizard. It must look more "application"-ish, less Harry-Potter style, in short, more professional, and also less free clip-art collection. 2. You can also draw a magic wand with stars or a trail instead of drawing a wizard - please note, this

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    Ongoing Web Work Udløbet left

    We are looking for a freelance CGI wizard. We are a busy, central london based design house working across and below the line. please contact me with day rates and availablity for January. Remote working is fine.

    €176 - €264
    €176 - €264
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    ...balancing wizard from ERMapper is run to balance the colors from all images together... When this process is done correctly, all roads allign where images are joined. I hope this answers some of your questions... Regards, Ty ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all

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    We have a digitally signed CAB file that is assembled using Microsoft P&D Wizard (VB6 SP5) which delivers an active x exe that runs on a client system. This is running reliably on most systems. On a few (particularly MS Windows 2000 with IE5) it is erratic reporting "done but with errors on page" . This may relate to registration problems with SHLWAPI

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    this is to cutom a job i had started and hasn't been perfected, for serious biders after ...job no more then two weeks [log ind for at se URL] sign up and custom fields enhancements [log ind for at se URL] management enhancements 3. mail template and campaign enhancements 4. reporting 5. survey wizard incorporated 6. basic help ticket request built into system [log ind for at se URL...

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    PDE Udløbet left

    1. Start with a MDI Project, using the Rich Text Box control, as built with the VB6 Wizard. 2. Control the display so that no partial lines show in the text window when draging the vertical scroll bar or resizing the form. I presume that individual scroll bars will be needed instead of what is built into the RTB control. 3. Provide unlimited Undo/Redo

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    Karoke Udløbet left

    ...Create CD+G CDs that will play on a regular home CD+G player. It will include an easy-to-use wizard. It will Include a producer and CD+G player. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run

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    PHP forms solution Udløbet left

    ...create a PHP script to handle db actions to a mysql db table with a ONE PAGE script. This one page script should be able to display a clean form to add records, and a form with values, if editing or deleting records. My Main concern is MUST HAVE A VERY VERY POWERFUL VALIDATION ROUTINE. Tool can be a PHP CLASS, a desktop program or an add-on/wizard for a

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    Email Saver Xe Udløbet left a specific location on a harddrive, floppy zip, or burn it to a cd. The backup should be optionally protected with a password. The application should have the style of a wizard: Step 1. it should ask first if the user desire to create a backup or to restore data from a backup copy. a) In case of creating backup: Step 2. Offer a list with email clients

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    ...Package and Deployment Wizard, InstallShield Express 3.53 and InstallShield Developer 7 but none of them worked. Could someone please create a setup for me that would work for all OSes using InstallShield technology? Thanks! ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work

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    ... The coder we initially hired had to tend to personal issues and was unable to complete this project. The elements included in this shopping cart will be: An initial setup wizard for single and (ISP, hosting partner) multi merchant versions, a full management console to setup and manage items, categories, images, shipping, taxes, customer data, mailing

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    I have added a zip file, this file is a simple web browser created with VB wizard. I added a button control and a textbox control. What I need is when you click on the button a search is done on the current web page “the text in the text box??. The code should scroll to the search word and highlight it. No different then using the find (on this page)

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    software creator Udløbet left

    ...with a print option of each page viewed etc. Ideally, I want a wizard style program that would compile the user input neatly into a standalone exe for distribution. I am willing to increase bid amounts as work progresses. This project needs to be done in VB 6.0 with all source code supplied to me at completition of project as a VB 6.0 Project

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    ...Lucigenic Crypt COM component in the VB.Net environment. Conversion of each project to a VB.Net executable is required. You can use the Upgrade Wizard to effect this. Some of the applications have source code referring to the EXE, this code must be deleted as this server no longer exists. The programmatic identifier may have to be changed in one

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    ...tcp/ip, and winsock libraries if they are not already present on OS. It must act as a wizard asking the user to input username and password and create dial up icon on desktop. If user refuse to complete dial up creation, or if it's already done software needs to open some kind of browsing window which will have few(5) categories (navigation system) on

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    ...must have a wizard like interface and run from the system tray on start up. Windows only, no need for Mac. However, I want to implement some security measures that I will discuss with coders that I start private bids for. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all

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    ...that we want to use DirectX peer-to-peer, DirectX audo, input, Music, etc. Using the DX wizard you get this code up and running automatically but there are no option to get openGL graphics window, so. We want it to work in window and in full screen mode. The Wizard and DX9 is available at the usual place. VS6 project is required for W2K. Bonus if completed

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