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    ...C++ based on the gold prices for several weeks given bellow. Use the first 75% of the data for training network. Use the best neural network so obtained to predict the next week’s gold price and compare the results with the prices in the test data consisting of the last 25% of the data. Comment on the performance of the network on the test data...

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    A command line tool called to summarise proxy log files into much shorter CSV files is required. This tool needs to be extremely fast and memory efficient. It also needs to be well written, well commented and extensible. ## Deliverables Speed: able to process a 30MB (uncompressed) access log in less than 2 hrs on a single Linux system using a 3GHz

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    ...project for someone who knows what they are doing. This program runs on a client computer but accesses the web. There are only two pieces of data to enter: 1 - A URL - to be entered as: [log ind for at se URL] 2 - The name of the text file where the results will be saved. This entry should also have the ability to browse the drive to specify the directory

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    Create a Multi-Window C++ MFC application that is written in Microsoft C++ 6.0. This is just a user interface and doesn’t do much except log click actions to a file and transfer data between windows. When starting up the app the windows should be arranged as they were when the app was last shut down. Use MFC classes and where possible use CString and CStringArrays

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    ... Use a spreadsheet program to create a CSV file to recond data on each available home that includes the address, list price, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, whether the home has a fenced yard, whether the home includes any farmland, and whether the home has a garage. Load that data from the CSV file into an array of a user-defined type in the

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    ...and/or from the task bar) On launch; Open a text file from pre defined directory Read the data from the text file - the data is in the format Name="Ian" Addr="123 in a road" Price= 59 **Note that each entry would be on a separate line.** The number of lines in the file will vary on...

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    ...technology platform to serve as an entry point to CLIE NT’s knowledge tools and resources ??" The KM Platform. The platform will be customizable to the user’s needs by tightly integrating a number of different applications and information resources into one branded seamless user experience. The KM platform centers on the workspace idea. The platform

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    ...their technical skills into a "resume" maker(excel). The employees will enter their data in a preprepared excel template...data such as Title, Name, years of experience, Education, Computer Skills, languages and technical skills. The all data are are input via text box entry, whilst the technical skills are using some form of macro; which i find it a pain

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    Ok Ive been banging my head on the wall all day and this is what Ive come up with so far. I have a excell workbook with the fallowing colums: Date and Time Blood Suger ( In mgdl ) Sleep (noted by an "x") Wake (noted by an "x") Insulin Taken ( In units) Insulin Type (either

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    ...information on an individual online. A PIN (personal identification number) relating to that entry is created by the system. A third party can then access the data after entering the PIN and client name and making a credit card payment. 2b. Detail 1. After logging into the site through a secure client log in, the client makes a new entry by choosing

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    ...a series of shell commands for a telephone book application. There should be acommand line to perform each of the following functions 1 add entry 2 display all matches to a string 3 sort and display the file 4 delete all entries that match a string DATA FILE Gene Smith 732 946-4691 Henry Brown 908 922-5820 Harry Crown 609 566-4515

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    ...upgrades such as auditing) based on SQL with a web-interface. Willing to break the project down into multiple tasks, so feel free to bid on just one aspect... i.e., web front-end vs database backend... Requirements include: On line access, tracking and data entry Customer Contact Information Sales and Lead Tracking data input forms Customer Payme...

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    I would like to have some bar charts created from the data in the attachment. What I would like is 1 page with multiple bar charts that updates realtime, meaning it grabs teh data out of the DB every time to create the charts. I would like a chart for fields: 3 - Seasons 4 - Month 5 - Time of day (morning afternoon, etc) 6 - Time of

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    Automotive/industrial app. We need a VB6 code module written that will display/rotate a wire-frame representation of small data tables. Tables are typically 20 x 32, and look similar to: [log ind for at se URL] The tables may vary in size from 8 x 8 to 32 x 32. The table will consist of only the Z axis info in a 2d array

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    Need estimate for HTML, VB or Excel type maintenance work order entry screen. This screen will be accessed by anyone on our company network (icon on their desktop or task bar). Data entered on this screen should store in a database for reporting and ultimately be "Hot Linked" (imported) or manually entered into our company computer software (JD-E...

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    ...information. No particular line fomat is assumed. Fields are to be separated by white space. -string= Replacement Algorithm: FIFO or LRU -int= Number of page frames -int= Trace: 0=no trace; 1=trace each paging action -int;char= Page reference: page number + R for read or W for write =... Repeat page references to end-of-file A trace entry is triggered each time

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    ...The code for the completed process version is proctest.c. There is incomplete code that you need to finish for the threaded version in threadtest.c. The programs must be run on a Unix or Linux system. To test the programs, compile them and then run with the command time [log ind for at se URL] nnn where nnn is the number of iterations to test. The source code for your

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    ...is created based on template (already created), automacro (already created) runs to bring up user form (already created), with command buttons, listbox, etc. Based on just two user and seperate three field data file in text only format, need code to finish getting data from form and data file, then place data in document. Then based on user form ...

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    ...tables, no data) that needs some relatively easy chores performed. It needs a “dynamic?? search form built that draws its search criteria from a certain combo boxes and checkboxes described below. It needs a couple of errors corrected on its existing form, and I’d also like a switchboard put together. The bidder needs to be an expert on Access because

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    ...for a data mining and filtering application, preferably written in Delphi 6 but Xcel will also work. Briefly, I need to be able to enter a target url into a form, have the link followed and the data copied for each link returned (i.e. [log ind for at se URL], employment agencies, copy each entry into one text file). Then I need the data transposing from being ...

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