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    We have an existing mobile app written in React Native that asks for a user's email and phone number during the sign-up process. We are looking for a developer to assist us in adding both email and phone verification. The sign-up flow is as follows: 1) User launches the app for the first time 2) User is prompted to enter their name, email and phone number. 3) User clicks the Next button. 4)...

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    hi, i need 2 type of php math number convert function like bellow example. function 1 convert simple number to x point decimal: Ex. number = 2548, point = 8 convert to => 0.00002548 number = 745894, point = 10 convert to => 0.0000745894 function 2 convert any x point decimal number to simple number: Ex. 0.00002548 convert to => 254...

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    Need some quick help troubleshooting and getting GTM working with our click events on the website around phone numbers in our header. our code looks like this now <a href="tel:321321321" onclick="gtag('event', 'click', { event_category: 'Phone-Calls', event_action: 'Click-Touch', event_label: 'Page-Header'});"> ...

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    I have a large number of pictures (around 1600) that need to be cropped individually. The head of the model needs to be cropped. (please see picture attached)

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    I have a PHP script which I bought and some features don't work since it asks purchase code (I have purchase code and I entered already for website, it works) but it asks another purchase code to use some features. The owner of script doesn't reachable, no support at all. So I need someone who can clean these to use the features. I need this asap. It is max 1 hour of work for someone who...

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    we are Chinese company and sell products on amazon. Now we need to register the Mexican VAT, pls contact me if you can do it.

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    I have a data analysis task.

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    We have cs-cart latest version, and would like to have an add-on to upload the shipping tracking number to the the store to update tracking number and update the status of the order. Now when we process the orders we export all the orders from CS CART to excel then process the shipping labels via local software, then the local software issue the tracking numbers for each order in an excel sheet, ...

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    I need a simple system to be accessed by about 15 salesperson. to get a "Sales Number" when they confirmed a Sales. The System Should have 1. Backend a. Sales Agent UserName and Password b. Enter Available Sales Number (it is not running, hence to be entered manually one by one) c. View Report of Assigned Sales Number 2. Front End (one Page is enough) a. Sales Agent Enter User name...

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    Hello, I bought a yacht in Croatia. The yacht was registered in Poland, however, it was not moved to Poland, it is still in the port in Croatia. I would like to ask for help in settling VAT on the purchase of this yacht, including information whether there has been an intra-Community delivery from Croatia to Poland if the yacht has never been physically moved to Poland and will not be moved to Po...

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built.

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    Trophy icon Minor Logo Editing Number 2 11 dage left

    I need my logo edited to say " Empower Podcast Show" Logo must have it original Color Blue logo with white background and White logo with logo with blue background. I will provide all the files that need to be edited. All file will need to be labeled properly. You need to submit logo in size Large, Medium and small. Logo need to be save in PDF,GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG. I will REJECT ANYONE wh...

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    Hi, I need a plugin or way to import users to wp while maintaining their user ids. Example as below: (main the 16792) ID user_login user_pass wt_hash user_nicename user_email user_url user_registered display_name first_name last_name user_status description roles 16792 btrelana71915437 $P$BQxtOWavkAERdjmIqnxP087QDnLXG.0 no btrelana71915437 emailatgmaicom 23/05/2020 8:53 btrelana71915437 subscribe...

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    There is a series of Word files that need to be converted to PDF, but some of them will fall apart when converting their structure.

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    New website page required in joomla, where you will be able to select 5 numbers from 1 to 50 and supplement additional 2 numbers from 1 to 10. Once selected either manually or with quick pick button and confirmed, link to shopping cart and ability to place order payment only via PAYPAL.

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    Please I want ro Reduce the number of DOM elements

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    What we need is a "Dice" detector. You need to create an app that accepts url get requests with an image as a parameter. You should be able to call the app like this: getDiceNumbers?image=[log ind for at se URL] The image will always be , 12 , 6 sided dices with dark background. For example: Here is images data: [log ind for at se URL] (This contains 200 test images). We will need...

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    need to edit a short Video( changing of name) and edit of 5-8 pics( changing of name and contact number

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    Hi Can you extract Date from numbers mentioned in text file using C#? Check attached file You need to share demo exe with me so i can input number and it gives me date Max Bid = 10$

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    What distinguishes us: Your account is published in several ways and in the largest global sites that we deal with. To receive real followers from all countries We only need the link of account. We guarantee that you will reach between 200 and 5000 * Changing the account name while performing the service without referring to the seller ends the service permanently. * The account must be public w...

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    I need create a tool for: - Check UID from Facebook (post, page, groups..) - Convert UID to phone number and email - export converted file Requirment - No limit converted nation - No limit the number convert in a day

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    Hello everyone, I want to build an android app phone number authentication Firebase. The first screen is login with phone number with OTP verification The second screen is the profile and the profile i want just profile picture and username and phone numbers appears in profile screen with ability to edit username and change profile picture and also the logout button. Let the user log in directly ...

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    i just need need my name and number added to business card

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    Must have Sidebar(Will provide the links) , Firebase Phone Number Authentication (Will Provide Account Details) Please read my description and quote accordingly. Have android version already need a copy of that

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    Hi, The rest API in laravel seems to be work fine when small number of requests are sent. However, during the stress testing, using the same header and body and request parameters, when we send a huge number of requests using jmeter, then some requests fail with error unauthorized, connect timeout, or internal 500. Ofcourse these errors are returned by us but it seems like when the server is ...

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    Hi, I need the emails, numbers, company and name of Decision-makers in UK in various industries, manufacturing, corporate, construction etc. Thank you, please quote price per contact.

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    We are completing a project that involves texting in Canada. We'll need someone to receive a text, and reply to it, and might require a few times testing it to make sure our system is correctly working. Will be paying for an hour of time, stretched out over a few days of testing, with breaks for adjustment on our side if not working correctly. We will notify you when we've sent it each t...

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    need help with logo and packaging design for detergent powder.

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    Looking for 2 Webview apps - Android and IOS with Firebase Number Auth Must also Have sidebar menu

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    Need to gather Email, Address, and Phone number from 1000 websites. So, I need an experienced person for this Research. Details I will provide the awarded freelancer. Time: 24 Hours Thanks

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    We need a Twilio phone number that will send SMS to New Zealand mobiles. We already have a Twilio account (credentials will be provided) Need assistance with getting the SMS service set up.

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    Calculate running time of some functions (number of times it will run)

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    Phone number verification system by SMS on existing PHP website and bulk SMS send on admin.

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    What we need is a "Dice" detector. You need to create an app that accepts url get requests with an image as a parameter. You should be able to call the app like this: url?image=imageurl(For exammple: [log ind for at se URL]) The image will always be , 12 , 6 sided dices with dark background. (For example: [log ind for at se URL]) (Only with 12 dices) The program should be able to d...

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    A Short 5 to 10 minute film that will have minimal dialogue with mostly music and based off a fictional story

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    I need a software, or some program that gives me the next number in a sequence, based on the last numbers that came out. The sequence has the following MD5 hash: $seed=hash_hmac('sha512',$clientSeed .','. $nonce, $serverSeed); $offset=0; do{ $number=substr($seed,$offset,5); $number=hexdec($number); $offset+=5; } while($number > 999999); $luckyNumber = ($number % 1000...

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    need a phone number support agent for multiple of my websites. [log ind for at se URL] is one of my websites

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    I need a python number authentication that authenticates feeded number in txt against netflix login. with proxy support feeded in txt format too. Numbers that are registered on netlix will be saved in a new txt file.

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    Build an android APP that calculates a number (angle) by inputting four different measurements. Calculation formula exists in excel.

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    hello, we are updating a database and need assistance for verifying data. You receive an excel and need to check for every company: -if it still exists -if the choosen language is correct -find the actual contact person -enter the telephone number from the contact person -enter the e-mail address from the contact person -verify the website -if it is a small business without website, enter the soci...

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    Help me get Google Fi in india using a USA number, I would need full process to be done from your side and guide me till end

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    I need someone to get the names, emails, phone number and organization name from a flipbook from a website. Website will be provided

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    I have lists up to 200 rows List contains BOTH negative and positive number (decimals as well) I need to find ALL combinations that net to ZERO primarily Then find all combinations that net to <$1 or any threshold i choose Find ALL combinations...there might be 10+ different sets of combinations that net to zero, in addition EACH SET might be comprised of multiple variations....for example set ...

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    Do you have a USA number for caller ID? Answer yes or no in your proposal! Also list your best price, and how many calls it will buy (i.e. 500 calls for $100, 200 calls for $50), and setting appointments/giving quotes. This will be to medical business offices where 80% will answer the phone. Our current teams are making 100,000+ calls a month so there is potential to re-hire good callers! Any ot...

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    I need database of usa consumer only phone number. Is there any tool or way to generate number of consumer mobile number or land line.

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