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    NLP programmer

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    ...databases • Flexibility to utilize unconventional methods such as social engineering if needed appropriate - **Web Scraping:** Extract data from websites, including social media profiles. - APIs:Access data from social media sites using their APIs. - Data Mining: Analyze large datasets to gather information about an individual. - Machine Learning: Develop models to analyze publicly available data. - NLP: Analyze text data to understand sentiments related to a person. - Reverse Image Search: Find where a person's images appear online. - Metadata Analysis: Analyze metadata from digital files to gather information. The ideal candidate will possess the expertise to unearth significant data from limited information, leveraging various computer programs and tools. This role...

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    ...- Ensuring the chatbot has a casual, friendly personality, making user interactions feel natural and comfortable - Tailoring chatbot responses to imitate human conversation, keeping away from standard, robotic replies The freelance developer undertaking this project should ideally possess: - Prior experience in chatbot creation and implementation - Understanding of Natural Language Processing (NLP) - Technical proficiency in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Strong proficiency in programming languages and bot development platforms - A flair for adding character and personality to chatbots. My expectations are high, but I believe the right person with the right skills can create a chatbot that embodies the engaging, friendly, and highly informative assistant I...

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    ...databases • Flexibility to utilize unconventional methods such as social engineering if needed appropriate - **Web Scraping:** Extract data from websites, including social media profiles. - APIs:Access data from social media sites using their APIs. - Data Mining: Analyze large datasets to gather information about an individual. - Machine Learning: Develop models to analyze publicly available data. - NLP: Analyze text data to understand sentiments related to a person. - Reverse Image Search: Find where a person's images appear online. - Metadata Analysis: Analyze metadata from digital files to gather information. The ideal candidate will possess the expertise to unearth significant data from limited information, leveraging various computer programs and tools. This role...

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    ...requirements. The ideal candidate should possess the following skills: * Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Experience in developing AI-based systems, particularly in natural language processing and generative models. * App Development: Proficiency in developing mobile apps for iOS and Android, preferably with experience integrating AI functionalities. * Natural Language Processing (NLP): Familiarity with NLP algorithms and techniques for text processing, generation, speech recognition, and synthesis. * Image Processing and Recognition: Skills in image processing and recognition to generate virtual gifts based on images and videos. * Data Processing and Management: Experience in handling and managing large datasets and utilizing APIs to communicate with other se...

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    I am in search of a competent and innovative developer, preferably with a deep-rooted understanding of Open AI and Python to create an interactive and highly engaging web application for students. Mission: ...Integration of Open AI and an interactive / appealing interface. User Interaction: • Users primarily students should have the ability and ease to submit written work to the site. Necessary Skills & Experience: • Proficiency in Web Application Development • Strong experience with Python • Prior work with Open AI implementation • Expertise in managing user submissions and document processing through NLP This project is critical in offering students an environment where their written documents can be enhanced creatively using AI, which makes your...

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    I am in need of a skilled freelancer to assist in the creation of an artificial ...means of a fully functional chatbot. Key Responsibilities and Requirements: - Chatbot creation: I anticipate having a chatbot able to aid in productivity tasks, hence both the approach and language used should cater to this. Experience in building chatbots for productivity or related industries would be highly beneficial. - Natural Language Processing: Your primary role will involve utilizing NLP. Therefore, proven expertise in the field is a must, and knowledge of the latest trends and technological advances would be advantageous. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Natural Language Processing. - Extensive experience in AI and machine learning. - Familiarity or interest in productivity app...

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    ...speech functions, making communication seamless. Key Features: - The chatbot should harness natural language processing (NLP), facilitating analysis and comprehension of user inputs accurately and intuitively. - Conversation flow management should be integrated into the design, ensuring the app can effectively guide and contribute to conversation progression. - The capability to competently generate dialog responses is essential, creating an engaging conversational experience for users. Ideal skills: - Proficient in mobile app development for both Android and iOS platforms - Know-how in chatbot development - Experience in GPT based AI technology - Aptitude in NLP, conversation flow management, and dialog response generation Your bid should show your understan...

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    ...Language Ordering System for a Restaurant Using Dialogflow Project Overview: We are urgently seeking a skilled freelance programmer proficient in Dialogflow and natural language processing (NLP) to develop a conversational ordering system for our restaurant. The project aims to create a seamless and intuitive experience for customers to place orders using natural language commands through various channels such as chatbots or voice assistants. Key Responsibilities: Collaborate with our team to understand the restaurant's menu, ordering process, and customer preferences. Utilize Dialogflow with a focus on NLP to design and develop conversational flows and intents tailored to restaurant-specific contexts. Implement fulfillment logic to accurately interpret and fulfill...

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    ...should utilise AI for: Automated Data Collection: AI can scan various online platforms, including social media, blogs, news websites, and forums, to collect mentions of specific keywords, phrases, or brands. Real-Time Monitoring: AI can provide real-time updates, allowing businesses to respond promptly to any emerging trends or crises. Sentiment Analysis: By using natural language processing (NLP), AI can analyze the sentiment behind mentions, categorizing them as positive, negative, or neutral. This provides valuable insight into public opinion. Data Visualization: AI can present the collected data in easily digestible formats, such as graphs and charts, making it easier to understand and interpret. Alerts and Notifications: AI can send alerts when there are spikes in menti...

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    ...a vector database for this analysis. Develop a User Interface: Implement a simple UI that allows users to input software names and receive comprehensive reports on WCAG compliance. Streamlit is suggested for its simplicity and effectiveness. Technical Requirements: 1. Familiarity with Python, especially with Scrapy and Google's Custom Search API. 2. Experience with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and LLMs for content analysis (preferred). Familiarity with WCAG guidelines and accessibility evaluation practices (preferred). (link: ) Code Snippets: Provided to illustrate expectations and offer a starting point, though modifications may be necessary based on the developer's approach. Application Instructions: Interested candidates should submit a proposal detailing

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    I'm seeking an expert in python natural language processing to refine my chatbot. The goal is to cr...processing capabilities. - Refining conversation flows for logically smooth interaction. - Implementing language specific models like LLM and Rag for superior conversational flow and understanding. The chatbot will be engaging users through text-based messages. Therefore, sound knowledge in text-based NLP is crucial. Experience in multi-lingual chatbot development would be an additional asset, although not a mandatory requirement for this project. Competence in Python programming and expertise in NLP, particularly LLM and Rag are a must for this assignment. Are you passionate about creating memorable chatbot user experiences? If so, I would love to hear from you. It...

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    ...based on project requirements. - The AI solution should be cost-effective given the texts to be generated would be simple product/service queries, bookings for my spa salon. Ideal freelancer for this job: - Proficient in Java and Python. - Expertise in building Android applications. - AI/ML expertise particularly with respect to SMS automation. - Familiar with potential AI models including NLP, ML or DL....

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    Tôi cần người quản trị website cho tôi. Có chuyên môn giỏi, vừa quản trị, chăm sóc và SEO web. Chúng tôi bên lĩnh vực đào tạo NLP & tham vấn tâm lý

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    ...developer or team with a strong background in AI, specifically with capabilities in data analysis, natural language processing, and image recognition. Here’s a detailed overview of our requirements: **Core Functions:** - **Data Analysis:** The AI should be proficient in analyzing varied data types with a primary focus on improving e-commerce operations. - **Natural Language Processing:** Implementing NLP to enhance customer support interactions, making them more efficient and personalized. - **Image Recognition:** To streamline inventory management by quickly identifying products and sorting them accordingly. **Targeted Daily Activities:** 1. **Inventory Management:** Utilize AI to monitor and optimize stock levels, predict inventory needs based on historical data and tre...

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    ...deep experience in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and familiarity with the OpenAI API to build a sophisticated document generation system. Our focus is on generating reports derived primarily from user inputs. The successful applicant will possess the skills to seamlessly integrate user input into a structured, analytical report using NLP techniques. Requirements: - Proficient in NLP tasks, specifically experienced in developing systems for document generation. - Expertise in handling user inputs, analyzing, and structuring them into comprehensive reports. - Strong background in working with OpenAI API or similar technologies for NLP tasks. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record as a Full Stack Developer, with samples of previous NLP-b...

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    Revolutionize Mobile App with AI 2 dage left

    I'm seeking an AI Vision and NLP Engineer to undertake a groundbreaking project aimed at transforming user interaction within our mobile application. This role requires a unique blend of skills and experience, as we're integrating comprehensive AI features, including image recognition, natural language processing (NLP), speech recognition, and optimizing these services within a Docker pipeline for deployment on both Android and iOS platforms. AI engineers in Indonesia are preferred. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in image recognition technologies and methodologies. - Expertise in natural language processing (NLP) to comprehend and interpret user queries and responses. - Capability in speech recognition to facilitate voice-enabled commands an...

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    AI-PDF Image Translator 2 dage left

    ... - **AI and Machine Learning:** Proficiency in AI and machine learning technologies to develop or utilize a tool capable of performing accurate image-based text translation. - **Image Processing:** Strong background in image processing to ensure text is accurately detected and translated within the images without affecting the image itself. - **Natural Language Processing (NLP):** Experience with NLP to ensure translations are contextually accurate and grammatically correct. - **PDF Manipulation:** Understanding of PDF file structures and experience with tools/libraries for manipulating PDFs to integrate the translated text while preserving the original file's integrity. This project not only demands technical prowess in AI-driven translations but...

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    PYTHON GPT Project -- 2 2 dage left

    ...The job is based on - Debugging a script - Creating webapp automations - working with the lead developer to complete dev ops deliverables. Trial Task: Look at the google collab link above Can you make the summary of the NLP analysis work.. as though We will need a second script that when we get content written or inputted into another script... the python script is going to use the summary from the NLP - total keywords - bi grams/quad grams etc etc And make sure that they are being measuring in the content in the subject And then we can have the a measure of the percentage of keywords / etc that have been included in the script. Part 1 is dubugging the collab Then writing a new script to analyse / count

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    ??????? ????????? : Language translator tool to co...relevant data protection regulations. Scalability: The tool should be scalable to handle a large volume of translation requests, ensuring smooth performance even during peak usage periods. It should be capable of handling concurrent translations across multiple government websites. Participants in the hackathon are encouraged to explore innovative approaches, leveraging natural language processing (NLP) techniques, machine learning algorithms, and other relevant technologies to achieve accurate translations. The resulting language translator tool will contribute significantly to improving the accessibility and usability of government websites, facilitating effective communication between government organizations and Hindi-speaking...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Python developer knowledgeable in Javascript for the development of a versatile chatbot via the Chatgpt API. Features: - Real-time chat, and optimise our scripts for NLP and NLTK analysis ( utilising github repos) - Customizable responses ( for backend scripts to create perfect SEO optimised articles) The design and implementation should be processed via the Flask, Django and FastAPI frameworks. It is vital that the freelancer have prior experience in these areas and can demonstrate a high level of understanding for each framework. The final product must be efficient, stable, and easily maintainable. It's a plus if you have experience developing chatbots or similar APIs.

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    ...and proficient in working with GPT-4. The focus of the project will be on NLP/NLTK analysis. Tasks the coder will fulfil include: - Text Generation: Developing scripts for text generation based on specific parameters using the GPT-4 model. - Sentiment Analysis: Efficiently analyze and determine the sentiment of generated text. - Named Entity Recognition: Implementing algorithms to identify and classify named entities in the text. To excel in this project, the coder ideally should possess: - Proficiency in Python programming language. - Previous experience with the GPT-4 model. - Familiarity with text generation, sentiment analysis, and named entity recognition. - Strong understanding of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Short listed candidates may need to provide demo...

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    ...aiming to aid students in improving their speaking skills. **Objectives:** - Create an AI tool to assess and provide feedback on pronunciation and fluency in English. - Develop an engaging, user-friendly interface for educational settings, including schools and language learning centers. **Skills and Experience Ideal for This Project:** - Proficiency in AI and machine learning, specifically in NLP (Natural Language Processing) and speech recognition technologies. - Experience in developing educational software or tools, particularly those involving language learning. - Ability to implement user-friendly interfaces suitable for varied age groups. - Knowledge of English linguistics to ensure accurate assessment criteria are used by the AI. **Project Requirements:** - Train the A...

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    I'm looking for an experienced researcher specialising in Natural Language Processing (NLP). The focus of the project is to conduct sentiment analysis using data from Twitter posts. Key Requirements: -Expertise in NLP, particularly sentiment analysis. -Experience with data collection from social media platforms, specifically Twitter. -Ability to translate collected data into valuable and understandable insights. -Proven track record on similar projects. Please submit your proposal detailing your approach towards this project accompanied by previous work samples in the NLP space, especially sentiment analysis conducted on social media data.

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    I am searching for a skilled machine learning specialist to assist with predictive modeling in the precision agriculture industry. Specifically, the goal is to predict soil moisture content from remote sensed data. Key tasks include: - Development of ML algorithms for predicting soil moisture content. - Application of these predictive mod...agricultural setting Ideally, the candidate will have prior experience in machine learning, predictive modelling, and understand the context of precision agriculture. Prior work in environmental science would be a plus. Strong analytical skills and problem-solving capabilities are a must, with the ability to interpret complex data in a clear and succinct manner. Knowledge in image recognition and NLP would be a bonus, but not necessary for thi...

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    ...Speech recognition to evaluate user responses. - Feedback mechanism to correct pronunciation and sentence structure errors. - Prompt users to repeat their answers until they achieve correct pronunciation and sentence structure. - Friendly and encouraging voice interface. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in AI development, specifically in speech recognition and natural language processing (NLP). - Experience with language learning applications. - Strong understanding of English grammar and pronunciation rules. - Capability to develop a user-friendly interface for adult learners. - Portfolio showcasing previous projects in AI-powered educational tools or similar. This project is not just about developing a tool; it's about creating a companion for adults who wish t...

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    ... A successful candidate should possess: - Proven experience in AI chatbot development - Familiarity with complex instructional design - Demonstrable record of creating chatbots for training purposes The specific skill set required includes: - Ability to design a responsive and intuitive UI - Expertise in AI and machine learning techniques to model complex instructions - Strong command over NLP for smooth user-chatbot interaction Responsibilities will involve: - Creating a chatbot that can deliver comprehensive, step-by-step instructions - Ensuring that the chatbot can adapt to various complex tasks - Performing extensive testing to ensure reliability and effectiveness If you have the necessary skills and experience, I welcome your bid. Let's create a chatbot to make...

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    ...processing and understanding text data. The primary aim is to develop a sophisticated platform capable of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Sentiment Analysis, and integrating an intelligent Chatbot to offer a streamlined and interactive user experience. **Core Functionalities:** - Develop an NLP engine to efficiently process and understand text data - Implement Sentiment Analysis to gauge emotions and opinions within the text - Integrate a smart Chatbot for interactive user engagement and assistance **Ideal Skills and Experience:** The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Strong background in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence - Proficiency in NLP and Sentiment Analysis techniques - Experience in developing and integrating Chatbots - Expe...

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    I'm looking for a skilled AI developer to spearhead the CrewAI Agent setup, focusing on revolutionizing how we process and analyze data through Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) models. This project aims to leverage Python, harnessing its powerful libraries and frameworks geared towards AI development. Here’s a snapshot of what I need: - **Natural Language Processing (NLP):** Develop algorithms capable of understanding and generating human language from text data. Experience with libraries like NLTK or spaCy is advantageous. - **Machine Learning Models:** Construct and train models to analyze and learn from text and image data. Familiarity with TensorFlow, PyTorch, or similar frameworks will be critical. - **Data Handling:** Work with t...

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    Web-based AI Task Management Tool 20 timer left

    I'm seeking an experienced AI developer to create a comprehensive web-based task management tool. It needs to possess the ability to schedule appointments, manage projects, and respond to emails. Key requirements: - Web-based application: The platform selected i...multiple types of tasks such as scheduling appointments, handling emails, coordinating projects, etc. - Interaction Style: Although the preferred interaction style wasn't specified, I'd like a proposal that comprises both text-based responses and the potential for voice-enabled technology or Natural language processing (NLP) for advanced conversation. Ideal bids will come from developers with experience in AI, task management system development, web-based applications, and potentially NLP or voice...

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    We're seeking remote contractors proficient in b...Programming (Python, R) Business acumen and problem-solving Effective communication and domain expertise Data warehousing and modeling ETL processes and OLAP Statistical analysis and machine learning Big data technologies (Hadoop, Spark) Agile methodologies and data-driven decision-making Cloud technologies (AWS, Azure) and data security NoSQL databases and web scraping Natural Language Processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis API integration and data architecture Why Work With Us: Global Opportunities: Collaborate worldwide across diverse industries. Impactful Work: Empower businesses through data-driven insights. Requirements: Verifiable portfolio in BI and training. Excellent English communication skills. Strong problem-sol...

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    ...adhering to GDPR and privacy regulations. Integrate with an email marketing service (e.g., Mailchimp, SendGrid) for automated distribution of the newsletter to subscribers. Include functionality for analytics tracking, including open rates, click-through rates, and subscriber growth. Requirements Proven experience in developing automated content curation and newsletter systems. Expertise in AI and NLP for content summarization and event filtering. Familiarity with email marketing services and subscriber management, including GDPR compliance. Ability to integrate with third-party APIs for content and event information. Strong portfolio showcasing similar projects. Deliverables A fully automated newsletter system capable of curating, formatting, and distributing content with minim...

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    ...extensions. - Familiarity with responsive design principles. Mastermind Front-End Developer (React & JavaScript) for Impactful Chrome Extension! Craft the UI, Unleash NLP for Fiverr Seller Success We're building a groundbreaking Chrome extension to empower freelancers with personalized insights and optimization tools. You'll be our front-end maestro, wielding React and JavaScript to construct a seamless, intuitive UI that integrates seamlessly with Natural Language Processing (NLP) for impactful results. Design and develop the extension's user interface using React and cutting-edge JavaScript libraries. Integrate NLP functionalities using JavaScript wrappers or APIs to analyze entered their service data. Ensure smooth interaction between UI ...

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    ...change be needed. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python, with a strong grasp of natural language processing (NLP) techniques. - Experience with or understanding of language models and dictionaries for English, Spanish, and French, with the ability to expand to additional languages. - Demonstrated ability to develop scripts that process text input, identify errors, and suggest multiple corrections. - Previous work on similar projects, showcasing your ability to create efficient, accurate spellchecking tools. In your application, please emphasize your relevant experience, particularly any projects where you've implemented advanced spellchecking or NLP functionalities. Share how your background prepares you to excel at this project, and your approach ...

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    ...conversations and decisions. - The assistant's foundation is built on cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP), ensuring it can parse and understand user inputs accurately. - A deep understanding and implementation of contextual understanding are essential, allowing the assistant to provide relevant information and suggestions based on the conversation's flow. COMMUNICATION METHOD: - The assistant will communicate with users via a chatbot interface. This approach has been chosen for its versatility and familiarity, making the AI assistant accessible and easy to use for a broad audience. IDEAL SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: - Experience in developing AI chatbots. - Proficiency in NLP and machine learning, particularly in contextual understanding and recom...

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    ...Requirements Document Ingestion: Support various document formats (e.g., PDF, Word, Excel, image). Automatic document import from various sources (e.g., email, scanner, file systems). Manual document upload with metadata tagging. Document Processing: Automatic text extraction using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Content analysis and keyword identification using Natural Language Processing (NLP). Document classification and categorization based on content and metadata. Document Storage: Secure document storage with access control and audit trails. Version control to manage revisions and track changes. Searchable document repository with full-text indexing. Document Search: Advanced search functionality by keywords, metadata, and contextual information. Integration with Bing...

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    AI Chatbot Udløbet left

    ...processes, answering customer inquiries, aiming to reduce response time and improve the accuracy of information provided and shared. - **Log In Portals**: Secure log-in capability for both users and admins, ensuring safe and personalized interactions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - **Proficiency in AI and Machine Learning**: Deep understanding of developing self-learning systems. - **Experience with NLP**: Strong skills in Natural Language Processing to manage both text and voice communications effectively. - **Web Development Know-How**: Capability to integrate the AI within a web framework, including secure log-in portals and user interface development. - **Data Handling Expertise**: Ability to work with diverse data formats for training the chatbot, ensuring robust knowledge ...

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    ...interface, designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, akin to the experience provided by OpenAI's ChatGPT. **Target Audience:** - The primary audience for this platform will be individuals seeking innovative forms of communication and entertainment. **Ideal Skills and Experience for Freelancers:** - Proficiency in AI and ML technologies, especially in natural language processing (NLP). - Experience with speech recognition and text-to-speech conversion technologies. - Familiarity with web development, particularly in creating responsive, user-friendly interfaces. - Knowledge in securing web applications and ensuring data privacy. - Ability to integrate various APIs and ensure a seamless user experience. I'm eager to collaborate with a talented team of ...

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    ...dataset covers a wide range of scenarios and industries to make the chatbot versatile. Design Conversation Flow: Plan the conversation flow of the chatbot, considering how users will interact with it to input audit details and receive audit findings. Decide on the messaging platform where the chatbot will be deployed (e.g., web-based, Slack, Microsoft Teams). Natural Language Processing (NLP): Implement NLP techniques to understand and process user inputs effectively. This includes entity recognition for extracting relevant information from the auditor's input. Algorithm Development: Develop algorithms to analyze audit data and generate findings based on the 5C's criteria. Consider using techniques such as rule-based systems, machine learning, or a combination...

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    ...capable of communicating in multiple languages, adapting based on user preference. - **NLP Experience:** Since handling queries in multiple languages, you must be skilled in Natural Language Processing (NLP) to ensure accurate and contextual responses. - **API Integration Skills:** Should be able to integrate the chatbot seamlessly with our existing systems for real-time information exchange. - **Privacy & Compliance Understanding:** Must ensure the chatbot adheres to data protection regulations and WhatsApp policies. **Ideal Skills & Experience:** - Proven track record of developing efficient chatbots, particularly on the WhatsApp platform. - Experience in working with multilingual bots and implementing NLP solutions. - Strong understanding of API integrat...

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    As part of my ongoing doctoral research in computer science, I require a well-versed academic writer and researcher with a profound understanding and experience in sentiment analysis, machine learning (ML), deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP). The core objective of this paper is to dissect and elucidate upon three pivotal areas: - Sentiment analysis techniques - The application of machine learning in sentiment analysis - The implementation of deep learning within sentiment analysis ### Ideal Skills and Experience: 1. **Expertise in Sentiment Analysis**: Proven track record of research or projects focused on sentiment analysis techniques. 2. **Proficient in ML and Deep Learning**: Demonstrable experience in applying machine learning and deep learning methodologies...

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    As an innovator, I'm on the lookout for a Large Language Model (LLM) engineer who can proficiently develop a data-based bot. Key Responsibilities: - Engineer a bot that maneuvers around data interpretation and response generation - Proficient in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Text Generation, and Language Translation, as the bot will require these aspects for optimal performance Ideal Skill Set and Experience: - Extensive experience in LLM and bot creation - Strong expertise in NLP, language translations, and text generations - Proven background in creating data-based bots This project will involve the integration of a bot based on data, specifically, it would converse and adapt based on the data it analyzes. It's a thrilling venture that combines advanced t...

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    ...common inquiries. - **Customization:** While the bot's interactions are basic, there should be some level of personalization in greetings or sign-offs. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in programming languages and frameworks compatible with WhatsApp API. - Experience in developing chatbots, specifically for customer support functions. - Understanding of Natural Language Processing (NLP) would be advantageous but is not required given the basic level of interaction expected. - Ability to integrate the chatbot with our existing customer support system for seamless service. - Strong communication skills to collaborate effectively on project requirements and updates. This project aims to enhance our customer service experience by providing immediate, round-the-...

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    ...personalized advice and emotional support to users. - Develop AI algorithms for user profiling and mental health assessment. - Deploy the app on iOS and Android platforms. - Conduct thorough testing for a reliable user experience. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven experience in mobile app development for both iOS and Android platforms. - Familiarity with AI and natural language processing (NLP) technologies for chat support. - Previous work on wellness or mental health apps would be advantageous. - Strong knowledge in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design to ensure the app is intuitive and user-friendly. This project is not just about developing an app; it's about creating a tool that could significantly improve the quality of life for its users. If y...

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    Ready for an urgent, high stakes project? My goal is to create a highly accurate and transparent AI model to match resumes with job requirements. Taking on this project, you'll need to: - Leverage your data science, machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) skills. - Develop a model that correctly identifies critical pieces of information from resumes and job descriptions. - Make sure the application is capable of achieving very high accuracy - this is absolutely crucial. - Integrate the model into a current system - specifics on which one still TBD. - Ensure the project is completed ASAP, because time is of the essence. Applicants should have experience with AI/ML projects, Python language, and should ideally have worked on HR/resume screening tools in the...

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    14 bud the paper, providing a detailed analysis complemented by relevant examples. Key Requirements: - Deep understanding of NLP concepts and techniques. - Proven experience in research analysis, especially within the fields of NLP or AI. - Ability to provide a detailed critique on research methodologies, identifying strengths and weaknesses with concrete examples. - Strong analytical skills, with the capability to offer insights that are both critical and constructive. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Advanced degree in Computer Science, Linguistics, or a related field with a focus on NLP. - Published research or substantial experience in reviewing research papers in AI or NLP. - Excellent written communication skills, with the ability to distill complex ideas i...

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    ... 3. **Booking Appointments**: The chatbot should be able to schedule appointments directly from the chat interface based on my availability. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Proficiency in programming languages relevant to chatbot development, such as Python, JavaScript, or PHP. - Experience with AI and machine learning technologies, especially in the context of natural language processing (NLP) to understand and respond to user inquiries. - Previous projects involving automated chatbots, especially those with capabilities in handling FAQs, collecting feedback, and booking appointments. - Strong understanding of user experience (UX) design to ensure the chatbot is user-friendly and efficient. This project requires a freelancer who is not just technically skilled but also has...

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    ...entity types have not been singled out, indicating a broad scope of interest. Key Requirements: - Train 4 large language models on a comprehensive biomedical dataset. - Focus models to specialize in entity recognition within biomedical texts. - Achieve an accuracy rate within the range of 90-95%. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in AI/ML technologies, specifically with experience in NLP (Natural Language Processing). - Previous work with entity recognition projects, preferably within the biomedical sector. - Strong background in training and fine-tuning large language models. - Familiarity with biomedical datasets and the ability to discern relevant entities, even though specific types (e.g., Diseases, Medications, Genes/Proteins) haven't been pinpointed. - Prob...

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    Text Classification in Arabic Language

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