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    I have written a 4 page paper that I need help with editing. I am a creative author :)

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    something written Udløbet left

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    Voice over for Internet Marketing Tutorial Videos USA VOICE MALE

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    I'm looking to get a well developed business plan. From market research, to competitor research, to growth hacking strategies and optimisation/funnels as my website design has already been completed, however there is no content as it is a SaaS for entertainment purposes.

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    I'm a retired Presbyterian minister (hence, on a budget). I've hand written a novel. It's at about 183 pages, without an ending. I'd like it typed and on a zip drive.

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    - an existing solution code in Python (PyTorch) provided, I need in to be reimplemented with the use of TensorFlow 2.3.0. - I need to be able to compile and run the code on my machine (train the network) - Code needs to be well-commented

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    just a written portfolio for 1000 words

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    hi i have few pages of text that needs to be converted into english language format in form of word document or if u can speak in english/hindi language its around 30 min of translation work let me know prices for english text conversion and hindi language if can speak I`m looking for min bid amount and fastest conversion person

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    Hi. My wife and I wrote a children's book and published it on Amazon. We would like to get a press release written about the book so we can contact local media outlets to promote the book.

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    I have 200 pages of A5 pdf text that I would typed or converted into word format to create a booklet

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    Hello i am looking for someone to clean up my resume and write my cover letter i have never been good at resumes, cover letters, interviews none of it ... i have not worked for 3 years the last year being because i just had a baby 11 months ago and the other two due to some personal reasons i was deal with some mental health issues the link for the job i want to apply to [log ind for at se UR...

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    This project is just for the Creative STORY LINE ONLY, All content for the video will be provided... this project is NOT the actual video editing. Final deliverable will be a "story line" template with your creative elements and suggestions, complete enough detail to then hire a video graphics person to complete a final 1 minute video. Purpose of the video is to highlight a visu...

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    Please include the word Spike to be considered. I am needing a press release written for my business Spike Electric Controls. I need to to be very attractive to multiple news channels will pick it up. What we do is build hazardous location equipment. The equipment must be marked with a specific UL certification for each different hazardous area. UL stands for under writers lavatories, we work wit...

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    copy and written 3 dage left

    copy from which give information to you provide or material

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    Hello :D I need a Social-Media System for my Roleplay Server, written in PHP. I want to import it in the game via iframe. Wanted features: - Detailed User profiles with Avatars, descriptons, etc. - Virtual E-Mail Adresses (to use a virtual E-Mail-System) (sending E-Mails, etc.) - Postings (optional with images) - Advanced Admin-Panel (create Accounts, users should be able to create E-Mails with...

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    Script To Be Written 2 dage left

    I need someone to convert the key elements of the video call (not conversation of client) but the presentation into script so that video could be created.

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    I'm putting together a website with information on the keto diet. It will include recipes and other informative tips. Looking to create 10 articles right now

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    i need to call an api and write the json data into a csv file. using python 2.7x. There are like less than 10 columns. need them in a comma seperated format so that i can load the data from csv into a table again. Tried doing some basic stuff, but stuck with ascii codec issue, so need help.

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    I want an input box written in typescript. Which can highlight the link, hashtag, mansions and can replace system emoji to my emoji image images as the user writes in the input box.

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    1. an anrdoid app and /or ios 2. classified search app - allows users to search on classified ads. 3. allow users to browse popular categories 4. provides filters such as price 5. the difference is, the search data will come from other popular classified sites and display them all in one single interface. 6. sites such as facebook market place, gumtree, ebay, etc. 7. need the ability to add extra ...

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    Target a multinational corporation/international company and the practice of "outsourcing" to third world countries. Some examples of MNCs (multinational corporations) would be Nike, General Motors, Ford, Qwest, and Fender Music. Research its effects on local culture. Write a summary and analysis of 500-750 words and include the following: How does global stratification impact local cul...

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    great written 1 dag left

    I need you to write a research article.

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    I have an old document of 19th Century British India period. From manuscript, it appears to be Persian language. I want the translation of that document either in English or in Hindi.

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    Hello, A little back story: I had an unfortunate experience with my attorney, and feeling frustrated I wrote him a 1 star review. The attorney retaliated by taking my settlement money, terminating me as a client, and threatening to sue me and my wife. I am super bummed that I lost the money after years of effort because of an upset attorney. Needless to say, I removed the review out of fear o...

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    My attorney was a complete jerk and I wrote a negative review online, he retaliated by terminating me as a client and putting an exorbitant lien on my settlement money. I don't have the resources to fight this, so I believe the money is gone and I'm super bummed out. however, I do want to publish my experience online without getting sued for defamation. I would like someone to read my f...

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    Looking to hire a PR agent to pitch to local, US, and international media to get stories published or featured. Pitch via calls and written submission. Must have Experience in sales, PR, proficient in English (written and verbal), resourceful, and creative in approaching challenges and tasks. Must be open to doing a zoom interview before hire.

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    We have a ton of data that we collect on various salespeople. This includes their sales as well as the activities leading up to the sale. We want to make better use of this data by using it to help identify what traits, activities, and other patterns can be identified in the data that can help us predict the success of a salesperson.

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    Adding functionality on Webtorrent based Webview Application written in Cordova with IONIC framework for Android Necessary knowledge and skills : - Extensive experience with Cordova Webview with IONIC for Android and IOs - IONIC filesystem access and native mobile phone functionality - Hybrid mobile App Development - API connections and P2P network data transfer The first part of this project c...

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    I have a six pages in two documents (one page on one document and five pages in another document) that I need translating from Japanese to English. The translator must have no conflicts of interest.

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    Please read my PDF, there is all you need to know. Read every point and contact me if there are any questions. Need the project itself at least in Unity Version 2019.4.3f1 (or 2020.1.2f1 is fine aswell). I need to be able to contact you and I need daily progress updates from you by sending me exported builds daily. Test these for any bugs and fix them if you encountered any, before you send t...

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    Hi, i need somebody to do some sign writing for me on a shop window and door and i also need the same done on a van but would be looking for magnetic sign writing for the van. Need doing ASAP. Thanks

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    I need a C++ program written. I am using Dev C++ 5.8.3, and it needs to be plugged into the attached template

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    written page Udløbet left

    I need you to write some articles.

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    There are several different columns with a range of numbers in each column in Sheet 2. If each of these numbers are found in any cell in sheet 1 then color the cell. There is a designated color to each column where the number is in Sheet 2. The cells in Sheet 1 not only have the number but the number is included in a sentence.

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built.

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    BID only SMART and with huge WP experienced developers who can do it very fast. No wasting time. Thanks

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    Hi. I am developing mobile game. The game has backend(MySQL DB, API written with PHP). I need to update some parts. If you are a PHP expert, you can finish it in 1 day. It is very urgent job, So if you have other project, please don't place a bid. I attached my requirements.

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    Looking for an experienced Academic writer/editor to help me with a research project. This is a long term gig and it would require a responsible and dedicated person to work with me. This person shoul... Read More

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    Please approach if you are ready to work , otherwise don't waste my time.

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    Hi need somebody good with articles written to rank in google and professional in rich snippets results

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    Hi there I have got a game project written in C++ using DX8 if that matters. At the moment, in game when creating a character you can select your face, hair - I want to extend the functionality and enable user to change their skin colour. This job would require you to possibly be able to work with Photoshop (if using different skin textures)/ vast C++ knowledge and networking (packets, server -&g...

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    Looking for a long term content writer for instagram and other social media channels in the luxury food space in Europe.

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    The concept is a crypto wallet which will be the most advanced and secure crypto wallet ever made. Examples of other similar whitepapers include: [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] Below I have given the headings of the different sections of the white paper. The product does not exist yet but it will soon so imagine you are writing about the most secure cryp...

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    The report is about family planning. A qualitative research report. Has about 10300 words. Need to be done within one day.

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    I want to do some modifications for the app, and i also need testing and debugging. It is a big app, its main features is to buy and sell, it has bartering options, wishlists, chats, feed...

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    More details will be available in the chat!

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