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    Hello, I am in need of a script that can be used with Wordpress Stripe plugin that will automatically tell NextCloud to create a new user upon successful transaction. NextCloud, if you don't know it, is a cloud server software (Google it) that allows you to run your own cloud server anywhere you like. In order for me to be able to use it effectively, I need a script that goes between Wordpr...

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    Hello, we have nextcloud installed and we are needing to have encryption, secure, and if it's possible to add htaccess user auth Please bid.

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    I have a QNAP NAS with Nextcloud running. I need Nextcloud accessible under: - http(s)://[log ind for at se URL] and the default website here: - http(s)://[log ind for at se URL] Current situation: - http(s)://[log ind for at se URL] = Nextcloud

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    We need Linux system administrator and support person for: Linux email server based on iRedMail Linux doc sharing server based on Nextcloud Linux web servers. Linux servers security. Supports users outlook and mobile email configuration and troubleshooting. Need to speak and write English in order to give client support by whatsapp and team-viewer.

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    I need to build a system to offer a SAAS by website. When the customer is registered a new container should be create for this customer and a NextCloud has to be installed on the container. The customer has to have his own url to login into his own NextCloud. Like [log ind for at se URL] to let the customers use Nextcloud. The data to login (URL, user and password) must be sent by email to the cu...

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    The website is to offer SAAS (Software As A Service) by Nextcloud software [log ind for at se URL] . The customers will pay just for the storage they use (Gb) as could be Google Drive, Dropbox or others... Design a responsive website with homepage, Price, blog, contact, login and register pages. Plus Privacy policy, Terms & conditions and Cookies pages (all of them with the languages written...

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    Hallo, ich suche für mich Privat die Einrichtung eines vServers als Webserver + eMail + Datenbank. Es muss ein LXC vServer (Debian 9) der unter Proxmox läuft eingerichtet werden. Der vServer soll Schlüsselfertig übergebene werden mit folgenden zum dem Zeitpunkt laufenden Diensten: - Kostenfreies Kontrollpaneel für die Verwaltung von Domain + Lets encrypt Zertifikaten -...

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    Hi, I'm looking for a web developer who can set up a web site that contains NextCloud, and at the same time configure and redo NextCloud to do what I'm looking for it to do. The website should be built around this application and must interact with NextCloud with a view to users and such things. The website itself can be built and designed in Wordpress or similar. It is a great advant...

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    ONLY NEXT CLOUD EXPERIENCE FREELANCER! I'm looking to recreate several currently commercial websites for my own personal use and create a custom cart system. I'm a cold fusion developer but will not be working much on this project however I will be setting up many of the requirements and overseeing the effort along with one of my employees. This project will be done mostly as an interna...

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    Hello, I want a Cloud Storage Server built using NextCloud as a basis with the following extra requirements: 1. Enable mounting of servers to accomodate space, and give the ability to designate where a customer stores his or her files on the servers. 2. Build a website around NextCloud in a professional manner that gives an inviting look, and also integrate member pages and payment gateways...

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    I have a small task. I have a standard Nextcloud 15 instance running on a server using PostgreSQL as database. The Nextcloud instance has many users. Each user currently have 1 default addressbook called "contacts". I want a script to scan for contacts that are older than 90 days. If found, move them to an addressbook called "backup". If the addressbook does not exist, crea...

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    I have a QNAP NAS with Apache and another apache on the same server. There is also phpMyAdmin with Nextcloud and QNAP Admin Page. Nextcloud required newer php version, that is why I have to use another apache. Security: Website folder visitible by all and redirect http to https(use default ports). Both Apache from local network only. phpMyAdmin from local network only. Prepare Qnap admin page to ...

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    Hey dear this project for Nextcloud

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    Create API to connect Nextcloud to Humhub and manage to make folder appear in space based on tag name.

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    We need translation of ONLYOFFICE website pages. 2098 words total, 1809 of them are not translated We provide the SDL Trados project file for the translation and would like the translation to be finished by July 24th.

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    Please - you must provide evidence / knowledge of this project. Just bidding with "I'm interested" will not be enough for me to consider you. This diagram gives a good idea of what I am doing. [log ind for at se URL] Nextcloud > DocumentServer < OnlyOfficeApp via NGINX I am NOT using an Apache proxy. This is all native Nginx Nextcloud and Document server. Nextcloud is ...

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    Hallo, ich suche für mich Privat jemanden der mir einen OpenVZ Server einrichten inklusive Froxlor. Inklusive Grundlegende Absicherung (Fail to ban etc.) Desweiteren soll auf dem Server laufen: - Lets Encrypt für Webseiten - PHP - SQL - j-lawyer Server - nextcloud - Email Server Entweder als Webserver lighthttp oder Apache Es handelt sich hierbei nicht um einen Gewerblichen Einsatz so...

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    Compiling NextCloud Sync for windows with custom theme logo and titles and generate the setup files we are also planning to extend to compiling android/ios we need a project that can be regenerated for any changes in future [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL]

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    We are developing a service to manage data at home or in the office. KOPIT creates a storage community cloud where a second copy of each subscriber’s local data is stored across a group of subscribers. Each subscriber will have a LOCAL KOPIT backup plus a fragmented and distributed REMOTE KOPIT stored in the community cloud. We are looking for a developer that can help us build the website b...

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    i need someone to install FreeScout & nextcloud on a CWP system. it needs to be installed on a subdomain.

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    Hello, I am seeking some help regarding my small laundry list of items currently not working in my setup. I’m usually one for tinkering and learning and figuring things out on my own however, this has been ongoing for over 3 weeks now and it’s starting to drive me nuts, I’m losing sleep and it’s become this time consuming chore. It went from being a fun challenge to a real...

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    NextCloud é um projeto open source, preciso da personalização do cliente desktop windows, adicionando cores e logo da empresa. [log ind for at se URL]

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    I am using onlyoffice which now runs on my localhost but like to transfer this to a domain name. Need somebody to do this for me and show me how to do it myself in the future. Please before bidding know the program and search for it ONLYOFFICE.

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    desarrollo de un sistema de gestión documental basado en NextCloud En Madrid

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    I can't renew my lets encrypt certificate and I am told it is because my ngrok needs configured to point both HTTP and HTTPS traffic. Right now its only working with HTTPS traffic. This project will be to help me get ngrok setup to pass both sets of traffic. I will give you acess to my machine via anydesk where you can use putty to work with our nextcloud server.

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    My letsencrypt certificate won't renew on my nextcloud computer. I get this error. ncadmin@nextcloud:~$ sudo certbot renew [sudo] password for root: Saving debug log to /var/log/letsencrypt/[log ind for at se URL] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Processing /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/[log ind for at se URL] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...

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    Download ONLYOFFICE Developer Edition, install and run the document server. 1. The office must be able to open Word, Presentstion(PowerPoint), Excel and Pdf document. 2. The office must be able to upload the document The sample opened Word Document is herewith attached.

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    Hi guys, I'm looking for someone who knows what he's doing. This order has already been completed once and unfortunately a short-term satisfaction was delivered. My plesk has crashed and the backup that went before has become unusable. I renounce Bitwarden under Plesk. It is important that your work to Nextcloud and Collaboration secured and can be imported at any time. This someone to w...

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    I have an existing flutter project need to be completed with added functionality. S. No Feature Description: Port from Android, iOS and Desktop client code base to WORA (Flutter) 1 Social Login Integration with : Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter 2 Display files as a list or thumbnails, sorted as you like. 3 View files 4 Add, rename, copy, move and delete files and folders 5 Local and server-si...

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    I require the Nextcloud Windows Desktop Client to be built via OpenSuuse with my company branding and information within. The source code is available via Git hub here: [log ind for at se URL] Once this is completely successfully, I would also like the IOS and Android apps creating as a seperate project.

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    Nextcloud is a open source filesharing application like Google Drive or Dropbox. I need some help theming up and getting installable PC files so my clients can install them. This involves: theming the program theming the installer fixing default settings (like preset server address instead of them inputting it) swapping out icons I will provide the images and icons I need just the Windows ver...

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    I am using Nextcloud to provide cloud storage for my customers. I would simply like to re-brand the nextcloud client for Windows, IOS and Android under my company branding (Logo's, Images, Colours) I will provide all artwork, I just need somebody with the knowledge or who has done it before to edit the files and compile them into working applications. All the source files are available via ...

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    We are looking for someone with experience of Oauth and Electron to look at an login issue in the [log ind for at se URL] desktop app, using Nextcloud as an Oauth client. The project should result in an accepted pull request to the [log ind for at se URL] desktop app on GitHub. Read more about the issue here: [log ind for at se URL]

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    Hello, We are looking for a iOS developer to configure Xcode environment to build and run an Open source iOS App. This is the App and the Xcode project files: [log ind for at se URL] Thanks.

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    We have nexcloud file server installed on digital ocean. We restarted the droplet and now the server is offline, we would like that fixed. It could very well just need to restart the services. Nextcloud also has a Onlyoffice server for document editing that needs to be working as before. please contact me for details.

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    We can't login to NextCloud any more and get no error messages. We need support for this issue. We provide a HTML5 console access, no SSH.

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    I need a NextCloud Installation based from a totally naked Linux (Ubuntu or CentOS) with all performance tunings like Caching eg... occ must work and preview-generator should also be installed and configured as cronjob. Furthermore you should install SSL, Apache, PHP and MariaDB and do the most security fixes, like firewall configuration eg. Datadirectory will be an external smb share (data w...

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    I need a Nextcloud Installation configured, unfortunately OCC is not working and I have no idea why. You will get a running NextCloud Base Installation on a CentOS7/cPanel/WHM and you should help me to get all configured. Furthermore you should configure the Image Preview module as a cronjob. For that it is necessary to get occ command running. Imagick and caching, eg... should also installed....

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    nexcloud build Udløbet left

    nextcloud client build [log ind for at se URL]

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    We wish to setup a development environment where we could customise and develop upon the below 2 opensource projects. They same to have Visual Studio solution files and we shall setup a VM running Windows 10 and Visual Studio version and any required tools that are required. You are requested to help us successfully compile the default code from where we shall take on the same. any further custo...

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    Looking someone who are expert in nextcloud and owncloud customization. I want to add a new app to my nextcloud. I want to add an expiration date to the document I upload or to the folder I create. I want to do it with a button or by going into the details. Add more fields and make a search page to cross-search the documents It would be best to make sure that I can create a type of document with c...

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    Hi, freelancers. Looking someone who are expert in nextcloud and owncloud customization. I want to add a new app to my nextcloud. Here are detail descriptions. [log ind for at se URL] I want to add an expiration date to the document I upload or to the folder I create. I want to do it with a button or by going into the details. Add more fields and make a search page to cross-search the documents ...

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    I have set nextcloud inside an Virtual Machine (KVM) on Ubuntu 18.04. VM works fine and can ping external ip like [log ind for at se URL], however I cannot access the admin gui (website) from the internet. I've forward all traffic from my static IP to the IP of the VM, but still no access. We need some kind of config done so that the bridge virbr0 [log ind for at se URL], allows/redirect traf...

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    databird sàrl est une petite société dont le core-business est le développement sur mesure (desktop/web/app). Dans le cadre d'un mandat nous désirons ajouter une fonctionnalité sur le projet opensource NextCloud ([log ind for at se URL]) Cette fonctionnalité devra être implémentée dans la partie client de NextCloud et sera ...

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    I would like this sticky note app to be developed using C or C++. With Php/vue Stick note app drag and drop and movable on page create categories multiple templates create notes, delete notes, copy notes, pastes notes, cut notes auto save notes and save notes Can change colour of sticky notes Can Pin sticky notes Can share sticky notes within Nextcloud user Secure the sticky note with Pin, if ...

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    Delete Letsencrypt and add my own ssl on my Nextcloud I have a Nextcloud on digitalocean install with self ssl certificate. I want to buy my own ssl and replace it on my Nextcloud

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    Sell IT solutions. Udløbet left

    I need someone who knows how to present and sell the IT solution to domestic and foreign companies. The retailer would have earned 30% of every sale sold all the time while subscribing to a buyer for a product that sold [log ind for at se URL] many solutions, the Nextcloud hosted installation is an actual one.

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    I rented a new server from 1blu. Install Plesk and configure it safely! After successful backup and subdomain, install Nextcloud and do all security & setup alerts, install Bitwarden on another subdomain. Do all the work to start administration.

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    Es soll eine bestehende Nextcloud-Instanz von einem Server auf einen PLESK Server umgezogen werden. Der Plesk-Server ist bereits vorhanden.

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    Use the following method provided in the link to run document server (on any aws free server) and open/edit and save a local docx file (file on a local machine). Provide step by step instructions on how to replicate it. Link: [log ind for at se URL]

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