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    need script to allow people to add text ads for newspaper printing. (1) people type text ad (2)select country and state (3)select publication (4) select category (5) pays for ad (6)newspaper publisher receives text ad via email immediately I also want both the publisher and advertiser to log in any time to view events added.

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    ...clone should use a background image that I supply and an image of a face that I supply. On the punchaceleb site you will notice that when you reach a hundred punches - an advert is shown. My version just needs to display an image when 100 punches are thrown. A name should be entered at the start of the game. A top ten punch list should then be

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    We ar looking for someone to do a component (or two) for MAMBO CMS. We want an importer and interface for online viewing of our newspaper. You can checkout our current (mostly static .html) website at Please see the .zip for this project, but basically we need: 1. an importer for xml generated by indesign. I've attached a sample of the

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    ...Content management system - Also some sort of admin panel, where new adverts can put up, edited, deleted etc - The advert pages will consist of a picture of the item, description and information on how to purchase - Each advert to have a unique advert number - Search box on the homepage that lets users type in advert number and find the advert easil...

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    I have an e-commerce site (running classic ASP and [log ind for at se URL] shopping car...timescale and a little about what I can expect from your services. Please also tell me anything you will need from me (access to the website?) Please do not apply to this advert if you are not based in the UK, or if you are not a skilled and experienced person in the SEO field.

    €178 - €267
    €178 - €267
    0 bud installed by the Seller in ready-to-run condition in the Buyer's environment. b) For all others including desktop software or software the buyer intends to distribute: A software installation package that will install the software in ready-to-run condition on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) All deliverables will be considered

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    email form Udløbet left

    I need a user to be able to send th...that email was sent from - so that this email can be forwarded to me - I need to be able a add a question or two to the email. I need this form so that a user can delete an advert on a specific page and give me some sort of confirmation about who sent the email. I need the program installed and working.

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    I am looking for a READY MADE Epublishing/CMS system that enables me to run a Daily Newspaper or an online Magazine in a right to left language (ARABIC) THe system should have the following features enabled (but not limited to): - Adding editing news and headlines, on front page and inside pages - Front pages & Unlimited news categories &

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    €267 - €891
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    ...but are not married to - the idea of a left column 20% of the width, a main column 60% and the far right column of another 20%. The percentages are arbitrary. We find the newspaper format the easiest to get small snippets of news that - when clicked on - take you to the entire story. Readers should have a simple way to leave comments and contact us.

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    Coupon Mailer Udløbet left

    ... I. I would like a header design, geared towards the -Maryland State- Flag,flower, family, and relate to the east coast united states homes. and geared in a old style newspaper formate. Outside page will be digital full color. [ i can provide images of homes, of the area ] All other art work must be royality free. Or generic. ( I am looking for

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    Intranet Database Udløbet left

    ...that's why I'm advertising here. If you have a better solution, I'm all ears. As long as it performs the functions as described, I'm open to ideas. Please note that this advert is for a quote ONLY. Once a quote is secured, my client will acquire funding to the required amount, however this could take a month or more. More projects will be forthcoming

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    Project Details For the purpose of this advert, the name of the business will be referred to as business x. Business X requires a flash logo which draws "Business X" like a pencil, but with a butterfly creating the name. The butterfly is required to flap realistically, with the text font being a fine line art. Pictures for this project

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    37 bud selling digital goods. The manager should be configured to work on any IP, or just IP's we define. It needs to have a nice GUI with the possibility of having a flash advert banner space. It needs to support resume of broken downloads, as well as pausing and to display a history of previously downloaded files. we would also like a Mac OSX version of

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    I am looking for a graphics designer to work for a newspaper, this would require approximately 15 - 20 images per week. Cartoons of characters mostly, if newspaper editor is happy with work this could become an ongoing position, where you would create carttons for the newspaper. In order for me to select an adequate graphics deisgenr for the job

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    29 bud installed by the Seller in ready-to-run condition in the Buyer's environment. b) For all others including desktop software or software the buyer intends to distribute: A software installation package that will install the software in ready-to-run condition on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) All deliverables will be considered

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    ...classified ads from various newspapers at once that contain certian keywords in the ad. I need to be able to enter multiple newspaper website classified pages for the program to search. This is because I will be distributing this software to people who live all over the USA and they need to be able to enter the URL of the classified pages of their local newspapers

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    5 bud upgrade 3) automatic conversion form points to advertising - now on site is banner advert and ptc advert - so this site must take points form user account - foreward to page wher she/he put info aboute advert - if banner - link + banner url - if ptc - url + banner or url + text 4) points/cash conversion - on admin setup how is worth one po...

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    ...BIDS ON THIS PROJECT. WE WILL OPEN SEPARATE PROJECTS FOR THE SUITABLE CODERS. ====================== We are looking to publish a small community Newspaper in English Language. The newspaper will be about 24 pages long. Size 11inches X 17 inches (The printable area is 10.25 x 16 inches). For this purpose, you may be required to make some graphics

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    I need to create a script that is standalone on my server that users can go to and pick a story, enter their details, and then send a funny/fake newspaper story to themselves or a friend. Here is an example here that I want to copy: [log ind for at se URL] However, with my script, I also want an admin area where I can

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    2 illustrations Udløbet left

    Trying to get the concept accross that a business will benefit from TV, Radio, Newspaper, etc (see attached) that our company and supporters do. However, we want the focus to be on their business not our business or our supporters. Look at the file attached and see if it gives you any ideas. Needs to be in ai 8 or 10 and in a format we can

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    OpenGL Project Udløbet left

    ...OpenGL to produce an effect for me. I particularly like the "water setting". But, imagine this effect was one "string".. not multiple lines/strings.. Maybe you've seen the DHL advert where you see a line whooshing around the world. I want to be able to produce an IMAGE SEQUENCE of such an animation, and the effect would use the "flurry" style lines... F...

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    We are looking to publish a small community Newspaper in English Language. The newspaper will be about 20 pages long. Size 11inches X 17 inches (Although we will confirm the final size later). Apart from designing the layout, you may be required to make some new graphics / advertisements as well. Where possible, we may also provide you with

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    We are looking for an experienced Mambo designer. I have a several business newspapers that I am interested in creating an integrated live news site. Seperate news sections from the main site to go to different Provinces and or cities. Maybe zip code tracking would be better for story identification with each reader login in they get first all the related stories pertinent to their zip codes. But ...

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    ...its just to keep in mind. Can the changing box mentioned in the home page also be in the online store? Page 4 News/Events – Coming Soon Eventually this page will have newspaper clippings, pictures of a fashion shows we attended and perhaps information on up and coming events but for now like the store it will need a coming soon. When you have something

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    We are launching a new lifestyle magazine in October. The magazine targets the British Arabic community. Many of the potential advertisers in the classified sec...know how many adverts we will need creating each issue. Free adverts for your design service may also be included in the magazine, in addition to the design fee paid per advert created.

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    €178 - €267
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    Data Entry Udløbet left 20 hours, 5 hours a week for 4 weeks. Starting this week. This involves copying articles from desktop publishing software and then pasting them into an online Content Management System. This is for a printed newspaper which puts its weekly articles online. There are maybe 100 articles per week. Most need to be done Wednesday night or Thursday

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    ...please advise of them. Fields to capture include - company name, street number, addressline 1, line 2, city, zip (post code), state, phone, fax, ABN (business number), advert heading, email, web, employee size, date established. I would consider either of the two following; 1. you develop the program and supply it to me to do the data capture

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    €27 - €89
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    ....php” – this doesn’t seem to be correct. * On the option “View all Products - [log ind for at se URL] – I do not want the prices to be shown on this page. * Delete the google advert at the bottom of all pages. * Implement general basic website optimisation (Meta Tags, headers, etc) * Upgrade to 6.1 creloaded if necessary/straightforward/inexpens...

    €89 - €267
    €89 - €267
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    ...through modular templates -? Support is available - Application is run on PHP/MySQL - Admin can customise the fields available for different types of classified advert.? ? Eg for Advert 1, the first field is a compulsory drop-down field called "size" of the following values: 1,2,3,5.? The Second field is radio box called "New" with the values: Yes

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    I am looking for a Data entry person for a WEEKLY assignment. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A PROGRAMMER. You can enter the data using my website software. The project is data base entry for a local EVENT website in my home city, here in the middle of America. Our city has a local paper that publishes the events of our community, but they do not have the events

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    1 bud can be stopped and started by the user Registry Which hives and values in the registry are editable, executable and delete-able by the user Install software Test if the user can install software. Internet/Networking Check if network settings could be changed. Try to access google website Try to access bad/adult site Look up any proxy settings in

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    Web UI design Udløbet left

    ...exists and requires HTML pages (it uses Atozed software to interact with the user), and we require an experienced and credible designer to take the existing shell and build a compelling user experience and strong presentation around it. The application itself consists of an online database of newspaper articles which subscribing users may search.

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    14 bud service to our advertiers and so payment for advert design would be a percentage of any advert placed. For example, we offer a full A5 page advert to our clients for only £290 Pounds Sterling and the design fee for this would be 20% which we would pay once we receive payment for the advert. At this stage we do not know how many adverts we will

    €178 - €267
    €178 - €267
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    Mottert Systems Udløbet left

    I have a website that was written several years ago by a freelancer. It is It is about some software of mine that advertising agencies use to buy radio and TV time and magazine and newspaper space. I am looking for help in several areas... 1. SEO. I understand that search engines have changed and my website probably needs

    €267 - €891
    €267 - €891
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    ...text or html emails. I'm up for suggestions for list builders. 2. Also, need to add “How Did You Hear About Us?” field to 2 registration forms. Example: Search Engine, Newspaper, Radio, Another Member, Website, Magazine, E-Zine, Other Then add a field form to put the name of the referral. Please note: All payments will be made via Scriptlance

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    ...have regular work for you if this works out. Note that to a limited extent you may be able to do others things at the same time you are working with me (such as read the newspaper, etc.) if you can divide your attention well, but I would need priority on your time and attention. You would also need to be available to talk on voice chat the entire time

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    Project for JIJU as discussed.

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    ...User inputs a list of website names and specific keywords such as (oil,gold) then the application goes to each of those web sites finding in today's edition of that online newspaper, the articles that talk about gold or oil. Saves the page along with all graphics or at least the full story, following hyperlinks if needed but never leaving the main site

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    ...previous experience in completing multi level marketing work including but not limited to the following areas. The copy writing of the text, Graphic design and layout, Creation of banner ads like those on the site to be cloned and the ability to code a bug free script that works well. You must be able to integrate the three elements that we envisage seamlessly

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    53206 Baby names Udløbet left

    ...mysql query) sorted by alphabetical name A - Z (boy or girl), origin sorted by country (e.g. French names, German names etc) and meaning of name. Pages will be leaderboard advert across top (cut & paste into php include file), three columns with main text going in middle column. Other two columns to inlcude either further advertising or navigation of

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    We need multiple articles / stories for our newspaper written or re-written. Need for re writing is to ensure that we do not infringe upon the copy rights of others. Please do following: a. Send samples of your original writing. b. Indicate how many you can write / rewrite, per week or month. c. Please indicate the speed of internet access

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    I am looking for an experienced Mambo designer. I have a several business newspapers that I am interested in creating an integrated live news site. Seperate news sections from the main site to go to different Provinces and or cities. Maybe zip code tracking would be better for story identification with each reader login in they get first all the related stories pertinent to their zip codes. But...

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    Rebuild website Udløbet left company We are looking for a site to have these links. News/Store/Models/Cars/Events/Calender/Link/Contact us the News will be more like an online magazine newspaper, with sample articles and pictures. ex: [[log ind for at se URL]][2] [[log ind for at se URL]][3] [[log ind for at se URL]][4] Store will be a place for people to buy stuff paying method

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    ...different file formats and colors and sizes. Examples of File Formats being JPG or JPEG, BMP, Photshop or Paint Shop Pro etc etc. (You will be at liberty to use a graphic software of your choice, till the time you are able to produce the desired format). Examples of colors being: Black / white, Greyscale, or any combinations of colors as needed. The

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    Adobe Brochure Udløbet left

    We would like someone creative to convert the attached adobe document (an advertisement we ran in the newspaper) to a 3 fold, double sided brochure. The last page (back side) of the brochure should the attached word document (commission structure) We would like our company logo on the very first page (also attached). We have included a digital

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    I need someone very skilled in the creation of animated gif banner ads. I have one banner advert and three tile adverts to create. All four are for the same business, so each will share elements/components of each other. I require a very quick turnaround on this work - less than 24 hours preferably. I'll be able to supply you with instructions on what's

    €52 (Avg Bid)
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    9 bud
    Clone of a website Udløbet left such a way that it can be easily modified and added to in the future. I require the ability to track which advertiser / banner people have clicked through to visit my site. Ideally I'd like to see what banner / advert they used to enter the site when the complete the contact us form. The web site to be copied is [[log ind for at se URL]

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    18 bud

    I need someone to develop a website which showcases my personal photojournalism portfolio for potential employers/newspaper editors/etc. I want the website to be extremely graphically/visually compelling. In addition, I need to be able to change out the pictures on the website quickly and easily. I am open to all suggestions on the website. Thanks for

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    35 bud

    ...Present emotional headlines and subjects that touch the users heart Ad should accompany around 3-4 paragraphs of explanations. Ad should accompany images Ad should be a newspaper style with images and explanations Let the user be excited that there is a natural treatment for acne, and he is moments away from reaching it. 2 nd Full page ad Show

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    6 bud