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    I have a VB6 program that allows a user to import power points and the power point notes. The program loads each slides title into a list box where a user can select which slide they would like with a preview of the slide. After the user is done selecting the power points slides they are converted to BMP format and loaded into an editor where the user can manipulate the image in a few different wa...

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    Problem description: I have to design a system, using C++, that must make provision for handling the reservation of a seat or seats (i.e. group booking) on a particular flight, identified by a unique flight number, as well as payment for the tickets(s). First of all the availability of seats on a given flight is checked, then the price of a given seat. Next the following is recorded for a reservat...

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    I want a VB6 Program to act as a ASP Code Editor that has Syntax highlighting. It also should have a multiple undo-redo function. So basically i just need a notepad program that has an added module to do syntax highlighting and also a module that allows multiple undo/redos. This should support the VBScript Language and should syntax highlighting function should highlight the keywords of the curren...

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    I need a program that has the basic features of Excel but not requiring Excel. It needs a grid and open file and save file feature. When the file is saved, it should be in the excel format, but the person does not need excel to get to the data. However, if a person has Excel, it will be the exact data. It should have just the basic features of Excel. You cannot use the Excel objects because I do n...

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    Design and print a beautiful labels like:CD labels, DVD labels, VHS labels, VCR labels, business card, jar and bottle labels, folder labels, mailing labels, return address labels, and labels for just about anything you can think of. Basically what I need is a VB6 Label Creating Software using either AciveX or OpenGL. I also need it done so I can easy translate it into another languages. I also wan...

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    This problem is driving me crazy...can you help?? Build a class heirarchy based on the abstract class TwoDShape, defined below: TwoDShape abstract definition public abstract class TwoDShape{ protected double area, perimeter; protected String name; public TwoDShape(String n){ area=0; perimeter=0; name=n; }// constructor public abstract double computeArea(); public abstract double computePerimeter()...

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    PLEASE VIEW ATTACHED ZIPFILE FOR EXAMPLE FLOORTILES & CHARACTERS - WHEN YOU SEE THEM YOU'LL UNDERSTAND WHY I NEED A PROFESSIONAL have written a isometric 3D multidirectional scrolling game engine for the PocketPC. It requires en entire set of pseudo-3D graphics. This will involve designing the tiles and monsters in a package such as 3D studio etc. 1) up to 40 different monster sprites in ...

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    I have data import system partialy developed (RAC coder is not bother to finish it beware of Subhash Sombra). I need somebody to finish it. This are bugs that needs to be sorted: 1, when records are imported on the first screen there is no option to use name from DB (I'm talking about private client) 2, when I have displayed client info and click on next record (which is corporate client) I g...

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    NEED HELP!!! I need someone to help me with some Java homework regarding abstract classes. There are two parts. Need it done within 10 hours of acceptance!!! ## Deliverables Part I: Program will have 5 files: [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] Define an abstract base class Shape that includes a protected class ...

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    I need a form processor (perl, cgi, or php) that is EASY to install and is able to be configured in the HTML or each page that contains a form. Basically all I need is the program that will take all the form objects on my pages, send them to me in Email with the subject and from adress as well as the to address to be configured on each page. This processing program needs to be able to handle sever...

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    I have too much other stuff going on to finish this project for school. It is basically an intro to OOP and methods. The explanation is kind of long, but it is fairly easy. Here it is... Create class SavingsAccount. Use a static class variable to store the annualInterestRate for all account holders. Each object of the class contains a private instance variable savingsBalance indicating the amount ...

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    I'm looking for a VB 6.0 program that allows a user to highlight text in any program but since that's already possible here's where the challenge is: to allow the user to select text but then while holding down the shift key select "another" area of text. Graphically speaking this is similar to selecting multiple objects in a object oriented graphics program, but instead o...

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    I posted this once before but apparantly did not make myself clear. A BMP has been added to show an example of what the end product should look like. Program must: (A.) Consist of 2 forms: (1.) One depicting a circular object with 8 Text boxes around the circumference, equally spaced at approximately 45 degree intervals. Additionally, the circumference of the circle must be sizeable BY THE USER wi...

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    Project Parameters You have been hired by a company as a new development programmer. This company has recently begun a new project for a company named “Books B Us??. This company has a simple setup now but wants to utilize a computer program to automate their processes. You have been given this project as a starter project. This company sells hardcover books, paperback books, and audio books...

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    Proposal for Identification Card Software Proposed Features • Be compatible with Microsoft Access Database • Allows unlimited number of custom database fields • User can change database field names in database • Point and Click Setup of Image & Signature Capture Devices • Point and click connection of database and fields mapping • Support any windows compatible pr...

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    I need a DLL that does the following (in Visual Basic). 1. Send email messages via SMTP, with multiple attachments (text and binary files) 2. Receive email messages via POP3, with multiple attachments (text and binary files) 3. Must be fully object oriented and have full and proper error handling ([log ind for at se URL] only, no msgboxes) 4. MUST only use the WINSOCK control (as a reference, not ...

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    VBA Microsoft Office protected its software with password. But with a brute force algorithm it is possible to enter in the VBA code. I have a software done in Excel and VBA. I want to protect the VBA code (which is not done with objects) against brute force algorithm ? ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work...

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    AutoCAD 2000i VBA macro Attached is a dvb file that I have started. Upon loading I would like the program to start sanitizing the drawing. Sanitizing will include but not limited to: 1) Auditing 2) Purging 3) Changing entities' properties (i.e. color and linetype) BYLAYER 4) Turning on and Thawing all layers After the sanitizing is completed I want a window to pop up saying something to the e...

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    I'm seeking help to complete my homework. It is a three-tier project that is based on the previous projects. I completed the two-tier project before, which is to be used to build on for the three-tier project. The problem is to add, change, and delete customer order records using a database. All changes to the database must occur through the tier two model. Orders need to be stored, retrieved...

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    I'm seeking help to complete my homework, which is due tonite at 9:00:00 PM EST(GMT-5), 6/13/02. It is a three-tier project that is based on the previous projects. I completed the two-tier project before, which is to be used to build on for the three-tier project. The problem is to add, change, and delete customer order records using a database. All changes to the database must occur through ...

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    MFC Graphic View Udløbet left

    An small MFC application (VC++6) with one view based on CScrollView. The view should be able to display GDI objects, specifically rectangles and polygons representing large objects (such as beams and columns) of up to several thousand meters (with a specific scale). The view should handle zoom in/out and scroll horizontal and vertical, and should operate in both 16bit GDI (Windows 95/98) and 32bit...

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    Need to make a tree view component that will show avi videos located in a default folder . When clicked on once get a preview in a preview panel. When DblClicked opens a transparent form ( shows only the video ) and plays it. the video itself will have transparent areas in it - so you will only see the solid objects in the video on the desktop - This component must update itself everytime you go t...

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    We require an experienced graphics artist who has an excellent eye for layout and design of software packaging. Our expanding line of budget titles already has a "look and feel" which is clean, sharp, and eye-catching. The centerpiece of the jewel-case covers is typically a 3D model. For example: If the product is a music editor, the cover might contain a 3D model of a pair of studio spe...

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    I'm seeking help to complete my homework, which is due on Wednesday. It is a three-tier project that is based on the previous projects. I completed the two-tier project before, which is to be used to build on for the three-tier project. The problem is to add, change, and delete customer order records using a database. All changes to the database must occur through the tier two model. Orders n...

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    The project will require the development of an advanced Forum with provided options and settings (will provide graphics to use), but look and feel should be modeled closely to, but not exactly like, the vbulletin structure. These options will include e-mail functions (so familiarity with e-mail components a must). The project will include a user login / tracking system with multiple user options. ...

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    I want that you write a script which works like this software. download here: [log ind for at se URL] We want a reliable server solution that feed our mysql database. You must load some specific part of the datastream from the software source into our mysql database. Our mysql database runs on a hostsystem and works with ODBC and unix but sourcesite I don´t know mybe windows. You m...

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    game graphics - 1 Udløbet left

    Ref: The following graphics are requested: Specs: 16 Bit Colordepth The width of all graphics must be a multiple of two The Backgroundcolor is used as colorkey and should be BLACK. No antialiasing is allowed at the bounding pixels. Objects: Mother: 64x32 - 1 Frame - [log ind for at se URL] Mother Expl: (96x32) - (12 Frames) - [log ind for at se URL] Mother Shield: 96x48 - 1 Frame - [log ind for at...

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    Here are some questions I have regarding work done through RAC that I didn't see in the FAQ. I didn't see another place to ask them. Thanks in advance for any responses. Feel free to answer any one question without addressing them all. If a project needs a 3rd party component, such as a graphics package or pdf generator, can I purchase a license and let the coder use it and then I get th...

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    I need built a web based xml/soap messaging system using a java servlet and MySQL database. I have already created i believe all the static html files that the user would interact with, some of which may need to be converted to JSP. I have created part of the servlet. You would need to implement sun's standard XML/SOAP API to handle requests and responses. The SOAP requests must be converted ...

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    I am creating a reader (written in Visual Basic 6.0, Enterprise version) to view scanned documents (bitmaps, jpegs, perhaps gifs). The UI shows 2 image objects (just like a book) and three buttons ("Previous Page", "Close," and "Next Page"). I need the code to "flip the pages," meaning when either the "Previous Page" button or the "Next Page&q...

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    C/C++ in UNIX Udløbet left

    its a C/C++ program about single random access file which should run under unix system ## Deliverables In this Assignment you will write a program to write and retrieve objects in the borrower class hierarchy to/from a single random access file. You may use this source file which contains classes describing three different kinds of borrowers: junior borrower, adult borrowers and life members. Y...

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    The purpose of this application is to allow data maintenance in a PocketPC device during workout sessions in a Gym to, later, replicate the same data with a server side database. Create PocketPC GUI to enable data maintenance and data replication between a server side, "MS SQL Server 2000" database and a PDA running "MS Pocket PC 3.x" (Compaq iPAQ 3835). The PocketPC GUI must h...

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    I am creating a reader for scanned documents (jpegs, gifs, bitmaps). I need the class or standard module code to change the pages (switch images in the image objects on the screen). I will complete the executable, but the code you write must be in the project (I will provide the .vbp file and other related files). The reader will handle up to 50 images and performance must be acceptable (the .exe ...

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    I am creating a reader (written in Visual Basic 6.0, Enterprise version) to view scanned documents (bitmaps, jpegs, perhaps gifs). The UI shows 2 image objects (just like a book) and three buttons ("Previous Page", "Close," and "Next Page"). I need the code to "flip the pages," meaning when either the "Previous Page" button or the "Next Page&q...

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    Looking to develop an Appforge client (palm and Pocket PC) application to capture data via forms, as well and from graphical templates that the users can draw on and have these captured as objects with the modifications all this data would have to be sent to a remote server (network hotsync) via a standard wired hotsync on the palm and pocket pc, to a odbc compliant database ## Deliverables Com...

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    I need a 2D animator experienced in Flash to animate 3 background scenes. One will involve panning through a canyon, similar to that in the intro for Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron. Another will be a shot gliding across a plain of jagged rocks. And finally, I will need a shot rotating around a word carved out of rock. I will provide a storyboard for details. ## Deliverables All flash movies m...

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    Imagine the following stituation for Poser 4 Pro Pack: I have a number of bodies, each attached with some probs (cloth, items, whatever). All of these bodies are stored in one or different libraries. I have X animations that work with those bodies (all hand tuned) and which are stored in a library I have Y camerapositions, all stored in a library. I need a script,which takes body after body, appli...

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    CORBA is the platform for distributed objects, CORBA objects can communicate with one another across the network. You have to writ a Client in java and Server in Java that can use CORBA as architecture. Your have to perform the following tasks: · Write an interface that is capable of negotiating a contract between a client and server with the help of java IDL compiler. · Compile the ...

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    I am in need of VB a code fix, or code, that sinks all Internet Explorer html DOM events--most importantly, it must do this for all frames on the page. I currently have code that successfully picks up all running IE's and sink's their document's DOM events, but I cannot, for the life of me, get it to recieve events from documents (subdocuments) within framesets. (Although I can get ...

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    Create a new data type that should store as separate items the first name, last name, and street address, city, state, and zip code of one individual. You must use a class declaration to manage the character based information related to one individual. The abstract data type that you create must allow for initializing all of the member data and be able to access or change the individual member dat...

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    The project is to be coded in Java, preferably as a JBuilder project file. Problem Statement You are to develop an airline reservation system. The airline reservation system is similar to those used by travel agents. The airline reservation system maintains a list of passengers that have used the system. (To simplify the solution you can assume that all passengers have a unique surname). It also m...

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    Monitoring Software Udløbet left

    I'm looking for a modular application, which can monitor&log my servers (Windows 2000 & NT4 & Check Point Firewall) later maybe unix. I would like the modules to Monitor my servers MS_event/system logs, service & device state (started / stopped), disk capacity (used/free), performance counts (to be able to select from Microsoft performance counters), Also a network probe to mo...

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    I've been making my new website with ASP based on Aleza Portal 1.5 which I bought serveral months ago. See more info about it at: [log ind for at se URL] I've been modifying it to meet my business need for several months now, but I don't have enough time and programming ability to completed my work yet. However, it's nearly finished, only a few function left unfinished. So, I w...

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    I am looking for a complete Web site that includes the following functionality for Phase 1: * New User SIgn Up * Send receive Email * Calendar/Schedule * Contacts - Address book * Company List * Notepad * Task List * Internet Bookmarks * Personal/Group Chat * File Management - Upload/Store/Download The Project must be written as a ASP.NET Web Application using VB.NET (not C#) and use SQL Server 20...

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    A department Store has a number of employees some of whom are full time others are hourly paid. Require an application written in borland C++ 4.52 that stores employee details ie: address, phone number, work status (F/t or P/t). full time staff are paid montly (£750pm)plus commision which varies depending on department, ie: grocery = 15% plus salary household 20% plus salary electrical = 25%...

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    83224 Lab 5 Udløbet left

    Due Date: Monday May 20th 12pm PST Objectives: 1. Read and understand other programmer’s code 2. Get familiar with list container class 3. Practice using loop structure I will be picky on your programming style this time. Watch out the comments and format (indentation) of your program. The class documentation is under “Class Specification” link and source code for the pro...

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    Java VR Udløbet left

    I am in need of an Java VR enviroment. It shuld be able to run on w2k web server. Have the functionality of doom but without the shooting and killing. I need to navigate in a town. Enter buldings. Open and close doors. Pick up objects and drop objects in others houses or rooms. All objects must be able to execute other html files when I enter a "execute" button on my keyboard. All object...

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    Hi, I need someone to develop a simple but creative VB app that uses Merlin (MSAgent) to interactively teaches BASIC to young people. The code must use vbscript control to let the user run its own excersise. The picture is this one: The user enter his name in some form and select wich lesson he want to study (i think there will be something like 16 lessons, all with excersises). Then Merlin appear...

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    PACKAGE OUTLINE --------------- Must be Created in Java 2 The Package is capable of storing(representing in memory), loading, saving and displaying a flow chart. A flow Chart consits of the following primitive symbols - Rounded Edged Rectangle:- Start and End of Chart - Rectangle:- a Process - Diamond:- A decision(boolean) - Line:- Connects the Above Symbols instead of placeing text in the rectang...

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    Package outline JAVA 2 --------------- needs to be able to store(in memory), loading, saving, and displaying a flow chart. flow chart consists of the following primative symbols: -Round edged rectangle - For start and end of chart. -Rectangle - A process -Diamond - A descision (Boolean) -Line - Connects all above symbols. Instead of placing text in the rectangles /diamonds (processes/descisions) a...

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