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    We have a Java application that runs in Windows. This needs automation and output and processing through CSVs. The application only runs in a VPN environment and on particular computer (my laptop). On this laptop we also have UiPath community edition. This project can largely only be done through remote access through a Skype for Business call (although some of the logic can be written elsewhere o...

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    The Project is to develop a research manuscript based on the concept given bellow. The author needs to perform the following tasks to complete this manuscript. 1. Develop computer vision and machine learning algorithms that are needed for the following concept and generate significant results. 2. Write Introduction, related work and background, proposed methods or algorithms, results and discus...

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    Our indie game studio is looking for a creative junior-level graphic designer for our upcoming mobile game. You need to create the overall graphic look of the games including: - GUI - Character design & animation - Game objects You will be working by yourself as well as with the team of each project. The position will go on one month at a time. Depending on the result and quality of the wo...

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    Map reduce the attached JSON using pure JS to group objects by year and by date using the "publishedAt" string.

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    1) Admin Mode (Admin is an owner who has ==> owner.is_admin == true): An admin sees / has access to all the apartments (of all other owners), the statistics associated with these apartments and all the robots (of all the owners). 2) An Admin can add new objects (all routes already exist): can add a new fleet, can add a new robot, can add a new esp (just another object), can link the robot to t...

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    Hello! We are looking for an expert Photoshop + Lightroom photo editor to work with us and retouch 30+ photos of houses, buildings or boats per month (probably more with time). Some of your tasks (besides the basics) will include: adding furniture, removing objects, adding grass, going from day to night, HDR effects... We want to find someone we can work with regularly, who will understand our...

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    i need someone to draw my grandfather pic with additional objects in pic

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    Re-Write an eBook Udløbet left

    I am looking for a writer who can rewrite one of my old novels. I do not want any story or characters changed. All I want is that the existing story is rewritten with different names for characters, objects and places. More than that simple task I want the every chapter rewritten so that it appears to be a new unique content. There are many ways to do this. For example, a cold night still needs to...

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    i use automapper for convert model to viewmodel but i have problem for map objects with child list and more level and also many child object not mapping work budget is $10 fix on anydesk remotly

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    I am looking to add additional functionality to a current browser extension. 1. Signup/login Oath Authentication from popup. 2. Save recordings. 2. List saved recordings after logged in. 3. Load saved recordings will highlight tooltips next to each DOM interaction. 4. For all IMG DOM objects provide highlight icon/tooltip to upload to backend. - Please let me know which Tech stack / backend you w...

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    Need to creat jobs in bods for the objects in SAP, need to extract tables from one source to other using sap data services

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    Hey Guys, we're interested in the Objects IDs and MIBs for the OLT ZTE ZXA C300 for the operations of this model of OLT. Attached are the OIDs and MIBs for monitoring all the services. The reason that we're requesting this line commands, are for develope a provisioning and billing system.

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    We are looking for a new logo that works for your high school baseball team. Our team is called the Starkville High School Yellow Jackets. We have rights to use the Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket. But we are looking for other ideas even if using only lettering for front of hats, apparel, and so forth. Attached is the traditional athletic logo and the school digital logo that we don't use for athl...

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    Require help for a small assignment that involves writing code to get and post JSON objects between ASP.Net application (MSSQL) and Android Studio (Java). Not needed to develop an application from scratch. Existing code will be provided

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    I need a Trigger to prevent Quote path change if there's no quote line item. API name of the path is Path_Processo__c , and if there's no Quote line Item it can't be changed from the value 'Aperta'. I can't grant access to the ORG but all the objects are standard ones.

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    We sell insurance policies and we recently signed up with Salesforce Enterprise Edition. We would like to set up our system and build it out to match our business and our sales cycle. The project will include a number of automation, work flow rules, custom objects and third party app integrations. Please reference the integration manual with our needs and wants/desires. Not all items are require...

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    i need to take an array and select random objects when the value of then it less than x number

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    I need people to help me classify images for a machine learning algorithm I am building. To put things simply I have a website live to keep track of the work done and you simply need to go to it select a campaign and click and drag to draw a box around the item I am trying to classify. Its simple work just can be time consuming. Some of the categories can be NSFW

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    1. Set up gods playing games with mortals lives. The attached image is very close to what we need - very good job of capturing what it must be like for gods to be there. We should use known gods like in this image as well, and diversify through time to other gods and religions from more modern times. 2. The backdrop should show the galaxy. 3. Objects necessary in the picture: a gameboard of the ea...

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    Site restructuring Udløbet left

    Site: <[log ind for at se URL]> -Reorganization of objects -Object size on screen -Font size -Color palette -Interaction with the Map -Responsibility for mobile (work on both platforms) -Link in logo for Hifarm main page ([log ind for at se URL]) Website Goal: Provide information on land values at level: State and Municipality, in time scale 2004 - 2019. And also the land use. All of this i...

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    I am going to build a app by using OpenScenegraph. This app is to show 3D objects from parsing xml file. I hired already a developer and he is building a app now I need a OpenScenegraph expert to support him. If you have a experienc in OSG, please apply Thank you

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    'Plan B' is a Pc Game Sci-fi , sandbox , open world , digging , crafting , tower defense .. like 'terraria, don't starve, oxygen not included , dig or die..' - still under development but i done a lot of work.. -Story: mankind manage to travel to another dimension and another world contains locals monsters and randomly opened portals with Demodogs 'aliens' spaw...

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    We are looking for a consultant who is specialized in the development of Realtime location and positioning of objects and assets to design and develop a proof of concept for us using the new Decawave chip family in conjunction with other sensors to obtain a triangulation accuracy of 5cm or better. The concept would be the mockup of a hand-held device that would have the positioning sensors onboar...

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    This high-speed action plat-former will have game mechanics and level designs that compliment the control over powerful and speedy characters. The primary objective is to write a 2D character controller in Unity for characters in this game with as many as 800 sprites from 75 animations packed within 7-9 2048 x 2048 atlases(112mb - 144mb RAM). The character's behaviors will incorporate locomot...

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    T-shirt Designer Udløbet left

    Looking for someone to design the back of 6 t shirts with their own theme i want it to have a simple background that blends in with the shirt with multiple characters and/or objects like the picture attached *** only one milestone will be given and released when all work is done it will not be broken apart for each design bid accordingly****

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    1- Logo and stationary: we would like 2 options to choose from : a complete new Logo and rework on the old logo -Logo design: Dar Malek arabic name : دار ملك company type : general business and contracting type in arabic : should reflect Trust, professionalism, practical , construction villa building - improve the old logo : name is Dar malek ( which means in arabic (king area or king ...

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    Hi, I am looking a AI expert that can detect multiple objects on Android & iOS by using tensorflow lite. I will give you image data and the detection speed is less than 1s, and the detection accuracy is greater than 0.9.

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    Hi like description says I need a 3d object of an old tunnel entrance like photo's. only need the the 3d object no need for painting, it can be an STL file If you're up to it please get in touch This will the first of several simmilar objects I will need Thank you Bruno

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    i need in web page Udløbet left

    i wants to design a map with number of objects at different locations in map and sub-objects connected to the objects and whenever a object is selected it should show connected sub-objects with a route in map.

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    Hello. I have a 151mb DWG file of an oil well. It isn't translating to Sketchup well, because most of the components translate into symbols instead of the MEP objects (as shown in the image). Could somebody please translate the file into Sketchup, INCLUDING the MEP objects. The other image shows the DWG file in AutoCAD Viewer; this is how it needs to look in Sketchup, showing all the objec...

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    Simple HTTP data reporter Hi, This project is about collecting status data from a local device and reporting it to an online data logger for future analysis and presentation. This is a small test project with a roadmap for future add-ons and more features. I am looking at experience, quality of work, communication and documentation Project Specs: 1) Phython script that can run on windows/linux ,...

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    PivotSA requires a 2D vertical animated video (suitable for mobile devices but also digital online marketing) to explain our product offering to customers. Minimum requirements for this project: > 30-40 second animated video > must be a vertical design but also suited for a YouTube channel as an example > animation narrative must be in english > animated video objects includes buildin...

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    wirte an article Udløbet left

    Our journey began on Saturday after a special meeting on Friday before the Al-Faran train in the old city of Marrakech. The meeting was attended by a group of researchers and artists interested in the environmental and social issues, Amidar and Jaradah. It is strange coincidence that the same encounter knew the artist of Jarada Muhsin The story of the mine and the tales of death with beauty and re...

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    Hello GMS professional, I am looking for somebody to hire who can make some wall jump mechanics and a cliff-hanging/swinging mechanic for GMS2. 1. Wall Jumping: When the character object collides with the wall, they will stick to it for a set amount of time (maybe 2 seconds) before falling again. If the player jumps (press space ) while collided with the wall they will jump up in the direction t...

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    1) The project defines a simple windows application capable of polling, perfmon data of the monitored objects of BizTalk server according to the following: [log ind for at se URL] 2) Final command line application name: biztalk-reporter 3) OUTPUT: coma separated list of parameters: ObjectType=<the name of the object itself>,p1Name=p1Val,p2Name=p2Vla,... 4) e,g, let's assumed the app is ...

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    UI design of MAP Udløbet left

    As part of my project i have to design a map with number of objects at different locations in map and sub-objects connected to the objects and whenever a object is selected it should show connected sub-objects with a route in map.

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    Experienced Website designers with Graphics and animation capabilities. Page Layout design and wire-framing skills are required for visualization by the developers. Experience with WP Bakery/Visual Composer or other Page builders with elements selection will be an added advantage. Some basic animations like moving and rotating objects using CSS3 or others will be required. Multiple people or a tea...

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    I need to configure a printer to perform authentication using AD through LDAP. I am unable to do the configuration myself because I do not have the necessary knowledge of AD objects and variables. This activity requires a thorough knowledge of AD and LDAP.

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    Hello? I am CEO of my own company related to AI and Computer Vision. I want to train my model on my own image dataset to detect certain subjects using MXNet or Gluon. If you have experienced in CNN like TensorFlow or yolo, it is easy to understand. [log ind for at se URL]@manivannan_data/how-to-train-multiple-objects-in-yolov2-using-your-own-dataset-2b4fee898f17 For example, this tutorial shows...

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    I need a 3d artist Udløbet left

    3d printable objects for table top games

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    Hey! We need proffesional video VFX to remove dirt/oil spill on a wind turbine. We need the "wire"/Rope to still be in picture. Here is the link [log ind for at se URL]

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    We want object detection process. we are planning use cameras in 3 different are and task; 1-object and color detection ;We are going to put camera in front of production line and camera will recognise objects on production line and if camera finds a product with different color than others it should give an alert. 2-object and number detection: there is a number on barrels and we are going to pu...

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    Nationz Network a start-up based out of HSR is looking for a videographer who can shoot testimonials and location shots. Specific Requirement : >Should know how to use a professional camera and gimble. >Should be proficient in the shooting of moving objects and location shots.

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    Hi, i have mac os high sierra version 10 and i tring to create a basic app ios with xcode 10 and cocoapods. I want to import Alamofire from cocoa. I followed the instructions read on official documentation i create a xode project from terminal i typed pod init i my file Podfile i have # Uncomment the next line to define a global platform for your project # platform :ios, '9.0' platfor...

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    Need someone familiar with SF sales/service cloud to write apex http call out functions. Goal is to make calls from SF to outside web application in a two way fasion. Use cases are 1) When sales/service cloud object gets created/updated, trigger call via HTTP POST 2) When web app (built in PHP) is updated, trigger call to SF objects using PHP via HTTP POST or GET. Both REST & SOAP API can be ...

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    We have an android app based on our website. The android app is created using react native and we need somebody to finish the app off as there is two environments from the website that will require object programming to be done on the app to complete it. We have two environment space (3D objects) and a line collapse animation. We can send android source code to you so you can check it out. The s...

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    I am looking for somebody experienced with 001 Game Creator to create a 2D platform game jump script that meets the following: 1: Jump on a single press and jump higher if jump key is held down so the length of time the jump key is determining the height of the jump. There needs to be a number or variable so I can adjust the maximum amount of the Z axis the jump will go when holding before it s...

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    removalist Udløbet left

    move furniture from 1 unit close to 100meters, 4 large objects of lounge table fridge washing machine. need a max 1t truck

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    Hello and nice to meet you. We are an Italian trading company and we bought Salesforce as CRM. Unfortunately, the company working on it to personalise on our necessity, di a disaster. So now we need to find an expert partner that can help us to adjust and implement our necessity on the platform. We need also to find a partner that not stop on the first upgrading, but that stay in connection with ...

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    Create generic data structure(s) for storing graphs using the adjacency list structure. - The vertices will store objects of generic type V - The edges store objects of generic type E. - The entries should be location-aware. - Should allow adding and removing of given vertex or edge. - Vertices should also be stored in a hash table keyed Base on above requirement create a program that will find th...

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