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    I have a network related issue, my web servers are not connecting to my Oracle Server. My Database is working fine. But there is some network related issue which is sometimes refusing and sometimes accepting connection. Let me know if you can help? The problem is intermittent. You may need to check the server DNS entries first to see if there are correctly defined first. You need to be able to communicate with us in English, in speech and writing.

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    this is the shopify site password comingsoon2021 -------------------------------------------- task 1 from here if you add quantity it wont add that quantity to cart task 2 when ever we add multiple orders of the same product and we hit the delete button all the orders of the same product delete themselves instead of just the order that needs to be deleted

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    Run Javascript on thousands of URLS

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    for example user log to youtube/vimeo/facebook/twitter etc. and he want record some video he click on button on my extension which is called Select Area for recording. After that user select area which he want record. he start video on that page and hit record button on my extension extension will start recording video with audio but only what is inside that selected area. After he is done he click on stop button and user will be able to download that video audio file in mp4 format that is all

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    i need a photoshop editor to do the above please contact me if you think you can help

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    I'm hosting my website on Hostgator. I recently upgraded the WordPress version. After that only the websites only tthe home page opens Once you click anywhere else it shows a black screen I updraded the version from threir installer. I need it fixed immidiately.

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    Write a script that basically combines the processing power of two or more computers to find all possible combinations of a sequence "abcdef0123456789" Writing a script that combines the operational/processing power of several computers write a script to find and save all possible combinations of a sequence

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    Open to freelancer from Sabah only. I need freelancer to run a survey campaign for target audience in Sabah, Malaysia. I need 100 respondents. Respondent need to answer 9 simple questions (average less than 2 minutes). Survey questions has be build online.

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    It is a electroplating plant , pick and place on pre defined commands , x axis and y axis.

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    Database Generator script for run in GPUs. A single script run in multiple computers and utilize only computational power for speedup database generation. No duplicate entry.

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    Edit name cards Udløbet left

    Already have existing template. Wish to do slight modification to the name card and add new personnel name card.

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    Need a database generator script work on GPU. Script run on multiple computers for single work and utilise only computational power of user for generate database more quickly. No Duplicate Entry. All database save on txt format

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    a new property development project going to launch soon and I need a video to run an ads in FB/ Instagram, probably 1 min to 1.5 mins video.

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    A study of the teachings of Tithing in the church

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    Magento 1.9.5 not sending emails notification, forgotten password etc. I'm not sure if my cron job not set or a php database problem

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    we need coinbase module to work in zancart 1.5.7 its not redirecting to coinbase

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    I have the fallowing questions regarding php & mysql. Just questions, no codding needed. - if i run a search on a table of 1mil rows, dose it matter if my value is 3 characters long, or 10 characters long, regarding performance? - dose it help if i index the table on the column i'm doing the search? - if i open a connection to my database, and a run a function, that on success runs another function, when should i close the connection. Example: declare function A(){ open connection ... function B(); // should i close here? } declare function B(){ ... // should i close here? } - dose it matter if i do 2 searches in a table, or 1 in a table and other in 1 another table? performance wise

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    I have an excel with VBAs used for printing a defined document. The excel version is working but would like to move away from trying to print in excel to using docx. The excel will be the database and the docx will be used to print moving away from the requirement to copy and paste to a simpler drop-down menu future from the database.

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    I want to build and sell tiny homes/manufactured home models using interlocking brick. Help me design a new type of affordable housing that doesn't need to be 8' wide. We'll work together to create kits that'll be easy to assemble, durable, attractive, and affordable. I'm in WA state, USA.

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    We are a Not For Profit and do an Annual Gala. For upcoming Gala we are looking for a resource to handle all our Graphic Designing needs including but not limited to creating Flyers, content for Social Media & Marketing, Sponsorship package etc. We want to work on a fixed retainer basis for 2 months. It's not full time work, but need based. Long term retainer opportunity also available depending upon quality of work and experience/ review of this project..

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    Trophy icon My Rootz Run Deep Udløbet left

    ...HAVE THE TREE ROOTZ OUTLINE EITHER STATE (NJ, NY, PA) NOT JUST TEXT. LOGO WILL BE ON A T-SHIRT FOR SALE This is a project that a friend and I have started where we want to give back to our State and Local Parks. We want to start in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania (more so Philadelphia). The concept is that parks make us who we are and who we become. Parks are now our way to escape, and it is our duty to give back and maintain them. The idea is to give a portion of the profits to the parks that we love and cherish as a whole. The concept is the tree of life whose roots or rootz outline something about the state. For example, NJ the rootz can outline the actual state. Philly and NY can be an outline of the skyline. Rootz is sp...

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    Trophy icon Not a Provider Udløbet left

    Would like to create a logo to be able to use on pins to wear in a healthcare environment advocating for physicians not to be referred to as "providers". Its an insulting term and creates confusion to the healthcare workplace. Would like a logo to somehow depict this, "Physician, Not a Provider", or "#Not a Provider", or "Not a Provider". Thank you for your interest in this project.

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    Cheers, I want to manage the USSD code of my mobile, so that it is not necessary to press the numeric keyboard, to make a request in the background. - I have my mobile here and if I press: #222*1# I click OK, I can see the call balance that remains on my mobile phone. - I want to execute this code from a request, without using a button or keyboard or from a GSM MODEM - That something is listening on my mobile and if it receives a request, it executes the USSD accordingly and sends the response - I want this to respond as an API, all in the background to send requests, the requests will come from a WhathsApph chatBoth developed with Node.js Any method or form is good for me, I have a chatBoot and I need to call this USSD code and it will impact my phone or GSM...

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    Hey There, I have a script with a register procedure in php, and users can set up passwords containing numbers or letters. What I want you to do, is adding the ability to use special characters, and for the use of user-name, a limit of minimum 4 letters in the user-name. I cannot give you access to server, but I can send you the needed file/s. Thanks

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    For a company that sells cosmetic products, it is necessary to develop a logo. Requirements: APPEARANCE: - a beautiful silhouette of a woman's face and a silhouette of a syringe. COLORS: - in white and green (without gradient). FORMAT: strictly in a vector file. NUMBER OF OPTIONS: - five options

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    Data capture from website to excel ... sample attached for your reference... simple type....Please capture the products as advise in the big sample new for work spread sheet. Please do not bid if you want to do it manually as this project require proficiency in your technical knowledge.... Kindly do not bid as this is not VA project also.......

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    PIVATE person, no company ! having made 3 prototypes until now, with the help of some companies, but they cheated me, did NOT respected our signed gentleman agreement.... so I have to go ALLONE forward. I´m NOT only looking for a "drawer" or designer. I MUST be someone, who have some experience and CONTACTS to some good , but BEST and cheep mould-maker in SLIPPER sector. If you arer able to show me, that you have exerience AND practical CONTACTS in this sector (mould-maker, PROTOTYPE maker !).... maybe we can go forward togeather. If you have the skills and INTERST to comercialize the slipper in your region, it would be the of my (momently) bad financial situation, I can "hire" only someone, who rather wants to help, instead of making "big mone...

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    Illustrations for a new series of articles profiling woman writers, for a quarterly magazine. We need someone with quite a quirky modern is an open-ended commission for a series we expect to run for at least two years. Deadline for the first commission is 8 August.

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    Hi Kartik S., I noticed your profile and wanted to discuss a project. We are based in Vadodara so not far away. You have excellent reviews here - kudos! First, please don't accept this project since it is not defined. I wanted to contact you and there doesn't seem to be any other way. Have you experience designing a BLDC Motor Controller / Driver up to 1500W? Or do you only design the Motors themselves? Thanks, Vish

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    ...question and more than one time 6. As a user I should be able to chat with other users. 7. As a user I should be able to upload images to refer Admin Stories – 1. As an Admin I should be able to login, Logout and Register into the application. 2. As an Admin I should be able to get mail as soon as any new Question is asked or any Answers given. 3. As an Admin I should be able to approve the question and Answer. Any Question or Answer will be visible on the platform only if it is approved. 4. As an Admin I should be able to delete inappropriate Questions or Answers. Instructions – 1. Please use a folder on server to upload the images 2. Please share the database structure in the .sql file. 3. Please create a separate microservice for reports and discount coupons...

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    I need the attached photo edited with the following guidelines. Best and quickest entry will be awarded the prize Slightly bigger muscles and more defined and still look realistic like: Chest bigger and more defined Shoulders bigger and more defined Abs touched up Veins popping Also My jaw should be defined Any imperfections fixed Finished with nice colour editing for fitness The edit can’t look fake and edited, and understanding of how the body should look is preferable

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    I am looking for some support in fixing my contact form on two of my Wordpress websites. Forms are sending emails to my gmail and yahoo emails but not on my website emails.

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    The FAQ action of my Facebook page is not responding automatically. I checked it from different FB accounts. If you can, please fix it via TeamViewer only. I agree to pay $2 CAD for this. I know its a very simple task. Thanks

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    Hello. every body. I need to build a cashout website using MERN stack. Only expert is needed. not agency only individual. type "----" to make sure you have seen the description.

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    I would need a macro vba option that will action a refresh on the power query Folder DB every time that a new folder is added into the Folder DB. I would need this action to be triggered without the need to press any button, only as soon as a new file is added into the Folder DB. Please assist and confirm

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    Este error me suele pasar cada tres meses pero he podido corregirlo sin problema arreglando el codigo en el directorio de open base, pero esta vez no funciono. Necesito que me ayuden a reparar el error

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    We are celebrating our 50th Anniversary on October 2, 2022 with the Holy mass at 10 am and followed by the Harvest Festival with the community giving thanks to God marked with fun, games, food and live entertainment. Design a banner. Please read all specs before bidding. All specs and pictures are in my google drive

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    37 bud is blocking me because of my graphic card. I tried to change it several time from WINDOWS Drivers but was unable to change it. I tried to spoof it in several ways but failed. I heard that it can be changed using this software by changing DISPLAY DRIVER. I WANT to know how he is changing it. i need some expert that can help me change the display driver in my virtual machine. AM USING VMWARE ... if you have experience contact me asap am online and will answer all of you. This is not an easy one, am not here to spoof the drivers name. am here to change the driver to a new one so i can access the website to test if the change is taking effect, am testing on like seen on the picture am sharing. Note: am not interest...

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    You create another field named validation and if we have 2 same types repeated we return " error" and the name of the type in error. So, in the validation we find error in NA2. I will share the data for the awarded person to work directly on it . The person who will post in this project should have skills in arcpy and GIS.

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    hi i am trying to accsess to my wordpress site but i got this error " There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions. Learn more about troubleshooting WordPress." i think there is wrong with the wp config file

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    For some reason my emails stopped sending. I have been using gmail for my business and now clients suddenly stopped receiving emails. Nothing has changed on my end. Need help!

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    Hi as the title suggests, we are having issue with our magento 2.4 site. after a recent product import and reindex, all the products have disappeared from category pages. as well as attribute filters from left side. the funny thing is that search is working and product are showing up but when open the product the details arent showing either, like product description, specification review, similar product tab and few other details. we are using ultimo theme. please only bid to complete the job no minimum bid for sake of staying budget. regards

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    We want all the message sent in the workmanship in one vector document, kindly be certain it's precisely similar to in pic underneath

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    The Regional Sales Director would like to know which product segment and which customer segment are performing the best and why. Conduct an analysis to identify the best-performing product segment and make data-driven recommendations based on orders, customers, product categories, and returns. After the work is completed, you must then prepare a five-minute presentation using , PowerPoint, that addresses the following: The problem you wanted to solve. How you solved it following the Data Analytics Workflow. The results of your analysis, recommendations, and what you’d plan to do if given more time.

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    Hello, i need to change in one document two times adress and name. In photoshop or simillar program. It just need to be done. Not hard work, in 5 minutes done

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    Require graphic works to finalise an existing logo design. The design is 90% complete, require Photoshop work to customise and complete the design. Scope of works as follows: 1. Modify and finalise existing logo design with scalable text in "Creepster" Font with border and glow effect border. 2. Modify slime/ drip sub graphic effect, will require customisation of Canstock graphic to avoid copyright complications, removing duplication in the drip effect and providing a final unique drip effect below text. 3. Provide two colour variants to the logo, one Hot Pink text, with slime green border, glow effect and pink drip border. One slime green text, with pink border, glow effect and green drip border. 4. Presentation of final SCALABLE graphic sets IN BOTH GREEN AND PINK C...

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    We are planning to start a cooking oil brand in United Arab Emirates. Later we will expand our market in all GCC countries. So we are inviting freelancer to propose a good brand name with logo and a slogan. Our product range will be 1 liter pet bottle & pouch, 3 Liter plastic can, 5 & 8 Liter plastic jar.

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    The job is to make power point presentation for around 13-17 slides with a script in each slide (to present for 20 minutes) The content in a slide will based on the task below which you have to use the The business model canvas and the machine learning canvas tools to help guiding the project team in setting up the project Task: Use-case Churn Imagine you are the Chief Data Officer of a big company serving individual users (e.g. retail chain, telecom/mobile phone carrier, insurance, etc.) and one of the concerns is customer churn. Choose a specific setting (for example, mobile phone contracts) and develop a use-case around customer churn. In particular, use the Machine Learning Canvas and discuss: How does the use-case generate value? How can this value be quantified (i.e. ...

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