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    Lyric video Udløbet left

    I need a lyric video for one on my bands song.

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    Heey I'm looking for a songwriter who can write me a song with 2 verse and a hook

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    I have a reggae song and I'm in search of a cartoonist for a lyric video. Titled 'What's the LOGIC. this track is about those ballers always buying out the bar, always in the nicest cars in traffic but when the landlord knocks for the rent they dont have it

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    You have to create a video using pictures (25) and a bollywood romantic song for 25th wedding anniversary. The video is also going to be used as an invitation and also will be displayed during the function. Also, resolution of some pictures are low, please try to improve it.

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    I need you to write some content for a website. Im song writer from johore, malaysia

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    Kompose and produce original music for new singer. I would need mixing and mastering too, after we record the song

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    I what templet like [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL]

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    Hi bro , will you able to assist in producing music for Punjabi song ?

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    English Song writer Udløbet left

    I want English writer to make world theme lyrics. Love base

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    Band Video Udløbet left

    We are a four piece pop/rock band requiring animation for a band video. The theme of the song is about a storm that is building above. A couple are sitting on a cliff above the ocean, with waves crashing while a wild storm is approaching. The couple are not talking and there is a distance that can be felt between them. The emotion of the lyrics will need to be conveyed realisticly in visual terms.

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    I've made a song parody with a song and lyrics. I need you to make a video where the lyrics are displayed on top of some backing video, plus a title/intro and outro text. Needs to be done within 36 hours!

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    I need a music video for three animation girls. I am a producer of the Caramella Girls. I have an old song from 2013 “we love to party.” I would love to have a club setting for the song as well as animation 3D. Here’s our YouTube channel! [log ind for at se URL]

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    Need a song to be mixed and mastered to be censored for radio edit.

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    I' am an aspiring artist, my audience mostly lies on soundcloud and instagram. My highest viewed song has 100k views and its all organic. I need someone that can handle my marketing and getting connections to reach more people or influencers. The main goal is to get the music to the right target, and grow my audience. I would prefer someone that has experience with marketing for soundcloud o...

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    Hi, I have Composed and arranged music for a Tamil Christian song. I need 8D audio mixing. If u can do for low price and better quality mix, Pls let me know

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    yasmen aly song Udløbet left

    Yasmin ali song about life your live

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    graphic design Udløbet left

    need graphic design hip hop, graphic design maker online, need graphic design myspace, need graphic design asap, graphic design logo online bidding, graphic design clothing online, graphic design shirts online store, how can i order graphic design online, i need graphic design 2, i need graphic design, i need graphic design help, i need graphic design experience, i need graphic design fast near 55...

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    Trophy icon Summer Song cover ALBUM ARTWORK Udløbet left

    Looking for album artwork for a song. This is a Hip-Hop song called "Stay Mad". I am attaching an imagine. I would like THAT IMAGE turned into a cartoon or digital version. Something where the essence of the image is retained but the look and vibe feels more digital/ cartoonish. Not overly cartoonish though. This is a very serious project. I am also attaching two images of cars. I would ...

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    We are musicians who play in a hard rock Iron Maiden Tribute Show. We are called: Innocent Exiles - Maide-n Oz Tribute Show We require a logo that we can call our own whilst also keeping the theme of Iron Maiden. We ideally need our customers to look at the logo and identify that we are playing Iron Maiden music. We require someone to design a logo for our band. I have added iron mai...

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    I'm a R&B/Hip Hop artist and am looking for someone to do an animation for my next music video. It wouldn't be anything too crazy. I'm just wanting something similar to the lofi hip hop videos on youtube like this: [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] I want the two characters to look like myself and my producer. Images and song attached below.

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    Want to make a Indian bolly song, need to first make sensual lyrics then the song need to be sung with music,

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    Hello Developers, I had already have android apps (music streaming mp3) that run on php on my server. But I don't have a website for that. I want a website that can seen all the contents on android apps to website where users can play and listen song too. For that i am looking for developer that can make a website script for said android apps.

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    Video Editor Udløbet left

    I am seeking a Video Editor to join our Creative Dept. team and help grow our storytelling and content creation efforts internally. You will work with project managers and creative directors to create videos that tell a story, drives action and honors our brand voice. What you’ll do & What you’ll bring You have the experience and flexibility to edit across a myriad of genres. Ou...

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    Song cover art Udløbet left

    Songwriter Alan Matheus (IG @alanmatheus) will be releasing a new song soon and we need a cover art for a song called "Explorar" (Explore). Attached is a drawing as a sample of what the artist wants. As you can see, we want a cartoon style drawing. The song talks about taking a girl to explore the world and to explore what real love is. The ideal drawing would be something like this: T...

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    I need a page design, the aim of the project is building an HTML page that should be projected on a 42" display, in the hall of an Hotel. It should contain some sections: 1) a carousel with photos (it should be well visible) 2) General informations, with Title and Subtitle (max 200 chars), like a news feed, maybe in the top right(?) 3) A section for the local weather forecast (OpenWeatherMap)...

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    There are a lot of songs out there and when a new song is coming out we want to make sure that there isn’t any song that is similar to my song name. We want to help the song artist to find the most similar titles to the song name he defines. Input: Unique song titles in a CSV format, named: [log ind for at se URL] Algorithm: For each song, find top 3 similar titles by: Number of shared w...

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    I need to mix and master my rap song, put autotune on my voice and edit my raw voice to sound good on the beat.

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    I would like to do a 4:40 minute video of photos. With one song. Modern look. Easy transitions.

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    I wish to create a promotional poster for a song. I have shot a video for the song. The song features three people and i wish to use the Images of these three people from the music video to be used in this poster. I already have pics ready from the video in HD. The designer needs to photoshop the three people from the image set and create a poster from those images. I will give ore brief about wha...

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    Hello. I am seeking an editor for a Bollywood music video project. 3 Minute video. Some dancing but mostly face shots and singing. Good transitions and a magical type video. Will send music overlay. Song is called "Dheere Dheere" and it it a remake of the original version.

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    A humorous animated videoclip for a song called 'Dutch Waves' written and performed by the band 'Tarzan and the Beachwaiters'. It has to be 3 minutes and 40 seconds long. For the last part of the song we have our own shots. So the videoclip will start as an animation and will end with real-life shots. You can find the storyboard/music in the additional files. The animation shou...

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    Animation project for new song, using blender. 1.18 minute song, colorful and nice as per link and song sent

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    We are looking for a man ( native language - English) on a permanent basis who will cheсk the errors in our lyrics, because we create a lot of metaphors and writing abstractly. English for us is a foreign language. We Secondly, we would like to know, if in the vocal demo we have an pronunciation' errors. Since we already have a lot of songs which must be checked and we are in a steady songwri...

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    I have an musical album - All Hindu Devotional Songs. I want this audio to be played with good quality video 1. Quality image 2. Proper Editing 3. Understanding the lyrics and insert proper images (Should search for royalty free images and work on your own), I will not be responsible for any royalty damages. 4. Proper Tamil Subtitlte that runs along with song 5. Previous experience is must 6. C...

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    I will send you the Lyrics, Font, Background and Song, you will create the Lyric Video

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    Looking for several native Spanish Speakers to transcribe Songs Task: I would send you the Song and you would write down the Lyrics in Spanish

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    I'm making a parody of the Eagles song "Hotel California". I have most of the parody lyrics, but I would like some help polishing them. Then I need you to record it being sung.

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    Trophy icon Create lyrics video Udløbet left

    I need a video with text animations and with Copyright free contents. In cling are the Music and the text. The mood must be properly met with the video must fit to the song. Best of all afterwards as a After Effects file and as mp4 send. inspiration videos [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] dokuments : [log ind for at se URL]

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    I have started a song and I think i can write the lyrics myself just need a voice.

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    Hi freelancers, I'm looking for a team who will be willing to produce an original Punjabi song from scratch. You will be required to write lyrics, create composition, sing and produce an original music. So in a nutshell I would like a complete song made from scratch.

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    I need an Artist Udløbet left

    Hand Drawn Illustration of my Face Half will be detailed and the other half will be the outline of my face with people trying to escape. It is for an Song Cover Artwork and the Song is called "Let Me Out"

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    Need this app/plugin to extract information from an Apple/Android provided application, (hypothetically per say - i.e. Mail/Email applications). I need something to retrieve information identical to the way 3rd party instagram applications pull information from Instagram. Only difference is, we are trying to pull statistical information from an Apple / Android application. To give one more hypo...

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    I need a Program that detects NEW releases of Artists that I have given as input, Example: I give 25 artists as input, your program tracks them and updates every 5 seconds, then If a new song comes out, I am notified via E-Mail and I get the artist and the Songname I need to be able to add/delete Artists easily and also input a E-Mail that I get notifications to

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    Hey! I am a producer and I started a new project where i am producing music related to the moba game called League of Legends. Now i also need to make video edits related to the songs context. On the first track i released i tried to do it myself. However since i am not that knowledged on editing i decided it would be much better for me to focus on my music and leave the videos to someone who i...

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    Cover art for our single called "Who's it Gonna Be?" to display alongside the song on streaming services.

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    Hi Song Y., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I am looking for an artist who can create current &original artwork for a song. (I'll explain more when we start the communication process) it's simple

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    Build a python app to search and download a song from [log ind for at se URL] Input: song title Output: mp3 file This is a super quick task. Do it and send the code. If the code works, I'll pay you instantly. Budget 20USD

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    Songwriter needed Udløbet left

    I need 9-14 songs written for heavy modlodic metal band. Song are metaphors of love and death. Battling depression, losing loved ones, bleak songs with a glimmer of hope. Intelligent and more metaphorical then straight forward. Song structures are 3 verses 1 or 2 chorus. Songs must be 100% original. Writing samples are needed before hiring.

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    The project consists on an animation for a lyric video for a song. The music is a remix of an Hip Hop Song from a Portuguese Rapper. The lyrics and timings will be provided and it's expected to be a simple and clean animation, with a slighly moving background, with the display of the lyrics as the song goes on, and other elements. Attached you can find some examples of what we want, though...

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