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    I'm looking WWE Content writers for long-term. I'm looking for experienced writer, who are genuine fans of Wrestling and who keep on top of latest WWE news and trends. You must do extensive research on the given topic. Rewritten and plagiarized articles will not be accepted. I'll need at least one article every 3 days. We require articles with a minimum of 2,000-2,500 words and will be in either the form of news or list form e.g top 10, top 20 OR one that suits our website format. Each published article that follows the set requirements and standards will pay a minimum of $10.

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    for the Dr Strange Multiverse of Madness movie I want to hop on it while it’s still trending. I would like a quote for two- Three different multiverse edits. 1. & 2 . Can you do effects of floating universe bubbles floating in the air, crashing into each other, and the bodies of a solo Giant man flexing, jogging, dancing, crushing a watermelon, or wrestling another Giant man ? 3. The Spanish Giant, on Instagram already made many of the effects for zooming in on at least one of these bubble universes. I want to zoom into a bubble being destroyed by the Giant or Giants body. The zooming in will show some galaxies stars shaking violently & being flooded by a thick clear sticky slime, other galaxies crashing into each other, planets crashing, black holes ripping thr...

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    1. Lightyear (New Buzz Light Year Toy Story movie) 2. Fortnite 3. Mario (Red Design) 4. Mario and Luigi (Red / Green Design very different to the Just Mario design) 5. WWE (Wrestling) 6. Sleepover Party 7. TeePee tent Party 8. Star Wars 9. Lego 10. Smurfs

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    I would need a video edit for a short video on this channel: Video is about Justin Gaethje. Please highlight his wrestling (Big slams and takedowns) The title could be something like Justin Gaethje ragdolling his opponents (still undecided) Start with Michael Chandler slamming Gaethje to the canvas, then add the meme, followed up by a highlight of him slamming his opponents. All footage will be provided and is numbered 1,2,3. Afterwards add the intro, subscribe button and endscreen. (also provided) (and A link to my main channel to see the style of editing required.) Please use this video as a reference to help you out. Important notes:

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    One wrestling club flyer with three variations as described in our chat.

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    Del Mar Wrestling Club Logo as described in chat

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    Hi I need a custom music track made up for a professional wrestler. We currently use History by One Direction. For lack of a better term it needs to be more energetic to hype a wrestling crowd up. I'd love if someone could do a mix of History with any of the below to make it work -Tokyo Drift -Sandstorm -Kernkraft 400 Or any other suggestions really that could work. I'm open to suggestions

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    I would really like someone to design a logo for my wrestling team. Iowa sanctioned girls wrestling this year and I will be the high school head coach for the team. I would like to present a package to the school boards with a couple different logos. They need to be simple and classy. I have ideas in my head however I just can't seem to put something together. I am attaching files of images of which I really like the concept and I designed a simple logo myself that I am also attaching. I like the focus on wings and possibly sword.

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    I am looking for a wrestling news writer. It's a regular long term work project. So i am looking for reliable people from India. The payment will be between 75ppw to 1 rupee pw based on your skills. We will have a 1 week test session and then a 2 months training sessions for the chosen writers. Both will be paid but at lower rates.

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    I am looking for a wrestling news writer. It's a regular long term work project. So i am looking for reliable people from India. The payment will be between 75ppw to 1 rupee pw based on your skills. We will have a 1 week test session and then a 2 months training sessions for the chosen writers. Both will be paid but at lower rates. If you are interested please send your samples[Removed by Admin]

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    Logo Design Udløbet left

    Hello, I'm looking to have someone create a logo for for an event I plan to have. It will be an event featuring bluegrass music and a wrestling show. Would you be interested in this? If the logo looks good, I may be interested in flyer design as well in the future. Thanks

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    EDIT - Someone familiar with 'Monsters Wrestlers in My Pocket' or 'Monster in my Pocket' from the 90s, with art style would be looked favourably on. I am looking for one or two Examples of an illustration of a small monster. It does not have to be 'scary' and can be comical if needed. - Please check out 'Monsters Wrestlers in my pocket' for inspiration - a wrestling theme would be of interest. - I am also keen on a 'doodle' style if you want - I also don't mind pastel colours - but open up to you If successful I would like to discuss the possibility of a much larger project, up to 100 or more.

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    Trophy icon Rowdy Warrior Udløbet left

    Twitch streamer. Fan of wrestling. I want a logo that is fun simple black, blue.

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    I am looking for somebody who can put together a 30 to 45 second song introduction for my Live Stream Channel on Trovo Live.... My Channel is a Gaming Live Stream Channel. My main game currently in WWE2k22 so I would like the song to focus on myself and wrestling as much as possible.

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    Shooting a trailer for a drag lgbt wrestling performance, editing this with main performers consultation, to have a shareable trailer of 1-2 minutes by 10 May . inclusive of filming and editing Timings (TBC) - 10 til 4

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    Actress voiceover NSFW English speaking gig. I am producing private videos that need an actress who can create a realistic character of a snarky 23-year-old who is very self-confident. She will be describing participating in a competitive wrestling match. She needs to project great self-confidence and condescension toward her opponent. She also needs to be able to project desolation/embarrassment/shame when she loses one match. Finally, she will describe watching her opponent performing oral sex as a result of losing a match. 500 words maximum.

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    I want 3 logos made. One that says World Renowned Wrestling WRW; I want that one to be oval shaped and the colors to be black, gold and silver with some texture The 2nd has to say Mayhem TV with the WRW logo that is create part of this logo. 3 rd logo i want to be for a football league called FLA which is the Football League of America. I already have a sketch for that and i want it to look like the schedule except more symmetrical with 50 stars and 13 stripes just like the US flag and i want the colors to be Red, White, Blue and Silver and make it 3D. P.S. I am a dreamer and these ideas are just pipedreams right now eventually these dreams may come tru but its a long shot. Right now these are just for fun and i just want something to have. Please respect my name, my dreams and m...

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    I am a dreamer and this is more of a pipedream right now but i wanna eventually start a professional wrestling company called World Renowned Wrestling and i want two logos made for it. I just wanna have something from it you know. The first logo would say WRW World Renowned Wrestling and i want these logos to be of good quality and well made basically i want it to made as if it would be on a national network like ABC or something and the shows will be SlamTime! And Mayhem TV i want logos for those two also. We can work on payment if youre willing to because i dont have money right now i get paid thursday. Im doing this just for fun right now. Or we can do it on thursday. Just contact me for i would really like this to get done. And i have an idea for another logo. It ...

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    So I’m a member of two different wrestling/mma clubs. I train in both facilities and I have multiple tournaments coming up this summer. Each gym has their own distinctive logo and I would like to combine those for my gear. One logo is a red white and blue skull, and one is a spartan helmet. I will attach files plus a rough draft of kind of what I’m looking for. But I would like it to be edgier, more professional, with more pizzazz. Thank you in advance!

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    Trophy icon Athletic Dripp Udløbet left

    I want sports created in a big drip, like a big rain drop. The sports symbols I wanted included are: football, basketball,soccer, track, wrestling,golf,swim,baseball,hockey and tennis. Any space in it I want gold not a dull gold. I want the colors to pop!!!!! I don't only want the words Athletic Dripp. I want symbols of the different sports. I want those symbols inside of the drip

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    I am creating a book & card game about professional wrestling and need 40 custom characters. The only requirement is that all of the characters need to be male (and the characters cannot infringe on any copyright). The detail doesn't need to be immaculate, just basic 2d character designs will be fine as long as nothing is too repetitive or similar to others. You can make the characters as whatever you see fit as far as size, shape, skin color, hair, attire, etc...the more diverse, the better. I also have some specifications I'll like to add. My budget is between 50$ to $150 Attached are few samples as to what I am looking for. Thank you.

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    Trophy icon Holy Angels Tournament Logo Udløbet left

    I run a very large wrestling tournament and we need a new logo for the flyers, signs, etc. The name of the tournament is Holy Angels Invitational. It doesn’t have to look exactly like this, but for illustrative purposes here is the idea. Using the two attached images as reference, place them side by side, but a little further apart. Instead of them both facing ahead, rotate them each outward a little bit. If they are at the center of a clock, one is facing to 4 o'clock and the other is facing towards 8 o'clock. Also, instead of facing them at ground level, imagine the POV is on a boom dolly looking down from about 15-20 feet. Where the horizon would be is the image of the wings, as if they were appearing in the sky above the wrestlers. In the middle of the wings...

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    Videographer Udløbet left

    We run a monthly pro wrestling show and are looking at ways we could get good quality footage recorded ready to edit. We do record our shows but would like to take the quality and production value to the next level.

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    This is a manga i am working on about twin sisters starting 7th grade. They watched their dad on tv as he was a wrestler. During his title defense match he miscalculated his jump off of the top rope and was badly injured. He would later pass away from his injuries. As the twins enter an all girls middle school they find themselves creating a wrestling club. A special announcement has been made that all of the girls only schools will compete whith wrestling. The winning school will advance to take on the high school girls winning team where the winner will get a weekly slot to wresrle on live tv.⁰

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    Wrestling pictures Udløbet left

    I am looking for someone to remove the current background, add a new background and maybe a boarder. Along with lighting and so on. Because Of Covid we didn’t get professional photographer and this is his first year.

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    Sports Articles Udløbet left

    I need a writer who can write about sports like Cricket and Professional Wrestling. Bidder should've experience in the industry. They should be fluent in writing English.

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    Pro wrestling edit Udløbet left

    My brother loves pro wrestling we are having a party for him we wanted a picture of him with a wrestling company logo behind him like they do when they “draft” other wrestlers third picture is for reference and my friends name is Jay Perez I’m not good at editing pictures or anything like this and have no clue where to go to get something like this done I would appreciate the help

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    Create An App Udløbet left

    I am looking to create an App for a wrestling role-play game where people can create characters (text inputs), create a team (stables), and gaming groups (efed). Players will be able to join the gaming groups on the app. The creator of the group decides if they can join. They can decide what championships people in their group can win and create reigns to track the history of the titles. They can manage their gaming group by ticking off who has sent in their submissions, and remind people in the group who haven't to send in something before a deadline. The owner of the gaming group can view characters in his/her group for reference and set member limits. If a they hit their limit, they won't be able to be searched by players to join. PUT YOUR PRICE YOU ARE GOING TO CHAR...

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    I have ongoing work related to our previous project 'Wrestling Ring'

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    I am looking for someone to hire to make a new logo "International Deaf Naturism Federation" If you want to create a new logo for me. Maybe little color or a simple logo. what is your suggestion? May you can review our site and Facebook. I could like to pay between 10 - 20. International Deaf naturism Federation or LGBT naturism (which is generally equated with nudism) conce...equated with nudism) concerns a lifestyle in which nudity, especially in a communal context, is viewed as natural, positive, and healthy. While naturist clubs and resorts in the world. If you're looking to add a clothing-optional adventure. the gathering: Lots of things to do! Adventure Resorts Cabin Housing Beach Camping Pool Sail Parasailing body painting Massage slip and slide into some oil ...

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    Trophy icon Wrestling Ring Udløbet left

    I am looking to have a wrestling ring design for a box. Just a simple design for the outside of a clear box. I have included a similar style example design.

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    I need two kangaroos arm wrestling like the picture but don't make them look as goofy

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    The Zulu Gym Udløbet left

    A facility that has multiple areas such as: Weight room with 30 squat/benches and all of the extra tools (chalk bowls, boxes for squat, trap bars, etc) machines, a recovery area (ie. sauna, massage, hot/cold soak), landmine and battle ropes, plenty of free weight...recovery area (ie. sauna, massage, hot/cold soak), landmine and battle ropes, plenty of free weights (dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX’s, Bands, etc), dedicated cardio area, rock climbing, swimming pool, dance studios (for classes), indoor turf (football length), indoor/outdoor football field, track, crossfit area, obstacle course, and multiple basketball, and volleyball courts, boxing rings, MMA areas, wrestling mats, tennis court, baseball training area, and a soccer field, with locker rooms that had big lockers and qu...

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    state wrestling Udløbet left

    i had a school contact me with a pic they wanted for there state shirts which i need asap what is your turn around time?where the lake mills wording is i need the logan magnolia and then where the wording is you cant make out will say the 2022 aau wrestling .

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    I need a shirt design done for the Wrestling State finals. They do a shirt based on a theme this year theme is Clash Royale. I have attached examples of their logos. Please make something with flat images I don't need 3d figures. I can't really do all the gradients on the shirts - Try to stay within 2 - 3 colors and please make it Penn's colors Black Vegas and White. Must say on it Penn Wrestling State Finals 2022 The state the finals are held is Indiana just in case you want to incorporate that. *I'm sending you examples from years before so you can see what I mean by theme. One year it was the Disney Cars theme - one year it was greek gods - one year it was Pikachu - one year Austin Powers

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    I'm looking for a t shirt design or a sticker that portrays a realistic but cartoonish versions of Teddy Roosevelt (the Rough Rider days) and Sam Houston. Maybe a print that has them engaged in a "arm wrestling- type handshake."

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    More on Wrestling Udløbet left

    You tube wrestling channel. Need videos created , top ten etc about wrestling. Need you tube channel created. Need 10 videos focused on WWE Wrestling top ten lists. Need script, voice over, and video with two calls to action. (Like and Subscribe) (Comment if you agree or disagree.) One video should be specifically about the royal rumble event (Top ten surprise returns or Top ten unexpected Royal rumble moments that left wrestlers scrambling to improvise) The channel shold Be named More on Wrestling which is a pun for Moron Wrestling. Need a intro graphic that plays with the pun.

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    Trophy icon Show Promotion Logo Udløbet left

    WWE2k22 comes out very soon and I'm looking to create a logo for my promotion in universe mode. The promotion is called PWA. Premiere Wrestling Alliance. Colors are black, red, and silver. The size of the logo has to be 1024x512. All custom from scratch logos, nothing related to WWE or it's logos will be rejected automatically. Winner will get lots of work as I need lots of logos

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    Design a flyer Udløbet left

    I would like to design a flyer. one vertical and one horizontal. I would like the following text on the flyer: Dagestan Wrestling Training Camp All Inclusive Package 004 August 1 - 7, 2022 Coach Muhammad: - Master of Sport in Freestyle Wrestling - Dagestan Freestyle Wrestling Champion - Russian Cup Freestyle Wrestling Silver Medalist - Russian Absolute Championship Bronze Medalist

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    Wrestling Graphic Udløbet left

    I am looking to have a wrestling graphic made. I would like the graphic to be square: 1080 x 1080 pixels. Text I would like in the graphic are: - #22 Ranked Tournament Team - By Win Magazine

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    ...the rules below! One early prize fighter who fought under Marquess of Queensberry rules was Jem Mace, former English heavyweight champion, who defeated Bill Davis in Virginia City, Nevada under these rules in 1876. In 1889, the Queensberry rules came into use in the United States and Canada To be a fair stand-up boxing match in a 24.4 metre ring,[6] or as near that size as practicable. No wrestling allowed. The rounds to be of three minutes' duration, and one minute's time between rounds. If either man falls through weakness or otherwise, he must get up unassisted, the boxer has 10 seconds to allow him to do so, the other man meanwhile to return to his corner, and when the fallen man is on his legs the round is to be resumed and continued until the three minutes h...

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    ...(KoG) Rainbow Six (R6) 3x3 Basketball Air Hockey Basketball Shots Valorant Archery Shooting Teqball Badminton E-Football Bowls Bandy Archery Horse Racing E-Basketball Beach Volleyball Camogie Pesapallo Field hockey Greyhounds NASCAR Hurling Petanque Warcraft III (W3:TFT) Ball Hockey Rugby Sevens Beach Football Rally Surfing Squash Pool Alpine Skiing PUBG The Oscars" Freestyle Wrestling Netball Ski Jumping Greco-Roman Wrestling What? Where? When? Olympics Bowling WWE Rink Hockey Rocket League Pistol Shooting League of Legends: Wild Rift Call of Duty Age of Empires Apex Legends Brawl Stars Free Fire Cross-Country Skiing Curling Speed Skating Weightlifting Kabaddi Sailing Eurovision Hearthstone ...

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    LOGO DESIGN Udløbet left

    I need to design a logo for a Taco restaurant. The theme is Mexican Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling). The name is "Taco Enmascarado." Masked taco. The restaurant will be located inside Baseball USA The Yard. This facility is used by youth and high school baseball travel teams for tournaments and training. Our customers will be players and their families who attend the tournaments. For the logo and signage we would like to use a comics like or clip art style like the pictures below. I also would like to incorporate sunbeams in the background, similar font to the font below and a masked luchador. For the color scheme we want something vibrant. I need the logo in Photoshop.

    €29 - €238
    €29 - €238
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    I need to have Sonic Characters react to my YouTube videos. My videos would be based on professional wrestling games, MMA games, Halo, etc.

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    Text based game, real pro wrestlers rated for attack, defense and over 100 attributes. Game original table top game and also offering on going sales commissions.

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    I need a caricature artists of wrestling figures for my website. I have included the images that need to be changed. I need the figures to be on the ground fighting and a person with a camera filming them. I also need a replacement for the 2nd image figure as well.

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    ...700 Please visit , and see Pricing . FootageWorks | Stock Footage & Stock Video Clips - FootageWorks FootageWorks | Stock Footage & Stock Video Clips - FootageWorks FootageWorks | Stock Footage & Stock Video Clips - FootageWorks I have a lot more similar of Accidents and so .. ABOUT US Riots, Extreme Sports, Hot Bodies, Police Chases, Fires, Executions, Foxy Boxing, Oil Wrestling, Food Fights, Mud Wrestling, Stunts, Air Show Crashes, Fatal Car Racing , Bull Runs, Crucifixions, D.O.A Animal Attacks, Spring Break, Car Bomb ,Religious Masochists, Weatherboarding, Totally Tasteless, Tattoo Junkies, Sport Bloopers, Tattoo Junkies, Porn Stars, Dirty Jokes, Autopsy, Boat Racing Accidents, Piercing, Striptease, Ambulance, Morgue, Suicide, Air Balloon Accident...

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    Logo creater Udløbet left

    The name of the logo is SHARPSHOOTER. I have attached my currently logo. I want the font to remain white and background black with a pink lighting bolt under the name in the middle. I would like the font to be changed to be similar to the uploaded logo 'wrestling inc'. I also want to add similar ring posts and ropes to either side of the logo like in the 'pro wrestling 4 life' logo however keeping with the same colour scheme I want the wrestling posts and the padding to be the same pink as the lighting bolt instead of the green and the rest of it remain the same. I also require the same logo as a watermark in 4 different colours - white, black, pink and grey. thank you

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    We want to have a 30 sec. You Tube Trailer for our Wrestling Channel. Similar but not exactly like this one, WWE has:

    €182 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a banner for our Twitter and Facebook Site, with a fancy Background and several athletes. All pictures will provided by us, the background is up to the freelancer. We included a sample how it should look like.

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