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    Link Building Udløbet left

    ...submitted. All work has to be done manually using white-hat processes. -- Only white hat, experienced, highly ranked on SEO experts should bid -- Quality back links must relate to site topic on high quality relevant sites -- No black hat, gray hat or unethical SEO methods are to be used -- no junk profile building techniques are to be used -- No use of automated software or bots -- No links from under construction pages -- No java links, jump scripts, framed pages, redirects, cloaking, CSS redirects, 301 redirects, dynamic links, flash sites/pages, hidden links, no string parameters, etc. -- No link farms, traffic exchanges, link exchange programs or web rings -- No paid traffic sites -- No banned sites, porn, gambling, violent, illegal sites, etc. -...

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    Images for ads (designer) 6 dage left

    ...access in order to have the integrality of the orders which are assigned to you. All orders have no lead time (the goal is ASAP, while being well produced to you manage your timing). Each image must be accompanied by the source file (PSD, AI etc..) We are looking for a long term job with payment every Friday for the creations made during the week. We get a lot of requests for each job (maybe from bots) and we want to let everyone have a chance (not just look at your portfolio). If you are interested let's send a test image privately, which must respect the following directions: An image that respects the following dimensions: . This image will be used as advertising on press articles, The image must present the service that our client

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    Hi, need somebody how will help me to complete my bot for binance exchange. I already have some code, but need to adjust some parameters - stop loss, tp, order size, etc. Pls, apply only if you have experience with bots and trading. Thanks

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    I found a website with a lot of photos, I wish to bulk download and save the images into my hard drive. Video Explaining: I only need to save the thumbnail images and not the larger headshot images. Desired Programming Language: Python C# * I'm looking for the ...the larger headshot images. Desired Programming Language: Python C# * I'm looking for the best deal possible, please be very competitive. * Milestone release upon completion of the project & is bug-free. * Need Source Code when Job is Complete, After any Bug fixes, and Updates * Please post "I've read everything" when applying to be considered, too many bots applying.

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    ...* Follow specific templates/style that I will provide. * Cite your sources for all articles. * Must be able to FLUENTLY WRITE AMERICAN ENGLISH. Native speakers are preferred but are not required. These are “ghostwritten” articles. No attribution will be provided. You will be asked to sign a separate freelance writing agreement. start your submission with "I'm Your Writer". I need to eliminate bots. Submit a writing sample with your cover letter to apply. If you're selected, you will receive 1 paid test article to complete within 3 days. Thank you....

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    I'm urgently looking for a fully customizable cryptocurrency wallet and funds manager written in python 3, that can safely and efficiently move funds between addresses and to and from all large CEX's and DEX's. I need this application to be customizable so that I can implement it as part of cryptocurrency trading bots that I am developing. The funds manager application should be compatible with BTC, USDT and XMR, and also allow for payments to and from legacy, bech32 and segwit btc addresses. I need to be able to send instructions to the funds manager through a command prompt as well by calling it in python applications. This project is fairly time-sensitive and I would like to have a working result within a few days if possible.

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    We Have specialistes all around, VDL Staalservice. WWW.,+Celsiusstraat+13,+6003+DG+Weert/data=!4m6!4m5!1m1!4e2!1m2!1m1!1s0x47c73212e2b18111:0x5da397d82ddaf0ba?sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjyh-yg-Nr3AhXFN-wKHVOBClwQ48ADegQIAhAU

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    Services module C++ 2 dage left

    I need services bots for IRC. GuardServ, LogServ, SeenServ, FloodServ. The bots must work with Anope services. When someone channel owner try to assign a bot in the channel the bot must check is he a owner to a channel and if is will join in the channel and will get auto @ -op ( for GuardServ and FloodServ) and voice + ( for LogServ and SeenServ) I want GuardServ to have database for evryone channel and will use separates db. For example if in channel #channel is added bad nick troll and user with nick troll entry the bot will set mode +b troll!*@* and will be kicked by GuardServ. I want GuardServ to make a report from official channel #Bulgaria to #Opers. For example: if any user msg in #bulgaria: !report <nick> (msg), the bot must send the report with nick and msg to ...

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    Hey ich suche einen guten Programmierer der bots erstellen kann in Richtung Dating melde dich einfach bei mir

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    ...program and hopefully increase its efficiency. *Note we recognize that the screen shots of the charts only illustrate static chart data. And that the live conditions might have given an entry or exit earlier than shown, or on a different bar then represented. *Note we want the source code for the bot. We are looking for a long-term relationship with a programmer that we can have program other bots for us and be able to benefit with bonuses and dividends on our success. ...

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    Hello there, when responding please ensure you include the text "FRCONCEPT" in the first word of your response to filter bots. There are some shops that we want to redesign for Pubs, Bars, Retail counter spaces and restaurants. We want someone to create a floor plan and 3d mockup of the area including the furniture. If you are able to include a BOM it would be great but it is not required. We will tell you what activity will be in which area. You will have to design and help us in visualizing it. The ideal candidate will be someone who has experience in designing commercial spaces. You will have to deliver the editable copies as well, the ideal software is autocad or magicplan. It will have to be drawn to scale.

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    Hello, We have set up feed for our products (medicines) and linked it to Google Merchant however we are struggling to get the products approved even though there is the same products approved in google shopping. We are an approved online pharmacy with all registration numbers. Can anyone shed light on this on how we can bypass the bots? Google is not helping at all.

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    Telegram Add 2 dage left

    Add 100.000 Telegram User in a Blockhain Telegram Group and only organic Blockchain and Crypto user... No Bots Time > 7 Days

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    Hi looking for an expert in machine learning and crypto trading bots to create strategy backtest it and either send signals or execute orders (long/short-TP-SL).

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    I have a simple registration form that bots are adding 10 or so a day to. I need the form secured against bots. it should be only 1 to 2 hours work Your task is: If post code is not 4 numbers then fail if country is not AUS the fail HONEY POT This method relies on the assumption that SPAM software doesn't recognize CSS and/or JavaScript. The "honey pot" technique use a non-visible field to fool the less-intelligent robots whos automatically fills out all the input fields prior to submit the form data for further processing. CSRF TOKEN Synchronizer token pattern uses a unique token that is embedded into the HTML forms and verified on the server side. The CSRF token should be a random value that is hard to predict, preferably generated by a cryptographical a...

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    Discord Mass DM - NFT Project 1 dag left

    Looking for someone who is good and has a system in place to do Discord Mass DM to active members of target account, filter out fake and bots, as well as being able to track and show the work being done. If you meet the requirements above please let us know. Thanks

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    Expert Coder Needed for complex task 18 timer left

    I need a page made and put into zip file where I can upload on cpanel. I need there to be a live panel. So when visitor come to the link I see their click (IP country and time) there should also be country locking feature to only allow countries from a certain IP to access. It should block any bots from accessing the page and only allow real visitors, no google or amazon for example entering the site. No proxy or VPN allowed to enter the site either. From the live panel I need to be able to control what the person who is visiting the site sees and direct them to where I want with buttons for specific destinations, and fields to enter what I want. If you can do this for a cheap rate and you have good experience in coding please message me.

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    Hello, this should be an easy fix for a PHP Codeignitor to find the lost password for the Admin-CMS. Forgot Passowrd page was removed and it doesn't seem to be showing in phpadmin or mysql areas. It is for: I really need it so we can delete bothersome posted materials. Bots keep harming our website without a filter since it's a custom site and it can be harmful towards women, so need to delete it.

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    Project: *Automate Trading strategies* Task: 1) Trading Strategies to be programmed in python & or in pine script( official trading view l...strategies* Task: 1) Trading Strategies to be programmed in python & or in pine script( official trading view lang) or any other superior signal generating machine using ML/AI 2) Trading Bot 3) Fully Automat Trading Bots API integration with brokers accounts (31 Approx) to be implemented with signal of buy & sell 4) By trading bot can control Entries, Profit Booking , Trailing Stop losses, Stop loss etc…to be implemented 5) Trading view Integration to Get signal from tradingview, & can place direct orders to brokers accounts 6) Telegram Bots All signal on telegram using bots Directly get auto...

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    Crypto Listing/Sniping Bot for Pancakeswap first of all bot must have anti bot detection I need a bot that detects when new liquidity is added to an AMM (automated market maker) pool on Pancakeswap (runs on the Binance smart chain, bep20 network). The bot needs to detect it and immediately execute a trade according to my parameters. I need to be able to give the bots my own parameters such as: BSC contract address, gas price, max. buying price of the token, selling price of the token, quantity of tokens to buy/sell, slippage Basically I need to be able to be with the first people to buy tokens. IF the basics work we can later add more options. Please do look what it is am asking before you BID BID WHAT YOU ARE WILLING TO WORK FOR..DO NOT ASK A BIGGER PRICE LATER

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    ...paying alot of money, i can hardly get 10 traffic visits to my website daily, which is bad after paying soo much money for SEO. That been said my offer is open to everyone and anyone who is willing to do the job, but if you are from India,Pakistan and Bangladesh (This is not to be rude to anyone, but to prevent waste of money),i will only pay you if my website get traffic, no traffic no payment !. No bots, No black-hat and no fake clicks. I need help from someone who is honest and can help my website get traffics,Unfortunately I will not pay you if my website does not get any traffic and this issue is fixed. i have had too many people waste my time in the past. You must be familiar with this type of issue and know how to bring organic targeted traffic and not fake traffic to our ...

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    Dear all, I am seeking expert C++ and JAVA desktop APPs developer to develop desktop application on...objective is to deploy a VPN desktop application. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE ATTACHED file before bidding as its explaining the project nature in details with all the helping documentations and resources available on GitHub along with the source code Freelancers bidders are expected to demonstrate the methodology will be used to deploy the applications as stated on the attached file guide lines , auto bots bidders may be disqualified so again please read the attached throughly and make yourself acquainted with the required .. and if you have any further questions still, please dont hesitate to contact me for further clarification with all my best wishes for all the freelancers ...

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    You will need to grind for NFT whitelists , the price for them could range from 100-350 it depends on the project . It needs time but overall its an easy job. If you can do additional fan art it will be appreciated. No bots allowed, and do creative organic conversations without spamming. Be one with the community and you will get that . I am looking to give a stable job to people. [The Administrator removed this message for encouraging communication outside which breaches our Terms and Conditions.]

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    My site has been on for two years now and despite doing a lot of paid Seo work, I still do not get any organic traffic. There are no views on blog posts...too. I need help from someone who is familiar with this type of issue and can fix it once and for all. Unfortunately I will not pay you if you do not fix the issue. Because I’ve had too many people waste my time in the past. You must be familiar with this type of issue and know how to bring organic targeted traffic and not fake traffic. I believe there must be a technical backend issue preventing bots getting the right information about the website. No generic Seo work offers because I believe the problem is more than that. Like I mentioned before, they will be no pay unless I see real results!!! Check the website at

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    ... I need help from someone who is familiar with this type of issue and can fix it once and for all. Unfortunately I will not pay you if you do not fix the issue. Because I’ve had too many people waste my time in the past. You must be familiar with this type of issue and now how to bring organic targeted traffic and not fake traffic. I believe there must be a technical backend issue preventing bots getting the right information about the website. Please do not message with generic Seo work offers because I believe the problem is more than that. Like I mentioned before, they will be no pay unless I see real results!!! To review the website at

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    Looking for someone to configure Discord server and a Telegram channel. Both have been setup already, ther only part you need to do is setup the chat bots, scam moderation, web hooks. If you read this job description, mention "Kiwi"at the beginning of your bid. Please stick to the budget.

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    Creacion de un checker 3 dage left

    ...leiste la descripcion escribe un ".Zapato" [Eje: .Zapato Hola...] antes de iniciar tu oferta para saber que no eres un bot de respuesta atm) El checker debe estar orientado a una de estas 3 tipos de cuentas Disney plus, Gmail o Amazon (Luego de que desarrolles este primer checker, comprobemos que funciona entonces te contactaremos de nuevo para que realices para los otros 2 que faltan). Todos los bots serán calificados con 1 punto en sus ofertas y no serán tomados en cuenta....

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    C# Automation Bots for simple Games

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    ...MUST be REAL people! - Unique Email and IP Addresses (currently US only) - NO duplicates - NO Fraudulent Signups - NO Blackhat - NO Craigslist Spamming! - No Proxy Servers are allowed (We can verify this!) - No Incentivized traffic - Leads and IPS : Will be from USA - Each completed signup/action MUST come from unique IP to qualify - NO Spam, AUTO Bots or software - NO Incentives You must never use any kind of software, bots, cookie cleaner or any kind of automation Payments: You will get paid 50% per lead. PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU NEED PAYMENT UP FRONT. People keep bidding and asking for hundreds of dollars up front, but we will not deal with you as we will not risk our CPA Account getting banned or our money being lost. I will not be paying you advance /...

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    Do you want to get the WHITELIST on your favourite NFT project? Are you disappointed because you had to try hard to get it? Are you tired of constantly chatting in Discord? If your answer is "YES," then you are on the right Gig. I will be your personal disco...your personal discord chatter and I will work to get you whitelist any way. I am an expert in discord servers and I have a lot of experiences of NFT projects. I will be getting paied after I receive your whitelist so the current rate that is being shown doesn't matter! What can I offer? Additional fan arts ! (Drawings / Graffiti street art) Actively Organic Chat with good vibes / energy! NO BOTS! I can level up your account Money 100% back guaranteed if you are not satisfied with my work Ask me your qu...

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    ...Requirements: • Multi-user platform with 2 broker – Fyers & Angel Broker – User able to select Broker/Strategy/Quantity • Basic Flask for User Inputs and Generate reports. • I also have most of the code but rework needed to make code efficient/ can provide an idea which shortens the development time. • Neat and stable code for flawless execution • Seeking python developer who already builds bots: have a basic idea about bots framework 1. Controller to control the broker while trading 2. Utils for respective broker - FUTURES - Angel 3. Buy Order & Sell function/Class ( recode ) 4. Instrument Selection - Will be added in Utils ( recode ) 5. If day is Tuesday then switch to next expiry ( recode ) 6. Sample Strategy ( recode ) 7. ...

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    Hello, I am looking for someone that can build automated trading bots on a layer 1 network (conflux) admin/backend: - can create separate predetermined bots with formulas/functions - see reports and analytics - the project takes a % of each trade made front end: - user can login to choose to put their own money into the bots and remove money when they want and see metrics of the amount they put in no generic answers, pls start your bid with "i can build on conflux"

    €332 (Avg Bid)
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    16 bud

    Foundation work on the site before it's built out. Experience with the Sahifa theme is necessary. To be considered please answer: Where is the font size adjusted? Thank you. I never work with the bots. I don't want a meeting. Don't ask what my budget is. It's indicated in the bid range. If the question is not answered I will not consider your bid.

    €65 (Avg Bid)
    €65 Gns Bud
    21 bud

    Hello, I am looking for someone who could build a desktop application which searches for an airline award tickets(phase 1) If I will like your work, I will will award you with an additional features. So what is n...program costs, and has to update dynamically depending on what price I set for each mileage program. here are some examples of tools: , I will provide you with the list of mileage programs my agency currently uses. the tool is planned to use by multiple people, so you also have to figure out how not get blocked by airline website anti-crawl bots. As I said for now I only need award and UA upgrade search included, later I will need SABRE gds fares as well, I will give you the details. Let me know if you are interested.

    €607 (Avg Bid)
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    Powerful Antibots Udløbet left

    Need a powerful antibots to protect our site from bots

    €13 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    ...contract. Truly community driven token. Help in finalising Tokenomics, rewards to community member. I want to give max benefit to our token holders. Buy back feature. reflections, manually burning token. Features: pre-sale through website or I have an idea about that, and public sale over pancakeswap. LP tokens staking, farming, lending. limit for buying max and min BNB. have feature to block the bots wallet addresses. Locked the liquidity, locked unused or undistributed tokens. Anti bot system, Anti whale system, Fair public launch. I want to have feature adjust the slippage charge. Bot address should be ban, verified contract, Security should be tight no loopholes. No backdoor entries. Note: You need make exact same feature for test or demo tokens once tested all things ov...

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    Android expert Udløbet left

    I'm building the 20+ android game bots and have deep knowledge with image processing. I'm not familiar with android, so I'm finding the android expert and can help you in image processing field. This is long term project and put your hourly rate in bid. Thanks

    €711 (Avg Bid)
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    ... Registration should allow for user verification: check by email, phone-text (preferably), ID, video interview (optional), etc. The system should ask for such data as name, email, and address, jobs you are willing to perform, rates for the jobs and the level of experience. To complete the registration the system should ask to pay a minimal fee, which is to verify banking/payment data and filter bots and spammers. Incomplete registration/verification should not be able to proceed.  5. Each provider of service should be able to complete their profile, add meaningful details like description of services, portfolio, reference and price. NO personal phone numbers to be on the platform.  6. Platform should automatically displays reviews from verified/authenticated customers, ...

    €489 (Avg Bid)
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    ...الدفع )) ICON 2 -1 : Send the receipt (( Translation to Arabic : إرسال إيصال الدفع )) *** But there is an important point for the bot to work correctly, When the user uploads the payment receipt in the bot, I want to make the bot send me (admin) with the payment receipt + the user name and mobile number of the user automatically without any intervene from the user * It is found in most bots * *** Important points : - Complete the bot work in just -- One Day -- . - the payment for the bot work will be after the bot is completed according to the required conditions . Important Questions : - Can you do the same requirements? - What is the full amount for making this bot? - Can it be tested before receiving it? - Can you explain to me how the modifications are made to t...

    €35 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    We are from Philippines. We want our specific Facebook POST to get upto 30,000 REAL engagements (facebook engagements) in 1 month (not bots or fakes). - FOR MARKETERS OR INFLUENCERS - Specifically Filipino Local Demographics. Other specifics can be provided later. (post link) - Message me your RATE. We don't care how you will do it. - We need 30,000 VALID/ REAL Reactions, comments or shares. - Don't contact us if you can't do it because we have a deadline. - WE NEED ENGAGEMENTS ONLY NOT SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER. - Rate Should Include overall price no extra or hidden charges for ads or anything *** Your performance may determined continuous projects

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    Translate the content of the annexed documents into Portuguese. Refer to the English text as a reference and write its equivalent in the exactly the same line in the column "Portuguese". You have to know perfectly written Portuguese - not bots!

    €22 (Avg Bid)
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    20 bud

    Translate the content of the annexed documents into simplified Chinese. Refer to the English text as a reference and write its equivalent in the exactly the same line in the column "Chinese". You have to know perfectly written Chinese - not bots!

    €20 (Avg Bid)
    €20 Gns Bud
    22 bud

    Translate the content of the annexed documents into Arabic. Refer to the English text as a reference and write its equivalent in the exactly the same line in the column "Arabic". You have to know perfectly written Arabic - not bots!

    €22 (Avg Bid)
    €22 Gns Bud
    26 bud

    Hello We started a twitter channel that posts daily/weekly videos but we are not getting enough followers. Looking for expert who can assist us in getting more follower/views for our videos. We need organic real followers/view not bots

    €42 (Avg Bid)
    €42 Gns Bud
    13 bud

    Building a Decoder bot to pull a value from a message then add that to the end of a coinmarket URL, then return a value for Contract Address and paste that into my channel, with a way to make changes to the bots settings as to the input format and output format. example: someone posts a post with #Bnx/bnb Bot adds it to end of coinmarket cap URL Then pulls a value from site for Contract Address and pastes "CA 0x8C851d1a123Ff703BD1f9dabe631b69902Df5f97" into my channel

    €343 (Avg Bid)
    €343 Gns Bud
    6 bud

    We are looking for someone to build us an application for the android OS. This application will do Cryptomining on the Android will use as the pool it is part of. You will use XMrig code to make this happen as Androids are Linux machines. There is very little programming to be done. Very simply the app when opened up will ask user...transferred to our company. In order for you to be considered for this project you MUST be willing to work on the project dedicated until completed. We would like it delivered in no more than 30 days from the date you start. Furthermore you MUST in your application type the words "I agree the your terms of contract" any applications submitted without this will be discarded. We are doing this to prevent BOTS from applying for this project.

    €284 (Avg Bid)
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    6 bud