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    Required Features - Payment After All Features Successfully Tested ========================================================= 1. Three types of account(s) - Admin - Partners - Clients or Buyers 2. Admin can, (a) Update home page slider images, (b) Web pages header and footer details on email, phone, and other details. (c) Schedule video or audio appointments for website conference calls with requ...

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    I am calling api to generate pdf in Reactjs. The front-end logic is getting pdf file as blob and show it to new tab on Firefox browser. The pdf is shown on Firefox successfully but NOT with Chrome. Chrome shows pdf as raw data. Need someone to look into.

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    Looking for an experienced Front-End Developer to implement the mobile design of a webapp. Mobile sketches and url to webapp will be provided. Must be applied for all mobile screen sizes and browsers (at least Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE). Front: React.js Back: Node.js We would like to build a long term business relationship. If you complete this job successfully, more work will be offered to y...

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    Want to build a website to help student on their dictation. Platform: can access from all modern browser, Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc..... responsive design that can access from android and IOS 0. user can be guest, student, teacher, school, registered member 1. Simple user sign up / sign in, file save in subfolder e.g. [log ind for at se URL] 2. Guest can u...

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    Debug the older stand-alone version of Flowplayer that a project of mine uses, so that it behaves the same on modern versions of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. The bug is that on Firefox and Safari, the audio does not stop when the modal containing the Flowplayer video is dismissed and hidden again.

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    Build 5 websites Udløbet left

    I am looking for getting FIVE Affordable responsive, Dynamic Websites made, with approx 7 Pages each. The domain and Hosting will be mine. I will provide the Text for pages.....Please inform on the following - 1) Creatives / Images in the website ? - will they be included in the price quoted by you ? 2) Will you making the site in Wordpress ?...

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    Need Health & Fitness Calculators created for my website I have a list there are 10 I need creating and incorporating into my Wordpress site

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    Ongoing standard website maintenance and technical support includes: • Bug fixes and maintenance issues. • Regular monitoring and updating to ensure performance across all the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and mobile versions of Chrome and Safari. • Regular and thorough backups of your website so that it may be fully restored in case of loss. • Monitoring your web...

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    Hi, I'm in a hurry. I have a membership in a site (dramaturca dot com) and the site works like the following: -They create english subtitles for turkish series. -You pay a membership per month and you download a chrome or firefox extension. -Then you click on each series' episode from a list and you're redirected to the youtube video containing said episode. -Those videos that were...

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    We are looking for a highly qualified tech writer who understands video hosting and streaming. Bonus points if you can crack a joke occasionally. You'll typically write about video uploading, encoding, live streaming, video hosting, video monetization with pay-per-view, video security and protection, analytics, HTML5 video player and playlist widgets, video CDN, etc. You'll receive a m...

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    I want to allow my Media Player to send a custom user agent header when requesting the hls / m3u8 link for playback. The UserAgent currently sends this header Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 8.1.0; Moto G (5S) Plus) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/77.0.3865.92 Mobile Safari/537.36 I wish I could customize it or change it whenever I wanted. I want to change the UserAgent Header anytim...

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    Costo de Capacítación por 1 hora para programador de SUITECRM. Tenemos conocimiento de PHP y del uso de SuiteCRM. Estamos haciendo un proyecto de desarrollo de módulos personalizados y nos gustaría resolver varias dudas como: a) Reutilización de parte de los módulos de Accounts, Leads, Activities b) descripción detallada y ejemplos de uso de la lib...

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    I need someone to fix or implement a video background in my website ([log ind for at se URL]) that works in any device. I already have a video background but only works in google chrome... no mobile, firefox or internet explorer... need it to be cross browser and mobile friendly.

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    Tic Tac Toe Game Udløbet left

    If you meet the requirements and specifications completely, that is worth an 85% grade. Provide enhancements (either from the suggested list or your own) to increase your grade to 100%. User interface Operation  The app allows the user to play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe.  The user can click the New Game button at any time to start a new game.  The app displays other messages to the user as the game ...

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    Very simple... We need VPS (or at least RDP to some Windows user account on any existing server) with location (and internet connection) in China Mainland for web development testing purposes. It is needed for us to obtain the RDP parameters so that we can log in to that server in China and check how our websites work from China via china internet connection. The server should be available at le...

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    Please Note: Since this is for a single, short, page, bids over $USD 60 will be ignored. Instructions for a Single Responsive Web Page This is the first page of a new website. Please deliver one HTML file + one CSS file to implement the three layouts – Mobile, Tablet, Desktop — included. - The given design and layout MUST be matched very accurately for each screen width. - You ...

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    IF YOU WANT THIS BID, PLEASE REPLY WITH MOST SIMILAR WEBSITE LINKS YOU HAVE WORKED ON!!! THIS IS AN ADULT WEBCAM SITE! Be able to communicate (read, write, understand, and in some cases speak) in English fluently. Be able to FULLY complete ALL listed tasks while maintaining the site's functionality in preparation for launch. The tasks will be listed in the order of complexity. Be able to acce...

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    I need 3D modelling editor which is developed with WEBGL technology ([log ind for at se URL] is forbidden). We should use javascript and OPENGL/WEBGL. It must work on browsers like Mozilla, Chrome etc. What will it exactly do? -Creating scene -Adding lights, model to scene and editing their location, rotation and scale -Ready to use models (cube, sphere etc.) -UV Modelling -Texture applications to...

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    I created a personal website in 2013, which used the stand-alone Flowplayer v5.3.2 ([log ind for at se URL]) HTML video player from 2013 to play videos. Flowplayer no longer supports its stand-alone version, and my videos no longer play correctly in Firefox nor Safari... only in Chrome. I am in need of someone to take my current Flowplayer code and update it to use [log ind for at se URL] ([log i...

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    Hi, I'm finding someone who have some experiences in fixing safari browser issue. In my squarespace website, Vimeo video is showing in chrome,opera and firefox but only now working in safari browser and iPhone. Don't hestiate bid if you can do it. Thanks.

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    Firefox Script Udløbet left

    Hi. I need a script for Firefox that do this; Read a TXT file containing URL:s to FB pages. For every page: 1. Click on every event page 2. Mark every event as "going" or "interested" 3. Wait 1 minute 4. Read and goto next FB page as read in the TXT -file. Pretty basic :)

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    Development environment Centos 7.7 Firefox 68+ Mogodb SQLITE MYSQL Python 3.6 or 2.7 [log ind for at se URL] (running on client side) Customization (a) Book marking (b) Annotations (c) Notes (d) Page Modes (e) Zoom (f) Collect Analytics of Page flips, highlighted words/sentences, book marks, notes etc so that they can be shown on user profiles (and send them to server side to be put in mongodb)

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    Tasks: Implement Google Translate API / language dropdown menu to support global communications. On model pages, widgets should be able to added be at bottom of the page or sides (to display social medias, wishlists, etc.) at the model's choosing. They should be able to add this in their model settings. Allow models to be scrolled through while current model camera is mini...

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    Wordpress website displays correctly on Chrome browser but not Firefox.

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    Be able to communicate (read, write, understand, and in some cases speak) in English fluently. Be able to FULLY complete ALL listed tasks while maintaining the site's functionality in preparation for launch. The tasks will be listed in the order of complexity. Be able to access competitor adult sites and edit our adult / sex oriented site (private message for the link to the site, after ...

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    UX/UI Design Udløbet left

    We are looking for a talented UI/UX designer to develop the following screens: 1. Teller Screens (total screens are attached) 2. Admin Screens (total screens are attached) These screens should include: • UI/UX Creation • PSD Creation • HTML 5 • CSS files • Web interface compatible • LTR & RTL Creation It’s a UI / UX Design project with Screens Design compa...

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    We need A system that has the following features : 1-Any project can have a dedicated group where all of the files, discussions, and tasks pertaining to that project are stored and accessed only by those users who are relevant to the project. Time spent on each task within the project can be tracked, and tasks are integrated into the group calendar. Furthermore, projects can be created in the Extr...

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    custom wordpress theme, responsive HTML 5, with widgets and 2 menus, atleast 5 different templates. I will tell more detail in inbox.

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    current website is at [log ind for at se URL] I want to have a hand drawn website that is flexible to screen sizes with computer and mobile options for the user. Attached are ideas for both a mobile and PC versions of the index page desired. The final design will be done by our artist working on paper. Your Job is to consult on how best to do the drawing, scanning and slicing etc to make it a uni...

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    Looking for a reactjs developer to integrate a form into an existing one page website. This documentation illustrates how a form can be integrated into an existing website [log ind for at se URL]

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    Minimum requirements: • Able to discuss the work during PST U.S. time • Fluent in English • Must-Have Skills: PHP, Java, Javascript, Restful Webservices, React/Angular JS • At least 5 years of industry experience with website development and architecture • Expert on responsive design (mobile, desktop, etc) • Able to include sophisticated animations into site architec...

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    Only Change the the Name , logo , ad mob id and firefox id

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    Download manager c# Udløbet left

    I need you to develop download manager software for me with c#. I would like this software to automatically catch all downloads from every browser (chrome, firefox, edget)

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    I need a help on creating my web page, please help me and i need to put the live data to that two widgets, i have live data.

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    Need a highly qualified web designer with graphic design skill to create and develop a world class responsive sports news magazine website, sports blog and turn it into a mobile app for android and iphone. Only apply if you are highly skilled in Wordpress (unless you desire to do a custom design from scratch), aware of best wordpress plugins, widgets and incorporating rss feeds and social network...

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    Hi, I work as a tv dialog subtitler and need an application to help me speed up my work-flow. Basically the app needs to do this: Copy the text from the english box in the subtitle-translation interface into the google translate website's text box. Then activate google translate. Copy the translated text back into another box in the subtitle-translation interface. Repeat this action for al...

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    WHAT WE NEED We need to insert advertising banners within the home of our new Wordpress site and the sidebar of the secondary pages. We use "Google AD Manager" to manage the banners (we already have an account, we used it with old website). We can explain where we want the banners and give some general indication (here follow) but nothing more: we need someone able himself, in co...

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    We have a custom programmed website ([log ind for at se URL]) based on PHP, Javascript and HTML5 which has still some bugs. The biggest, and topic of this project, is to make the website ready for Internet Explorer (all the functionalities which are stated in this project are already working on Firefox and Chrome). The website will be used to upload data sheets for our customers, which will be ...

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    We have a Wordpress site (fully up to date) runnng on a managed server with WHM/cPanel. Over the last couple of weeks the site has been using significant bandwidth (a few GB per day) which is causing the site to hit limits and repeatedly go offline. We have identified the problem to be as follows: Upon checking the bandwidth usage on this account via Awstats I see the "Not viewed traffic&quo...

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    This job requires an experienced WordPress developer and branding expert. Only freelancers with both WordPress and branding experience will be considered for this project. Design experience with thoughtful use of branding elements must be demonstrated in prior work. Budget is $400 + $100 bonus (see bonus info below). Website must be online by Oct 4. Work for this project includes: * Creation of...

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    Build a website from scratch, I have a few pointers and examples that I will show. Also a few widgets that I want.

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    Hi ready project and bid NO UPFRONT PAYMENT, I'LL PAY BY PARTS ONCE IT COMPLETED AND REVIEWED I'LL CREATE AND RELEASE MILESTONE ONLY daily updates on server ( if u want i'll proved urs also ok). on time delivery must. ADMIN PANEL, EMPLOYEE PANEL, USER PANEL and display in Front end ( NO NEED GREAT UI just default bootstrap framework). features i'll explain if u don't ...

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    Website Development Udløbet left

    Build a website from scratch, I have a few pointers and examples that I will show. Also a few widgets that I want.

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    I need an iPhone app. I already have a design I just need it to be built. I have android application already up and running What I want is to convert it to iPhone This is the source code and apk 1- Eqra Source code deep speech:: [log ind for at se URL] 2- APK:: [log ind for at se URL] 3- model:: [log ind for at se URL] 4- Read me:: [log ind for at se URL] ## 5- Link for original:: [log ind ...

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    Build a web site Udløbet left

    Quote for improve web site preferable using Wix as a platform. It is a small maintenance company that cleans windows, gutters, and repair roofs. DEVELOPMENT AND DESIGN OF WEB SITE * CMS Platafor web WIX PREMIUM plan unlimited - graphic design of the site - contacts section - readable in other devices ( tablets, mobile) - blog section - compatible in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari). OTHERS ...

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    Trophy icon I need a new images Udløbet left

    I need 8 new images with approximatively the same root containing: - a data image (basic root of the image) or variations between images. Why not like 8 widgets with the same root idea - a reference to eAdvisor Reports (with supporting your success ?) -> Second root of the image - a text - Text and image 1: data migration. (The idea behind is a transfer of data from A to B) - Text and ima...

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    Request, receive and process examination and meeting reports, photos and information - Keep all document templates up to date and insure everyone has and is using the latest versions - Check all phone numbers are working, phone usage statistics, create new or eliminate low usage phone numbers - Process orders from receipt of payment to completion and delivery. This includes gathering all photo...

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    I have a small business that collects data 4 ways. Part 1 A service evaluation of 70 questions is completed onsite by me or a member of my team. This date goes into a database. (right now excel) This date is used to create a score for the specific site. I want a better way to capture this data and make it contain my logo and business image? Also not all questions will be answered in order. At...

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    I want a browser extension that should work on Chrome and Firefox. The extension should cost money via a monthly subscription/service fee and not work when users aren't paying. The extension needs to make sure that payments are being made in a secure way on specific websites. You should expect to be able to identify inside the extension the domain of the site being visited, be able to veri...

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