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    I have a little PYTHON project. Programming the back-end part of a login-application for a website. During programming you TEACH me in english programming with PYTHON (Flask, requests and so on). Later in the follow projects we will need MongoDB. The time you teach me is part of the job and you are paid in hourly wages. If everything completes successfully, next project will follow!!

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    We have a Unity project for an already functional Virtual Reality Distance Learning integrated with an API on another LMS platform other than moodle. We need to integrate this current project into a moodle LMS. There is already ready documentation about the API available in the company Hippocampus that will be the manager of this LMS and person responsible for it with free access to ask questions....

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    I have a team of partners spread across geographies. I need to create a login and dashboard for them through which they can do the following... 1. Register/Login/Change Password 2. Have a Unique Partner ID created and assigned to them 3. Update Leads Tracker 4. Track their business actuals - target vs done 5. Check on the status of the order placed by them - Placed/Paid/In Process/Dispatched/Deliv...

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    Need help setting up Mooldle similar to an existing setup. We will provide Azure Windows Server VM to install and configure Moddle.

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    web function in C#, i need fast programmer and high profisional, pls if you cant dot bid

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    Create a login page for members And contain The page after the entry contains a table with questions about each sual, a drop-down list, and four fixed choices that do not change. Example: [log ind for at se URL] The user then selects the appropriate selection from the drop down menu in that table and then presses Next And then open another table and then fill it with the appropriate selection an...

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    Estoy usando el tema "Adaptable" en la plataforma open Source Moodle. Cuando utilizo el thema por default, en cada contenido del curso aparece un link a la próxima actividad / contenido. El problema es que actualice el Thema y actualmente utilizo uno que se llama "Adaptable". Pero en este tema no aperece el link de próxima actividad en cada sección de con...

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    Estoy usando el tema Adaptable. La cosnulta es la siguiente: ¿como puedo hacer para que aparezca el link de próxima actividad en cada sección de contenido de los cursos? Necesito alguien que me pueda dar soporte con este tema

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    I teach children swimming at a volunteer organization. however, there is not really a good system to keep track of the progression of the children. I made something in google sheets myself, and it works but I miss functions in it. Features like that parents of children can see how their child is doing. Easily add a child. It is a mess with tabs and there is no real structure. In addition, the syst...

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    Hello We are getting a bad gateway error while google log in . Might required done from scratch . Code is developed in codeigniter . only developer with similar experience please

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    Login Details Site Udløbet left

    Looking for A Custom Website with Functionality : It will fetch the Google Search Results based on added Keywords+Key Phrase using Google Search API. It includes, Titles of Search Result, Meta description, Site URL. Also for each search result, A Screenshot of site need to be taken. Then It will display it on a page like [log ind for at se URL] Keyword: Hsvsingles Keyphrase: Login Back Panel O...

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    I have all the content set up, I need people who are experts on Moodle to go through the site and make it easy to use, clean and an appealing appearance.

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    User login system Udløbet left

    Looking for help implementing a user login system with Nativescript/Python, using Fusionauth backend.

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    login to my web Udløbet left

    Application and testing form if inserted correctly and whether the user is in the database.

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    if you answer without mentioning both technologies moodle joomla no answer will be provided no itme to waste must have both moodle and joomla technologies to create education portal from old tar files joomla moodle etc 500 for project US references reauired

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    hello there i want to build a bank management login portal i all ready attached the sample system i want to add this futures for my system .. first connect to our server follow the instruction first go this site = [log ind for at se URL] second = open the your cmd third = copy the cmd and paste it

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    Need to remove fb login in our website so you can play without mandatory login on fb.

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    I need an expert who can remove mandatory fb login to play quiz on our website.

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    I need a PhpBB extension for registration/login button based on API of another website. API documentation avaible here [log ind for at se URL]

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    We have this page: [log ind for at se URL] We need a new background image with jewelry instead of people. Please help us make a really nice graphic, and show me the version for desktop and a version for mobile. It must be very professional, and if you don't show desktop and mobile, you will automatically be rejected.

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    SPAM BIDS WARNING: Your bid will be rejected automatically if it appears to be generated by a bot: * it asks for more information without asking a *specific question*; or * it asks me to contact you to discuss the project without saying what information is required. Thank you for your understanding. --- I would like someone to create an open source and released/documented [log ind for at se UR...

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    Hi, I need installa CentOs Web panel in my google cloud projetc, with litespeed server working, install letsencrypt , and htpps:// domain .com and htpps://subdomain. domain .com ready to work with moodle and wordpress.

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    Hey guys, so i've created a "login with google" button on my website, to go WITH the normal login form. So "two logins". The google login works, however, the last step doesn't, i think it requires connecting to the database, so the person can get redirected to the SAME PAGE AS IF THEY GOT LOGGED IN NORMALLY. I have quite a small budget for this project, but then ag...

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    I would like someone to create an open source and released/documented [log ind for at se URL] plugin to automatically log in users from a link. The link would look like [log ind for at se URL] and assuming the 'user' and 'secret' parameters are okay, the user should be redirected to the value of the 'url' parameter. Otherwise it should redirect to a different page con...

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    CMS Login APP Udløbet left

    1. Create an App (preferably xamaran) which will have two screens. Login and Home. 2. From login screen 2 type of users will be able to login. Driver and Care giver. app will communicate with web service page and return user company ID and role (driver or care giver) 3. Home screen will show 2 buttons depending on the type of user. 4. On click of button user will be taken to browser with ...

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    Crear un Login y esquema de acceso con [log ind for at se URL] 1) validar si el token esta vigente es decir que el tiempo de vigencia del mismo no se ha vencido. 2) Mostrar el nombre de usuario en la parte superior derecha de la barra y un sub-menu para que el usuario cambie su contraseña o salga del sistema, es decir que tumbe el token activo. además el sistema debe validar si el ...

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    First i need someone who cares, flexible anda record in MOODLE AND joomla please dont respond unless you hae both skills BOTH i wont answer I prefer US for the English communication Need references and evidence you care and have a record in this area Moodle and Joomla so as to create an education portal 500 for the project wherein i would help so i can learn

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    Responsibilities: - Collaborate with SMEs to collect content for training solutions and obtain approval of completed solution. - Learn and employ course template, applying enterprise learning development standards. - Design and develop interactive/multimedia SCORM learning activities that incorporate elements of social, scenario, and game based learning. - Create embedded media (animation, images...

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    WP Login Required Udløbet left

    I need urgent access to WordPress Website with WP Login. I already have user name just need password. I have access to wp-login not wp-admin. Its a user password I need, not Admin hacking. I don't have cpanel access / wp-admin access / ftp access / db access. I only have username for wp-login. Budget $50 to $100. Please proposal or let's chat. Expertise in wpscan / Kali Linux would help.

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    Hi there, I do have a module that currently misbehaving as the Events 1 API has been depreciated. Currently in module there is function called events_trigger() but it should be now changes to observers. I think this is a minor change but I do have a plan to upgrade and introduce new functions so the project will be continues work. ------------ ERROR from CRON ----------- linenumber55; linenumbe...

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    Looking for an expert with Facebook policy on Social Media Authentication. User will submit via social media sign on, we need to access users email address, first and last name. Hers is the service we are applying for, [log ind for at se URL] We have completed our application verification with FB. When we get our app verified for social media sign – on to get the first, last name and email,...

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    I sseek a person who can do BOTH MOODLE AND JOOMLA and help me get my old tar files transformed into an education portal like [log ind for at se URL] i did have a site and the host packed all JOOMLA AND MOODLE files into a big tar file and that content would have to be extracted Moodle and JOOMLA skills are a must 500 for project will need personal references if you answer without these skills i ...

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    I need someone to create a login page from wordpress user details to login in other external PHP application. Anyone who is fast and can do it quickly is welcome for this quick project. This is just 2-3 hours work and I will guide through all details. Interested candidates can bid. Thanks

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    I need an Android app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built.

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    I have a subscription to They have an archive of CSV files published daily going back to 2003 that sits behind a form-based login. A valid login and password will be provided. I want the CSV files for each day downloaded and stored in an Azure File Storage location that I will provide the details for.

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    I need a freelancer who is creative to create a special login screen for android and ios.

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    I am implementing a project that requires a login with AWS cognito in a unity project. The Cognito login works in the editor, but when I built the apk for android the login does not work. Should be a simple fix for anyone who has worked with Cognito in Unity before. Thanks!

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    Moodle Front Page Udløbet left

    I have a Moodle site up and running, but require help with my Front Page configuration.

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    I need somebody to enter the correct webmail details inside the Moodle menu. Actually nobody can register anymore in Moodle website because actual webmail details are incorrect. I provide access to the Moodle website application and informations about webmail config details.

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    Moodle expert Udløbet left

    hi, I need someone who can develop a plugins to push and pull data to/from moodle data base, create custom table in moodle, also a plugins for moodle that can I can customise.

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    I have a CakePHP system which has linkedin login. I need to upgrade the linkedin login from v1 to v2.

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    I need a working facebook login to create an account on the sql database.. I need to fetch name and email I have an old integration but it is no longer working (doesnt fetch anything from facebook) I have uploaded the old file to self explain.

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    Hey! I am looking for a developer who has the expertise of both Moodle as well as Joomla for my website. Other requirements will be shared through the chat only. Thanks, Raj D.

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    I need to design the login, Register, Forgot and Rest confirmation password pages using Material Design. Because, I already made the functionality of react components. you just need to styling of those components :) If you need more info, please message me.

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    i need a Design a login, Register, RestPassword and Forgot password pages using materialDesign, React.js. I already did the functionality but i need only for styling the react components which i was did.

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    We need an expert to setup a corporate LMS

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    I have a basic html design required to install login module including Facebook & Google sign-in. Stores login data through mysql and store as session, also add session out button through logout button. Link to 2 other html pages. Can check html at [log ind for at se URL] Budget will be based on how much is being bidded. Plain and simple request, no need to redesign, etc...just add in login ...

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    we need just a webpage with a login form (6 - 8 steps) and an administration page to see the user registered, it's important that an every step of the login form the data its saved to avoid loss of information. page has to fill the entire screen of navigator every button and field needs to be complete css customizable web page needs to be responsive and change logo for mobile devices

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    Need to put Moodle APK file in app store with no change at all....Just logo needs to be changed....

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    [log ind for at se URL] I purchased above template. And this is my site [log ind for at se URL] so I want to change my site login page as purchased page, it should be work functionally too. Thanks.

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