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    This personal Projects is a simulation of Public Computing Utility PCU (PCU encompasses the on-demand delivery of applications, in a security-aware, shared, scalable, and standard-based computing environment for a fee paid by the user). This project simulates the management of PCU resources (CPU, memory, disk, computational time and complexity, and rate of data access etc.). The picture of the sim...

    €27 - €4523
    €27 - €4523
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    Castle Cards ?"?* Art Requirements* All layout and graphic design All windows and window controls like buttons and sliders. See green thumb cards for all windows. All control buttons. All card backgrounds. All card art work. All animations All placements. All buttons. Green Thumb had about 70 windows (including buttons), 122 cards, 80 items, 60 animations. This should have about th...

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    I am looking for a Flash intro for my site at: <[log ind for at se URL]>. I have a storyboard mapped out and it is a simple project that entails: 1. Static title throughout animation. 2. Royalty-free techno music background. 3. Product Descriptions scrolling across screen. 4. Animations w/sound effects of supplied images. What I want is ~400x~150 flash animation. My business ...

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    HTML website Udløbet left

    The subject For the final project you will put together a complete and meaningful website utilizing the techniques discussed during the quarter. Pick one of the following topics for your website: * A fictional museum. The type of exhibit is up to you. It can be modern art, architecture, photography, hall of fame museum, or other topics you are interested in. * a website for a student group o...

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    I am looking for a graphics designer to work with me on contract as part of my development team. This would not be an exclusive contract; however I am in need of a good graphics designer to hire when projects of my own require graphic work. Winning designer should be willing to work with me in the future outside of the RAC site. US based designer is preferred. I am offering 30% of net profit per p...

    €18 - €23
    €18 - €23
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    73377 Flash intro Udløbet left

    I am looking for a flash intro for a CD. The CD contains a photo library, but that is already developed and completed, so all I need is the intro. The intro will feature some photos and text in slide show format, presented in a stylish and tasteful manner with nice effects. There will be some links from the intro (e.g. web, email, launch photo library). Will supply all necessary details to the...

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    Native Indian web site including splash flash intro, and site template using flash and standard html. Template using Dreamweaver MX 2004 with flash and standard html. The site will be edited through Macromedia Contribute 2.0 Have a basic logo. This logo may be required to be converted into vector format so that it can be resized in flash without loosing clarity. There is a sun behind some moun...

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    Graphics for games Udløbet left

    I have developed a story line for an interesting new game aimed at the children's segment. We have the programming capabilities but need a good graphics person with the right skills. I am attaching a demo of a game to give you an idea of the quality of the graphics skills that I am looking for. Designers, if you post samples of your recent graphic work, that would be helpful. I will give...

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    This project should be quite easy to implement. I'm looking for a clone of [log ind for at se URL] with all the features as shown on the site. It should come with an admin panel for me to control the site. All submitted tutorials' details must be stored in a database for easy viewing and editing. I should be able to add more main categories like "Flash Tutorials" and sub-cate...

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    PSD File Conversion Udløbet left

    I frequently work with web-design firms, converting their photoshop designs to HTML/CSS, etc. I don't have access to Photoshop myself however, and I use the GIMP for my image-manipulation work. GIMP has a psd import plugin that I've been using, but it doesn't always work properly... so I'm looking for someone that can do the following with a VERY QUICK response time. -...

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    I need A .NET usercontrol that behaves like the label control except 1: It allows an alpha blended background (or background + foreground) with design or run time configurable alpha level. 2: It can behave as a marquee - smooth scrolling left->right, righ->left, up->down,down->up. 3: 3D effects can be applied to the text - drop shadows etc., shadow colour to be defined at desi...

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    Build a shopping system for vinyl graphics company. This solution should contain an administration panel for owner to update products, prices, etc. The admin will need to add additonal options to some products (ie. color, size, etc.) - options should not appear unless they are needed. Most importantly... this solution will require that visitors input text... then using a dropdown menu select ...

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    The complete specification can be provided once we recieve OO code and art samples. *General Description* Rings of Power is fantasy chess game where two or four races vie to capture their opponent&'s powerful, magic ring. Each side takes turns strategizing on which piece to move against an unknown enemy. As the opponent&'s army is revealed, so to is the location of the ring...

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    This project involves adding three features to open-source software hosted on The project there is called the AVIDA digital life platform. These are the three modifications: 1. create an option such that when the specified reaction is performed by an organism, that organism is terminated and removed from the population, resulting in an open space. The option shall be terme...

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    Hello All, I'm basically trying to run a script within a script. I'll try to explain what I'm trying to do. I have a calendar page. At first, I had a mouseover/mouseout effect. When someone mouseover a certain day, text would change in the main text cell. When they mouseout, the offMessage text would display again. It works fine. Like this: [log ind for at se URL] Code: N...

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    Rings of Power?"? Copyright Playful Minds 2004 Version 1.0 2/26/04 To receive the entire document, please send me an email darrin@[log ind for at se URL] the code samples, art samples/links, and scanned NDA. AIM: playfulmin *General Description* Rings of Power is fantasy chess game where two or four races vie to capture their opponent’s powerful, magic ring. Each side takes turn...

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    €452 - €4523
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    Airplane Simulation Udløbet left

    I'm not very good with simulation queues and really need help on this one. Any and all bids are appreciated for this work. Also, as the program is written, if you could put notes in it so I can see how it works that would be great. Help me alot. This project, there are two queues (Q_land, Q_takeoff). The airplanes in the Q_land have higher priority over airplanes in Q_takeoff. Lan...

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    Urgent : Image cutting for html design and javascript/dhtml menu creation This job must be finished next monday morning! A design is created for a website. The jpeg images can be seen here : - intro of the site : [log ind for at se URL] - first page : [log ind for at se URL] These images are temporary, real images will be given to you when you start(PSD format). We want you to cut the image...

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    Flash Site Udløbet left

    This is for a 5 page flash site , five page does not mean 5 flash file , single flash file . We need both the flash file (source) as well as the .swf file . Please go through the details before placing the bid . If you have any doubts / suggestions / comments contact us through PMB . Please specify your country name (no other details, just the country name) in PMB . There may be small change (...

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    We are writing image editing software, very similar to Photoshop, or Microsoft Paint I need a GUI written in JAVA, no javascript. The GUI must have room to be able to display 2 images. The original image and the image as it looks modified. I need a task or tool bar at the top with drop down menus for: File Edit Image Tools Colors Effects Help I also need an area for a ...

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    site design Udløbet left

    Merchant Zoo website needs clean, simple home page design based on existing logo and header tabs (these will be included along with content). Merchant Zoo has two main sections (Merchants and Affiliates). The home page is where the user needs to clearly understand that they need to choose either the Affiliate section or the Merchant section to find out more information. We want this choice to...

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    MSAGENT CHARACTER Udløbet left

    Hi Coders, I am looking for an animated msagent character. you can either send me the complete character with few animations( I will give u the list of animations once coder is decied) or you can send me animations and sound effects and I will create the character myself. I need it urgently for univ. related project here in australia. kindly send me some demo work along with your biddin...

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    MySQL Replication Udløbet left

    We currently use mysql (on Linux/Redhat), and are looking to expand our setup to offer fail-over and load balancing on a second server.? We would like to set them up so they maintain certain tables in sync using replication. If one server fails, the other server should temporarily become the master. The idea is to keep our mysql-driven web sites running on multiple servers. The existing serve...

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    This is a scope of what I am after: About the site: The site will consist of a database of bars/pubs & clubs which will have details of what’s on there each day of the week, which members go here, with contact details It will also consist of a community, where users can search for other users profiles. e.g. [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] The site al...

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    €181 - €271
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    I am looking for a image transition enchancement to my bitmap processing class. The new function has to create an intermediate image that would form a transition based on the start and the end frame using the following interface: bool CDib::CreateTransition (CDib *pStart, CDib *pEnd, int nEffect, void *pEffectParams, double nPosition, bool bReverse) After the method ivoked the object sho...

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    design Udløbet left

    I want a professional quality XP-theme entry-page template for a dating site. I have designed and attached a very rough and simple template which I now need to be re-designed as follows 1) Re-design template to professional standard. Use a simple colour palette ??" only 3 shades per page + black (e.g. [log ind for at se URL]) ??" Red may only be used for the main offer 2) Very clean an...

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    **_Text-Image View & Play_** UPDATE: I have decided to do this project in Flash. I am interested in a program written in Flash for a Web Page, that will do the following: Take a text image or multiple set of text images from a scanned, digital photo or any other sort of image file, show the image on the screen and produce a number of effects. ## Deliverables **_Text-Image View &...

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    .swf to .fla II Udløbet left

    I need a .swf file that our company created about a year ago converted back to a .fla file. I know there is software I can get to help me do this but I need it back to the original .fla with all transitions an effects. I deffinetly need it to be editable just like the original .fla. Only bid if you can get it petty much identice to the original source. Please include how long it will take you and ...

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    This project is to add "Cart 32 store manager 2.0" (software from [log ind for at se URL]) to my existing website ([log ind for at se URL]). I would like to have it done within one week if it is possible. I prefer you have done similar work before. My current website is designed with html and do not have back-end database. This project is to intergrate a "store manager" softwa...

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    Java Graphic Editor Udløbet left

    We need a Java graphics application built to allow visitors to our site to design images. The GUI will be fairly simple, using simple swing class functions. The editor must be able to be resized for different applications chosen by the user. The user must also have the ability to upload images (jpg, gif) to add to their project. The final image created by the visitor must be rendered to a vec...

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    I would like 10 original java applets that appear over images. On the falling applets (like for snow), the transparent gif should be a separate file so that I can substitute gifs to create new looks. Some might include: Falling Effects Raising Effects Rain Fire Fireworks Wavy Lake Gentle Rippling Effect They should have a key # in the code file to work on a domain. W/o key my url will appear w...

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    Water Video Udløbet left

    I need a short video of 3 images (fine art paintings supplied by me) vertically rising out of water. No image will obstruct the view of any other image. Time frame is 5 seconds. Open with 1 second showing gently moving water scene; Then - 1st image rises on the left-side rear-most position. Next - 2nd image rises on the right-side of the 1st image and nearer to the right edge of the scree...

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    Slot Machine Game Udløbet left

    I need this project in either flash or another program that is easy to edit or can run this system. What I have. -I have a system that has a currency called 'credits' these credits are able to be used for many differant things on site. -I have databases that hold these credits, how many credits this or that person gets a month and spends, etc.. What I need. -I need a game that allow...

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    [log ind for at se URL] I want the following 1. Touch up the logo, the files can be found here [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] I want a slogan "Practical Computer Solutions That Make Common Sense" on it I want variations of this design. Try having the sphere and heartbeat top in the middle and PC Jolt below it, company colors are blue and...

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    Castle Cards ?"? Confidential Copyright Playful Minds Version 1.3 1/10/04 *Art Requirements* All layout and graphic design All windows and window controls like buttons and sliders. See green thumb cards for all windows. All control buttons. All card backgrounds. All card art work. All animations All placements. All buttons. Green Thumb had about 70 windows (including buttons), 1...

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    Note to all bidders: This project is very serious and a price can be negotiated; however do not bid if you are not able to implement this system. Thank You all in advance. As can be inferred from this title, this system is an automated flash system. **Project Guidelines:** It should be created in Flash MX or MX 2004. It must be written in properly commented actionscript. The action...

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    We are seeking assistance of programming examples for a small project we are currently working on: **Shader Based Water Fx** **Bump Mapping Shader** **Terrain Multitexturing Shader**, with the ability to adjust texture image based on height of the terrain **Waving Grass shader** **Bump/Displacement shader** Above shaders must also have two pass fallback for video cards that do not supp...

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    I need five original Dreamweaver templates that are compatible with Dreamweaver MX and MX 2004. Design style should have a very modern and professional [log ind for at se URL] templates should have a general business theme. Designs should be all different - not just different color variations of the same layout. All of the templates should contain five navigation links. The links should rea...

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    We need a highly CREATIVE individul with the necessary Actionscript experience to produce three FLASH templates (A preloader, a Menu & a Page) for an environmental Agency. The data for the templates comes from an XML file and the attached document describes it in more detail. All persons interested in bidding - please provide a link to your portfolio or recent projects in your bid. We wil...

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    Create a GUI that will produce the output and visual effects as the two figures in the attachment using the .cpp program and the shell script program(.sh)NOTE: replace the .cpp with .sh for the shell script program). Provide detailed instructions on how to run the programs on several different operating environments...ex: win98, linux, redhat, win2k. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functi...

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    €27 - €4523
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    We need routines to generate and animate a bitmap or texture in **REALTIME**. All imaginable effects are welcome. What follows is just for info, you do not need to do all of them >> Perlin Noise, plasma, blobs ,metaballs, fluids, gradients, kaleidoscope, particles, deformations, warping, procedural effects, splines ,wormes, audio visualizations ..... More info on request. _NO_ DirectX ...

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    This project is about designing one simple html web page. This is like ebay thing when the seller wants to sell his item and he would have to present the item nicely right? but mine is little bit different. Basically there is this one blank web page(html) that let me design and write sources on that. I can't save images or any other files because they don't provide that. so you will have...

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    Project to research [log ind for at se URL] and find relevent websites. This project is on a fast track, so if you do not have time to complete this project within **5 days**, please do not apply. **See attached document ** Readers will learn how to use HTML code to customize designs, functions, and effects such as blur, drop shadow, flip, X-ray, and more Where to find Websites that c...

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    Edit an audio file visually (Cut, Copy, Save Selected, Delete Select, Delete Silence, Paste, Paste From File, Mix, Mix From File ) Apply different effects to selected portion (Amplify, Compressor, Delay, Envelope, Equalizer, Expander, Fade, Normalize, Reverb, Silence, Stretch, Trim) Preferably vb6 ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as ...

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    Java applet Udløbet left

    Animated playground ## Deliverables Scene of a Playground SCENARIO As a developer, you are required to design and simulate a playground environment using JAVA. The main intention of the simulation is to provide graphical animations of simple object/objects with relevant sound effects. Some examples of the object can include: A swing A see-saw Still pictures of animals animated using JAVA The ai...

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    I need a WYSIWYG flash animation editor for a web site. Please look at [[log ind for at se URL]][1] to see an example of what I am looking for. I would like an exact duplicate or improvement upon their design tool. The editor should be able to create multiples scenes, which could include images, text, sound, and basic effects. The final movie will then be rendered to a .swf file. Preset ...

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    play ground Udløbet left

    *SCENARIO* *As a developer, you are required to design and simulate a playground environment using JAVA. The main intention of the simulation is to provide graphical animations of simple object/objects with relevant sound effects. Some examples of the object can include: * *A swing* * A see-saw* * Still pictures of animals animated using JAVA* *The aid needs to be available to all Internet u...

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    We require 10 **HIGHLY CREATIVE** templates for 468 x 60 Flash banners. Rough "themes": general business, family/health, lifestyle, nature, sports, technology/internet, travel. Please find attached an example FLA file with comments. 1. Template has 2 text lines animated - no swish-like "letter-by-letter" effects, animate the whole text line as a single symbol. 2. Template ha...

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    *Very basic begginers level Scene of a Playground* *i have attached an image, it should look a bit similar to that, but u must draw it urself in java SCENARIO* *As a developer, you are required to design and simulate a playground environment using JAVA. The main intention of the simulation is to provide graphical animations of simple object/objects with relevant sound effects. Some examp...

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    process scheduling Udløbet left

    This is a simulation/analysis for process scheduling. The purpose is to measure the effects of various scheduling algorithms on different "mixes" of jobs. **Scope:** The mixes of jobs to be considered are as follows: 1. many jobs of shorter duration (100 jobs) 2. fewer jobs of longer duration (30 jobs) The scheduling algorithms to be used are a) FCFS, b) SJF, c) RR (q= 4) Assume ...

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