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    6,546 mobile phone gps application development jobs fundet, i prisklassen EUR iphone and/or blackberry GPS tracking project. The application will let user have the ability to turn on and off the tracking function, but once the application start, it will start capture the location of the user with the interval of every 2-5 sec. The captured location will send of to a server. While the application will also have the ability to

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    ...showing a start logo and some graphic design on the app's main window (I provide you with the grafics) 2. checking if the iPhone is receiving gps signals. If not, a short text should be displayed. 3. If gps is available a button is displayed on the app's window. 4. If the user press this button, the app should call up a internet website and

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    ...tracking with nextel phones.? We would like to get? Android phones a java script to download from the Market place that would allow the owner to download the javascrpit into their phone, ask for setup information on accountID and deviceID.? Also options on changing how often, min/max speed, stop duration etc.? ? A server would also have to be added to our server

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    We would like to have made a tracking application for iphone. Send to a spesific url full gps data on a given frequence. Sample of output starting with the imei as ID: 356251011452926,PPCA,A,5938.3424,N,01118.9024,E,21,000,199,00,15:16:22 16-09-07 Aplication design will be like the symbian version found at [log ind for at se URL] Pdf with pictures

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    **Mobile Cross Platform experience** e.g PhoneGAP, Appcelerator's Titanium Mobile, etc (experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript).? Tell us why you prefer one or the other. Project for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, WebOS, etc Experience using SQLite (mobile phone database) Experience with camera applications need to take picture from application

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    A Gps tracker sends SMS: a string made of coordinates including longitude and latitude, speed, date etc. to a simple mobile phone. SMS message is regular SMS message and it goes directly to mobile phone's inbox. We need a Symbian C++ or similar application which would extract longitude and latitude from the last incoming SMS message and display Google

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    I want an application built that will display current GPS position, speed, altitude and track on a map (Mercator projection using GeoTIFF format). It must be possible to import the map (GeoTIFF format) over WiFi/ USB and place four coordinates on the map to calibrate. A second screen is also required that will display current position as a long/lat

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    Have you got experience in developing iPhone and Android apps? We've got a pretty simple app idea that would involve: - GPS point logging - simple user interface but would require some text entry each time the application was used - Ability to store data in a log - Ability to export log to CSV or similar Ultimately a WinMo app would be nice too

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    C# login to Sprint family locator service.

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    Hi, I need a GPS trip logger application for use when driving. The purpose of the app is to calculate tax refunds according to Norwegian law regarding the use of your own car when working. The tax refund is calculated by the following factors (must be logged every trip - the user can enter default values, or specify values on a trip- by-trip

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    this blackberry applciation is to report gps and driver status informatoin to a joomla php website. the applicaiton is 50% done and i needed it completed. please read the attached document for details. thanks mjh

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    I need a Symbian C++ GPS application for the purpose of child monitoring which will call a .NET web service to report the location of the mobile phone to the web service every minute by passing the location parameters to the .NET web service. The application must be able to run on all GPS enabled Symbian based mobile phones.

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    **Simple GPS reporting daemon**. Port ("porting") a software client for an existing bussiness system from Windows Mobile 3.1 to Google Android (1.6 - 2.1). The client will talk to an cloud server and deliver GPS data every minute in XML formate. We want to start with a small simple subsystem component like this one and perhaps find a

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    Developing a GPS tracker software for Windows Mobile 5-6 that gets the position (lat,lon,speed, direction) from the device and send it to a domain name as often as the user settings require. Other requirements: Settings: report to server in time intervals and / or after the GPS have moved XXX meters The software must be easily installed

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    I need a web based vehicle tracking device that also allows for fleetmanagement

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    This client should has two main functionalities 1. Retrieve longitude and latitude from GPS ( built in or connected via bluetooth) and then send it to a ready implemented web service 2. Send location "String" to a web service and receive array of strings (longitude and latitude) That's it ## Deliverables Rent A Coder requirements notice: As

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    ...input the Latitude, Longitude, Altitude of the point/ GPS reading in decimal format (i.e. Lat = 43.39774, Lon = -106.28113, Alt = 4844 * these GPS points would be taken (in the field) using a handheld GPS device: they would be entered into the form/ software in a certain order. * they (the GPS points) will most always be within 100 ft of each

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    ... Basicly what i need is an application that will run? on nokia & iphone. The application will submit the mobile's GPS coordination latitudes via HTTP request every 1~2 seconds. for example: <[log ind for at se URL]{GPScoordinations> goes here} The application should be able to self installed

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    This software request is for Android, Blackberry and any other mobile formats that might come up. This application will be GPS enabled and track movements for mileage tracking purposes. User friendly and have accessible options for the user. User will have an account created on the device or on the website for the product. After a trip is completed

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