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    I have a comma delimited list that needs to be inserted from the clipboard into a mysql db. I require an Autoit script to automate this process. requirements: 1. create an array 2. read clipboard (csv) 3. create unique md5 hash for each entry 4. if entry is not in array - add it to array 5. if new entry added to array then also add to mysql database 6. repeat

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    Hi everyone, I want someone that knows the CRM Perfex with codeignitor. I need to create a Module that will encrypt the DB. The information contains into the DB must be decrypted when we ask client information. So if the first name and last name of the client of the client is: Davis Eleguant, in the DB is information are encode (MD5) I guess like this: FWVRTRVFDVCYJIJIJUURYBTRVREWCEWCTRH When ...

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    We already have a project deployed to AWS Lambda with serverless framework and some scripts in CloudFormations to deploy our Infraestructure. (S3, Network, RDS Aurora Serverless, etc...) We want to add the deployment of a new enpoint, to get a PDF and a JSON from POST Petition. This Endpoint should create a detailed workflow: 0. Client Open a websocket (store information about web socket) 1. Ge...

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    I need someone familiar with C and CUDA to complete a task. Chat for more details. You must have a CUDA capable device.

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    Hello I have a WordPress site: a site for direct sessions I have been using <script src = "[log ind for at se URL]<?= md5 ($ data-> ID)?>" "> </script> But this site was bad, it does not work on all browsers and devices I want something similar to what I have but it works on all devices and browsers and directly without the need to download any applications Clar...

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    To create MD5 checksum of different versions of same plugin. - Multiple plugin zips are stored in a folder with name format "plugin-name [log ind for at se URL]" - Need a script which will extract a plugin zip, create checksum json of all files (excluding images) and save it in a .txt file and then delete the extracted folder and zip of that version and name the checksum file according...

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    I need someone who can build a simple upload and download system with registration and login page. My system will be using XAMPP, PHP and MySQL. This projects will be implemented locally and do not need to go outside to the internet. This system can be accessed by multiple users and they can upload, view, download and share files. All files will be uploaded to the NAS storage. Before the files bei...

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    Hi, I forgot my admin user password for my PHP website and I have tried to change my password in myPhp database with the MD5 protocol but with no success. If you can successfully reset my password for me please contact me asap. Thanks. Farai

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    webrtc-sip gateway Udløbet left

    Receiving a SIP/2.0 420 Bad Extension from Kamailio on register keepalive The first register is OK. After 120 second i got a 420 Bad Extension. ******************** REGISTER sip:[log ind for at se URL] SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/WSS [log ind for at se URL];branch=z9hG4bKFNPKsWQBArkN7rQwDnIuoH4p1ZCSJS8q;rport From: <sip:991125943220104@[log ind for at se URL]>;tag=qMzPBHwxnsxK3XAQVepG To: <sip:...

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    Private Application store for Android We like to develop an Android client (.APK) as an application store. We want to have it for our personal use where we can list our all android applications so our mobile phone users can easily install, uninstall, and update his/her application. Features: • Applications can install easily from this private app store. • Applications can ...

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    Looking for a Windows Admin to write a powershell script to perform the below: - Replace [.] with ([log ind for at se URL]) - Replace hxxps with https ([log ind for at se URL]) - Replace hxxp with http ([log ind for at se URL]) Then from the processed [log ind for at se URL], get the IP addresses and append into [log ind for at se URL] with the required format Then from the processed [log ind for...

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    Need assistance with integrating Integromat with Yealink Cloud Management Solution API. API documentation uploaded OPEN_API_EN.pdf. Screenshot of my Scenario attached. Need assistance with Content-MD5, Signature SHA256 and Base64. Need help to set these Variables up correctly to be able to get a answere from the API. I am getting a Signature error and do not have the skills to ensure the detai...

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    pentester aes 256 cbc md5 file is in DAT format

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    our webserver is full scripted and creates all (user accounts, websites....) by a look inside a config file. We need a WHMCS Provisioning Module, the customer can order defined products. after payment is done, the Provisioning Module send it to a PHP-file (API) on the destination server requirements: Admin Adrea: add IP-Addresses of the Server (create a pool of IP's) (here we must be abl...

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    1. Login(5 dlls) a. Homologar el login como ooms indicadores i. deberían verse igual o muy similar con los mismo diseños b. Cambiar el logo de la aplicación c. Arriba del login donde se pone usuario y contraseña poner el logo del organismo debajo del logo poner nombre del organismo d. Agregar en la parte inferior derechos reservado de water coin, versión con fech...

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    std::string s_reply; lw_http_d.add_field(xor_a("a"), md5->getHashFromString(Serial::GetHardwareId(id)).c_str()); lw_http_d.add_field(xor_a("b"), crypto.key.c_str()); lw_http_d.add_field(xor_a("c"), crypto.iv.c_str()); lw_http_d.add_field(xor_a("d"), id.c_str()); lw_http_d.add_field(xor_a("e"), xor_a("")); const auto b_lw_http = ...

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    Hello We have created 3rd party gateway and we get successfully payment, we send IPN which includes coupon code to our marketers. The coupon code is created Random $coupon = md5(uniqid(rand(), true)); We want to insert the created coupon code into our WHMCS database. The gateway and WHMCS are hosted on same server but each uses different directory. Thanks

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    I need an iPhone/iPad app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built. Incorporate MD5 hashing of the encryption and decryption password for all the files that are downloaded and uploaded. Check the availability of the ftp file name before it is uploaded. The file name format is mmddyyxx where xx i from 00 to 99.

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    Hello coders, I have a reactjs prototype running and I need someone to code the register+login auth with the most security steps possible, password need to be salt, md5, anyway. In attachment you can see all fields I need, type, requirement, mask. No plans to do everything in same screen, split in 3 steps. DB: mysql tables provided by me.

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    Hello, I am looking for javascript/back developer to make my website working , I have ready PSD and front-end which I can provide if we discuss. Details: 1) let's say Tom (player) comes to website and choose quiz. 2) Clicking create quizz button 3) Tom is Answering current questions ( we must add questions and answers from our database from admin panel) 4) after Tom complete answers, Tom gets...

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    I need someone to decrypt a md5 hashed suppression link file

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    Project Deadline: 1 Hour - You Must Be Able to Start Work Immeditately Script Language: PHP PHP Version: 7.3 Output Format: JSON/Application Database Type: MySQL Script Type: GET DB Connection Type: Standard MySQL - Not MySQLite DB Dump Will Be Provided Overview High quality PHP script required to: Generate a new 32 character random string (letters, numbers & symbols) MD5 encode this val...

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    Project Deadline: 1 Hour - You Must Be Able to Start Work Immeditately Script Language: PHP PHP Version: 7.3 Output Format: JSON/Application Database Type: MySQL Script Type: GET DB Connection Type: Standard MySQL - Not MySQLite DB Dump Will Be Provided Overview High quality PHP script required to: Generate a new 32 character random string (letters, numbers & symbols) MD5 encode this val...

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    Hi, I have existing AWS Linux AMI os that we need to connect to one of my partner network via VPN. Here are their requirements Server Side Block IP : [log ind for at se URL] & [log ind for at se URL] Server side Hardware Device name CISCO, Model 1841, 2911 Connection Type Site-to-Site IPSEC VPN Key Management Auto key IKE Hashing Algorithm MD5 Encryption Algorithm 3DES Authentication Alg...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Mac using Python. I want so sort photos and video files into folders using ita created dates. I want to do a md5 checksum for duplicate files. folder must place location or vincity of the place that the photos and videos were [log ind for at se URL] to verify that it files are copied successfully. this pytho...

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    现在的客户端只有用户名和密码的功能,客户端向服务器端发送用户名和密码给服务器;现在想增加硬件特征码功能,只要勾选了硬件识别码,客户端向服务器发送用户名和硬件特征码+密码的内容给服务器端,服务器端功能已经实现。 硬件特征码获取主板ID、CPU的ID、网卡MAC组合,并进行MD5加密运算得取32位长度的一串字符串。 勾选了硬件特征码,客户端向服务器端发送的密码就变成:硬件特征码+密码,注意是带那个+号的;不勾选硬件特征码,则客户端向服务器端发送的密码只有密码框里输入的密码内容。 生成硬件特征码的按钮作用,是根据上面的硬件特征码获取规则,生成硬件特征码,并复制到粘贴板里,便于用户发给管理员

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    I need someone to rewrite this code for page source become something like: var _0xc25e=["","split","0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ+/","slice","indexOf","","",".","pow","reduce","reverse","0"];function _0xe33c(d,e,f){var g=_0xc25e[2][_0xc25e[1]](_0...

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    hi/I want a program that can reopen MD5 codes. Inside it, there are MD5 codes, hash codes(sha256) codes. It doesn't matter how much it costs, no matter how much money it is, I'll pay so don't worry. For example, inside this md5 code, this hash code is available MD5(45e70bcca3f637507fdb8bb9016844e2) hash sha256(b5dddceab19cfec0c2e627e67287b7abe504ed82a3caa6ed4d17e39d19a3e96d) so Any...

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    Hello, I have a project based on php - loan management system using md5 encryption. I wanted some changes made-- 1) after a user inputs his username and password in the login form. changes to be made----i want the one time password with the registered email id of the user. Theres 3 different privileges 1) user 2) admin 3)superadmin I want the otp form for all 3 privileges.

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    IP SMTP Bruter Udløbet left

    i Need a good smart mass ip smtp scanner and bruter - can brute force ip-range smtp - very fast, many parallel threads(over 1000) - checks open relay for each. - checking Auth Login (noAuth, Login, Plain, MD5) - working an a Linux Root or VPS - saving the valid smtp in a text file with all important data - send auto test message from the valid smtp to given email address

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    I need VBA code to implement SHA3-512 hash creation. Earlier I was using SHA-512. The source was taken from this site: [log ind for at se URL] It all start with a CreateHashString() call. So now I call this function with a string and get back the hashed value. I need a similar solution but instead of SHA-512 it should be SHA3-512. It will be used in a Microsoft Access project, that's why ...

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    Need a very experienced developer to setup HyperDB for a new WordPress Multisite install. There will be 18 databases that will utilized on the multisite: 1. Core database 2. Vip Regular databases: 1. Regular 2. Regular 3. Regular 4. Regular 5. Regular 6. Regular 7. Regular 8. Regular 9. Regular 10. Regular 11. Regular 12. Regular 13. Regular 14. Regular 15. Regular 16. Regular In the Su...

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    Here is a list of programs that i need you to make. I don't need a whole program for like a bank for example to be made. I just need a few lines of code that show a working program. For example a little program that has a array and shows how a binary search works. Reading material for all of the programs will linked below. (Just download the pdf from github ) Chapter 1: - binary search - lin...

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    None of the users on our site are able to login to our website. When any password is tried, the page refreshes and the url changes to: login/?login_error=%3C?php%20die(md5(42454));%20?%3E

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    Goal of the website I need to monitor all the different files on the network. All devices will be Microsoft (Win 10) • I want a web front end with a graph that will show me a summary of all the different file types within my organisation. (summery of all files .. .pdf 100 | .xls 200 | .doc 300 | .txt 100) bar graph – suggestion ? Drill down in the data: • If i click on “f...

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    1) Connect to remote mysql database using mysqli 2) Backup database 3) Transfer backup file and save as encrypted compressed file 4) Delete stored backup files older than 5 days Here is sample code that can be modified to work as decribed above. <?php $dbhost = '[log ind for at se URL]'; $dbuser = 'my_user'; $dbpass = 'my_pwd'; $dbname = 'database_name'...

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    we have 16 character that are: a b c d e f 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I want a program that calculate all 64 bit strings that can create by these 16 characters (about 1.158e+77‬) and calculate the MD5 hash for all these strings (1.158e+77)

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    Below are the requirements and tasks: Note: The final product is a flutter APp that updated and inserts data to the given Mysql database. 1. Photoshop design of the flutter app as per the demo to be provided - once approved you proceed below. 2. Login and layout design - Once approved you push code to github proceed below. 3. Update data to Mysql database (I have the database sql file ready and...

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    I have an up-and-running python code that calculates the md5, LWT (LastWriteTime), filesize, and full path[log ind for at se URL] for a directory tree and outputs into a text file. I need the additional ability to specify a date range, based on the LWT, what files to include. USD $20 For example: in the CWD, fingerprint files as: python H:code[log ind for at se URL] - list all files (defaul...

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    PROPOSALS ONLY IN PORTUGUESE, PLEASE. PROPOSTAS EM PORTUGUÊS, POR FAVOR. É necessário ter entendimento do português para conversação e leitura. É um sistema de cadastro de associados padrão em PHP, MySQL e Javascript com tabelas e relacionamentos básicos, filtros nos campos em Javascript que devem incluídos, e formulários ...

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    need a php expert Udløbet left

    need a php expert to do my work i have a html login panel which is asking for user name and password i want to save that html inputs at txt file and i want that logins to be sended in my mail id the mail php script should be encrypted in base64 and my mail id should be encrypted in md5 encryption i will send the source code of my html file which contains inputs of user name,password i will s...

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    Fix login script with md5 hash login and username. more details in priv

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    Hello there. I want you to modify my driver. #define DRIVER_NAME_U L"MouDrv" #define LOCAL_DEVICE_PATH_U (L"." DRIVER_NAME_U) #define NT_DEVICE_NAME_U (L"Device" DRIVER_NAME_U) #define SYMBOLIC_LINK_NAME_U (L"DosDevices" DRIVER_NAME_U) You must get CPU model name (such as Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz), md5 ...

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    I need a small proof of concept in cmake with the following features: 1) uses ExternalData to fetch a binary from a URL based location. In that location, multiple versions of that file can co-exist. Selection of the right version of the file is done based on md5. 2) uses a dependency via ExternalProject. Any OSS from github or similar can be used in the POC. The cmake script must be able to get th...

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    Problem i can login to php 5 with md5 but not with tep_encrypt_password i can login to php 7 with tep_encrypt_password but not with md5 What i need i want to be able to login to both php 5 and php 7 with md5 or tep_encrypt_password or any other encryption that will work. I have 2 systems one is php 5 and one is php 7 but i use both and will continue using both for the foreseeable future. just ...

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    [log ind for at se URL] this is working fine , but now AMEX change encrypt from MD5 to SHA find some developer to change this extension and make it work pls bid only u experience Thanks

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    The project requires the capturing of name, email etc in a form to be stored in a table. It requires knowledge of salting, MD5, SQL, PHP, Ajax, jQuery, Javascript. Please read attached requirement document for full understanding of what is required.

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    The project requires the capturing of name, email etc in a form to be stored in a table. It requires knowledge of salting, MD5, SQL, PHP, Ajax, jQuery, Javascript. Please read attached requirement document for full understanding of what is required.

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    I need a good and cheap back-end developer with beginner-level or even better, mid-level NodeJs back-end dev skills to build me a script that I need for a bigger project ( I am trying to build a cool set of tools like [log ind for at se URL] all related in different ways to generating passwords and how those passwords work ) and among those tools I need a simple api system calculate and manage Sh...

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