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    Hello, I'm looking for a freelancer to create a program that can give me the numbers by following a logic. example A: 1st test: number 2/10 2nd tries: 4/20 I want to know that it would be the result of the 3rd test: Normally it would be: 8/40 because at each test he has a x2. this is an example, I would like it to be fully automated (additions / subtraction / multiplication / division etc ......

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    Small Biotech Website Images 6 dage left

    I am looking for a graphic designer that can be creative and subtle. The graphic I need today is that of cells inside a matrix. This image is expected to be a faint overlay in the top right corner of a web page. See attached example of similar graphics.

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    Please code in Python 3 I have a stack of .jpeg or .png cross section images (eg. 1000 sequential pictures) which are horizontal slices through an object (eg. an apple or a helicopter or a brain). When you stack these horizontal pictures together, they give you the original object in 3D. All 1000 or so picture are in one same folder. This job has 2 parts: PART 1) LOAD AXIAL PICTURES INTO A...

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    Excel Formula 5 dage left

    I am working on a risk assessment document. Within the 'Project Risk Assessment" worksheet, based on the value selected in the column E and column F dropdown lists, I want column G to autopopulate with the intersecting cell as shown in the 'Austral Risk Matrix' worksheet. For example, cell E7, select 1-Unlikely, then in cell F7, select 1-Low, G7 should then autopopulate with Lo...

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    Hi AITCA Network needs a simple rebrand of an android messaging app. Willing to discuss which one is best. Our messenger app has the Matrix backbone, but we can use any open source messenger app to rebrand.

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    Finish a simple webshop ([log ind for at se URL]) ►READ the whole task here FIRST! ►I DONT WANT a long list of what you have done! ►DONT give an unrealistic bid without reading the project description! I want a Wordpress WooCommerce webshop with the green grass as background and a tiled view of all the sunglasses in combination of videos on the frontpage (as shown on attached image). I need a c...

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    Hi, I accidentally deleted the wrong task and now I could not contact you anymore. I have more questions to the matrices. As I see it this is just an experimental proof by deriving the solution from concrete results. Now I would like you to describe in complete detail how the matrices help to prove our problem and how we get from one matrix to another. Also why from K(m,n) m is not a part in here...

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    i want to create an algorithm regarding emotional intelligence. ( emotional intelligence is what defines our personality, our character, our ethics and our emotions ) then mix it with artificial intelligence , big data and with a demographics matrix to create a revolutionary algorithm which aim would be to connect people in a very profound level, find your best friend, your best associate in a pro...

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    We have a pre-printed form and we need to build a program that we can use to fill this pre-printed form. The form is the half size of the letter-size page and we need to print continuously through the dot-matrix printer. We want to show the form on the screen but only print the text boxes. I also need to use OKI 320 turbo dot matrix printer. I need the developer to be familiar with print command...

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    I need a CAD model of the truck and wheel/hub assembly for the MBS Matrix Pro II metal plate trucks. The link to this item is found here [log ind for at se URL] Preferably in fusion 360 format

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    Your objective is to create a very basic XMPP client using the [log ind for at se URL] framework (so that it runs on Win and MacOS) and the [log ind for at se URL] library. The XMPP client needs to implement OLM encryption. The result should be a very basic proof of concept XMPP client running on MacOS and Windows that allows to connect and authenticate with the XMPP server and implements sending...

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    Need to build a skills matrix that can handle the following: - Welcome form - User Forms to: add new employees, add new Accreditation's, add new Sectors, add new Competencies, update / edit employee skills, search through / filter database based on all criteria. - The data that is input needs to be saved into a data sheet for use in the search function. Example form layouts required and funct...

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    I'm a an engineer trying to figure out cyber-security. I have a little project I'm working on and need all the help I can get to get it done quickly and effectively. It's also very important. 1. This work Implements a time stamping encryption algorithm using a chat application to demonstrate the proposed algorithm. The highlights of the system are to investigate how existing algor...

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    I wish to use the attached spreadsheet to solve the following formula if this can be created please? cell D3 needs to reflect that for every 0.1% below 92% in the overall score field (cell D1), 5 points will be deducted, if they achieve 92% they get 150 points and for every 0.1% above 92% they get 5 points added?

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    The plugin needs to draw specific geometry and convert in a shapefile base in the class of the draw. The plugin needs to be able to get the shape and convert in a specific matrix file (.txt or .xlsx or .csv).

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    I have an MS Word file, which I need converted into an application. This application should be very simple to use. Wherein I fill the database with information. Then when on this application, when I type lets says #102, it should replace that with Short Kaftan Velvet (this information will come from the saved database). this database and application should be easy to use, flexible for modificatio...

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    I have accuracy matrix of algorithm * dataset (370 * 133). I would like to recommend the bast algorithm for the given dataset. Compare predicted vs actual. I have to use Matrix Factorization specifically SVD. And I have to include the features of the datasets on the model on the regularization term. I need to use python language.

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    I need you to develop some code to read write delete modify rfid car tag values in sd card and use then when presented near reader to operate 2 relays as required or as authorized cards an use relay1 or relay 2 or both. Addition deletion modification can be done using 4.4 matrix keypad using password and commands

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    Position Bonus will be earned by the introducer when their downline member bring and join new sub-downlink in their matrix. For example, if the matrix is 3*3, a member will be eligible to receive position bonus when a new member joins in his 3 down level. The percentage of position bonus can be enabled and disabled as per the requirement.

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    Hi There, I need a ticketing lottery website like -> [log ind for at se URL] Functionality will be same but i want to change design i mean i want nice looking. Instructions -> Fully responsive -> site need to speedy .. In gt matrix 90+ and google 95+ -> clean code -> must include all features and options like original code -> supports variety of payment gateways. -> short ...

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    PCB design(140x140mm) for 16 leds(1 W each), each led should be separately dimmable from Arduino. The leds will populate the board in a 4x4 matrix. Distance between leds 40 mm. Leds should use constant current drivers. For PWM to constant current drivers I would like to use this board: [log ind for at se URL] In the center of the PCB there will be 2 x 6 holes needed for male headers. The cent...

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    I need a research about the energy bar manufacturing. I want to know how many parts is split the manufacturing line, I want to know the best practice and what is new in the market. A matrix with technical description of different machines (over 50), add link of contact such as website, email, phone. I need to know about the layout, what layout is necessary, the measures, average people operating ...

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    I'm a PM implementing an ERP solution for a manufacturing company. The company needs to create 100's of Bills of Materials in the new software. They have created a complex BOM building diagram that provides status based on cell colour or cell font. I would like to create a separate tracking spreadsheet that will allow me to view the status of BOM's (in matrix format) based on the...

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    Design and Document a VHDL Complex Mixer • Design should contain two 11-bit complex NCOs (Numerically Controlled Oscillator): • Assume clock freq of 100MHz • NCO #1: 11MHz • NCO #2: 18MHz • Design a complex multiplier component • Multiply the outputs of NCO #1 and #2 • Write the outputs of the NCOs and Complex Multiplier to a text file Theory of operation Detai...

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    to explain a method in rhino or matrix for smartflow

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    hello sir. i would like some help in creating ea in which: 1. act as semi automatic ea(only manage position which i open manually, so doesnt need any indicator at all, just some martingale). The ea will not open any position at all IF i never open any position in the first place. The ea will have tp about 45 pips and also have trailing stops at 10 pips. The ea will be martingale with pipstep 45 pi...

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    ML/AI/data science/ Udløbet left

    We process documents related to mortgages, aka everything that happens to originate a mortgage that you don't see as a borrower. Often times the only access to a document we have is a scan of a fax of a print out of the document. Our system is able to read and comprehend that document, turning a PDF into structured business content that our customers can act on. This dataset represents the o...

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    Please check the attached folder and quote Data Set in [log ind for at se URL] (this file shared via google drive)Extract the .tar file1) There are 41 versions of a program. Every version has seeded fault for the purpose of testing. All the 41 versions of programs are in Java, in [log ind for at se URL] folder 2) in scripts folder,Java coding to run test cases are given. 3) In Info folder, fau...

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    JAVA_programing Udløbet left

    Please check the attcahed folder and quote Data Set in [log ind for at se URL] (this file shared via google drive)Extract the .tar file1) There are 41 versions of a [log ind for at se URL] version has seeded fault for the purpose of [log ind for at se URL] the 41 versions of programs are in Java, in [log ind for at se URL] folder 2) in scripts folder,Java coding to run test cases are given. 3)...

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    Requirement document for Video Wall Controller. This document covers the scope of application and supported hardware, To develop fully functional application which supports [mxn] matrix of video wall and provides way to user for its management and interaction.

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    i want to start a internet service provider business in ambernath so where should i contact, wordpress service provider contact details, usa based tourism board qualified experienced service provider requirement website design seo services, digitviews, smmglobe, cheapest smm panel, free smm panel, what is smm panel, smm provider, smm services india, smm panel reseller, long performed provided payr...

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    My website [log ind for at se URL] is a 1-page site that helps students transform any matrix into the reduced row echelon form. Requirements: - Must be easy to use like the website - Must integrate StartApp SDK - Must integrate AdMob

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    I would like to ask you to create an indicator for ctrader. The attached images are numbered for each currency pair, It is recommended to call separately as shown below. USD GBP JPY EUR For example, USD may be set for the period set for GBP I want to show "how many%" is moving. That matrix table.

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    marketing plan Udløbet left

    Executive Summary Weighting: 3% • Summarize the whole report – all major issues, findings, recommendations and conclusions. TOC: Use of numbered headings and subheadings with page numbers. This is an expected element of report writing. Introduction Weighting: 2% • The report is to overview the purpose/reason and structure of new 12-month term marketing plan. Opportunity Identifi...

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    Problem Statement: In our material procurement system (SAP), under one material code, different people have raised separate Purchase Orders (PO) over time. This results in procurement of similar or dissimilar materials under the same material code. We intend to segregate the different type of specs, so that we can understand, whether these are same material or different material. Depending on this...

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    Should have good knowledge of led dot matrix max7219 and tm1637 display. i want a program written in ide to print prayer times on led matrix 7219 in rotating manner. The program should be written in such a manner it print date and time on tm1637 display and prayer times on led matrix. To print prayer time we want date as input. So led matrix must take date from tm1637 display. I have c code to cal...

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    Need Risk Assessment, EASA compliance for the following Helicopter Operations: Commercial Air Transport; Specialized Operations (HESLO, Filming, Survey) and Firefighting. The assessment can be don't using Bow-Tie model and delivered as Excel File or compatible Also for Risk Index Matrix, must be use mine (file attached) The language of the delivered file must be English.

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    Hello guys i need a frontend wordpress developer to make a specific full-width slider in Slider Revolution or other plugin and add it in my frontpage with WP bakery. I have a 2 language wordpress website. In the homepage, I have a big gif of a hacker guy at the back and some letters are dropping vertically like in matrix as you can see in this url: [log ind for at se URL] In front of the lapto...

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    Hello guys i need a frontend wordpress developer to make a specific full-width slider in Slider Revolution or other plugin and add it in my frontpage with WP bakery. I have a 2 language wordpress website. In the homepage, I have a big gif of a hacker guy at the back and some letters are dropping vertically like in matrix as you can see in this url: [log ind for at se URL] In front of the lapto...

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    I have an MLM business and the back-engine is completed and functional. Problem is the force matrix (6 × 7)spill over is not functioning correctly, neither are earnings/payments generated accurately. The system was written with nodejs, and I need assistance with this as well as on going support please.

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    render a ring Udløbet left

    I have a 3dm file of a ring and i need it rendered in Matrix software urgent.

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    PLEASE ONLY APPLY IF YOU HAVE A PORTFOLIO TO SHOW- FREELANCERS APPLYING SHOULD BE ABLE TO SHOW WORK THAT THEY HAVE WORKED ON ALONE- NOT ANY GROUP PROJECTS OR SOMETHING YOU HAVE WORKED ON SOMETHING WITH MINIMUM INPUT. What I am looking for is a website/app which generates leads for service providers. Main functions as listed below: CUSTOMER: 1- Customer will register on the website/app and be ab...

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    Power Bi Report Udløbet left

    Hi there, I need help building a Power Bi report. I need to drill through a matrix which needs to be filtered based on a Slicing value (Date). In this sample we have a Product has 4 status : InProgress, Approved, WasteAction and New. For Inprogress we need to check the last status of the product we get by slicing the date column. If in that sliced data , if last status Change of the product was...

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    Hi, I need a CAD ring model as in the example below I attached. The central stone should be cushion. Visualization not required. Need: - Source CAD-file: Matrix / 3ds Max (or what are you working in) - CAD in OBJ + FBX - Print-ready STL file - The number and size of stones used (Required!) - Weight of metal in white gold (in grams) Please tell me price, terms and in which 3d program you work. ...

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    The taks is to build an application based on the excel framework given in the resources, based on that sheet you need to creat an UI and backend code with extensive charting functionality. the application mainly based on the tabls and relationship matrix and generation of nodal ( network diagram ) from the matrix and evaluation of various parameters .

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    I want Arduino IDE codes to control led strips and matrix in chaser like design with different colours, sizes of strips and matrix in addition with having two potentiometers and mp3 player The project is for a schematic process .animation at various stages culminating into whole iteration. The main hardware parts are :- 1. Arduino mega 2650 or Arduino pro mini 2. 9 pieces of WS2812B 5050 RG...

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    Hello Freelancers - We would like to have the following items completed: 1.) Update the code format from HTML to WordPress (for ease of future revisions and updates). We know that will provide all existing images on the current website to ease the transition from HTML to WordPress. 2.) Update content as needed given we want to we want to "modernize" our website as we will up...

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    Hello, We are looking for a computer vision and machine learning expert who can calculate the person's mass center as 3D coordinate, (x, y, z) from the 2D video stream. The people are in a known room and camera location is also fixed. Now we can evaluate the person's location as 2D coordinate, (x, y) in the video. Your task is to convert (x, y) coordinate into (x, y, z) coordinate. You c...

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    Senior Developer CRM php portal / MySQL Need online casino experience Send your work samples. Client Portal (PHP): There will be a PHP Client Portal created that will run on a dedicated server. The game providers listed, payment systems listed and casino sites listed will be integrated via API to the PHP Client portal and will be fully functional with all the PHP Client portal features listed be...

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