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    I need a simple program that will count the numbers of a hospital floors using a while loop. The code should include a variable named 'floorval' to stop counting when it reaches -1 (the basement). ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the softwar...

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    We need to migrate from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange our company users, so we need someone who had previous experience with this issue. The work should be done remotely via internet connection and step-by-step instructions are required. The solution provided should include a strong virus protection. Feel free to make any questions in regard to the specifications. Thanks ## Deliverables 1) ...

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    Font Utility Udløbet left

    I need that display on a grid on screen (font name and text string) to be review and eliminate the one that does not look good (Process of elimination). If you can do this by reading the fonts stored in a folder and not by installed font. This will be even better. This will save me much time on install and un-install fonts. I have over 1000 font. This must work with True type font, Adobe font, and...

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    Make a coder and a decoder P-type which functions in two images (grayscale). To find the motion vectors use the block matching method and use as a cost function the MAD(mean absolute difference) and the algorithm of exhaustive search. You should divide the image in 16*16 blocks and find every pixel in a 12*12 [log ind for at se URL] code the error use I coding with a quantization matrix the one th...

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    I would like a standalone program to be able to analyze a .wav file (if possible .mp3 as well) and give the spectrum analysis in a 3D plot. The 3D plot would have to be interactive, by this I mean that I should be able to rotate the plot using my mouse. The colours should be rich and the plot should look good. The program will have to be able to analze files that have 8 to 32 bits of information a...

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    Write a program using C++ and Win32 API to implement a function normally found in a word processor. The problem is solved using the assembly line paradigm Your program first uses a thread to get a sentence (<= 80 characters) from the user. The sentence is then passed to the second thread which sorts the sequence, counts the number of non-blank characters, and counts the number of words. It then...

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    I need to develop a game which has to be very fun!!! I need it to teach math start with addition by 1 then addition by 2 etc... ex 5+1 etc... then get harder gradually based on the child's prgress. This is the hard part. It must get harder as the child progresses. There may be more then one child who uses it. Also time has to be a factor in how fast a child advances to next level. I would lik...

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    Need a Website completed for my online server rental company "Black Widow Servers". I need a Flash Intro and Flash website. I have a template for the site and a rough intro template. Most of the text is complete as is the ordering forms and rcon program. Intro - The intro will be a black widow spider creating my company name with its web, "Black Widow Servers". The the spider i...

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    The basic idea is to evolve flocking behaviour in a population of 20 creatures using an 'implicit fitness function': Individuals will not be evaluated by a simple function, but will be killed and replaced when they are caught by a hard-wired predator. Each creature has 8 directional inputs that can sense where other creatures are, and where the predator is. A creature's controller i...

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    Ok, my friend and I have finished [][1]

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    I have a crossword puzzle online and it time the player. I suppose to store the score in a datafile. What I need is a cgi form and database for every new person to enter name firstname and Lastname and email. And the the cgi script could retrieve the person name, time and date and score after the game is completed. I already have the readme instruction from the crossword puzzle that will help you ...

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    Small project to write program or script for Hotel management web site. See the attached file for full specification. 1. The hotel reservation system consists of three sections Fast client's reservation Special offers Corporate clients i.e. travel agency, airports (password protected member access only) In this case, all clients receive an opportunity to choose the section suitable for him. 2...

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    TIME CALCULATOR Udløbet left

    I wish to have a pc onhand (this is a wrist worn computer programmable in C) perform the following functions. I want to keystroke the computer a number of times and have it automatically log the time of each keystroke. The computer will need to keep these entries in a data file. Then I will wish to enter another series of time marked keystrokes which will be kept in a separate file. I will then wa...

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    Please suggest a package, or offer to create one, or offer to apply one you already have for: The creation of Internet Marketing limited matrices, preferably a 7X3 or a 6X4. Must include installation and full back room capabilities. Simple replicator pages, no need to design - only to function. Will need 2 or 3 matrices. Experienced programmers only, please.

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    Hi all I need a little help on my small business. I need a counter billing software which prints bill quickly on dot matrix printers.I also need to maintain a database for all the products [log ind for at se URL] should be accesible through item code and name [log ind for at se URL] and restore facility required. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable ...

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    two pass assembler Udløbet left

    Write a two pass assembler in C language for the assembly language The assembler must, (1)Read assembly language from a text file, assigning label values and instruction opcodes. (2)Diagnose common assembly errors such as unknown instruction, no such label, duplicate label (3)Produce an object file of the produced machine code. This file should be a binary file. Code starts at address zero. (4)Pro...

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    HI, We have a basic Affiliate Program (counts click throughs to a URL only - payment on number of click-throughs) that is need of a good fixup. Links are not working, logins don't work, pages from links are missing, needs a separate "register here" page etc. Grammar and spelling is bad throughout the program but that does not need to be fixed as I will do that. No design work eith...

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    I need a script designed for me that allows me to run a Forced Matrix program. The structure will be five levels or phases of 2x3 matrixes with different amounts to be paid out after each phase completed. After each phase completion the member will automatically move into the next phase. I do not need self-replicating web sites, all enrollments will be through the main web site, and there are no s...

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    I receive online orders via email in 2 formats, and want a visual basic program to do the following: Check POP3 account for mail (or have easy way of getting mail manually out of outlook into the software somehow -- copy /paste perhaps OK Program will parse mail, check certain criteria for payment status. Program will parse the mail, extract address, send address to database (you will create new c...

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    We are looking for web-/server-based MLM-software. We would prefer to work with a coder/company with some experience, but are open for others. To save time for those who are not familiar with .ASP, this is what we are looking for. Not because we necessarily believe it is more suitable, but because we will have the knowledge to evaluate and do future modifications, if necessary. Since we are asking...

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    The ActiveX Control which I want to create is for a college assignment, but I'm just so God dame busy with other assignments and projects that I've decided to out-source it to someone else that really knows loads about ActiveX controls. I have already done a very simple ActiveX Control in relation to a Calander, which is the control itself and then it was added to a standard VB6 .EXE pro...

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    Looking for a professional to design/install 3X11 forced matrix system for my website. I expect bidding from only those who have previous experience in such a type of work. Mandatory specs are in the attachement. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the s...

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    I would like the most ultimate affilite program. It will resemble the workings of a chainletter style matrix. I am selling Cellular Phone Antenna Bosters. I want a program where a person buys a booster for $20. They have a referal family below them of 5 people. When they buy a booster $10 gets split between the five referals $2 each. Now the new person gets a self replicating web page like t...

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    We are looking for a programmer to create a MLM type replicating script with the following features. We want full rights to ownership and to resell and the ability for the programmer(s) to be available for additions and updates to the script. 1 - self replicating members type system like 2 - members have their own area, different member types, etc. 3 - we will be using a straight...

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    I need someone that has EXCELLENT knowledge and plenty of EXPERIENCE in: - PHP running on Linux - MySQL - Perl - Willing to work on an ADULT site - Has ICQ - Has EXCELLENT ratings & PLENTY of experience A couple of weeks go, my isp restarted the my server to fix a problem with my email accounts, and as a created a bigger problem. No one was able to log into any site (using mysql) because ...

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    Hi all, I'm looking for an incredible Matrix Macromedia Flash 5.0 Animation (like the Matrix movie). The Flash animation will be something that people will find super impressive and love to watch over and over again. This animation will be based on animation seen in the movie “The Matrix??©, such as moving green on black code walls, etc. Please make sure that you do not infringe on...

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    Design and implement a class whose objects represent polynomials. The polynomial will be implemented as a linked list. Each node will contain an int value for the power of x and a value of any type for the corresponding coefficient. That class operations should include addition, subtraction, multiplication and evaluation of a polynomial. Overload operators +, -, and * for addition, subtraction and...

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    I'm tendering for this urgent job that requires a development of a multimedia VCD. the client wants someone to compose a "bridge free" music of 130-135bmp 15mins for the aerobics instruction VCD. He has given STEP's 5 6 7 8 song as a guideline. Obviously 15mins is very long, but you can loop stuff, change the song etc etc as long as the bmp is the same. The song has to be done ...

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    The basic idea is to evolve flocking behaviour in a population of 20 creatures using an 'implicit fitness function': Individuals will not be evaluated by a simple function, but will be killed and replaced when they are caught by a hard- wired predator. Each creature has 8 directional inputs that can sense where other creatures are, and where the predator is. A creature's controller ...

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    Project is a forced Matrix gifting program. Similar to a Pyramid script. User needs password to enter site He/She signs up for an account under his/her Inviter He/She Is Placed on a 1st leavl as new members come in, he/she is forced up the matrix when he/she reaches top position he or she will be gifted money from the new people. The new people receive an e-mail telling the info on the top positi...

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    Homework help Udløbet left

    The assignemt is to implement a function based on ISO 2894, the standard that defines what strings of digits may be assigned as credit card numbers. Your function is to implement the function prototype: int verifycc (char * p); The argument to the function is to be a character string of any non-negative length. The function is to determine one of the following return values: 3 the character string...

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    Photoshop project Udløbet left

    I have the project instruction in the file attached. The deadline on this project is Dec 9 11PM. I will need the prints, callout page, write-up and the gesult of the image. For the prints, I prefer you design the prints first then send it to me so I can simply just print it from my printer. And for the write-up, please type it on Microsoft Word. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional ...

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    How much is your fee for the program below? Program 5 (30 points) due December 13: Traveling Salesman Mileage Calculator In this assignment, you will be making a calculator that: · Takes an itinerary (a sequence of destinations) as input and ... · Displays the distance for each leg of the itinerary and ... · Displays the total mileage for the journey. This calculator can also ...

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    Turbo C++ program Udløbet left

    Design a Turbo C++ program that can show a bouncing ball, with arbitrary coefficient of restitution, in animation with optional erase. (a), Solve the second-order diffrential equation (b), Plot the closed-form solution. P.S : I have a copy of the solution in the attachment, what I need is someone to modify it so the output it produces matches more closely to the instruction typed above. I also nee...

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    Just regular assembly language problems Problem 1. assume an address of 2A3F:0105. What parts of that address would you find in what registers? Problem 2. Assume AX=95Ax and Cx=0003. What would be in ax after the following instructions are completed? CLC RCL AL, CL Problem 3. Write an instruction that loads the quanity 01c3BH from the AX register to the DX register. Problem 4. Write an instruction...

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    We need to build some pages in order to help our Client to manage their product orders. This would mean to give each Client a detail of the orders that he has and the status, payments, and activities related to his orders. Right now we have some pages (ASP .NET) that enable us to provide our Client with some aspect of the information about their orders, but these pages are very limited. We would b...

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    THIS MUST BE DONE IN ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE!!! Design a database system that performs 2 essential functions: 1. request user input for a name and social security number 2. request use input for a name and search the database for a match the program must validate user input such that: -names consist only of properl-cased alpha characters and a single space. First and last names much begin with uppercase...

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    sum of polynomials Udløbet left

    A coomon way to represent a polynomial expression is with linked structures that have three members: (a) A member to represent the coefficient (b) A member to represent the exponent (c) A pointer to the next term in the expression Write the following program in C: 1. Write a function that expects pointers to two lists that represent polynomials and returns a pointer to a third list that represents...

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    **Using assembly language please!!** This mini project is to design a program that will request the name and social security number of a person. It will store the name and number, as later on if a user types his/her name in the program will either find the record or display no record has been found. Please read on the deliverables for the details. ## Deliverables **Design a database system tha...

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    Purpose: I'm having difficulty writing and debugging my own programs. I need a working program in Microsoft Visual C ++ 6.0 for the problem below. I prefer it to be written in a basic, or easily followed format. There must be extensive comments that explain why the code is written in such a way, along with descriptions on what is occurring at each point within the program. In all, I would lik...

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    COBOL Assignment 4 Udløbet left

    Hello, I have the following COBOL assignments using Net EXpress 3.0 which uses a call program for the date and control breaks to arrive at the output. This program builds on the 3rd assigment which I have included with all of its components. A flowchart, class notes and call program are also included in the zip file. The coding cannot be done in ALL-CAPS per instructor. Please refer to the [log in...

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    Develop a menu-driven program to be used by the network administrator that will provide the two options below and an exit option: 1. Shortest Path Between Two Nodes Develop the process to find the shortest path between any two computers on a local area network. Represent each computer with an integer id. In a file, have the integer for a computer on a line followed by the integers of other directl...

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    counting duplicate Udløbet left

    I need an algorithm in C that can work with huge files and still be time efficient. (That's my number one concern!) The program need to be able to partition the processes on 4 different processors. Here is a scoope of what the program does. I will sent more detail when I accept the bid. Algorithm: 1) read from a file, the file is in the following format, but the length of pattern will vary fr...

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    create two 4x4 sparse matrices using orthogonal lists, and then manipulate them. The data will consist of three sets of integers, the first set representing matrix A, the second representing matrix B, and the third representing deletions of elements from either matrix A or B. the tasks to be performed include 1. build the two orthogonal lists as you read in he for matrices A and B. 2. perform matr...

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    I am looking for a good programmer to help rewrite a fully functioning ladder system in gaming that is currently in asp. The programmer will have to rewrite it in using coding using SQL 2000 db. This project is a fairly simple database project with some complex coding involved. The programmer will be working under the direction of me and another programmer where you will be doing th...

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    81161 MLM Manager Udløbet left

    MLM MANAGER - 2 2 * Unlimited matrix which pays out on 14 levels as follows: 1 1 2 2 4 4 8 8 16 16 32 32 64 64 128 128 256 256 512 512 1024 1024 2048 2048 4096 4096 8192 8192 16384 16384 All levels on both matrix's pay out $0.25 per referral giving a total payout of $8191 for each matrix All exec sign ups go into t...

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    I have a MLM business with a 5 by 8 forced structure matrix. Everything is in place but I want to do something to integrate with it. It is a fairly complex and delicate program from what I understand already so whoever does it needs to know what they are doing. What I want done is as follows: What I would like for the project is as follows: What it is is people will be able to sign up for other ne...

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    i need a non-mfc c++ program to transcribe selected text file data (certain elements as identified from a keyword list) into either an excel matrix or a word document. the program should query the user as to preference - excel or word. the contents of the text file will vary from one iteration to the next (keyword list is static, although ammendable). the structure of the excel matrix (column head...

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    This should be easy for a CGI/PERL programmer. I need a solution that will: 1) upload a file to my server from a webpage*; 2) Count the English words or Chinese characters in the .txt, .RTF, or html document (.doc would be a bonus) and 3) calculate a price. 4) document is mailed to specified address. 5) document is saved on server. * The fields on the HTML page are: File:_____________ [browse] Sub...

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    sparse matrix Udløbet left

    Develop a C++ implementation of the Matrix ADT that is able to manipulate arbitrarily large sparse matrices. See attachment ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) ...

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