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    We are making a game in unity 3D engine therefore we need lowpoly 3D models like attached below. Should be extremely lowpoly. We will need a lot more models in future.

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    ...bid or reported as SPAM : Hello, I am looking for Lowpoly with ''4K texture'' Game Building 3D Artist . If you need to register on a website like textures,com to get high quality, I will pay for that as well. You must have similar samples in your portfolio, and check attached image, the building style I want, and the tutorial (how Buildings) show

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    Requirements: Characters 1 Male 1 Female Character Age: Teenager Character Style: Merchant, Trader, Adventurer (Non Violent) Environment: Adventure / Open world style Art style: Must be a cartoon like character. Shader: Toon Shader LOD level will be needed for the characters. Please apply only if you have experience in cartoon style mobile game characters. Two types of each of the...

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    ...Cinematic Animation... All of the models should be done in zbrush or any other software that can delivere same quality that can zbrush... Last files should be in 2 formats lowpoly (baked normals,bump and etc) and highpoly Also models should have good UV maps Offer me your price and deadline.. Dont worry about my unverified account will create milestone

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    ...; 1-LowPoly(1-5K Poly) , 2-MidPoly(50-500K Poly), 3- HihgPoly(1-5 MillionPoly). *Base models (low poly models) will be parametric in 3DS Max or Maya format with modifiers. HighPoly results must be detailed by stitches,bumps,bends,crumplings like in the reference images uploaded. *Then these details must be projected over MidPoly and LowPoly models

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    I want a 3D character with walking animation for using it in my Unity project. The 3D character same like below: [login to view URL] But for this person: [login to view URL]

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    Hello, looking for someone to make a 3D lowpoly hairs. Reference images are uploaded. requirements as it is low poly hairs, should be not bigger poly count as 8k tris output OBj, Fbx perfect will be Maya file. Textures 2k Minimum.

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    ...Requirement: - Lowpoly and Optimized Modelling - Clean non overlapping UV unwrap Software Proficiency: - Maya or Blender or 3Ds Max or Cinema 4D or any other modelling package which is easier for you! If you are interested apply for this position, more details will be discussed on private chat and this is going to be a monthly paid job. So long term

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    ...files attached) Then we will make 1 feedback loop. I dont need/want to much detail (like separate wooden planks or stuff like that - see picture "example: level of detail" - lowpoly-) i need a modell with correct proportions and the main features of the house that make it distinct. And i need it in the state when it was new (see picture "house new"),

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    Debes modelar el conjunto de la foto usando texturas reales a las que aplicarás un filtro de photoshop para que se parezca al cuadro. No es necesario representar el cuadro con exactitud. Solo el estilo general. Máximo 10.000 polígonos. Debes modelar el campo entorno a la casa. Las hierbas con planos cruzados. Incluye algún árbol y vallas. El cielo debe ser un dom...

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    ...foto. The text and LowPoly pictures are in the attachment. You can base your design on the manual "umnyy electrosamokat xiaomi" in the attachment. And you can found the display foto and buttons description in the"инструкция на английском" file? that is in the attachment too. Нужен дизайн инструкции к электросамокату в стиле LowPoly, добавить иллюстрации

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    Requirements: Characters 1 Male 1 Female Character Age: 12- 20 Character Style: Merchant, Trader, Adventurer (Non Violent) Environment: Adventure / Open world style Two types of each of the following: 1. Hat 2. Cape 3. Sash / Belt with Pouch 4. Shirt 5. Pants / Half Pants 6. Shoes 7. Hair 8. Facial Features: At least 4 types (Beard , mustache, goatee, bald head etc) 9. Backpack / Bag 10. Others...

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    I need 3D objects darts low poly targets, for game for android mobile.

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    I want someone to create a 3D lowpoly modeling based on the given image. I am looking for lowpoly version and proper uv un wrapping with proper normalization. Output has to be baked texture and strictly no overlapping uv's and modeling surfaces. It has to be properly snapped every vertex points. Models has to be not a solid combine mesh. it has to be

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    Model a one storey industrial coop for chickens, an incubator for eggs, a field of tomatoes, and a generous dinner table with various food ite...table with various food items on it. I will provide you with pictures for reference. Use 3DS max for modelling, use instancing whenever possible, use v-ray materials. Work lowpoly, but high quality textures.

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    ...graveyard-terrain should be like the original excavation. - The graveyard and seperate objects need to be Unity-ready (import package) - Photo realistic - Highly optimized lowpoly & realistic assets - Ready for, GearVR, Google Cardbox and Vuforia - Ready for low & high-end mobile devices. - Mimimal numer of triangles I am looking forward to your

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    Requirements: Characters 1 Male 1 Female Style: Age: Young / Middle age Environment: Adventure / Open world style At least mesh 2 types of each of the following: 1. Hat 2. Cape 3. Sash / Belt with Pouch 4. Shirt 5. Pants / Half Pants 6. Shoes 7. Hair 8. Facial Features: At least 4 types (Beard , moustache, goatee, bald head etc) 9. BackPack / Bag 10. Others: Bangles, Bracelets a...

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    I need a 3D model of this simple organic scene to be imported to unity ( lowpoly ) asap. and if we will like the work and the price we will go for other projects as we do need a lot of modelling

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    ...doing retopology on a Soliworks model. The Solidworks file of the item is available and we need 3 versions of that in 3ds max WITH CORRECT TOPOLOGY. Highpoly, medium and lowpoly versions. Please only apply if you’re professional in this field. ...

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    I have a logo that I want it to be Lowpoly design like the attachment, Also the coloring will be similar to the second attachment. I want to see the logo itself in lowpoly and once the logo in white and the background in lowpoly. (must follow the same color stream in the attachment: )

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    Im a designer for 15 years and start to write my stories for comics a while. This project will be a comics. The panel pages will be made with 3d [lowpoly]. But the final result will not be in 3d render. that's is only for rendering method and i will draw over it (see examples). What i need: - A good but i prefer a FASTER modeler; (that's is IMPORTANT:

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    ...am looking for an animator that can deliver a 12-15 character animation set in 3D (think run, walk, attack, strafe, etc.). The character model - which we will supply - is a lowpoly 3D character built in Blender. The animations can be done in either Blender or Maya (whichever software you fill more comfortable with) and we would need all the related files

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    We are looking for an 3d character modeling artist to work our game project. We are looking for an freelancer with passion to make 3d characters. Need to create lowpoly models of some game character with given details

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    i'm making a game based on my life so i need a model, fully rigged/animated/textured. lowpoly!

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    Hello I would like to control a drone with the help of the X-Box controller. The app should be able to do something like this: htt...com/watch?v=Ua9ifkpd3L0 - Start Logo - Small menu (Play / Information) - Control the drone with the XBOX controller - Sound of the drone The drone I created in Maya as LowPoly (23000) in .fbx file.

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    Procuro que saiba animar 2D ou monte meu avatar em 3D com (expressões faciais e movimentos nas articulações) Média de gasto: 2D: R$200,00 (animação 4 segundos) M...em 3D com (expressões faciais e movimentos nas articulações) Média de gasto: 2D: R$200,00 (animação 4 segundos) Média de gasto 3D: R$ 2.0...

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    We need to texture 2 lowpoly scenes (diffuse only) and match the style from reference. Models are fully unwrapped, some parts are stacked. At the end we need from you: - 2048x2048 texture for whole scene (except the ground) - 2048x2048 texture for ground/water, ect Job with the prospect of further cooperation.

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    animated two heads of my 3d lowpoly pilots with blender. save as .obj

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    I'd like to have a low-poly version of the known meme "Dat Boi" (see attached image). The style of the image should be similar to the second attached image ([login to view URL]).

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    We require a logo for a cartoon/lowpoly zombie game called "Zombloids" The logo can be of any style you wish, but keep in mind it is a cartoon/lowpoly game so I wouldn't go with any style that is realistic/serious. The only requirement is that it must say "Zombloids" on it. Winner must provide all design files. Please try not to just pick

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    texturizar un objeto lowpoly en cinema4d

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    cinema 4D lowpoly texturing

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    hi guys , i just need 4 airplanes in lowpoly for unity 3D ,,, with uv and texture ,,, i have 1 done and 4 to go :) i have textures ready so just need modeling

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    Desain sebuah logo Project yang saya tekuni adalah di bidang vector, lowpoly, design logo dan sketsa wajah

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    ...Requirements: - Knowledge of Blender, 3Ds max or Maya - Skill of creating 3D objects, textures, materials, UV map for Unity Engine - Good knowledge of modeling 'highPoly’ i ‘lowPoly’. - Good feeling of form, block, the structure with 3D models. - Independence and being on time with deadlines. How to apply: Send us your portfolio, what you have done on:

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    3d modellers to create models (highpoly sculpt, lowpoly (1500 tri's) anim, UV's, baking and textured) in proportions of a pre-defined ready biped master rig. Example Attached

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    ...used as a part in yet confidential major-project; it demands an agreement on product ownership (I.P.) transfer to our company. in this small project you will make a 3D lowpoly mesh of a specific medieval Crossbow (with it's arrow), and paint the appropriate parts with materials (basically wood, metal and leather) including normal maps. I supply

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    ...separate meshes for these. - Not only adding fur & feathers but complete the model with details on feet, legs, beak etc... - Intended for rendering so it doesn't need to be a lowpoly model, but it has to stay workable. - Textures(color, normal, spec, roughness) in at least 4k - Eyes don't need textures. We're looking for someone who can take the concepts

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    Our company is searching a 3D modelator for our latest project. The 3D person will work directly with our concept artist. The project have 20 Unique 3D Lowpoly buildings, each building will have 10 upgrates(see example picture). Please apply only with portfolio Thanks!

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    LowPoly bus model same as reference

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    I have desined lowpoly character in Blender and need help in rig the figure. The work is to provide bones with IK and mesh weigtning for BLENDER 2.78 file. The riged character should be provided back as blender 2.78 file The character will be later printed in 3D.

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    Hello, I am looking for background design for the ...for the following site : [login to view URL] . Looking for a low polygon art style and incorporation of different characters/scenes of all kind of different games. Use keyword "LowPoly" in your application so that I know you've read it. Also show me your low polygon art style. Budget is 150€ max.

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    ...you get a small understanding off what i want but all houses needs to be entrable. then one image of how the town looks like in UE4 so all those houses need to be made in lowpoly, then assets like props: dumpster,cans,bricks and all sort of props to fill the level with, the level is suppose to be in a apocalyptic environment, so like broken houses,

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    Hi Lloyd057, please let me know whether you're interested to continue working on updates to the bug model. Here's the help I n...the ten raised bumps on the bug's shell. 2. Shrink the balls at the end of the legs to roughly 1/2 the current diameter, while maintaining the legs' diameters. 3. Provide a lowpoly model of the completed work in 3DS format.

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    Um personagem (garoto moreno de aparência de uns 10 anos de idade) 3d lowpoly para jogo em dispositivo móvel. Animações dele empurrando um objeto com as duas mãos. Também animações com explessões: piscando, cara de mal, sorrindo, chorando e assustado. Animação de aranha 3d lowpoly andando na horizontal, na ve...

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    I have approximately 60 models in highpoly and lowpoly. I need rebake texture and normal map. Typical, bake highpoly to lowpoly.

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    Task: [login to view URL] Existing models in Maya editable format can be downloaded here: [login to view URL] Here are examples of correct obj models (how yours should be): [login to view URL] Once the OBJ+MTL is ready we can give you access to upload it in our testing tool, to make sure it works properly: [login to view URL] Please note: this project is to create one mtl file and one o...

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    Top Down Game , Battle Arena Tris-count: 3000 - 5000 tris Texture Size : 2k Texture count: 1 Texture Type: Color Shader Type: lowpoly PC Platform Render Engine: Unity / Unreal WEAPON with character Interchangeable part no

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    I need to have the man's arms from the model "LowPoly Man" grab the shovel model as is seen in the source sketch. All files are attached. This project should be quick and not be too complicated. Thank you!

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    3D Lowpoly Modelling, 3D Animasi, Flash Multimedia Interaktif

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