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    C++ Advanced Placement Computer Science (APCS) I am a instructor for APCS and I am preparing material for APCS Java. If you currently have been teaching APCS C++, I would like to get your assignments, quizzes and tests. I am planning on converting them to Java, with some modifications. I do not need the class notes, I already have it. If bidding,it will be helpful to me if you send ...

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    New ADT Matrix Udløbet left

    Write and test ADT Matrix. use the following class definition. const int MAX_ROWS=10; const int MAX_COLS=10; class MATRIXType { public: MatrixType(); Void MakeEmpty(); void SetSize(int rowsize, int colsize); void storeItem(int item, int row, int colsize); void add(MatrixType otheroperand, MatrixType& result); Void Mult(MatrixType otheroperand, MatrixType& result); Void print(std::ofstream&...

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    Rough bid needed for development of a customers/sales ledger. This should be a very familiar project for anyone who has built such a system before. Development tool must be Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. Data access must be carried out through ADO. Database will be Microsoft Access 2000. Basic requirements... Record general customer information, including their credit details; Analyse customer's...

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    I'm an Internet Programmer / Freelancer who needs help with a project needing a desktop component. My client's needs are flexible, so I'm looking to shape the deliverable based on what is possible to do, for the minimum price. Here's an excerpt of the preliminary functional spec I delivered to the client: --- The user will download an executable (either an .exe. or a .zip archi...

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    I need a script that would include an admin script that would allow us to create basic user info a login name, login password, address, city,state,zip, phone,fax,acct#, email address, notes.... and then give us the ability to allow access to a directory or not, I am not sure what we can use to secure the directory access. This should run on NT/2000 or linux. THe user would be given a menu based on...

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    Simple web site redesign and icons. Most of the work is already done, we somewhat like the flash that has been done but the menu fonts seem too blended and the design in the background is not that great. Also we have a new logo that is not on this site. Background for [[log ind for at se URL]][1] BETA AREA (Item 1 must be completed ASAP) 1) Beta Area (See <[log ind for at se URL]> as ...

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    c program Udløbet left

    Design and implement a set of programs that allow users to send messages to each other. Messages are character strings, that are entered from the standard input. Any message that a user sends should be sent to all users including the user that sent the message. All users are on the same host. Notes: There is no authentication, any user that connects can send messages. You may use an...

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    The program requires you to do the following. define and initialize variables using all of the primitive data types print the size (in bytes) of the primitive data types on your computer print the size (in bytes) of the variables defined in the program on your computer print the maximum and minimum values that can be stored in the variables defined using the primitive data types Important Note: Th...

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    2Checkout/e-Classifieds Premium integration. Ref: [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] Site address: [log ind for at se URL] This project is for experienced programmers knowledgeable in 2Checkout/e-Classifieds only please. e-Classifieds Premium options: ------------------------------------------- Option 1 Ad Duration (in days) 30 Cost for First 10 Ads $ 0.00 Cost for each...

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    ADT Matrix Udløbet left

    Write and test ADT Matrix. use the following class definition. const int MAX_ROWS=10; const int MAX_COLS=10; class MATRIXType { public: MatrixType(); Void MakeEmpty(); void SetSize(int rowsize, int colsize); void storeItem(int item, int row, int colsize); void add(MatrixType otheroperand, MatrixType& result); Void Mult(MatrixType otheroperand, MatrixType& result); Void print(std::ofstream&...

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    Create a new, user-defined class named 'Student' in a file named '[log ind for at se URL]'. This class will have instance variables named 'id' and 'courses', one constructor which creates a student with default values for id and courses, a second constructor which accepts values from the user, and methods named 'addCourse', 'dropCourse', ...

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    SCROLL DOWN FOR NEW INFO [UPDATED 10/09/02 2:00PM est] i need a simple database like access, (can even use msaccess contact management wizard to get it set up) but with good macros to sort and prevent duplicates, and do custom filters, complete with custom buttons to sort view and some checkboxes, (and maybe add some webpage to link it together, ) SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFO [UPDATED 10/09/02 2:00PM...

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    This is an Outlook Add-in The add-in would use to send SMS msg's from Ooutlook. there are three things that the add-in should do- 1) The add-in should create a new button on the contacts tool bar and when pressed after choosing a contact or contacts it should open a window so a message can be entered and when in that window, a Send button would be pressed - a text file should be created in a ...

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    I need a simple recommend script using CGI. The URL will be shown only in a text newsletter. Subscribers will be asked to use the link to recommend the newsletter to their friends. The message will already be filled in along with the subscribers e-mail address (i.e. [log ind for at se URL] Doe&e-mail=john+[log ind for at se URL]). The message will be present within the script itself, an...

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    Payroll system Udløbet left

    Seeking a "comprehensive" "existing" Payroll application that has a good professional graphic user interface, feature rich details about employees etc. I am wanting to integrate this with a Time & Attendance system I have. A list of the types of features sought - but of course not all are expected but of course the essential are expected ...... Multiple Tax tables Multiple ...

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    I need smartsearch V_4.15 modified so it will pull external SE results without the LWP modules. Also need it installed on one of my sites. See notes on message board.

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    TechServNotes Udløbet left

    TechServNotes program allows the user to: 1) search by criteria selected by the user,add,update,and delete notes from CustomerNotes table. 2) search,add, update, and delete institutions from TechServCustomers table. 3) search,add, update, and delete contacts from InstitutionContacts table. 4) add,update, and delete product categories from ProductCategories table 5) search,add, update, and delete n...

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    X.O.P Udløbet left

    I am looking for an online multiplayer 2-dimensional game or 3d whatever is easiest. The package will include a main server, a sub-server, and a client. The main server will store account information and broadcast remote announces/tells to the other servers. The sub-servers will store all of the game information, and will check user/password combinations from clients to the main server. The sub-se...

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    Pizza Shop Udløbet left

    In this project, you will simulate the user calling to order a pizza at the UMCP take-out pizza shop. You will prompt the user for identification (name and phone number), the items he wishes to order (soda, breadsticks and pizza), and the size and toppings for each pizza ordered. There is a maximum of 5 pizzas per order and 3 toppings per pizza. After the ordering is complete, you will calculate t...

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    The project is to write a function that given a drive letter (like D: or E:), will detect if the drive is a USB device and return the device description string. So for examaple, the function would take a drive letter like E:, and if E: is a USB storage device, will return a description like "Sony Memory Stick". ## Deliverables Important notes: - The code must be written in C++ or C# -...

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    I want a function which will accept two StdPicture objects, compare them (on a byte to byte basis), and return True if they match. Assumably, you will need create a GDI bitmap from the passed object and them do the comparision from there, using GetBitmapBits or something better. Bitmaps *and* icons must be supported by this routine. Probably most compares will be made againts icons, so it is essen...

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    We are currently using an ERP Product, Job Boss ([log ind for at se URL]). To communicate with our sales reps we would like to, twice daily, update an Act! Database with: -Customer Contact Info -Quote Forms (as attachments in Act) -Misc Customer Notes (as Notes in Act) The retrieval of information from our ERP software will be handled in house. We will provide you with the data in the format you r...

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    IVR REMINDER PAGE Udløbet left

    IVR PROGRAM DEVELOP A SIMPLE SYSTEM, LIKE THIS: 1ST, develop a pass code system (new, delete, active, inactive, master pass code ---code is 8 digits) (TO ACTIVATE SYSTEM) CALL A PHONE # ('x') ENTER ** enter pass code SYSTEM ACKNOWLEDGES PASS CODE ENTER PHONE # ('y') SYSTEM ACKNOWLEGES PHONE # (SAYS, YOU HAVE ENTERED XXX-XXXX) ENTER DATE TO REMIND (mm/dd/yyyy) (ENTER TIME THIS W...

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    By windows I mean the ones we look out of. Not microsoft windows. We need a program to calculate window costs broken down by glass, materials, labour etc. A fuller description of our requirements can be viewed at [log ind for at se URL] however all bids should come via rentacoder bids received any other way will be ignored. If you believe you need to exceed the $500 mark include your price and com...

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    We need a page in Lotus Notes, whereby users can go in and change their own password (with a confirm box) via the web (using IE, rather than Notes). The client wont let anyone into their network remotely, so we need a generic form that we can copy into the system. Most users don't have security access the the address book, so it is important that they can change their passwords too. ## Deli...

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    The Code for the site is available for download from:- [log ind for at se URL] 1) We have the multicurrency that needs compleating as explained in the other Auction below. 2) Our Worldpay intergration needs to be completed, we have had problems getting the values back from Worldpay. The intergration must do the following:- a) Must debit a users account once either the account exceeds GBP 50 or onc...

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    **************PLEASE BID ON THIS AUCTION INCLUDED IN THE WHOLE PROJECT (one of the adds above this one)************* We had a programmer start to add multicurrency capabilities to our auction. At Present it has a few bugs that need fixing:- 1) The software doesn't add the Final Value Fee to a users account 2) Our database must be kept in UK pounds, the auction must dynamically convert prices ...

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    I have a program written in Visual Basic 6.0 that I use on Windwos XP with no problem. As soon as I use it under a Limited Account user of XP, I get a runtime error 75 for file access error. It will not let me do a SaveFile method for a RichTextBox. Is there any way to create a text file as a limited user? I am posting it here because I will be glad to pay a small fee for this answer. Please have ...

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    DAO VB database Udløbet left

    DAO Database program VB (Detailed description in zip file attachment) I have nearly finished coding a publication database that helps me keep track of the journal papers I read. The databse iself is quite simple and is made of two forms. The main form which keeps most of the publication details, and the Notes form which allows me to make comments on a paper I am reading. There are a few things I w...

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    I need some help to get this database working properly. EASY MONEY for the pro. ----> I can't see this taking more than 10 Mins. I have nearly completed a Journal publication database to keep track of the journal papers I read. The database is simple and made of two tables. One contains the journal paper informtation. (i.e. Title, Authors etc..) The other stores "comments or notes&quo...

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    PHP & Perl based Search Engine Submission Program. Using PHP & Perl, create a total webbased submission program to allow users to submit their websites to search engine owners that signup their engines with our database. Ability for SE Owners to post submission rules to our database, and have it check each submission meets specific requirements before processing submission. Scaleable MYSQL...

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    I'm part of a group doing some educational research and we're gathering the questionnaire results using face to face interviews. The interviewer's notes will be used to enter data into the database. Some of the survey questions will be yes/no/don't know, some will be a numerical values, some will be multiple choice, and some will be open-ended. The important thing is that we mu...

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    FAX SERVER CLONE Udløbet left

    Fax Server software similar to RightFax, LightningFAX, Faxmaker is seeked. Must be: [log ind for at se URL] Multi-Users, multi-channels version. [log ind for at se URL] Server architecture. [log ind for at se URL] all types of Windows clients (must be 32 bits)include XP and Internet Explorers. [log ind for at se URL] applications must have been used and tested for stability, performance and no BUG...

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    Simple Calculator Udløbet left

    Implement an interpreter for a Simple Mathematical Expression Language (Call it "SMEL," if you like. ;-) ). Permissible Implementation Languages: C, C++ or Java Description of the Language: =========================== Language Support for Operations and Functions: The language supports both unary and binary operations, along with some built-in functions. The unary operations are unary mi...

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    I have developed an ActiveX Component and I have written all the help about it. I am not a native English speaker so I would like someone to have a look at it and make any necessary corrections. English must be your mother language. You have to be programmer yourself (so that you can follow the content of documentation) and you must have some kind of experience in writing or editing technical note...

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    Are you a GUI wizard? If so I got the job for you! I (hereafter known as “the buyer?? or “buyer??) have a working VB6 project which is in dire need of a GUI overhaul and conversion to VB.Net. Current project: Opera-like (multi-tab) stand-alone Internet Browser in ugly grey, written in VB 6. Objectives: 1. Completely modify the Graphical User Interface to buyer’s EXACT specs. 2. C...

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    I need a database application that will keep track my prospects I meet each day. I receive a lot of names and numbers from many peopl. Once I receive these names, I call them back within 48 hours. This application will need to be able to keep track of this info for me. I need to be able to run the application and it show me what names I need to call that day that I entered in 48 hours previous. He...

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    I am in need of a basic database program. I receive a lot of names and phone numbers during the day while working that I need to keep track of and then call back with in 48 hours. I need a simple database program to enter the names and numbers, personal information about this person, where I met this person, time and date I met then and a place to type notes. Then every time I start the program ea...

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    I need a program for creating patient encounter notes in a physical medicine practice. I see it as being based around various views of human anatomy for the majority of input. Entry would be made easy and rapid by the clinician tapping on a body area and then subsequent other menus to describe what was found or done to that body area. Input should be saved to a database (for recall)and used to cre...

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    This item was previously placed for bid (item 24970). In this request, I have reduced and clarified the scope. What is a Pre-Enrollee? A Pre-enrollee is a lead that has elected to be placed into a free Concorde Group Powerline by submitting their information. See [log ind for at se URL] Please DO NOT enter your information since this is a live website. To complete this bid, it is not necessary tha...

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    I'm looking to build a recordset in VB6 that will pull all data for PatientID = 260 from 3 different tables, then sort the data by Date. I want to then be able to show the data sorted by date, as well as print the entire list of data (probably using VB6's datareport). I've included an example database with the three tables, SOAP, Notes, and Patient Messages. Each of these tables hav...

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    Generate a small game in Director, I have just changed the brief as most people seem too young to nkow what the game Pong is, created by Atari several decades ago. ( The following page shows an example of the level of quality i am after, please mail suggestions ). [log ind for at se URL] The project involves creating a simple game in director. Please contact me through the emial channels with any ...

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    Web site redesign Udløbet left

    Background for [log ind for at se URL]: Simple web site redesign and icons. BETA AREA (Item 3 must be completed ASAP) New Corporation Name: Cool Info Corporation. Web site [log ind for at se URL] , (I will give you write access to the directory for this site’s temporary location after bid acceptance) Payment will be made upon completion and approval of the work. Need...

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    PCSystem Udløbet left

    There are 5 different Programming assignments. I have listed 4 here. The fifth one can be found at: [log ind for at se URL] numbers 1 through 5 are the programming requirements for each program 1. Your code should conform to Sun Microsystems coding conventions. 2. Javadoc output. 3. Program listings with global comments before each class describing the objects it is intending to model. Also, provi...

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    I'm part of a group doing some educational research and we're gathering the questionnaire results using face to face interviews. The interviewer's notes will be used to enter data into the database. Some of the 30 survey questions will be yes/no/don't know, some will be a numerical values, some will be multiple choice, and some will be open-ended. The important thing is that we...

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    I have a fully working web site done in ASP/HTML with links to the SQLServer DB. The site is about 100 pages long with all logic. Having set up and tested the site, we now need proper documentation. We would like an ASP expert to look over the pages and produce a report based on the site, detailing all the pages and any page specific ASP or site notes on it. As this is more of a time intensive tas...

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    We require 2 pieces of code: 1. A "Modified By" and a "Modified Date" filed that is updated everytime the document is modified (it only needs to show the LAST modified date/person). These fields should be hidden if the document hasn't been modified. 2. We need an example of code that looks up a value in a different form and hides/shows a block accordingly. ## Deliverable...

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    Documentation, software tools, source code (C,C++,Java,VB) demonstrating how to perform a batch extraction of Lotus Notes documents into HTML and XML. The extraction must retain document formatting, access control policies/lists and meta information such; as embedded links, and embedded objects. --- I do need an export filter that _supports_ the extraction of rich text items, including embedded li...

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    developing a prototype system for students at a high school to make online applications and attracting people to make donations using the web. The website will aim to give prospective parents and students an insight into what the school has to [log ind for at se URL] school is particularly interested in developing a website which allows interaction by students using an online facility. The school ...

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    LIST MANAGEMENT PROGRAM Description: I'd like a simple application for managing email/phone# lists. The program's MAIN FUNCTION is to remove duplicate/unwanted entries. The program should be SIMPLE - The description below is somewhat lengthly, but I wanted to give a complete description to avoid wasted worktime. SEE ATTACHED GRAPHIC FOR SAMPLE INTERFACE. Sample/example user session: 1) U...

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