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    ESP8266+LORA 6 dage left

    Hello, I want to make two weather station based on EPS8266 and LORA sx1278. For this purpose I plan to use this project. 2 ESP8266 and 2 lora sx1278. + 1 ght11 temperature sensor. And maybe one DS3231 to wake up the transmitter to save power. My plan is to mount one lora high above me about 6-7km away in the mountains - that way I will have a direct line of sight with both devices. All the data after receive have to be upload to The Things Network Server

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    ipk: We are in the final stage of development and there are few issues which are required to be resolved, for this we are looking for a python developer who had prior experience working in IoT, lora and mqtt service, Problem Statement 1- We are able to send the command by manually pressing button from app via sent aws and then it will run the function in the Iot device, but the issue we are facing is while scheduling the function to run multiple times in a day on daily basis, for this we will be adding those time slots in the app, via aws- api , then it will be saved as shadow of the device in aws and then it will be sent to the device and that schedule will be saved to run everyday until any change made in those times lots in the application, Action point :- Schedule the exe...

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    Complete firmware and software development for our battery-powered wireless camera sensor, which uses stm32h743 series MCU, with AI classification capabilities. Hardware will have PIR detector, OV5640 camera, external SDRAM and QSPI flash, 868MHz LoRa transceiver, IR cut filter and IR LEDs, vibration sensor, voltage regulators, SD card, debug /programming port etc. LoRaWAN specification v1.0.3 will be used to send classification results to our handheld terminal with gateway and ChirpStack Network and Application server running on it. Developer will be responsible to develop complete code which includes test software for the designed hardware, firmware and software that will run on the board, deep learning AI model that will run on the board, LoRAWAN v1.0.3 with specific payload for ...

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    Looking to remote control a device through a smartwatch type interface. It’s going to need to send some basic signals to a corresponding reciever that will ultimately turn a valve actuator. See example here of our current version which utilizes a large remote

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    i need to design a lora device. it should have a lcd to display a value . it should be battery operated and it should have battery backup for 6 months

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    I need to develop a herd monitoring system using loRA. I need an application for Android and IOS so that each owner can log in and monitor his herd. also where he can register, edit and remove his animals. View location via GPS

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    Development of a PCB that has one ESP32 one WiFi and one Lora chip. As well as a POE Power supply and a 24V Power supply. Antenna selectable for either the Lora or the WiFi. USB Pin connecter to Programm the ESP. And Pin connector Rails to connect to the ESP Pins (Input Output) Using KiCAD for the Development would be nice but not mandatory. Creating BOM LIst of all Components and checking avalibility on the Market. I attach some samples this is about what we need but this Development does not work and it is not very good made but maybe it helps to understand what we need.

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    Need IoT specialist Udløbet left

    Need help on Lora Network Project with esp32

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    Project for Lora O. Udløbet left

    Hi Lora O., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hello Please find the quote for lora module debugging

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    Brief description: - Make communication between Slave and Master devices via LoRa protocol. Master device have built in web server that contain 3 states of slave device inputs and have 3 buttons for control 3 relays. More advanced design will have android application, read 3 states and 3 buttons for control 3 relays. Slave device is Ai Thinker Ra-08h (Its chip ASR6601 is a universal LPWAN wireless communication SOC, integrated with RF transceivers 868MHz, modems, and a 32-bit RISC MCU). I buy this chip because compact design and small size. Small size is most important in this project. Slave device need to control 3 signal relays and to read state of 3 inputs (solid state relay contacts). Slave device will be powered constantly and no need for power saving features (sleep, standby...

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    ...the health of honeybees. The hardware sensors should focus on building a measurement system with the following parameters: - Weight of the hive - Number of bees entering and exiting the hive - Temperature (both inside and outside the hive) - Humidity - Sound in the hive The same data should be transmitted to the online dashboard (BEEP, Azure, Grafana, or our own cloud) in real time using WiFi (LoRa) or IoT SIM card by the use of MQTT/Microcontrollers. Please check the reference links and images attached below - Almost the entire technical details of the project can be seen on these opensource technical links: - - - -

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    I have written a driver for the SX1279 however there is an issue with the transmit sequence that I could use another set of eyes on. If you have experience with the SX1276/77/78/79 family that would be fantastic. I am thinking it is probably I have just set a bit wrong somewhere but I have started at it too long with no luck.

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    As already agreed with Lora, I create this project for the Swiss FHS poster.

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    Hi Sunish S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I want to Interface a mesh network using RA01H Lora module and STM32L476 Nucleo Board in STMCube IDE.

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    i have done most work on that project now need help in interface sensor and display with it you can refer this link

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    Initial set up of a Multitech outdoor gateway, provisioned on an ethernet connection running on the Sennet network, processing on the edge provided by Losant. We are using MOKO pro trackers. Need help with the final touches. MOKO's report GPS coordinates but do not update location on map. We are also looking for a push notification from Senet's application server upon detection of movement. This project was funded under a small grant and is being executed in conjunction with the U of Maryland and Maryland sea Grant. This is just an initial foray into this technology to try and ascertain whether this is the appropriate communication technology for some conceptual future projects.

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    I want to Interface a mesh network using RA01H Lora module and STM32L476 Nucleo Board in STMCube IDE.

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    Es un cuento para niños ambientado en la amazonía peruana. Los personajes principales son una lora y un mono

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    Project for Lora O. Udløbet left

    Hi Lora O., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Trophy icon Website Mockup- MP Udløbet left

    *WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR LOGO CREATION* You will be creating a page for an online course on having a healthy lifestyle. No need for functional development, design-only is requested. Please design a mockup website using ALL the information below. ___ PAGE CONTENT & INSTRUCTIONS: ___ Brandin... ___ Branding Guidelines: Logo: Hex codes: Hex: 6490E8 Hex: 283577 Hex: 77bc77 Hex: 00875f Hex: AE9604 Hex: 76579D Fonts: Raleway Roboto Condensed Lora ___

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    ...measurement in oil industry. Once these are released, they come onto the surface. It can take a day or two before the mother ship comes back to collect the buoys. The buoys are to be tracked by the mother ship for these one or two days so that it can effectively come to the location to collect the buoys. 3. Plan : A. The buoys are to have a GPS (preferably IRNSS ) receiver and transmit that data over LoRa. The GPS location will be sent only after the GPS accuracy reaches 20m or after 2 minutes (after reception of first GPS signal), whichever is earlier. The data will have four parts - Buoy's ID (customisable 3 digit numeric ID), GPS location, GPS accuracy and Battery life. B. The transmission has to be initiated only when an inbuilt accelerometer indicates that the buoys...

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    ipanelKlean -- 2 Udløbet left

    We are a solar based company with an iot based product, where we have a mother device as we say in iot terms with several other child devic...based company with an iot based product, where we have a mother device as we say in iot terms with several other child devices, mother device and child device communicate via lora we have an app in Flutter, backend in AWS, Everthing is in place, hardware and software, we are facing following problems:- 1- In mqtt services while receiving data from device to aws, we are only receiving partial data 2- In lora communication between mother device and child device, we are looking for an expert python developer who is comfortable working with mqtt services and an embedded engineer, who have worked on iot devices with lora based c...

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    Trophy icon Crear NFT MONKEY WEED Udløbet left


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    The current project proposes to explore an alternative localization system based on WiFi or LoRa either as a standalone system for localization or offer a correction to the existing GPS system. The scope of the proposal includes - Explore the feasibility of a standalone WiFi or LoRa system for high accuracy triangulation within a given bounding area. Accuracy in the order of 10 to 30 cms Transform a given triangulation to a map localization for a base station in any polygon (4 base stations +) Explore alternatives including WiFi or LoRa, and Bluetooth BLE for triangulation and error detection to aid GPS localization. Develop a Proof of Concept system to demonstrate the capability.

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    Deadlin...framework called FLoRa is a simulation for carrying out end-to-end for LoRaWAN network. It has some examples that can be implemented based on the OMNeT++ network simulator and components from the INET framework as well. FLoRa allows the creation of LoRa networks with modules for LoRa nodes, gateway(s) and a network server. See the document attached: The simulation must calculate the statistics results of energy consumption of the LoRaNode and packet delivery ratio. In addition of this, later in C&D stages (Next task) when we increase the number of LoRa Nods, we need to add calculate packet collision ration and capture effect. With a progress report illustrates and elaborate all the steps of the project from A to Z. This framework (FLoRa) needs to be modi...

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    need to intergrate arduino with lora and backend

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    need to intergrate arduino with lora and backend

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    need to intergrate arduino with lora and backend

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    Trophy icon Loraexport Udløbet left

    Logo desgin for my company The company name is LORA EXPORT and the main business is to help other companies for important and export and other trades duties

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    We need to create controler for Dali and 1-10V dimming for Street Light Project

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    I am in need of creating a device that i can connect LORA/Wan devices to that will NOT send the data to the cloud like TTN but keep it internal and serve the data up to an automation PLC in either modbus TCP or ethernet/IP protocol.

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    I want to setup the Cubecell GPS module with Helium to report the GPS position.

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    I am trying to connect my Cubecell HTCC-AB01 to the things network but it will not work. Here is the Code: All the specs and documents are all here:

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    Candidate should have experience in development of a positioning and navigation system with high accuracy (+ / - 10mm) using LORA or other RF devices which have a range of at least 5 km. you can use a small vehicle with DC wheels to operate and navigate the vehicle. The mapping can be done using existing toolsets using a 2d lidar sensor. once the map is generated, the target route should be set on the map and the vehicle would traverse this route with the said accuracy.

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    We want a LoRa Radio mesh network covering a few square miles of land on the Maine Coast. We also need to transmit RTK GPS signals to supply our rovers with data to calculate 2cm accuracy position. You can see our rovers at

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    ...activates a 12vDC motor to lift the door, and activate a red/green light if access is granted. However, I am also wanting to use a LoRa (sx1278) module to provide inputs. I want to put a Hall effect sensor on my fence gate so the dog door knows if the gate is open or closed, and if the gate is open, I want the dog door to not open and flash a red LED. That’s the bulk of the electronics, but I also want some safety features like an IR sensor so if the dog or my kid are in the doorway it won’t close, and resistance monitoring on the motor so the door reverses direction if it gets blocked. And momentary switches on the door so it stops at the end of travel. I have 2 LoRa modules (sx1278) with antennas 1 L298N motor driver, I planned to have one side power the door...

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    We have working existing code we like to update. We have a remote PC here with Anydesk for working with connected hardware. TTGO 7000G GPS: Send / Receive LoRa Messages: We are using Heltec Cubecell

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    Hello Mr Muuhammad. I noticed that you have experience in the field of NB-IoT and LoRa. I need the support of an experienced person for my project. Unfortunately I have limited time left. So, if possible can we discuss the details over chat ASAP please?

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    PCB design, manufacture and firmware programming for a heating controller. It will involve multiple inputs and outputs, both digital and analogue, NTC,0-10v, pulse, CT, on-off, power supply, separate high quality touch screen controller, 8 gig SD storage, Modbus master, Lora, Zigbee (connection to Sonoff sensors), Wi-Fi and LAN. It must connect to a website for analysis of data and the ability to upload data and download instructions and update the firmware through the internet. The project will also include the development of the firmware, website apps ect. I do have a precious version written in C as an example. A full description of the firmware will be supplied after a NDA is signed.

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    Embedded stm32 lora Udløbet left

    We need developpement software in project Embedded stm32 lora private point to point

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    Band pass filter Udløbet left

    Hi,i need to design a compact bandpass filter with a centre frequency 868Mhz for Lora transceiver, using HFSS or Advanced design systems(ADS) software.

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    Lora gateway design Udløbet left

    We need your hello design Lora gate way with chip semtech. Device connect RJ45 and Wi-Fi to the internet Wi-Fi’s Please offer price include make prototype 3 pcs Thanks

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    ...a FIRMWARE project NOT a PCB design. Development and design of a working LoRa Radio system with basic configuration software for the LoRa based on existing PCB design. RBtec ALREADY has a working board with the main CPU based on PIC32. You do not need to do ANYTHING with the PIC32 other than to communicate with it over UART. This is the product page. The expectation is to design firmware for the STM32 + E22-900M22S LoRa chips. The STM32 communicates with our PIC32 Central CPU over Modbus UART. The communication logic is: RBtec sensor cable <-> PIC32 <- Com modbus UART -> STM32 <-> LoRa <- RBtec protocol-> Gateway The purpose of the project is: I have multiple

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