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    We are a graphic T-shirt business and would love to feature your designs on our products! For this contest, we are searching for an image that features a Mother Earth type of Goddess, holding the globe with the text (in a small font) "RESPECT YOUR MOTHER". This is an adult T-shirt, and I would like the focus to be on a very beautiful and detailed image. I have attached some images as in...

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    Need a logo for Yeahbook 6 dage left

    I don't have good idea about how it should look like but it's for a youtube channel and it must not be a copy from any platform, it should be similar to kurgesagt in a nutshell but not a earth logo, must have a book and must be really good

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    Realizar análise urbanística com os seguintes itens: - Fazer mapeamento de uso e ocupação do solo e hierarquia de vias do trecho ferroviário da cidade de Joinville. - Hierarquia viária. Preferencialmente no QGIS ou GOOGLE EARTH

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    I have some geographical coordinates of a map. I want to put these coordinates (map) located in google earth. It can be provided in .KML format See attached the map and coordinates. The real coordinates are in attached file. I expect two separated files. One file for "lote 61" and other file for "lote 62"

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    Looking for Mapbox/Leaflet expert 5 dage left

    I need you to create a Map with parcel data that is exactly like [log ind for at se URL] You can view the parcels here: [log ind for at se URL] Here is where the data can be seen: 1. [log ind for at se URL] 2. [log ind for at se URL]

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    Crypto design 5 dage left

    We are looking for two different things. One a logo design and two a website design. (Or a all in one package). The idea is like this: A moon (instead of the earth in the example) like this: [log ind for at se URL] And then with on top a few carnival rides like this (Except the circus in the example) [log ind for at se URL] With a small rocket flying towards it and with the name MoonFair. Al...

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    1) a slope correction, and (2) a speckle filter to your S1 time series and Implement a dynamic segmentation (e.g., each Sentinel-1 image should be segmented by a different threshold). then Generate a flood map in terms of percentage time (not the simple sum of masked values)

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    Trophy icon Contest for a quality crypto logo Udløbet left

    Contest for a logo similar to the picture joined I dont need the words "FIRE" "WATER" "EARTH" "AIR" "2014" In the place of "In crypto we trust" I need "ECOLOCOIN" And some metallic green for the leafs Regards

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    Xh piyush 444 3 dage left

    A 'dog breed' is a particular strain or dog type that was purposefully bred by humans to perform specific tasks, such as herding, hunting, and guarding. When distinguishing breed from type, the rule of thumb is that a breed always "breeds true".[1] Dogs are the most variable mammal on earth, with artificial selection producing around 450 globally recognized dog breeds. These br...

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    My project is actually base on the ethics on how to be a successful person in life with much hardworking, without looking for one face before he/she can be successful in this Earth.

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    My name is Euvanna Chayanne and I have been a makeup artist for 6+ years. What better timing than now to start my very own cosmetic business. I am looking to a have a minimalist vibe including earth tones and things of that nature. I need a logo to start and if things go well maybe we can work on a few other projects.

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    I need you to create a Map with parcel data that is exactly like [log ind for at se URL] You can view the parcels here: [log ind for at se URL] Here is where the data can be seen: [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL]

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    Animated earth on fire 2 dage left

    Looking for someone who can do an animated earth on fire, it’s for a clients and their website. Like attached but animated and fully burning at the end.

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    Create Swedishmap for powerpoint with dots showing different assets. Also create Google Earth file (KML and KMZ file) Assets and regions are in the excel file Fastighetsförteckning -SHF Three different regions (Syd, Mitt and Norr) Also you have more assets in the file Fördelning Regioner. Three different regions (Syd, Mitt and Norr) (Column D) In the powerpoint would like small marker...

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    product for babys is so gente and [log ind for at se URL] parents to use this product .but some people are not [log ind for at se URL], I tell [log ind for at se URL] every product price is [log ind for at se URL] to say so [log ind for at se URL] is mama earth, Himalayas, Johnsen [log ind for at se URL] I have to salutations. paoches is one [log ind for at se URL] about [log ind for at se URL] yo...

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    I need a professional Ilustarte Designer to implement a spinning earth as a gif for our webpage

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    Developing website for a crypto token. Need a logo imagine with the token name next to it, then i need an image of the logo without the token name. Im gonna share an attachment. its a crappy logo with bad pixels but its a rough idea. i was thinking maybe for the logo, like either an aton, a virus cell, or an image of the earth. and it some how needs to be designed to look like a "P", or ...

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    Project will have questions similar to "What are the three types of orbits commonly used for satellite remote sensing of the Earth-atmosphere-surface system? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these orbits?" Contact me if you are an expert in this field.

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    Youtube Video -- 4 Udløbet left

    I am in need of a youtube video about 10 most dangerous places on Earth. a script is completed, it only requires an intro and an outro. this video needs to be edited with videos and pictures of the places and must last around 10 minutes

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    Hi Ajay C. Hi I would like a 3D model created for google earth which we can place and move around and rotate. Needs to be partially transparent. See attached details. Doesnt need to be exactly the same but roughly look the same and the correct dimentions.

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    Hi I would like a 3D model created for google earth which we can place and move around and rotate. Needs to be partially transparent. See attached details. Doesnt need to be exactly the same but roughly look the same and the correct dimentions.

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    Orbit Earth Udløbet left

    I have a template designed for an orbit Logo reveal where the logo appears to orbot left to right from behind the earth and stopping when centered directly in front of the planet. I would like to edit it to where the logo continues its path and disappears behind the planet. There are 5 additional files I will have to upload separately as the system limits are 25 MB.

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    The company asks the users to save Earth by segregating their waste, thereby solving earth plastic pollution’s problem. Name - SAVEE Full form - Save Earth

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    Hi, I need a designer to finalize the exterior plans (autocad) for the landscaping of a house. I provide current house plans, and survey with elevations, as well as photos.. Need to add external garage, path and landscaping, as well as pool with pool house. First based on my instructions you will do the layout of the outside. Then, with Google Earth, and using an elevation site survey, you will p...

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    Dear Freelancer, I wish you all an awesome Saturday! Today I'm coming with the following request in adjusting 4 Logo to you. I have uploaded the 4 Logo here, your job would be: 1. Sharpen the Logos 2. Straighten the Logos, remove edges, make them look smoother 3. Provide the Logos in high resolution The 4 Logos are showing: Air Fire Water Earth 4. After providing the 4 Logos in h...

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    This is a Canadian company, born to create environmental awareness. Reduce plastic and bring home pieces made from earth. Along the way helping artisans by sourcing handmade products. We are looking for an experienced Content writer to join our team. This role will be supporting us in developing compelling cross-channel stories that combine business and marketing objectives with relevant cultural ...

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    This is a Canadian company, born to create environmental awareness. Reduce plastic and bring home pieces made from earth. Along the way helping artisans by sourcing handmade products. We are looking for an experienced Digital marketing strategist to join our team who can help us in North American market starting with Canada and then expanding to US. You will help us use web technologies to achieve...

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    I need a professional video for a story. Here are few of the details: Duration: 10 to 20 sec (As long as the story fits in) Software: After Effects (Can be another software if the quality is better) Quality: HD Feel: Emotional General Concept: Frame 1: The first frame will open with a "Kid" standing in the centre of a desert with 1 or 2 trees (Dry Leaves). The kid will be a poor Afri...

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    I’m after some ideas and subsequent sketches / renders of a specific detail for the attached images showing the integration of the rammed earth wall coming through to the inside of the house. Additionally, it’s important for me to retain a floating / recessed roof externally. Different colour scheme may also be considered, but not of upmost importance.

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    Trophy icon BroGod …The Changers Udløbet left

    Heyyy I would love for someone to create me a nice logo / design for my son clothing brand … I want something with the color blue & green with these included ??? Blue heart.. earth.. and a green heart ..on one the words can say “BroGod” & “Lil BroGod” on the other .. We a personal trainers .. we do boxing and karate if you need something to be more creative....

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    Trophy icon Center for Harmonious Living Udløbet left

    All I have is an image with some ideas written down. all nature colors found in nature for the above requested job - trees, sun, river, earth, sky, mountain and a purple heartbeat line with bright yellow outline{heart beat fearure only}. (see the attached hand drawn image) ideally some small birds, flowers, mushrooms etc in the nature parts could be added if someone has a high ability to add t...

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    ease which stands for easy service to use which means not hard for you customer and link because it link us together as we are 7 billion people on earth who need something to link or connect us together and the thank or easelink.

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    Hey, we Need a epic imagemovie 90-120 seconds for our Mediacompany. Need To be with 3D Animation. We will deliver different dronefootage and other videofootage . Videostart will be in universe. Media Company Logo before Earth and we Fly To Earth. There we show epic drone footage and Go than to a interview. Need To make together a Good storyboard.

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    I have an annotated bibliography due and I need this paper written in a few days. 3+ Pages , Double spaced, times new roman, font 12. This paper needs an intro with an opening catch with a thesis at the end. The topic is a Fleeting life's mindset (positive mindset) and is about terminally ill patients and their mindset and how it is affected on their last months on earth. Each paragraph besid...

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    Create a program that will train a neural network to take solar activity data to create a prognosis of Earth geomagnetic activitity. - Use solar activity data from this website for input ([log ind for at se URL]) - Use geomagnetic intereference data from this website to train the neural network ([log ind for at se URL]) - The neural network's output should predict the intensity of geomagneti...

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    We need to use cityEngine to build a 3D model of driving test road. The model is mainly used for students to simulate on their mobile phones, so the road is required to be more accurate, including lane lines, sidewalks, green belts and separation belts. The requirements for buildings are not high. There are two pictures attached. One is a screenshot of Google Earth and indicates the area, and the ...

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    Our goal is to make a logo that represents Giant Bamboo with Shoots and Stalks embracing mother earth or a thriving ecosystem. Our company is a start up in the field of giant bamboo farming for commercial purposes. We are a consulting firm selling field ready "Bamboo" plants for small, medium to large farms while also providing other consulting services *

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    Trophy icon Create a Logo (Earth Immune Corp.) Udløbet left

    Hi All, I would like you to create a logo using the words "Earth Immune Corp." You can used earth tone colours. The name should be clear and easy to read. Please be creative. This contest will be up for 7 days. Thank you all for your interest, Natassia

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    In this project, you will build a shopping software. The software should allow a shopper to buy at least three items from each of the categories listed below and calculate the total cost. The total cost will include the cost of the items and the shipping costs. Shipping costs are calculated at 0.03% of the cost of each item.  Books o I will Marry When I want. $9.82 o Chronicles from the Land of t...

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    Nature world Udløbet left

    Nature, in the broadest sense, is the natural, physical, material world or universe. "Nature" can refer to the phenomena of the physical world, and also to life in general. The study of nature is a large, if not the only, part of science. Although humans are part of nature Shaki Waterfall, Armenia Bachalpsee in the Swiss Alps A winter landscape in Lapland, Finland Lightning strike...

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    We need to animate an image of an astronaut. The video should show the astronaut holding the earth globe in his hand and looking at it for a couple of seconds. We are open for creative ideas and the artist is really free to change the design! We are not looking for anything complicated at all, a simple design should be enough Please look at the attached image to get a rough idea of what we are l...

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    I am a manga artist currently attempting to develop a manga story. I have sufficient ideas concerning the plot and character designs. However, I am looking for a writer (hopefully with Manga experience) to help bring to story to life. Initially I am searching for a writer to help complete two chapters from my story. I am based in London and the other artist for the project is based in America. U...

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    My daughter and her husband bought their first house. They have limited resources but would like to paint their house and trim, see if they can change the ugly metal porch overhang and iron posts, remove the window overhangs and perhaps add a bit of trim, and perhaps add a few corbels or some sort of inexpensive architectural details to make the house warmer. They like sage or jade colors and ...

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    This is a research project, comparing embankments for High speed 2 (HS2). You must pick an embankment and compare it another. You should write around 10,000 words (50 pages). The installation of high-speed railway tracks across the World is increasing at a rapid pace. In the UK the Notice to Proceed for the High Speed 2 line has been granted and construction has commenced. High speed rail support...

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    I'm working on my writing and have been challenging myself. I would like your help in writing an essay. I would like your perspective and would like to contribute both our essays, so I have a final one. The topic to this essay is, What Can We Do to Save The Fragile Earth? We are we fighting to retain water under our feet, we are also focusing on cleaning up the ocean to improve the quality ...

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    Trophy icon We need to design a crypro coin Udløbet left

    The name for coin is EarthX Should include the earth somehow

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    Logo for the farm Udløbet left

    We need logo for our dairy Farm. It Would Look like a cartoon cow with globe/earth. I have a simple sketch but need something with the wow effect. Any other ideas appreciated Company’s name is Oztopraklar Ciftliği

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