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    3,062 logging design jobs fundet, i prisklassen EUR aged 8+ to code. Our developer has worked on all of the existing UX design and customer journeys - he is not a designer, so we would like to improve this. Description of work: Test and improve each user journey to purchase the game and play it - as a 'Parent' (logging in normally, with Facebook and with Google) as a 'School' (we will provide

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a website for my small business. A website that looks like [login to view URL] but for business skills/courses. For education industry, basically.... This website should allow authentic reviews, videos and 5-star ratings so that potential students would be able to make a better decision on what course

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    ...for the content / design are in the page configs, the location of those pages configs / details are entered here and saved. default ——Main menu, mobile menu optional —— Secondary menu, inner desktop menu Add roles for users, i.e. admin role that see admin tab and user role that doesn’t see the admin tab. All users logging in with social a...

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    ...we need someone who find lowest budget electronic logging device elog for Heavy duty trucks J1939 Protocol Can bus. we also need website, for fleet management with hour of service portal. check below links we need similar hardware with web service 1. [login to view URL] (electronic logging device) 2. [login to view URL]

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    As a traffic engineer I am interested in logging Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals from travelers. Have a look at this link: [login to view URL] I need help to create a RaspberryPi program that both logs Wi-Fi signals and Bluetooth signals

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    Hi, I just need a navigation bar and pop up for login/registration. The functionality for registration/logging in does not have to be coded. Just the design. I have screenshots of how I want the navigation bar and login/registration pop up windows to look like. I would like the delivery file to be done with Angular.js.

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    ...and we are dedicated to our mission: To profoundly enrich the lives of our families one child at a time. I am looking for you to create a brand name for the group, AND to design a logo to accompany the brand name. The brand name should reflect the sector in which we operate, that is childcare and early education. The brand name and logo should appeal

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    ...are processes involving the vehicle to connect the data to the vendor, after the data is received by the vendor and report is created they update the same on the site after logging in as vendor (can only see their active vehicle or past done), 10. Once report is uploaded along-with the table with the numeric data for analysis the same will be for the

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    ...below. Centralised Logging flyer Assuming: • formatted as a double sided A4 flyer • develop style to allow for a text-prominent front page i.e. rather than current brand-prominent • develop style for line-graphics e.g. support image for “What is Amino” • develop style for categorisation of offering* e.g. Centralised Logging, Content Manageme...

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    I need a small c++ application. Kind of like a logging system, but aimed specifically for wechat desktop. The application should run in the background and work as a logger/key logger. Usage will be for company communication and logging.

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    We an accounting firm. We need a software to log the documents clients send to us, to change the default file name according to our naming convention, and generate report to indicate if all the documents that should be received for a given project are received, and if not, what is missing.

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    We an accounting firm. We need a software to log the documents clients send to us, to change the default file name according to our naming convention, and generate report to indicate if all the documents that should be received for a given project are received, and if not, what is missing.

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    ...units do we buy over time (for example, monthly and yearly history graphs for an item, etc) -Will need a very modern and clean design for interface. -Mobile friendly/responsive -Need this created in waterfall design method, html5 -Would like demo built on your server and transfer to ours once approved -Current hosting environment is in AWS,

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    Hi! We are a graduate Behavior Analysis research laboratory operating out of the University of North Texas. As part of our research, we ask people to log/record daily events in their life. We usually have them do this with pen and paper, but we wanted to give our participants the option of recording events digitally. So, we were looking for a very simple "foundational" sort of app that c...

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    ...JTS, QA and vendor partners to enhance the capabilities of Jackson systems through the latest technology upgrades. Responsibilities: • Involved in analysis, specification, design, and implementation and testing phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and used agile methodology (SCRUM) for developing application. • Designed, developed a custom

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    ...our website and social media pages, so they have to contain a complete thought and be practical for volleyball coaches. We will provide you links to videos that require logging and all you need to give us are time-codes. Please record the talking points as timestamps (Example: “V drill” 23:24 – 26:11) on the provided spreadsheet and add double-asterisks

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    We need a full chat system that can support thousands of users concurrently with full webcam features. The chat must have a modern and nice front end design. We will give some examples of how we want it to look. Here is an outline of some of our functionality requirements. Full Chat System: 1) Webcams/audio functions privately and

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    ...selects to view prices once the live search has been run. In other words this should be prompted at the second point of interaction with a short message explaining that by logging in we provide a 30% discount. -All this code will be done in netbeans unless the client and web designer agree otherwise. The client has the existing web domain in dreamweaver

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    ...documents will be visible to both Branch manager who uploaded the documents, Company admin and the Super admin. 2) Branch manager can manage the inventory of their branch by logging into the app and updating the cars available.    3) Branch manager will receive customer bookings for cars and Accept or Reject them. 4) The Bookings will

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a website for my small business. Website to sell accessories for women, to explore goods and selecting with placing order after logging in and writing their contact details with address.

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    ...your own instance of eJabberd, use an external hosted Jabber instance or just use an experimental integrated xmpp script without needing any Jabber server at all. The chat design is completely variable and can easy changed with templates. eJabberd is already supported via an Rest API, it's get fully integrated in MyBB, the user accounts are synchronized

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    ...after successfully test and launching in apples app store and android store. It is your responsibility that the features of the project can be done. This means showing our design inapplicable situations you shall draw attention to it and find a solution in cooperation with us and which we can finally approve. The app must contain the following:

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    ...of a real domain) and one is going to be the RemoteApp server that has a few Windows-programs installed. Please note that while you only will work with two servers, the "design" of Active Directory should be prepared to handle many more completely independent "children"-servers and all these children-servers should have local administrator access

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    ...responsible for both, front end and back end development of the app. We already have the design ready that can be shared with you. We will deliver full fidelity mockups (PSD and AI files) and clickable prototypes using Invision, App should look exactly like the design. Development Framework Front End - It should use Objective-C, Swift or Javascript

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    ...Operators, Control Flow Statements, Inheritance and Interfaces, Exception Handling, Serialization, Collections, Reading and Writing Files. • Must have hands on experience in design, implementation, and build of applications or solutions using Core Java/Scala. • Strong understanding of Hadoop fundamentals. • Strong understanding of RDBMS concepts and

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    Auto Logging as for a game or decode an ahk file. We can discus this via inbox ?................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

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    I need a paralegal or a student friendly lawyer that can assist me in gathering documents needed to ...that can assist me in gathering documents needed to submit to the service provider, so I can find out who it is. The identified isp of the IP addresses that have been logging into my tumblr, twitter, and facebook are of the same isp and location.

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    ...with detailed registration data will provided. Some more details - NO html design needed, a responsive HTML kit is provided - must have a forgot password flow - alternative email must be checked (cron script, runs daily) - login and registration need smart logging into a standard log file - unlock blocked or locked accounts via Paypal or SMS

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    I would like to add a $10 discount code to the landing page of the website - a box pops up when you log on which takes the customers email adress (and links this to our mailchimp database) and gives them $10 off their first order. If they don't redeem this $10 code immediately they get an email 2 weeks later reminding them to use the code.

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    I am looking to have a Windows application made that will auto start when Windows starts and stay in the foreground until exited. The cursor will remain in an input box while the application is open. A space centered at the top of the application should allow for an image to be set and changed easily. Below that a title should be able to be set easily. Below that will be an input box and at th...

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    We're collecting daily error history data from Omron HMI screen, and the error description with date, need to be imported to Excel to manually make a histogram chart later. Need to add few steps in to existing ladder program of the Omron PLC to export error description and date to .txt, or excel file to the PC, or usb stick.

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    We are making a PEMS (Portable Emissions Monitoring System) - See [login to view URL] These systems are commercially available, but difficult to obtain. Some examples are; [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] The sensors involved are off-the-shelf units that normally reside in an automobile and communicate with the vehicles ECU via a CAN Bu...

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    ...never used firebase before. I already have a design and did some part of the app(Sign in with google, Sign up , Sign in with email and password and authentication-all this done connecting with firebase) . I'll send you my source code as you'll extend the work from there. I need very simple coding and design, Please don't need anything advanced or complicated

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    ... 4) Guest/Registered Login System - can choose to chat as guest or can become a registered user. Integtraton with existing Mysql database systems also possible. Logging in can select gender. Guest user data are not kept. [login to view URL] Refer to [login to view URL] 5) Select font size, color, face

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    I simply need help getting docker logging working with a docker instance on an AMI. I will need help getting it working and then a breakdown of the steps required to get it working so that I can replicate it in my Terraform setup. I will need it setup to log all of the important docker host logs and also httpd/apache logs and other important logs

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    The goal of this project is to develop an Android Native application which scans all the nearby beacons data and sends the data to a remote server through HTTP/HTTPS.

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    We're looking for an original app icon for ...original app icon for an application that does tracking of auto expenses, maintenance, and logging fillups. The main value proposition for the app is to reduce auto expenses and mechanical problems by keeping track of them. Preferred but not required: flat design 3 color pallette Gradient background

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    I need someone to fix my login pag because it wont login

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    ...steps they have to pay first. The website will be Dutch and English. No frontpage or lay-out design is needed! Only basic work for: - direct login page like this: [login to view URL] - login page offers two language flags: Dutch and English - after logging in the clients see courses available - each courses have multiple steps with short explanation

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    A) Log User info through Hashtag: This program searches for a specific hashtag and store information about the most recent posts that have that hashtag. 1. When the program runs open a user interface and get the following information 1. Username 2. Password 3. Hashtag 4. Post No From 5. Post No To 6. CSV file name - The file for storing data 2. Login Instagram ...

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    I cannot login into wordpress - i am getting an error: Could not save password reset key to database. I don't know how else to get in. I have the FTP information. Need a skilled PHP to reset the PW and troubleshoot.

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    ...approval/authorization process can be set up. The application provides faster and efficient recording of expenses. It is an end-to-end paperless automated digital process right from logging in a claim of expense along with proof, multi-level authorizations for approval of expense to finally an approved expense claim. You can also see videos of the same by clicking

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    ...ensures that the app is PCI compliant. 3). Track Drivers: The application offers you the advantage of tracking the availability of drivers and set location of pickup after logging in. 4). Pickup Location: Passengers can set their location by setting the destination on the map or through Google Places. 5). Select Cab Type: Type of taxi can also be selected

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    ...units do we buy over time (for example, monthly and yearly history graphs for an item, etc) -Will need a very modern and clean design for interface. -Mobile friendly/responsive -Need this created in waterfall design method, html5 -Very basic wire frame included in attached PDF. Looking to have this completed within 2-3 weeks from award date

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    ...the list. Deliverable: The site must be responsive design and the graphics must reflect the business A well-organized visual studio 2013 solution site with Source code with all the HTML, CSS, JS, C#, developed in layered design, Web UI, Model, DB Good exception, error handling and logging mechanism Audit logs for they changes made to key

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    We have an app built on CodeIgniter (and Bonfire). We had the app up and running for a few years in a folder called "app". About a month ago we copied this folder and made a new folder "appdev". We made code changes (mostly theme related) in the appdev folder. Once we were satisfied we renamed the "app" folder to "appOriginal" and renamed "appdev" ...

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    38 bud is clear to others that it is has been purchased. The payment process should go via Paypal and be user friendly. The saved details will make repeat future purchases and logging into the account very simple and quicker once the initial card details have been input into the users’ account. Below the map area lower down the desktop page or on mobile

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    ...professional website designer. I’m looking for someone with experience and a portfolio so I can see previous work and the quality of such. I will need someone experienced in website design but also someone who has a great knowledge of setting up a “back office” system linked with the website. I want to set up a Villa rental website. I already have one set

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    We need expert graphics designer to revamp the login page and in internal functionalities of Please have a look by logging in and check current design so we can discuss the enhancements in detail to save [login to view URL] do not quote without having the flavour of website and later request to increase the budget. Also we are requiring

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