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    I'm in need of a skilled translator who can convert English website content into Spanish. The aim is to make the text accessible and engaging for a Spanish speaking audience. Key Requirements: - Proficient in both English and Spanish - Prior experience in website content translation - Understanding of the respective cultures and idioms - Ability to maintain the original intent and tone of the content Your main goal is to ensure that the translated website content is not only grammatically correct but also captures the essence and style of the original text. Experience with SEO and content localization will be considered a big plus.

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    Project Description: Our team urgently requires skilled AI developers for two crucial projects: Video to Text Conversion: Develop or leverage existing AI models to accurately convert video content into text transcripts. The solution should handle diverse audio quality and speaker accents. Experience with speech recognition (ASR) is a plus. Video Localization: Build or implement an AI system to translate English video content into local Indian languages like Telugu and Tamil. The solution should consider cultural nuances and generate natural-sounding translations. Experience with automatic speech translation (AST) or machine translation (MT) is preferred. Skills & Experience: Strong background in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Familiarity with deep learning fram...

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    ...WordPress website to match the look and functionality of tafneenprint.com. The selected freelancer must adhere to the following requirements: Theme and Plugins: Use the same theme and plugins as the reference website. We will purchase and provide any necessary paid plugins or themes. Original Software: Ensure that no nulled, cracked, or pirated plugins or themes are used. Dynamic Website: The website must be dynamic, with full editing access through the chosen theme and plugins. RTL Support: The website must support Right-to-Left (RTL) languages and be fully RTL-ready. Bilingual Support: The website must be available in both English and Arabic. Localization: The website should automatically adjust language and currency based on t...

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    I am in need of a skilled graphic designer who can create minimalist-inspired mockups for a series of notebook refills, based exactly on the example i attach (replication). I created the attached file in Canva, to provide the file as a guide of what the designer should prepare. What i need is a professional approach and professional files. Below a link of a video of a sample i printed based on the Canva example i designed. These files will be used by the printing company to produce notebooks in 3 different dimentions (A4, B5, A5) and 3 different types (plain inner pages, rulled inner pages, dotted inner pages). The files i expect are 21 indipendent open pdf files and the relative AI file or 1 file per dimention: - A4 Front Cover

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    Dear translator, We are a company that develops live streaming and video chat apps. We are looking for native translators in various languages for a localization project regarding the FAQ sections of our apps. We will be sharing a Sheets file with the texts that contains HTML codes and placeholders, Therefore, this project requires a lot of close attention to detail and preferably, past experience working with HTML codes. The file has two tabs. The first one needs to be localized, while the second tab needs to be proofread. The tone of the translations should be friendly, inviting, and informal. The first tab is 1800-words-long, but a considerable amount of the answers has repetitions. The second tab is 932 words-long in English. Ideally, we will be asking you to install at lea...

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    I'm looking for a translator to adapt my English screenplay into Japanese. Though the tone is informal, accuracy is of utmost importance. Applicants should have expertise in the following areas: - Dialogue translation: Ensure idiomatic speech is authentically converted and makes sense in the target language. - Cultural nuance management: The screenplay references multiple localized subjects, which need to be accurately depicted for the Japanese audience. - Knowledge of technical terms: Some industry-specific terms need translation without losing their original meaning and context. The objective of this project is to localize the screenplay for the Japanese market in Final Draft. Therefore, a solid understanding of Japanese pop culture, idioms, and slang would be ideal. Preferably,...

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    Hi Sophia B., Please translate attached mailer by Sunday, May 26th. Thank you, G

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    ...the project. ******************************************************************* If you are familiar with AWS programming, this should be a simple task for you. I have included an example C# solution using AWS Transcribe that I need to be working. Example Program: AWS Transcribe documentation: Requirements: • I will create a new AWS free account and will supply credentials. • In my AWS account, configure any IAM role/policy/user/credentials needed to run the example program. • Change the example program to accept credentials (accessKey/secretKey) as arguments passed to the executable. • Ensure that the corrected code successfully converts the speech in the audio file to text

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    ...The core features required are: - PDF data extraction and printing: The software should have the capability to extract both text and images from PDF files and facilitate printing of the same. Proficiency in PDF manipulation tools is highly desired. - Image extraction and printing: in addition to text, the software should efficiently extract images for printing. - Localization: The software should fully support localization for all local Indian languages, with specific advantages in Hindi, Tamil, and Bengali. Understanding of the cultural context and linguistic nuances associated with these languages is a bonus. Ideal candidates will have a strong background in software development and previous experience in creating similar software. Knowledge and understanding of mu...

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    "I am actively seeking a designer who possesses a profound understanding of branding. Proficiency in Maya, Adobe Suite, 3D Studio Max, and general image editing skills are prerequisites for this role. The brand in question is already well-established; however, it requires a sophisticated refinement while maintaining its appeal. Specifically, this project involves the design of a spirit label. If you lack the aforementioned skills, I kindly request that you refrain from applying or if you are trying to give the work to someone else. When I'm available online, I can provide further clarification. Please understand and NDA will be required to sign.

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    Hi Sophia B., Attaching you a file for translation. Thank you, G

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    If you are familiar with AWS programming, this should be a simple task for you. I have included an example C# solution using AWS Transcribe that I need to be working. Example Program: AWS Transcribe documentation: Requirements: • I will create a new AWS free account and will supply credentials. • In my AWS account, configure any IAM role/policy/user/credentials needed to run the example program. • Change the example program to accept credentials (accessKey/secretKey) as arguments passed to the executable. • Ensure that the corrected code successfully converts the speech in the audio file to text using the AWS Transcribe service. Deliverables: • All source code • Instructions

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    Hi Sophia B., Please translate attached files by May 30th. Thank you

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    ...to help resolve a few issues on my website. Currently, the Portuguese pages are not linked correctly to their respective English counterparts. Specific challenges I'm facing include translation errors, an improper layout, and missing content in forms and the footer. Key requirements: - Proficiency with WPML and WordPress - Familiarity with link management in WordPress - Ability to troubleshoot and fix translation errors - Experience in addressing layout issues Additional tasks: - I've also mentioned the need for some 'minor removals', which I'll provide more information on during our discussion. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Prior experience with WPML and multilingual website management - Strong understanding of translation and ...

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    I need a minimal working example of PPPOS in IDF framework v4.4.7. The requeriments are: - Minimal example with SIM800L modem. - Create and configure esp_netif for PPP (create the driver, and task to receive data from modem and send to esp_netif) - Configure the modem via AT commands (PPP conection ATD*99#) - After succesfull connection, make a http request for testing. The most important thing: DO NOT USE esp_modem component. The example must do not use any component, simply the esp_netif API.

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    ...clean, minimalist design and robust functionality to manage the platform. Core Features: - Firebase Integration - Comprehensive Data Visualization - Content Management (Articles, Quizzes, Categories) - Feedback Management - Notification System (In-App, Push) Other Key Features: - Secure Admin Authentication - User Management (Roles, Permissions) - Content Packaging & Distribution - Content Localization - Import & Export Functionality - Settings & Integrations - Security & Compliance - Performance Monitoring & Optimization The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience developing admin dashboards - Expertise in Flutter, Firebase, PHP - Strong design sense for clean UI/UX - Knowledge of user management, data viz, content systems - Ability to ensur...

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    I'm looking for a skilled German translator who can translate my marketing materials to German, specifically for a German-speaking audience. Key Requirements: - Translation: The primary task will be to translate marketing materials from English to German. - Localization: The content needs to be localized for a German audience. This requires understanding of the local language nuances and cultural context. - Marketing Expertise: A good understanding of marketing language and tone is crucial to ensure the translated materials are effective in the German market. Ideal Candidate: - Native German speaker or highly proficient in German with proven experience in translation. - Prior experience in marketing translation is a big plus. - Familiarity with the German market and cult...

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    ...Learning: Implement Core ML models to predict device issues and suggest solutions. Use NLP to develop an AI-powered assistant for user guidance. - Ensure Robust Error Handling and Logging: Implement comprehensive error handling for network issues, device connection problems, and other potential failures. Use CocoaLumberjack for logging and debugging to track application performance and issues. - Localization and Internationalization: Ensure the application supports multiple languages. Manage localized resources and UI elements for a global user base. - Handle Code Signing and Deployment: Manage code signing for macOS applications to ensure secure distribution. Prepare the application for deployment on the macOS App Store or other distribution platforms. The ideal candidate fo...

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    ...generation Azure Cognitive Services for NLP and machine learning Integrate with Dynamics CRM, Power BI, and SharePoint Integration with other Microsoft tools and services Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps Transcribe and analyze meeting audio and video Transcription and analysis Azure Cognitive Services for speech-to-text and NLP Support multiple languages and locales Internationalization and localization Azure Cognitive Services for language translation and text analysis Customizable user interface and branding Customization and branding Azure Functions and Azure Storage for UI and branding assets Security and compliance features Security and compliance Azure Active Directory and Azure Security Center Copilot functionality Copilot integration M365 Copilot and Azure...

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    I'm in need of translators adept in food-related content for a localization project. The original material, written in English, will be translated into four languages - French, Spanish, Italian, and German. Key Responsibilities: - Translate English content into French, Spanish, Italian, and German. - Ensure the translated content retains its flavor and messaging. - Complete the task within a given timeframe. Ideal Skills: - Fluent in English and at least one of the target languages. - Experience translating food-related content. - Ability to translate 10-50 pages of content. Please include previous translation work in your bid, especially those related to food. Looking forward to your proposals.

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    ...dashboard should be fully integrated with the mobile app, sharing the same data source. - The web dashboard should have admin functionalities for order management and tracking, customer management, and reporting. - It should also be connected to the mobile app to ensure real-time tracking and notifications. Both the mobile application and the web dashboard should be RTL compatible, and supports localization. Code should be clean and maintainable. Ideal Skills: - Strong proficiency in Flutter and React. - Experience in developing logistics or e-commerce applications. - Ability to create a seamless user experience across both mobile and web platforms. - Familiarity with integrating payment gateways. Please only apply if you have relevant experience and can provide a comprehe...

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    ...a talented developer to help me complete and upgrade my website, , to ensure it functions smoothly and in English. The primary focus will be on integrating a user registration/login system and ensuring the language translation to English is accurate. Key tasks include: - Implementing user registration and login functionalities that are secure and intuitive - Ensuring a smooth user experience with the registration/login system, particularly for purchasing products or services - Setting up a language translation process into English that combines the efficiency of automatic translation with the quality assurance of human review Your expertise in web development, e-commerce, and language localization will be crucial. In particular, experience with integrating

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    I'm in search of a skilled linguist who can translate our Italian website content into English, ensuring that the essence and cultural context of the content is maintained. Key Responsibilities: - Translate Italian website content to English with a focus on cultural adaptation. - Maintain the original meaning, style, and tone of the content during translation. - Ensure that the translated content is optimized for the English-speaking audience. Ideal Candidate: - Proficiency in Italian and English. - Prior experience in website localization. - Ability to adapt content to fit cultural context. - Understanding of SEO optimization in translations. Your successful completion of this project will help us connect with our English-speaking audience in a more mea...

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    Hi Sophia B., We have here a project of raising fees in Ukraine but now it's only for BLS. Payers and receivers (2 contents). We need translation to Ukrainian ASAP please Thank you

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    Hi Sophia B., Attaching a new task for you with SLA of tomorrow, May 13th. Please let me know if you have any questions, Thank you, G

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    I need a minimal flutter example app for android. The app must scan Bluetooth Ibeacons. I do not need a complete UI, simply a button to start scan and another to stop scan. The information obtained from beacons can be showed in a textbox. The monitoring of beacons mut be "Ranging" (each transmition of beacon must be received and showed) Is very important the scan continue in background. When the app is minimized or out of focus, the app must launch a foreground service (or the foregrounn service can be allways active on all the life of app) when te foreground service is running, a permanent notification must be showed (android policy to allow foreground service). The app must request all permitions required to user on start. When the app is minimized, and the foreground...

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    Project Description: We are looking for an experienced WordPress developer to help us complete the final touches on our website. The website is already 80% complete, and we need assistance with implementing various features and improvements to enhance user experience and functionality. Also, PWA apps are necessary to be created for this website. Project Tasks: 1. Improvement of Graphics and Design: Enhance the visual appeal of the website through design changes and improvements. 2. Arabic RTL Support: Integrate Arabic RTL support to cater to our Arabic-speaking audience. 3. Marketing Plugins: Integrate marketing plugins to enhance promotional efforts and drive traffic to the website. 4. Web-based Mobile Apps (PWA): Implement Progressive Web Apps (PWAs...

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    We need a local partner from Greece to help us with...Proofreading: After translation, the specialist will have to proofread the Greek text thoroughly to ensure it is error-free. - Cultural Adaptation: It's essential that the game is culturally adapted to the Greek audience. This involves adjusting elements of the game to make it relevant and appealing to Greek adults. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Greek and English - Proven experience in game localization, translation, proofreading, and cultural adaptation - Able to understand and adapt the game to the cultural nuances of the Greek audience The position is part-time, but I'm looking for someone who can commit to the project long-term. The ideal candidate will have a passion for gaming and a deep understanding of the ...

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    I need a skilled developer to update my website's language from Portugal to another language. I need all aspects of the website - both user-facing and content - to be translated. Key Objectives: - Translate all user interface elements (buttons, links, etc.) - Translate all website content - Ensure the translated language is correctly reflected throughout the website Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong understanding of CodeIgniter (CI) - Experience with website localization - Proficiency in the desired language for translation - Attention to detail and ability to test thoroughly to ensure all elements are correctly translated. Budget - 1000 INR | Must be ready to start Work On Immediate Basis | Need to Finish Task in 6 - 8 hrs Please provide...

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    I am looking for an experienced Flutter developer to create a minimal example that can effectively scan iBeacons for Android. This should be a simple, text-based UI that can display the UUID, major & minor values, as well as signal strength of iBeacons. Furthermore, it's important that the scanner remains functional in the background via a foreground service, providing a simple text notification when interacted with. The detection process must be constant (ranging). Key requirements for the project: - Develop a minimal Flutter app for Android - Ability to scan iBeacons and display UUID, major and minor values, and signal strength - The app should continue to work in the background - Use a foreground service for background function - Provide a simple text notification from...

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    I'm looking for a Shopify developer who can help me set up an online rug store. I already have a specific d...a way that's compliant with e-commerce regulations. 3. **Shipping Integration**: Seamless integration with shipping providers will be crucial. The store should be able to calculate shipping costs accurately and provide multiple shipping options to customers. The ideal candidate for this job should have: - Extensive experience in Shopify store development - Strong understanding of currency localization and taxation systems - Proven track record of integrating complex shipping solutions - Excellent communication skills and ability to provide regular updates on the project progress If you think you meet these criteria and can help me bring this project to life, ple...

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    i will be creating a website like the given hellman example

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    New B2B website Udløbet left

    1. Objective • Develop a responsive, mobile-first website optimized for conversions and equipped with fast loading times. The website will feature high-converting pages, support internationalization, and integrate seamlessly with existing business tools. Clean and update ui/ux. • By internationalization, we want it to switch to local language based on IP, not have a separately translated set of pages. • Would prefer webflow, open to wordpress • Need it to be easy to edit from a non-html or non-technical person. 2. Key Features • Mobile and Conversion-First Design: The site will be optimized for mobile users and designed to facilitate easy conversions. • Super Fast Load Times: Implement best practices in web development to ensure the site loads q...

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    Example style: We - LigoWave provide easy-to-use wireless networking solutions for businesses and communities, ensuring reliable connectivity with advanced technology. We will be releasing new product and we want video showing the highlight features with "Mike" as our older videos had. We no longer have the contacts of older team who did those videos. I am looking for a talented animator to produce a high-quality 2D video that is under two minutes long. Key requirements are: • Skilled in 2D animation. This is a must as it is the style we have chosen for this video. • An ability to produce engaging and captivating content within a short span of time. The video is less than a 1.30min . • An understanding and ability to work

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    I have a readymade Android app that requires configuration and customization. This is a straightforward project that doesn't involve any coding or content creation...that requires configuration and customization. This is a straightforward project that doesn't involve any coding or content creation. Key Requirements: - Configure an existing Android app - Customize it for English language only - Ensure the app's primary content is in the form of radio Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in configuring and customizing Android apps - Knowledge of app localization and language settings - Understanding of radio-based content management Please note that this is not a full app development project; the app has already been created. Your role is to configure it accord...

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    ...Interface Type: Text-based interaction with a modern and intuitive interface. A way to click on buttons to select recommended questions Platforms: Accessible on both web and mobile platforms, ensuring a responsive and seamless experience on all devices. Design Requirement: Focus on front-end design and UI-UX, tailored for ease of use while displaying complex data effectively. 4. Language and Localization Languages: Supports both English and Arabic with an easy switch mechanism between them in the UI. 5. Design Considerations Visual Theme: Use a color palette that complements the logo colors but adds a futuristic feel with sleek, clean lines and high-tech visual elements. The colors should be related to a logo that will be shared once the job is taken. Chatbot Personality: Friend...

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    Hi I need to very basic example on how to call a rest api from Aveva using a put command. It should be build importing .net libs.

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    1. Homepage: The homepage should be visually appealing and user-friendly, with easy navigation to key sections of the website such as services offered, about us, contact information, testimonials, and any certifications or accreditations. 2. Services Offered: A detailed list of the services offered by the agency, including • in-home care • personal care • companionship • meal preparation • medication management, etc. Each service should have its own dedicated page with descriptions. 3. About Us: Information about the homecare agency, including its history, mission, and values. 4. Client Portal: If applicable, a secure client portal where clients can log in to access important information, schedule appointments, communicate with caregivers, etc. 5. Testimon...

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    ...Arabic translator with a background in Information Technology to help me convert a technical website from English to Arabic. The website: The translation will be wordpress plugin and wordpress platform to do the translation. Key Points: - Translate: The primary task will be to accurately translate all English content on the website to Arabic. This includes not just text, but also buttons, forms, menu items, and so on. - Technical Content: The website contains a lot of technical content, so experience in this area is crucial. A good understanding of IT terminology and concepts is necessary to ensure that the meaning is preserved in the translation. - Localization: The translated website should be fully localized, ensuring that it is cultura...

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    Hi, we need help compiling and running SDK example C code.

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    ...an integrated platform that supports various modes of transport (trains, buses, metro, shuttles, trams). It will utilize advanced geolocation and user interface technologies to deliver innovative features. Technical Requirements and Features: Fastest Route Tracking: Implementation using Google Maps API to calculate real-time routes, managing events like delays or cancellations. Direct Localization: GPS integration to display the current user location and nearby transportation options. User Interface: Development of an intuitive three-line menu for accessing settings, personal area, and specific functions such as travel history. Notifications and Reporting: Real-time notification system for any issues at stops or stations, with user reporting capabilities. News Conne...

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    ...solutions that meet their objectives - Manage the end-to-end delivery of projects, ensuring they are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards - Identify new business opportunities and grow our client base in the Australian region - Work closely with marketing and sales teams to develop and implement effective strategies to achieve business goals - Help to review the localization of the client’s marketing materials - Handle any inquiries related to the Australia region from clients and the internal team Requirements: - At least 2-5 years of experience in digital marketing with a digital marketing/marketing agency background - Strong understanding and technical skills in digital marketing channels (SEO, Social Media Ads, Paid Ads, SEM, Google Ad...

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    I am creating my own video game, and i am working alone. I require the exceptional talent of a voice actor capable of delivering a compelling elderly British accent for a dramatic role in my project. Key Requirements: - Prefer of British accent - Ability to convincingly portray an elderly character - Exceptional dramatic voice acting skills Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in voice acting particularly in drama - A voice reel showcasing various performances in a British accent, preferably in an elderly range Your task will involve bringing an elderly character to life in a dramatic story context. Interpretation of the narrative and delivering the right emotional depth is crucial for the role. The character is a Elder master, tired, he tells a history...

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    I'm looking for a talented and innovative graphics designer to create a logo from existing example.

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    I'm in need of someone fluent in both Arabic and English with a background in technical or engineering fields to assist me with a data entry and translation task related to website localization. Key Responsibilities: - Typing and copying data from one source to another - Translate content using our ready GPTS and adapt it for localization Ideal Skills: - Native or fluent in both Arabic and English - Experience in technical or engineering fields - Proficient in data entry and translation - Experienced with website localization Sample work attached; This document will be input into website and adding translation and word formatting .. total 600 multiple choice Questions . The task involves less than 100 pages/words. The project is crucial ...

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    We are seeking a talented freelancer to design a logo, create a brandbook, and develop a website using the Wix platform for our business. The project requires a strong understanding of design principles and proficiency in the Hebrew language. The chosen freelancer will be responsible for creating a visually appealing logo that represents our brand identity and developing a user-friendly website that showcases our products and services. The website must be fully functional in Hebrew, ensuring seamless navigation and content localization. The ideal candidate should have experience with Wix and a portfolio showcasing their previous logo designs and website projects. Attention to detail and creativity are essential skills for this job.

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    We are seeking a talented freelancer to design a logo, create a brandbook, and develop a website using the Wix platform for our business. The project requires a strong understanding of design principles and proficiency in the Hebrew language. The chosen freelancer will be responsible for creating a visually appealing logo that represents our brand identity and developing a user-friendly website that showcases our products and services. The website must be fully functional in Hebrew, ensuring seamless navigation and content localization. The ideal candidate should have experience with Wix and a portfolio showcasing their previous logo designs and website projects. Attention to detail and creativity are essential skills for this job.

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    I am in dire need of a native Hindi speaker who is proficient in translating game scripts, user interface text, and marketing materials. The ideal candidate should have the following: - Strong understanding of Chinese and near-native or native proficiency in Hindi - Significant experience in game localization and translation, particularly with game industry terminologies and requirements - Error-free translations, ensuring no grammatical, incorrect, or missed translations, with a natural flow in language - Able to handle a substantial volume of work, with punctual and high-quality submission - Willing to undertake a small test translation before formal long-term collaboration The amount of work is substantial, and given the high standards I hold, I am looking for a professional wh...

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    Our company is in immediate need of a part-time Chinese to Thai game translator. We have a large and consistent workload, focusing on various game script genres. The primary requirements for this role are: - Proficiency in Chinese with a good understanding of the language - Native or near-native level in Thai - Extensive experience in game localization and translation - Strong grasp of gaming terminologies and translation standards - An impeccable track record of delivering translations free of grammar, translation errors and awkward language expressions - Ability to meet deadlines and submit work on time - Willingness to undergo a small test prior to formal collaboration The ideal candidate should be able to provide high-quality translations for a large volume of work, exceeding ...

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