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    14,405 live stock ticker tape website jobs fundet, i prisklassen EUR a MySQL database driven PHP sortable table of stocks. * Give header row a facelift (have example of what I want it to look like * Add small chart image next to each ticker symbol (i have the image) * The ability to color code a number from a form * Each row should highlight when touched * Move my hovering notes section from the left of the

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    1 bud a MySQL database driven PHP sortable table of stocks. * Give header row a facelift (have example of what I want it to look like * Add small chart image next to each ticker symbol (i have the image) * The ability to color code a number from a form * Each row should highlight when touched * Move my hovering notes section from the left of the

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    9 bud their watchlist, up to five of them. And, assign specific Stock Symbols to each watchlist. The same links will appear on the left of the screen: Message Board, link Library, ect..that are currently on my Home Page. above will be the same as the message board. My logo, Banner, Ticker, Quick symbol lookup, ect... The Watchlist will also need two

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    VB 6 Program Rework Udløbet left

    ...from the program which has stock price data. We need: 1. Reload all of the libraries. 2. Recreate the build environment. 3. Modify SEAU installation script. 4. Generate an installable image. 5. Create a history master of the ROM. 6. Load MSFT Access and probably upgrade to a newer version of Access. 7. Add ticker symbols to Access database

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    ...go to a page, and do the following: 1. Insert current date (means to count from this date) 2. insert their wedding date 3. then choose a background image for their ticker and a marker. 4. A html code is generated with the background image and marker in correct position with some text (Eg: 104 days to my Wedding on DD/MM/YYYY) or if the wedding

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    Create an online ordering and stock control system for a mail order company. The system is to be operated by an employee of the company and is to be implemented in two distinct ways: (a) using a GUI; (b) using a Web interface. Each implementation is to provide the functionality listed below. (i) Retrieval of an individual stock item's current level. (ii)

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    ... personal items which may be accesssed by friends and family. It will also have bulletin board features as well as various other widely available modules like news ticker, chat, votong scripts etc. This is the first phase of the project. The second phase will involve the encryption and secure storage of inputted user data and geographic

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    ...must take a written and oral exam before they are "placed" into an appropriate language course sequence. The oral exam portion must be recorded. Currently, this is done using tape recorders and photo-copied looseleaf sheets of images. Bids for a new solution are being requested. The new solution involves recording students' oral responses over the telephone

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    An illustrated cartoon in the detailed style of Gary Patterson (if unfamiliar with his style you can see his work on his website garypatterson). This is a full color golf cartoon. I envision a laughter producing, goofy-looking foursome of golfers (maybe including caddies if U want) scattered around a contorted putting green on a golf course, each one

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    I am looking for a Complete Stock Quotes Management And Quote Downloader for Metastock. Looking for these Features: Built-In Stock Chart Viewer, Quote Conversion to CSV files, Handling Metastock files stright, Symbol Finder, Create Multiple Symbols, Able to easy download with just a click. I want to download quotes from Yahoo Finance server and

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    G'day there, I'm looking for a script that will allow me to create a virtual trading centre. It will be like a game. I will use 1-on-1 basketball for the example here, although it won't be the situation i will really be using. Users will need to register and they will start off with 5000 credits to purchase shares in a particular character. The characters will then go 1-on...

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    Google Stock Broker Udløbet left

    I would like to purchase a share of google. See: <[log ind for at se URL]> I am not a US person, so am looking for a US person willing to act as an agent/broker and obtain it on my behalf. I currently have $215.00 US dollars escrowed at rentacoder, I am willing to spend this, but no more than this, on obtaining a share of google, in my own name. Please respond detailing:...

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    The site [[log ind for at se URL]][1] needs to improve its stock scroll and news feed as per attched specs. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depending on the nature of the deliverables):

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    ..._**Required Features:**_ **Pop-Up Blocker** (Ability to turn On/Off) **Auto Form Completion** **Automatic Update** (Downloads when update available) **Ticker** (Updates Info Every Hour) **Page Rating** (User can view site rating extracted from our site database) **Search Bar** (User chooses search engine) **Categories**

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    Web Site Redesign Udløbet left

    I have a website that needs to be redesigned. I think that probably just an opening page and then a template for content. It should be relatively standard professional looking stuff, easy to navigate. We are a small Florida law firm. The current site is [[log ind for at se URL]][1]. I want something that I can update myself later. Please include previous web

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    Stock Calculation Udløbet left

    When a share of common stock of some company is sold, the capital gain is the difference between the share's selling price and the price originally paid to buy it. This rule is easy to understand for a single share, but if we sell multiple shares of stock bought over a long period of time, then we must identify the shares acutally being sold. A standard

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    Java swing based app with multiple panels. Allows for the input of stock transactions using comboboxes and textfields. Fields: **Long or Short, Number of shares, Symbol, Transaction Date, Price, Commision, etc.** Transactions go into a MySQL database with a Open Positions and a Closed Positons Table. One view will allow for the viewing of currently

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    Legacy recorder Udløbet left

    ...Overlay of date and time Search for previous captured file by date and time Search include start time, end Time and a date. Play of this files,without stop capture, for tape recording Ex. if j search for a file recorded who start 10.30 and end 12.30 in 24 june 2004, J must be able to play the files continually without blank frame. Auto delete

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    to develop a website for trade only access. The site is to sell off excess stock between trade suppliers - and only to other trade suppliers, so therefore requires registration and authorisation before gaining access to the site. 2-3 Information pages explaining what the site is about will also be required. The site will take a commission off buyers

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    ...further into the concept site. STAGE 2 ??" STOCK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM The second stage of the project is to create a stock management ‘front end’, titled ‘Warehousing & Storage’ on their home screen (and is displayed only if access has been assigned) ??" this matches the name on the concept site. We have a back end stock control system, al...

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    Stock Software Udløbet left

    We need Stock Software to display Stock Details, Charts, Quotes ( Real Time ) Very Close to :[log ind for at se URL] _ The software named quotespeed. ** Source Code will be owned to our company. ** Look will be dynamic changing -- More details will be delivered to selected coders ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    Flash/PHP Project Udløbet left

    We are looking to improve the look and feel of one of the features on our website. If you go to the url: <[log ind for at se URL]> you will see in the upper left corner a ticker that shows the last 15 people that have taken a tour at our website and the total number of people that have taken a tour. This is a simple php script that

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    We're looking for some help converting an RSS feed into a newsticker. We'd like it to look as closely as possible to the ticker here: [_www.silvermead.net_][1] We'd also like some help organising headlines and other content from some other RSS feeds on to a webpage. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    ...for a "quote ticker" similar to that shown at [[log ind for at se URL]][1], but adapted to the automotive industry so it lists prices for certain cars sold, rather than prices for stocks. Please see the attached file for an exact picture of what I am looking for, and a description of the specs. I like the speed and smoothness of that ticker as well. I DON'T

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    ... It is hosted on Site5.Com. I need a sophisticated message board where members can leave information regarding Stock Symbols. The can currently register. The message should display their registration information. It should also require a Stock Symbol in order to write a message. The date of the message should be reflected on it. The message should also

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    MEGA PORTAL WEBSITE:- RELISTED AGAIN!!! If you dont Now How to do this SMART SEARCH SCRIPT Dont Bid !! the Last Guy On here Compeletely Stuffed it up and Now i have to start again! ONLY EXPERIENCED PLEASE BID!!! Wanted Up and Running ASAP!! I need someone to install this smart search script to a host and Make and add a few small additonal

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    ...of its stock control system. Each item of stock held will have: · a stock code (1 letter + 5 digits); · a stock description (in text form); · a current level; · a reorder level; · a price (per unit of that stock item). Assume a maximum of **twenty** items. The options available on the menu are shown below. 1. Init...

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    IE Toolbar Maker Udløbet left

    ...Google maintain Drag-and-drop search boxes Highlighting search words in the current page. Find buttons are automatically generated for each search word Scrolling news or stock-quotes ticker with hyperlinks Keywords. User can define keywords that replace text in the combo box and/or load urls and execute special searches. Ability to execute script on pages

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    €88 - €220
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    i want great designers to made mane page and PhpBB template for stock site

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    Stock exchange Formula data server. I need a Http server that can: 1. Use an Database backend that stores historical prices for series. 2. Calulate a formula on time series ( simple algebra like (A+B) / (c - 2) where a,b and c are time series in the database. 3. Provide a DLL interface to: New,calculate, open, save, delete and edit the formulae. 4.

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    Unix drive clone Udløbet left

    We have a Unix server for Progress 9 database and Vsifax. Don’t want to use tape backup, rather use hd-based backup approach similar to this: [log ind for at se URL] (If the page happens to be down, it describes the use of the Unix 'dd' command to create an exact bit copy of a drive.") The server has: SCO

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    video production Udløbet left

    ...which has to be produced to an incredibly high standard using dvcam/mini dv as the format with the end product to be mixed down onto dvd. All assets will be sent on CD and in tape format. Applicants must be a able to provide a very high standard of editing using the latest video effects as this is a critical part of the mix. This requires far more than

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    €176 - €264
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    ...following hack written. You should be able to complete the hack using this coding. The Pro Wrestling Stock Exchange **This project will probably be very indepth. The main idea of the script is "fantasy sports" mixed with a "fantasy stock market." Users will be able to "buy" stocks in their favorite pro wrestlers. Then, based on their pe...

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    ...application I am seeking will enable me to manage and track product / stock. It - MUST BE ALREDAY WRITTEN - please because I need an immediate implementation. As such I will need a link to a web site to test it. Functions. - Product table - full details of product (stock levels, description, buy sell prices warranty period etc etc)

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    Hi programmers, I need a simple php registration form. I have a news ticker that I want to syndicate. Before I allow people to grab the script I want them to register with: name: email address: website name: website url: commerical site: non-commercial site: ...and then to send the information to my email account. That's it. Regards,

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    1 bud and pay over the phone). service price can be subscription or one time fee. SPORTS.... there will be a live sports scores that are pulled in from another site. FINANCIAL... there will be a page where i will pull in financial reports, stock quotes, etc. CREATE MY OWN... i should be able to create my own premium services. they will powered by seperate

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    software Screen Udløbet left

    ...Bmp/Jpg please of each. Approximate size 130 wide x 105 high Concept idea : It's enough to orient the user as to the general concept. For example, for distance a ruler, tape measure, for temperature a themometer. Categories: Volume Conversion (for example liters to gallons) Temperature Conversion (for example farenheit to Celsius) Mass

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    Recently installed Dell server running Mandrake 9.1, SSH is running. Separate ADSL router/firewall has port 22 forwarded to the Linux server. Has 25...Samba shares only. No mailserver, database, etc. Needs disk to disk backup setting up - has 2 x IDE disks, no raid card, current filesystem is on 1 Disk only. Needs IDE Travan tape backup setting up.

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    Simple Parser in C# to parse any non-segmented quote page from the cboe site. Parse complete pages (see attachment for example), and create a record for each put a...## Platform C# executable that process any file from [log ind for at se URL] example URL (may require free registration) [log ind for at se URL]

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    Audio Conversion Udløbet left

    I have a 10 hours audio tape. I want this tape to by translated into the word document. The companies bidding over this must have relevant experience. Very good communication skills. The budget can be exceeded over $500 also but only in some special cases.

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    Stock Market Udløbet left

    ...portfolio to go up or down. There should also be tickers, graphs, etc, to improve the game. If I could compare this to one site, it would have to be compared to the Hollywood Stock Exchange, located at [[log ind for at se URL]][1], as that is very close to what I had in mind. **PLEASE sign up at [log ind for at se URL] and buy/sell a few stocks and look at all of their options.**

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    I require someone to transform a current cart into a paypal cart and some code will require writing for the stock control part of the site. When the Quanitiy is nil for sold out to be shown where the quantity should be. This is a quick job and requireing work on it asap. Site URL : [log ind for at se URL]

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    Stock Market Script Udløbet left

    Script to simulate a stock market, users should be able to login to their portfolios and manage their accounts by buying & selling stocks, bonds & funds. The value of each security will be set initially (as an IPO) and then fluctuate according to market movements (% up or down related to how much is sold/bought in a given period of time).

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    This project is a very simple virtual stock exchange program written in PHP/MySQL. Very similar to [www.**virtual****stock****exchange**.com][1]. Please view this site before bidding. Project includes/requires authentication, simple email, familiarity with Paypal, parsing CSV files, and some knowledge of stock market. ## Deliverables 1) 19 php

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    **Live News Ticker......** I'm looking for a script similar to -> <[log ind for at se URL]> that will read an email and the post the contents into the header area as a 'news ticker' within Vbullletin 3.1 **1.** Ability to integrate the script into Vbulletin database and 'manage' and or 'delete' unwanted via the 'Admin&...

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    This is a real simple project. I am currently using the stock eliteweaver paypal ipn script. Currently the script works as it should and logs any incoming IPN requests to my mysql database. I would like to modify the code so that it when it gets a verified ipn request that it can also fowards that request to another server that is listening for

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    Dvd Copy programs Udløbet left

    ...Retain High DVD Image Quality on Copied CDs Download Full Length Movies From the Internet Copy Any VHS Tape to CD Format With Your Regular CD-R Backup Your Entire DVD Collection With Your DVD-R or DVD-RW Create Your Own DVD or VHS Tape Library ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well

    €88 - €351
    €88 - €351
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    **The Pro Wrestling Stock Exchange **This project will probably be very indepth. The main idea of the script is "fantasy sports" mixed with a "fantasy stock market." Users will be able to "buy" stocks in their favorite pro wrestlers. Then, based on their performance, I will adjust the value of the stocks. This will cause the user's portfol...

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    ...need a couple of small tasks performed. I am working on a website that is coded using Mambo Open Source. I need 3 modules/components added to the site and in working order. I need the following: weather module added. events calendar added. scrolling stock exchange ticker This is a small project and I need it accomplished quickly

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    Warehouse Pallet Racking - Desktop application designed to record the contents of pallet locations within a warehouse environment or such like. The applicat...designed to record the contents of pallet locations within a warehouse environment or such like. The application includes a management summary reporting facility to monitor stock control.

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