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    ...(jquery) explained at the following link: [login to view URL] mysql-results-set-in-php-using-jquery-and-a-more-traditional-approach I tried the Table Sorter wp plugin, but it does not work because it interprets the code that generates the table as having only one line, but the number of rows depends by the sql query and table.

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    ...file for the table code). I'm using a plugin to make it sortable and it works, but I'd like it to have already an automatic initial (default) sorting. The wp plugin (Table Sorter) already provides this possibility (class=tablesorter {sortlist: [[1,0],[2,0],[3,0]]}) but it is not compatible with my table code as well as. There may be duplicates datas

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    ...colour! The box is standard sorted after date. The top text in the boxs is the last end of the url. The text under the box is the menu as you can see in the top of the "frame" Sorter: // service • indsigt ( UK: Sort:// service • insight.......) When you select a menu like alibaba Danmark you got it show in letter/brief form and the url must be the menuname

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    ...colour! The box is standard sorted after date. The top text in the boxs is the last end of the url. The text under the box is the menu as you can see in the top of the "frame" Sorter: // service • indsigt ( UK: Sort:// service • insight.......) In the backend system we must select the menuname/category like service or make a new, delete etc. like in standard

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    ...progress (example : from 10 in row, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, ,2, and No1 (ready to chat) - with color dots each number. Also there must be pop-ups telling user to pay so he can be in sorter Que for chat. Chat will be only in Text. There must be a registration, Chat history, Friends (adding - deleting). Chatting with friends will be without charge. Also there must

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    ...that helps in sourcing, buying and shipping process of common household products. The sourcing process will be online. About 100 common household products (cushions, laundry sorter, trunk Organizer, folding mattress, doorstop, laptop desk etc.) on wholesale sites like: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] You should have the following experien...

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    ...fulfill both before you bid.. thank you. 1. Need someone to upload product list sorter plugin (link below) to our site. Do note that the plugin has some code that clashes with product filter (link below) that is used on our site. Some code modification is needed. Sorter: [login to view URL] Filter: https://www

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    ...files. 1) One is a list of users with Names, ID Numbers and access rights etc. This is used to download information to our field units by our handheld controller (Essentially a flash drive) . All info except the User Names are loaded to the field module. 2) The second is a file that is downloaded from the field unit, this is a list of transactions

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    We are looking for an email sorter to work for us around 25-30 hours per week. Starting pay is $3/hour. Flexible hours.

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    We are looking for a WCS software developer who can build a wcs program wich has to communicate with our ERP system, and controls a parcel sorter with a Siemens PLC

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    I need someone who speaks good English and understand English. The website is sorter like a pin pal service for in mazes services for inmates so if you're not familiar with that field please don't waste your time because unless I can speak to you verbally you won't understand what I'm trying to do.

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    18 bud this, the macro will simply start by sorting all of the words that begin with A, E, I, or U into column C of sheet 3 and all other words into sheet B, BUT there will be a list of exceptions on the second sheet, with words such as "Europe," which begin with an E, but begin with a consonant sound, so they will be treated as consonants, and put in column

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    ...baselinematrix from this doubling of each individual number to the baseline matrix generated in Step 3. The running method for this first perturbation of A=2A is through the same sorter/randomizer order which was used to establish the non-zero baseline matrix. We do this for all elements from A through T one by one. For instance when we double B – we double

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    Gmail is limited in its sorting capabilities. You have to know the keyword and then ...sort according to "To" "From" "Subject" and "Category" (see attachment). I would like to have an app developed that would allow me to sort Gmail by the described drop down menu list mentioned above. Suggestions welcomed Please send link to examples of previous work.

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    Using Python or Powershell, I need a script to sort my photos by date. Input: - Path to folder with the photos/videos - Path to destination folder The script will sort photos into monthly folders under a "photos" folder (eg <destinationPath>/photos/2017/04) It will also sort videos into monthly folders under a "videos" folder (eg <destinationPath>/videos...

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    ...Data 4. ODBC 5. SQL Data Trasformers that are pastel yellow . Inputs and outputs listed below 1. Data Merger – 2 inputs, 1 output 2. Data Transformer 3. Script 4. Data Sorter 5. Data Grouper 6. Data add 7. BranchOff Designers that are pastel blue. All will contain 1 input with 2 outputs 1. Pdf 2. Email 3. Checklist 4. Interactive 5

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    Assembly language sorter project. Details are in the upload file

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    Please message me for project details. Thank you.

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    you will write a multithreaded C server and C client program to sort a list of records of movies from imdb alphabetically by the data in a given column. You will make use of the concepts like including file/directory access, pthreads, and synchronization constructs (locks/semaphores), and socket. I have the code for sorting the file which we can make

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    Time consuming in siggregate of different materials

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    In need of help until Christmas sorting and bagging small items. Flexible hours. 20 -30 hours a week. 77090 Zip.

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    I am looking for a great email solution. I want an email post office and have the email from all of my sites go to one email post office. There, I will have a human sorter and they will either block the email or set it up so it is directed to the right department in the company or the right person in the company. [login to view URL], [login to view URL]

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    I'd like to iterate on the sorter that's on my server now by creating 4 columns to sort instead of 1 column, and making some other changes. Please see the attached txt file for instructions. I've also attached a new CSV that shows what the new output file would look like once sorted by the 4 columns. Note that it's unnecessary to ask the user about

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    Below are the instructions for the Java exercise. Please email back the [login to view URL] file once you have completed the exercise. Write a class called FileSorter which will read one or more text files and merge their contents, storing them in a collection of strings, one string per line, omitting blank lines. The class should provide an iterator over the strings in the collection in alph...

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    We have a website that is using API from Escapia (a property rental software site). The API uses SOAP and we have a PHP plugin to help...have one sorting option "# of bedrooms". We need to add another sorting option of "Price Low to High" and "Price High to Low". This pricing sorter should affect any units already sorted by the "# of bedrooms" sort...

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    ... I need a Shopify Expert to fix an error in the Seiko theme regarding collection sorting. When the customer visits a collection page the default view of the collection sorter is set to Alphabetical, but the collection is actually sorted into price high to low order, but this is not reflected in the seiko theme on the collection view. I have tried

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    Gems stones precious and semi-precious stones sorting as our quality standards. This stones use in our jewellery products.

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    ...thise websites. like 10.000 post urls. all urls are sorted by website url:[login to view URL] but i want u to make a url sorter tool. i only want to see 1 url from each domain. like i see first 80 unique posts urls (1 url per domain) and after that i see the second url from each domain. and after that

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    I am looking for a technician who knows how to service a Datacon DS11000 die sorter. The tool is located in Sunnyvale CA so they should be located nearby

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    Greetings! I need a stable software that can login into my multiple Dropbox accounts and download any file inside the Dropbox folders with original folder and file names. As [login to view URL] website requires a Captcha after the second or false login, you will need to use either the Dropbox API OR use the Dropbox windows app. In both cases you can login into multiple accounts for multiple ...

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    convert PDF files to excel. we can convert them now with adobe but cells merge together. Need a way to un merge.

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    Hello, I want a custom small program that combine a unique way of two lists. First list = [login to view URL] Second list = [login to view URL] I want the program use Multi thread technique to do the following: It will read the first name of "[login to view URL]" and search for the usernames that contain the name in the username. For example: Names: Alex...

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    I need to re-write marketing materials to make it sound looking to have a sample text rewritten, very small piece, but I have a lot of files to work on should you be interested. Please feel free to use different language, make sorter (not longer) and ask the questions. Sample file contains 235 words and offered price is based on word count.

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    Add Functionality according to ppt. Only apply if you are a Java expert. After Implementation: Send me the changed files (source Code) so I can test if it compiles correctely. I will deliver the buttons.

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    Forseglet NDA
    €25 - €212
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    Write Article on Color Sorter Machine to be given in Magazine

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    I require a professional technical sketch for a simple ma...inserted and creates some feedback each time a certain sum of money has been saved. The machine will include ready-made components from the market: coin validator, coin sorter, arduino card, etc. I require someone to find the right components and draw up the plans for the machine in total.

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    I require a professional technical sketch for a simple ma...inserted and creates some feedback each time a certain sum of money has been saved. The machine will include ready-made components from the market: coin validator, coin sorter, arduino card, etc. I require someone to find the right components and draw up the plans for the machine in total.

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    ...When you show close up of Mobile screen Shot 1: Show as if he is choosing one wifi signal from multiple available Shot 2: Screen opens to show multiple content as in a slide sorter view, show cotent one below another, multiple video files shot3: he selects one particular file shot 4: The selected video start playing in the mobile Budget max = 120$

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    ...fields in the Advance Search Section: 1: Type of Travel 2: Staying Time 3: Total Days / Total Nights 4: Featured 5: From Note: It worth nothing, you need to use Table Sorter Jquery Master to sorting and filtering data in the tables These sections will be added into two PHP Files which are related for Details and Listing Pages. Important:

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    We need to be able to upload an excel file to our website daily (The excel file will contain over 100,000 items (Domain names) and the software filters domains that fit a certain criteria. The criteria would be domain names that start with a consonant as the first character, then a vowel, OR start with a vowel and then a consonant, AND have an appraisal higher than $50. The results (After the scri...

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    This flowers video is one or two minitues show o...screen , this video display for every movement after one mouse clik.(just you can see this video open this powerpont file, first you can click right corner of this file slide sorter and then click slide show logo, after you can click many times for your mouse button.) this is simple & beginers video.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux using Python. To develop a API to interface a Sorter ( a Automation machine) read 20 different dataset from machine store onto local db server and fetch data from Main server and send instructions to local server to execute instructions on machine. Hardware

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    We Metak color sorter machinery limited is a color sorter machine manufacturer, now we're looking for agents and sales for marketing our business.

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    I want to add a filter and a table sorter on my table

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    ...this (except for the fact that if I wanted to see data for June 1 but user came it on June 1 at 1 pm, the bar would have to be offset a bit ) , or maybe a gant chart or table sorter? [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Any other chart you would recommend? Y-axis will

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    ...images where we have created a sort game design for the genre "Garbage Sorter". Each separated sort game genre that is marked with a number should include graphical design delivery of: - Background Design - Containers Design - Collect Items Design - Avoid Items Design 1. Ball Sorter: - Background design: The background design should give the player

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    Javascript table sorter on my website, [login to view URL], has stopped working. Should be very easy fix for someone who knows JS.

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    I'm looking for a developer skilled in working with Shopify to install a product sorter + hierarchy type menu side bar for a clothing ecommerce site. The site this will be installed on is [login to view URL], we are running on the Shopify theme Blockshop. We were using the "Filter Menu" app from the power tools suite, but the tag system got very messy

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