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    ...ekstremer Diskrete og kontinuerte fordelinger * Herunder Binomial-, Poisson- og Normalfordelingen * Varians og kovarians af et sæt stokastiske variable herunder linearkombinationer vhj. af matrixalgebra. Konfidensintervaller og hypotesetest vedrørerende * Middelværdi og varians Analyse af krydstabeller og goodness-of-fit tests Ensidig variansanalyse Simple og multiple metoder i regression Anvendelse af statistisk programmel til analyse af et datamateriale...

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    Statistics 6 dage left

    Hi, I want help with correlation and regression between variables

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    I'm looking for an expert in statistics to assist with a small project. You will be required to conduct regression analysis using survey data, software requested for use is SQL and R. I need regression analysis to be conducted utilizing categorical variables. All steps of regression analysis is requested, for example: univariate/bivariate analysis and training and validation (if needed). Once analysis (best model made) is complete I will expect interpretations of analysis and results to draw conclusions. Project is due in 1-3 days. Look forward to working with you.

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    Spss analysis 6 dage left

    Requirements: Factor analyses Reliability analyses Regression analyses Test of Expectations/Hypothesis Discussion of results / Implications (Findings): cronpach' alpha, correlation p-value, Independent Variables: Security/Privacy Fulfillment/Reliability Customer Service Informativeness Website Design Customization Loyalty Intentions Satisfaction Control Variables: Usage Privacy Concerns

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    Retrospective cohort study to compare association of severe retinopathy of prematurity and early blood transfusions in premature neonates, controlling for other factors.

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    Looking for R language developer who has experience in data analysis and linear models.

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    Build me a Mobile App 5 dage left

    The mobile application must do the following: -should be able to us...driveway and adjust color of driveway to black, etc, so that we can show a customer a before and after shot of their driveway. **The below information will all have costs for calculations that can only be adjusted by the app master** **The below should be able to have two costs, a % discount that is set by the app master. -enter in square foot measurement's of driveways and calculate a cost. -enter in Linear foot measurement's of cracks in driveway and calculate a cost. -Enter in Square footage for cleaning and calculate a cost. -Pin point measurement's of a driveway from google earth. -Generate a proposal and be able to send it to customers via email or sms. -Remind app user as well as the app mast...

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    We are interested in converting a X stage we have on stock, to move across Z axis. We are looking for a friction based approach (samples attached), but we can ...lubricants has to be VERY limited. However, target speeds and duty cycles are VERY limited too (max speed 1mm/sec), so heat dispersion will not be an issue For those interested in supporting the linear motion with a linear slide - please use NDN 05-10.05 Please note that the motor to be used, as mentioned, is the linear motor appearing in the files attached - please don't use rotary or other motors, or position the linear motor vertically.

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    PYTHON ASSISTANCE -- 2 3 dage left

    logistic regression Discriminant Analysis Linear Regression in python

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    Python Coding 3 dage left

    Python Regression, Predictive Analytics, Time Series Analysis, User Interface applications

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    property study 3 dage left

    want to do the regression analysis on singapore property rental yield and capital price per square feet gains. need to get data from web research for all independent variables. get a good regression score

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    The goal of the project is to identify and address a domain-specific problem on data analysis by applying machine learning algorithms or models. The topics can be on prediction, regression, or classification

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    Its a very simple task for a person who is efficient in ML and Matlab, I will provide a sample of the dataset. More details, I will share when we discuss the project. New and young talent are welcome.

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    I have designed a rotary to linear output machine. I need an Industrial Physicist to verify my efficiency output!

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    small code debug 2 dage left

    I need someone to debug my code about linear regression

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    ...sources. Inputs must be isolated. Supply voltage from input 1 must NOT flow out input 2 Output voltages options – each output consist of one Molex P6 5.3v 2x Molex P6 + 1x Molex P4 Fan connector (three individual PSUs combined) 7.4v 2x Molex P6 (three individual PSUs combined) 12v 2x Molex P6 (three individual PSUs combined) 24v 1x Molex P6 (three individual PSUs combined) Dual (redundant) 100V linear voltage regulators for FET driver and digital circuit per PSU. The power supply (each voltage) is fully redundant (merge 2 separate units) 5.3v Connector for cooling fan Power ON / LED for each power supply Soft start to ensure proper power up from GND. Output ripple voltage maximum 0.005V @5A. Outputs are rated with a continuous current of 10A with short bursts @15A (current ...

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    - Understand SoftMax Regression - Understand Linear Regression, Logistic Regression Calculations - Neural Network Calculations - KN-MEANS - LogLoss - Decision Trees - Naive Bayes Classification - Evolutionary Computing - Genetic Algorithms - Python Programming and Tensorflow - Convolutional Neural Networks - SoftMax Classifier

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    My project starts with a 3x125 dataset. It needs to be done on matlab. I need to Perform analysis of variance on the dataset to determine factors of influence, present the Anova table, find the most significant variables and illustrate dependent variable as function of the two most significant independent variables in 3D ...done on matlab. I need to Perform analysis of variance on the dataset to determine factors of influence, present the Anova table, find the most significant variables and illustrate dependent variable as function of the two most significant independent variables in 3D figure and explain what was done. 2) A general interaction model with 3 variables is given, with the data set provided, perform a regression analysis. Report 3 levels of confidence and explain what...

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    I need help in doing data structures project which is on simple hash table using open-address linear hashing to build a sting cache.

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    It is an housing price dataset where I already have build the models and compared them but I want to make changes to the model building . I'm looking someone who has advanced knowledge of R-studio and Knows how to apply log on regression model.

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    I will tell you the dataset from Kaggle, you will have to clean the data in a meaningful way, create 4-5 appropriate visualization, and apply the Regression model, Naive Bayes classification, and K-means clustering model in RStudio.

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    I'm looking for an expert in creating statistical models (experience with regression analysis). Dataset is less than 100 records and has qualitative data. The sample has to resemble the population from which it was drawn (if it doesn’t, use regression to balance some important characteristics in the sample to make it representative of the population of interest). Final deliverables include: list of variables with respective coefficients, z-value, and p-values AND brief description of process/findings.

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    I need someone who is good at Maple in term linear algebra. I want someone to write a code to count the number of the matrices of ranks 4,5 and 6 for 64 matrices over F_2.

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    We are looking for a person who has previous experience in working with Ironless Linear Motor and Driver. Further project details would be given on discussion.

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    We are looking for a person who has previous experience in working with Ironless Linear Motor and Driver.

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    We are looking for a freelancer with experience in working with Ironless Linear motor + Panasonic A6 Driver.

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    The project would be to create a classification or regression model on a given dataset. The dataset must have at least 3 input variables and 1 output. It can be either regression type or classification type

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    Trophy icon Design Logo 1 dag left

    ...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The logo is for a new company that is called "ARRO: // "arro". The company does maintenance, remodeling and general construction management. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Meaning of Arro: - Word play of "Ari Rozen" --> ARRO pronounced "arrow" Think of these words when designing the logo: - Linear, Focus - Target, Goal Oriented - Moving forward as an arrow - Construction / Building / Construction Management - Modern / Clean design / Simple xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ALL DESIGNS SHOULD INCLUDE: Every submission should include your same design with these name variations ((capitalizing differ...

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    Hi Team, I am new to the SPSS platform to prepare regression models for the given data. If you are having good knowledge and experience in using the SPSS application then please contact me. I am working on independent research and I have an excel file. so I need you to do the analysis and provide a detailed explanation of the results by using SPSS. You will use SPSS to perform the analysis and develop the best regression model possible based on the variable that you choose to include. Provide a comprehensive introduction/overview of the data and a clear understanding of what the client has asked you to provide. Please contact me for more details. Regards Shruthi

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    Need help with data wrangling and linear regression. Material will be provided in messages. 3 data sets (small) that will need to be merged on a common variable, then creating models from the merged data. Linear regression models and analysis will be done. All of this needs to be done in RStudio and documented with simple instructions on how to do so. Exceptional work in a timely manner will be tipped.

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    Introduction (Importance of the topic) Research question Literature review Hypothesis Data analysis: regression analysis and result intrepretion Conclusion Limitation Reflection Appendix 4000 words

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    Hi, Looking for someone to find calculate regression modal at R program for given data. Thanks

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    metabolite and its associated genus regression analysis and model building to predict metabolites that are highly associated with disease genus

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    business statistics Udløbet left

    project you should find a data set (you can download it from the secondary data sources) according to your interest and you should present the variables and analyze the relationships between variables by using proper methods. You should interpret your findings in the class. The presentations should not exceed 15 minutes. The data set and the ...steps that the students should follow are: Choose a research topic of their interest Collect data from primary or secondary sources Describe data by using descriptive statistics by using tables and graphs (for categorical variables summary tables and for numerical variables descriptive statistics tables) Interpret correlations among variables Analyze the linear association(s) among one dependent and one independent variable by using regres...

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    Hello, I’m looking for a knowledgeable expert in R to assist me with a machine learning project to build a regression model that predicts one value based on another. What I need assistance with is the following: -Choosing the correct statistical test to test significance -help interpreting the results -help selecting the correct regression model to use -convert the model into a deployable API for use on a website Im not looking to have someone do all the work for me, but rather go over what I produce and guide me when I am incorrect or could be doing things another way. I’d be looking for an ongoing service of 1 hour per week. Please name your hourly price. Kind regards,

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    The project is based on Computers in Engineering. I would like to build a curve-fitting project on the topic of regression. The file below that I provided, shows the criteria to find linear, quadratic, and cubic regression models of a championship event, which is provided in a table. The data will need to be plotted and interpreted. It will need each regression equation to predict the next occurrence of the event at the next iteration of the respective championship, find r2(coefficient of determination) and r (correlation coefficient). Computers in engineering is a module that I am doing and the software we use is MATLAB (2022) software. I will need the codes to be done on MATLAB in order for me to run the code on my software.

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    Hi I need someone who creates a schematic / Circuit board in EASY EDA for me. Application: I have a pcb with multiple leds. This pcb has a Power Inpu...someone who creates a schematic / Circuit board in EASY EDA for me. Application: I have a pcb with multiple leds. This pcb has a Power Input for 12v and 5V. Each input in reduced by an resistor to the maximum operation Illumination of the Leds. I need a dimming pcb now that i can connect to that board. I can connect this to the 5V or 12V input connection. What Components need to be used: - 10K Linear Potentiometer (Attached image) Requirements: - Easy to build system with DIP components only for easy assembly - Not expensive in production. - Variable power Input 5V or 12V - Full rotation of potentiometer for dimming. Thanks ...

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    R programer Udløbet left

    I need a R programer who will help me to build linear regression and knn model on my data set . And a 1/2 page summary and comparison of the both all

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    ...test run the machine. Please find attached the Linear Motor (Ironless) & Panasonic A6 driver details attached. We are developing a project and needs to control Linear motors (230 V AC) with drivers. 1) Linear motor A- will have 2 moving coils moving in opposite direction. 2) Linear Motor B – Will have one coil 3) Liner Motor C – Will have one coil We have a touch screen HMI When HMI is switched ON it will have the buttons: 1) ON/OFF 2) Set Motor A Speed 3) Align Linear Motor A 4) Set End point for Linear Motor A 5) Set Motor B Speed 6) Start Align Liner Motor B 7) End Start Align Liner Motor B 8) Set Motor C Speed 9) Start Align Linear Motor C 10) End Align Linear Motor C 11) Set Start point for Linear...

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    We are searching a people who having experience with Linear sensor and displacement measuring sensor developer with sound knowledge in MCU and Sensors. m18,m30 analogue output sensors with 0.25% accuracy with amplifier unit ..

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    We are looking for a freelancer to suggest the suitable driver for Linear Motor (Ironless) and develop the first phase programming to test our unit. You will be able to connect to our system through network. Find attached the data sheet of the Linear Motor. More information on the requirement would be provided on discussion.

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    I'm looking for a developer that can build a custom bot to integrate our discord server with the task management application Linear. Linear has an API with robust docs, and we would need a bot that has a two-way information sync between the two services. Scope is attached. Let me know if you'd be interested in tackling this project!

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    collect data online, analyze data using excel, perform regression analysis, writing python code

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    We are looking for a freelancer to suggest the suitable driver for Linear Motor (Ironless) and develop the first phase programming to test our unit. You will be able to connect to our system through network. Find attached the data sheet of the Linear Motor. More information on the requirement would be provided on discussion.

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    Aerospace dynamics Udløbet left

    Angular and linear momentum with energy particle of multi particle system, particle kinematic and kinetics in rotating frames and planar dynamics of rigid body as well as dealing with three dimensions.

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    Linear models in R Udløbet left

    Linear models in R. Need it by Tuesday Night.

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    ...embraced by our team of scientists. While we diligently collaborate with our clients to validate our solutions, our primary effort goes into avoiding bugs and mistakes. Specifically, most of our proactive activities fall into three categories: * Implementing automated testing: The standard way of increasing the reliability of software is to write automated testing, typically unit testing and regression testing, that covers, let’s say, 95% of the code. A new release of the solution must then pass all these tests. This is not a common practice among most operation researchers and data scientists. But any serious software developer will have a ton of incontestable arguments for not skipping testing. We take those arguments very seriously. * Using standardized components: Even ...

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