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    ...most works: How you can see the reference link, is much better to costumer choose what he needs. Some details: - pay attention on the picture with number, the costumer can choose what part he need and add directly to shooping cart - the list of parts showing, you can see: Position, Stock Code (I do not need this one), Product Name, Pack Qty( I do no need this one), Price, Quantity and Total - you can choose differents products and "add to Cart" with only one click. - I expect you code what I want using "Pages" and "Static Blocks" of magento 1.6. This must be replicable. TOGETHER WITH THE QUOTE, I WILL ANSWER ONLY WHO SEND ME A DESCRIPTION HOW YOU PLAN TO DO THE CODE

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    Hi , i am looking for someone to make some adjustments that must be completed today. There are some amendments to be made. We have a ticketing website for a concert event under Tickera. 1. Seating plan choosing of ticket is not required. I want to do a simple qty and add to cart kind of ticketing. Sample of current attached. (Sample 1 and Sample 2 shows the current style where user must click standing area. It is not required. We realised on Ticketra that is a straight forward Choose Qty>Add to add to cart function (Sample 3) under Ticket type function - 2. Under event listing the current maps is not showing (sample 4) this highlighted area used to have a map. 3. Resterise entire website on mobile and desktop 4. Fastern website 5.

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    Writing 800-1000 word SEO blog similar to our style: "Top Things to Know When Purchasing Restaurant Equipment" - How to buy right - What to look for - Points to consider - Could include a quick checklis

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    Hi Melody W., I posted the project:

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    Writing 800-1000 word SEO blog similar to our style: "Top Things to Know When Purchasing Restaurant Equipment" - How to buy right - What to look for - Points to consider - Could include a quick checklis

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    ...accurate because our current bookkeeper isn’t doing satisfactory work. We need a business budget prepared - work our what we spend on expenses vs income and what is left over to be divided into the family budget, business expenses, savings and investing back into the business Also, we need a family budget prepared as we don’t know what we can spend, we only guess. We need to organise our documents better to get a better understanding of our business and family budget Inventory management sheet, how much stock costs vs selling price = profit etc etc - - - - - - - - - - - - - receipt-bank *every transaction in quicbooks needs a receipt from receipt-bank or to be reconciled from bank statement - Quickbooks Daily we need all income an...

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    Need someone who understands reputation management and how to get a bad link pushed out of google

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    Please Don't bid if you are not expert --------------------------- I want to make real business from scratch. I have installed Plesk and prestashop and also config the website and also installed the ecolife theme . #Content, our own policy (must read bigbuy rules) so you could understand what to write for policy like refund and delivery and shipping methods. Banners, customization mail, contact, setup the right pages. After we do that, we go for bigbuy setup prestashop connector and import products ---------------------

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    rocker know best project 2 dage left

    i have not write 2,0000 words or have 10 chapters last time i write this tells me to many discrepancy when it is actual event an actual i have so far is beginning character's name is,rocky and his wife his old neighborhood where rocky grew reminisce about his childhood and being bullied. That's all I have

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    need a passionate person who can work with a api fetch it and save it in a csv file. this work has tp be complete before a deadline so need a fast and efficient freelancer

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    I was...with some kids from my football team and we recorded several videoes that we need to put together somehow, not all are needed but please what you can, if all thats ok too. It needs to looks good and proffesionel. Sound and sound effects is required booth to make the video perfect. effects are very welcome too. Price is very important before agreement. Cheep is good. You can see 2 pictures from where we started (1) and when we ended (15) also. Dont know if you can use those. All files are here. Please take a look. Maybe in some AE template but I dont know with the sound and sound effects if they can be added there, why not. Let me know your ideas. Please read description first. Thanks in advance. - Max

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    We have a statistics module developed to Prestashop 1.6, but we need to be upgraded to work the same way with 1.7.7 version of Prestashop. We can send you all code, and you can test on your own test shop, and send code back when working. Module shows statistics from a selected period. Article no, Article name, Supplier reference, Product buy price, Product sell price, coverage, Quantity sold in period, Stock Qty. See picture for reference.

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    Please include the title and the URL (YouTube, TikTok, site) Example) A man who hasn't taken a bath for 60 years, Soviet human experimentation/what happens if he doesn't sleep? , torture in the Roman Empire I need 10 stories.

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    Work is to export 179845 items from another website and import on our website. Product has to go on the correct category Correct manufacturers so that its easier for filter based on manufacturer And its has to have a 3 options on the product 1. New 2. Refurbished 3. Repair Service - No qty needed, its not a physical product to sell as it is repair service

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    We are startup company working in Technology sector, We are looking for good skills developers who know how to work on ( BlockChain & AI ). In the near Future we will hire they developers who worked in the projects , Our project is building Healthcare system combining BlockChain and AI. In the beginning it will be as prototype then when the prototype proof its success we will start hiring. For more information you can visit our website .

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    Building a warehouse management system which include accounting that will be able to sync with all the local online stores in Poland + logistics Front-End : New development of Online store Back-end: ● Inventory: o QTY available o QTY blocked o Product description o EAN o SKU o Producer o Category o Image o Size o Selling wholesale o Selling retail o Cost ● Logistics: o Incoming o Outgoing o Transportation company o Tracking o Partner o Internal document number ● Statistics by: o Product o Shipping option o Order source o Turnover o Profit o Wholesale/Retail ● Integrations: o Marketplaces o Couriers o E-shop ● Orders: o Ongoing o Done o Pre-orders The system can be upgraded, expanded and customized as required. Operate the system on desktop computers, tablets and smartphone...

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    Excel Database Udløbet left

    ...information in the excel spreadsheet to then be able to run reports and or join tables to run reports. Guessing this might need to be done either via power query or SQL Server databases 2. Regarding the database I need the flexibility to add in data / import for FY23 example July 22 data and be able to run reports or join tables to run reports. Guessing I’m going to need a range to execute. Would also need a report template setup to export into excel or email. 3. Require a dynamic dashboard to be developed from 2 tabs in the spreadsheet so I can also compare years and months on the dashboard so require some sort of filter to choose years and months from 4. I then need the flexibility to add in the same information for the dashboard for FY 20...

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    im looking to trade futures on USA brokerage Like etrade, ameritrade, fidelity, interactive broker and have some automation triggers i would like to set Symbol: qty: Buy or sell Price: Stop lose points: Take profit: and the software will always do the transaction even if closed at stop lose when goes back to the limit order...

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    can somebody fixe it for me plz its very hard to find my posts like this.

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    im looking to trade futures on USA brokerage Like etrade, ameritrade, fidelity, interactive broker and have some automation triggers i would like to set Symbol: qty: Buy or sell Price: Stop lose points: Take profit: and the software will always do the transaction even if closed at stop lose when goes back to the limit order...

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    ...can fulfil the following requirements. Structure: - We list multiple clients products on our site. - Customers can purchase multiple products from multiple clients - End of month we need to generate a PDF report for each client which includes their product Simple Client Management Requirement: - Create a simple CRUD client interface - Ability to Link Clients to products Plugin needs to generate a PDF report end of every month for each client and it should include: PDF Requirements: - Client Name - Clients Products (if there have been any orders for those products) --- Product Name --- Product Ordered Qty --- Product SKU --- Product Price - Total price to of all products - List shipping cost if certain shipping classes are in place - Autogenerate on the end of the mon...

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    Need to create one app like when someone is coming on whats app for example like this:

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    Hi guys, do you know the Wuffy Player (or XMTV) app for Android? Well, this app seems to have been abandoned for two years. I needed it because through this, I can see the streaming of some sites on Android. For example, from the site I can take the embed links of the online events and put them in a personalized IPTV list. The IPTV link then becomes me like this: |Referer= For other sites I used this method instead: httphost://$http-raw=$http-refferer= I wish I could do the same for the embeds of this site: Does anyone know how to do? I would like you to help me create the IPTV urls to be able to

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    How to add custom options for each product in opencart 3.x? And each option has stock qty and customer qty in a table in product details. See the image below. If you tell me which extension I should use for that, I'll assume you completed the task successfully and release the milstone.

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    Require: ESP32 NodeMCU module WLAN WiFi development board Don't bid if you have no board. You should to know esp-idf, vs code, platform io. You should to know esp wifi, web server, web socket using esp-idf framework, no Arduino ide This is long term job. I need new teammate.

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    Require: ESP32 NodeMCU module WLAN WiFi development board Don't bid if you have no board. You should to know esp-idf, vs code, platform io. You should to know esp wifi, web server, web socket using esp-idf framework, no Arduino ide This is long term job. I need new teammate.

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    Project #1 There are many develop...How about posting program / application before asked by projectors. For example programmer can post application as detailed information, and person who need this kind of project can search for 'already built' project by programmer. Project #2 How about let the developers evaluate 'non-sense' projects created by ignorant 'project creators in freelancer?' Many of the projects are uncertain, not clear, not doable, not understanding the nature of the business. Also, many of the 'ignorant' developers are bidding on the 'non-sense' projects by saying 'I can do it,' regardless, they are understanding the nature of the project or not. Freelancer need to clean up some 'non-s...

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    Advanced Mail Merge Udløbet left

    I need to create a word mail merge from an excel document to print labels with the quantity of each label printed based on the value of a field within the excel document. We also need the mail merge to make the most efficient use of the label sheets which will always contain the same number of labels. I found the following but need help to implement it. A set of fields coded as follows can be used to vary the output quantities: {IF{MERGEREC}= 1 {SET Idx 0}}{IF{Idx}<> {MERGEREC} "{SET Data "{MERGEFIELD FIRST_NAME} {MERGEFIELD LAST_NAME}"}{SET QTY {MERGEFIELD Quantity}}{SET Idx {MERGEREC}}"}{SET QTY {=QTY-1}}{REF DATA}{NEXTIF {QTY}= 0} or: {IF{MERGEREC}= 1 {SET Idx 0}}{IF{Idx}<> {MERGEREC} "{SET Data "...

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    Hi, I have an API but with no document. I need to know all the information the API can provide. Thanks for your help

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    I am a video editor myself and still learning after effects, im doing a explainer type video and i have screen recorded footage of a website, inside that website a logo is revealed where i want it to be blank when the webpage scrolls up, i basically want someone to someone who will teach me how to do it, remotely together. I know aftereffects pretty well but just not enough to make this effect work. I cant give you the footage but i can share my screen, i really think we can do this without any complicated methods.

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    Hello. Using a template "Rt-material2-v1.5.2", as you can see from the attached photos, the max the theme allows me to enter is 11. I need to know where in this theme code that allows me to enter more collections on the homepage.

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    Online Shop Udløbet left

    The interface will b...“Online Shop (svg)” file is a sample to work on backend scripts; The outcome should look like this to the customers: see attached pdf “Online Shop-webpage”. I will create the drawing assembly using the Solidworks Composer. All part’s on the assembly will be numbered or with hotspots. All I need to create the script to read clicked parts and place it in the cart so a customer can submit the order. The script should act when: - If the customer clicks on a part number it should be added to the cart. - Qty should increase/decrease If the customer clicks on the ( -/+ ) button on a particular row line. - (X) button to remove the line of part order. - “Email Order” button to submit their order so my company can star...

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    I have a site which is in modx 3.01pl Please quote only if you have experience in Modx. We need the 2nd Talent tab to be called adhd-palmistry. When you click the tab it goes to We jsut want this to open in a blank page. Very small issue mainly to test the modx coder so we can give much bigger projects

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    Hi, I need help to choose a suitable aluminum for a project that i have. I have designed a chassis for a heavy but still movable marin testing machine with 5052-H38 (Yield >255) But it seems that H38 temper is impossible to find in stock locally or in China in the small qty we need (2.1 tons). We can get it made for us nut MOQ is 12 tons. Now i have been offered 5083 with similar yield strength but we can read that it may have problems with stress cracking and age softening. I have very little to no knowledge in material science and therefor i need some help from a metallurgical engineer. How it is going to be used: 1mm and 3mm sheet metal, Laser cut and 3mm thickness is TIG-welded and 1mm is laser welded. In a marine environment wit risk for salt water s...

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    This must be an educational robotics kit that teaches ai... i need to know the name of this kit that have such specs or similar kit.. thats all

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    looking fo VA with great english know word,excel some graphic work

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    84 bud our Project, here is what we need: 1. We need a very simple stock manager, let say we have a SKU, for each SKU we have some info like SKU, UPC, Name, Description, image, price and Initial Qty. 2. When we need to make a purchase to increase our stock, we need to be able to create a new purchase- Select the sku we want to buy-input the qty we will buy per item and confirm the purchase order, this will wo to a PO manager, were you can see the status of each PO, we need only 3 status, ordered, arrived and confirmed, in order to confirm each PO we need to be able to review each PO and in another column confirm per SKU how many pcs actually arrived. 3. Once this PO is confirmed all this SKU qty will be automatically add...

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    hello i would like to know if i would use this plugin or add similar functions to this site where users logged into the site upload their mp3 audio files or zip folder fill in the data as shown in the screenshots below and this file would be available for everyone to download on the site as a social network the user after sending the file the system generates a link to the file where he can share this file would appear in post format as shown in this image The page I need help with:

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    Candy store Udløbet left

    Design a store for candy Logo - unique look and feel of a candy site About 10 Categories and 25 sub categories Admin for ease of updating and adding new items etc Just add ONE item per category - we can upload rest SEO must be designed INTO site in development so google and bing can read and index Mobile and FB/Inst pages for social media Will have to be able to handle up to 250 items - with multiple WEIGHTS & QTY for EACH item 4 - 100 LBs UPS & canada post shipping integration See sites like or for perfect examples of look and use Don't waste our time with cheap templates and nickel and dime tactics for more money - we have designed and built 5 of these now ONLY bid if you understand the terms listed and what is expected

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    Hi Jules K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I'm looking for a fresh setup of a product for home Wärmeisolierung. I need content and first of all qty market research. Market is Germany and all EU countries. Show me your presentation.

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    Need 100 Abstract Light Blue Vector Original Background Technical Details; Software used; Ai File format; ai, eps and jpg Size: 2000x3000 px Weight; min 500kb max. 80 mb Note: need a white color base background layer in all ai and eps file. Budget Rs 20 per background Qty neex 100 now In future we require 10000 background of different theme. Reference

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    Please see the requirements of the position below: -Must Have Knowledge of Where to Obtain Aged Gmail Accounts. - Must Be Able To Recommend, Install And Use MailMerge Software Client Using GMAIL Accounts For Email Marketing Campaigns. -Must Know How to Create From Scratch A MailMerge Based Email Marketing Operation -Implementation of Proven Strategy Must Be Provided Before Hire. -Actual Examples of Successful Projects Of Same Expertise To Be Provided Immediately Upon First Meeting. If you do not have proof of successful operations such as the one mentioned above PLEASE DO NOT APPLY

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    Prestashop - I need a script to update products QTY from an XML file of the supplier

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    Pl...eCommerce website for our new business. The website must include everything which is showing this in this website and everything need same like this, but some of the parts no need which are I marked in the attached screenshots. These tasks must include the following things: Shipping International Part: Minimum Quantity option Payment gateway stripe, Paypal + gift cards, discounts taxes charges only in the USA type of products Only these categories: CLOTHING, FOOTWEAR, GEAR, LIGHTS, PROFESSION ) the price to show with qty discount (for example 1 -10 qty price $10, 10-50 price $8 ) (Check the attached example) Need RFQ request option (in each product) for example Delivery time: 60 days total. If any quotation contact me,

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    Cut out images in photoshop for stock product photo for a website. All taken in sunlight outside with a white sheet background. Please correct for light. Most products are all black. We need this finished in 1 or 2 days. total 25 pictures. I have attached two samples. Edit this picture by cutting out the background. 23 qty photos - We need 2 sizes : 1. Main picture: 750 wide height undefined. 2. Thumbnail: 80 pixels wide x 80 pixels high 2 qty photos are main photos: We need 3 sizes : 1. Main picture: 750 wide height undefined. 2. Bigger picture: 150 pixels wide x 79 pixels high 3. Thumbnail: 80 pixels wide x 80 pixels high sample attached

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    #1 Collection with the Theme...the vendors?q=aries query but directly to the Vendor Collection Page we created in Shopify, which always is collections/VENDORNAME #3 The columns in the mega menu do not have enough padding (see the "sweatshirt & hoodies overlay?). Please either make the font size adjust to screen size or something else so that the columns do not touch and have enough space #4 On the mobile PDP, variants with qty = 0 are still shown in the dropdown but then the ATC button goes dark with "sold out" when I choose it. Can you hide the sold out variants from the dropdown? OR add a "(sold out)" behind the sold out variant title in the dropdown. #5 In the "Recently Viewed" section of the PDP the wrong currency shows. It displays $, a...

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    Prestashop - Fix cronjob issue to update QTY from excel or xml file

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    Developing Data Acquisition System for Generator for following parameters: Parameters Qty System 1 Exhaust Temperature 0 to 500 Degree C 2 Exhaust 2 Coolant Surface Temperatures - 0 – 100 Degrees 2 Coolant Delta T 3 Oil Pressure – 0 -100 PSI - 1 Nos (Body Temperature 80 Degree C) 1 Lube Oil Pressure 4 Oil Temperature – 0 -150 Degrees- 1 Nos (Body Temperature 80 Degree C) 1 Lube Oil Temperature 5 Hot Air Pressure – 0- 20 PSI -4 Nos ( Body temperature 80 Degree C) 4 Turbo Boost Before and After Aftercoler 6 Hot Air Temperature – 0-80 degree C 4 Intake Temperature Delta T 7 Hot Air Pressure – 0 to 1 Psi - 1 No ( Body temperature – 60 Degree C 1 Blowbye 8 Vibration 1 ...

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    Hello , I want a filter for instgram that gives the people a tanned color with a smooth face like this filter : and I want the user to have a 3d captain hat on their head like in the picture attached. the time matters to me

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