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    OVERVIEW We have a requirement for the creation of new product demonstration videos to replace current (and perhaps a little out-dated) versions. At the moment, we have one single video per product which is used for marketing purposes which is used to sell the benefits of the product and this is combined with the 'how to use the product' section. This needs to be separated so our vi...

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    Home page, about page, registration page. [log ind for at se URL] login successful App will need to use the Google function "my location" to automatically determine users location and filter based on favourite categories near their location. Any paid subscribers adverts will be displayed as a popup. [log ind for at se URL] searches a town and selects a category e.g. accommodation,...

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    Our customer has a website with some image problems in their flash image function: 1) The Frontpage works differently on different browsers and platforms. The item in question here is the 3x4 grid to the right on It is a flash but doesnt work good enough. Please create a template for Typo3 for the frontpage where all those 12 elements can be individually set as normal typo3 elem...

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    This project is to modify a python file in Trac ([log ind for at se URL]) to output html in place of text. We have managed this ourselves in previous versions of Trac (version =>0.12) but now require this on version 1.0 (instructions for managing this on version 0.12 are available from [log ind for at se URL]) Attached to this project are the files previously modified, and the new fil...

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    We would need an Objective-C Coder for an iPhone application. All layout will be provided in XIB. The application is really simple (should be compatible with a maximum of iOS version): 1 Setting Tab, (for storing Username, password and a phone number) plus a button that link to a webview 1 Call tab, with address book access to select a contact) (No voip or telephony needed) with 1 action (...

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    We have a very basic requirement for someone with strong Windows 2008 Server Admin skills. We are launching 3 - 10 Amazon Web Servers on demand each month to use for various purposes. When we start them up, we want very basic security to be setup so that we can visit websites, download software etc and setup a basic operating environment for our team. You will need to be familiar with how Am...

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    **_principle:_** Our site is hosted by GAE, all its code and its APIs are suitable for use GAE. **_volume:_** 400000 visits / day 3000 requests / sec 1 million e-mails / day 6 Languages 2,000,000 of profiles registered BDD: 1 Tera Data **_Technical environment:_** django, python GAE **_objective:_** The purpose of the mission is to adapt the code and APIs to use AWS ...

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    This is a mini project to design/develop 2-page professional search engine website - similar to Whilst the site is simple, only highly professional design is accepted. It's important that you're a professional website designer and know how to link XML Sponsored search feed to the search function/box. (When keywords are searched in the search box, sponso...

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    I have an updated design (i will provide the winning bidder the zip file) for my website and I need someone to apply it. Its a custom written PHP application hosted on AWS. The application itself is a facebook contest application which basically collects email addresses, very simple and only about 3 pages.

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    1. Saferpay integration. In Europe Saferpay is one of the biggest creditcard merchands. Because of the previous wegshop we have all setup for saferpay already done. Below please find a documentation. Check the attachement: Saferpay+Payment+Page+V4.1.6+[log ind for at se URL] 2. Multi Currency Would be great to have the possibility to switch between different currencies. Swiss Franc, U...

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    €223 - €669
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    Setinel Iphone Icon Udløbet left

    Hi The SENTINEL APP is to function as a platform for sharing information about the urban environment, where users can share information regarding the important facts of the urban environment (initially and transit time) through photos, audio and video, thus creating a network information intricate, geolocalizada and fully integrated social networks. The Icon App must contain the essence of the a...

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    This project is for a re-designed user interface of an existing open source svg editor that can be found here: [log ind for at se URL] I have all the files for this editor on my server and have been able to incorporate this working editor and additional functionality that is not native to the open source project, into my website. The project need to simplify the interface using my design ...

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    iPhone Development Udløbet left

    Looking for a developer to code a transit app (Already Designed) using a pre-existing API Provided by the Chicago Transit Authority. App will will have a pull to refresh function and an Add/Edit field. More details upon inquiry.

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    We have a list of retailers that sell our products and we would like to add to our website similarly to how this one operates [log ind for at se URL] Our websites are [log ind for at se URL] and [log ind for at se URL]

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    Wordpress theme specific modifications: EXAMPLES: DIAMOND AJAX SEARCH [log ind for at se URL] - like ajax filter with advanced options. [log ind for at se URL] - create own ring Search results table (also like jamesallen) with mouse over "snipet". Compare function in another tab or below. Sorting. Snippets with extra information but without action button. ADMINISTRATION ...

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    I am looking for a team or programmer to design a search function to our needs. We have Json results fetched, and we want to better display them, be able to filter them, and display them appropriately in a set manner. It needs to lightweight and scalable. A sample prototype is - [log ind for at se URL] I can show more samples. your task will be to code this search system, design it, and integ...

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    i need online store with function + Multi Vendor* + Multi Store* *Have self account for list product and shipping function online store, must use single payment system only. Need function social marketing, mobile web.

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    We want to change the look and add features to our component both view and admin. This a five steps application made in php, jquery, html and css. See below descriptions! Materials Provided by us! HTML5 and CSS with some jQuery comes with html file. Programmer might need to add few. I attached wireframe of step1 interface Joomla PHP Component to improve.. Scope of work --Customize the ap...

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    Fremhævet Haster Forseglet NDA

    Hey Mike, Me again. Think you could give us a few hours of your time to help problem solve some code for us. We are trying to use the smae sort function we used for products to sort the blog post with an addition of sorting by date. The dev site was taken down by the previous developer so we will have to pass the code back and forth if needed. Should be an easy fix for you. Hope to work with y...

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    I need a tumblr theme creating, I have references for what the theme should look like and how it should function. need a contractor familiar with tumblr, who can do the work and finish the project ASAP. Thanks

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    Hello Freelancers, I am looking for a long-term partner in app development and have decided to start off with one of my simpler projects to screen potential partners. I've posted this project three times, however, there seems to be some confusion as to what is required so I will try to include as many details as possible. The final look and layout of the project will be discussed with th...

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    I need a simple pdf to jpg converter to include in my Qt project. In my C++ project (coded in Qt) i need to be able to convert a large PDF file (100 pages) into jpg images. I need to include the source code in my project so i can call a function or a class to process PDFs. Hope this is doable :) Let me know if you need any more information.

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    We need a signup form for our website. Basically we provide training courses on particular days. Our current signup solution is down for the timebeing and we need a new system as soon as possible as we were not expecting this downtime. Basically we need to be able to input in the backend somehow a drop down form that will allow you to select a certain date, and then select the courses available...

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    RESUME: I need a script (that has to be run by a cron job every 45 minutes) that look for RSS feed from a list (a file in the server that will have a list of RSS feeds), get its new items, check if they are already added to the database and if not add them filling all the values of a database table (using some data from the RSS item, some predefined values and some random values, here [log ind f...

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    Very simple script Udløbet left

    Hello, I need a very simple script. currently, I'm redirecting users after x seconds to another page, but what I want to do is, redirect users after y seconds and the timer will start only after user click a link on my page, currently the timer starts only after the user visit my page. Here is the code I found doing google search - --------- <head> <script> functio...

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    Hello everyone, I am looking for someone to create a simple pusher like system to publish and subscribe messages in real time. We do not need any storage, SSL or auth. The only things we needs is: Publish: We can call a javascript function anywhere to publish a channel, even with message. Subscribe: Red message anywhere on server if published. Server: to handel pub/sub. Only people...

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    Start Event Udløbet left

    This app will make it easier for people in the Rollins community to be updated about events taking place on campus with the ability to “star” chosen events. The selected events will then be transferred into a calendar. The app will send timely notification about the “starred” events in order to remind people when, where and what is taking place on any given day at Rollins. ...

    €223 - €669
    €223 - €669
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    Hello, I am looking for someone that can write a C++ DLL file that can be called from a VB6 project to call a function via ordinal number. Specifically I want to read the Xbox360 GUIDE button via a call to ordinal number 100 in [log ind for at se URL] ... this function is normally reserved for use by Microsoft, so they have not exposed it through the standard API, but I know it is possible to...

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    Hi, I'm looking for someone experienced in PHP and WordPress. I am working on a clients website that has a custom function created within WordPress page, however, I need to add a little more option or feature, changes done to that function. It's nothing crazy, it would normally take the right candidate about half hour to 1 hour time to complete. Your bid should start with, READ IT to ...

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    What I need for this project is very simple: an iPhone app that contains one splash screen and one other screen where the user has the ability to trigger the phone's buzzing function. The app has to look polished and clean and will also need ads. If you need more details in order to give me a quote, feel free to contact me but what I just described is pretty much all I would need.

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    15 bud

    I have a very small job, requiring someone to write a replacement for the Project() function we use in an OpenGL/OpenTK application. A test application draws a few simple polygons and then attempts to track some text to the vertex of a polygon using this Project() function. It can not use the glut glproject() function and must be written in The current (faulty) project() function is as fol...

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    Looking to build a web application using java/jquery/mysql DB. The application should function similar to (though much simpler) to Google spreadsheets and with a task management process to create, assign and re-assign tasks to different users. Please only bid on this if you have significant experience in building large scale SaaS based web applications.

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    I need a class or function to read DWG block attributes I store autocad dwg files into a server. so i need to sort this files by attributes located into a block in the dwg file.

    €27 - €892
    €27 - €892
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    We need a plugin for krpano flash viewer ([log ind for at se URL]) for facebook tagging. Just like this one - [log ind for at se URL] You can see example of using on - [log ind for at se URL] specifications: - log in facebook on start or continue without loging - welcome page with instructions - show groups of tags when zooming to speed up - like in this thread - [log ind for at ...

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    facebook app Udløbet left

    I need an app in facebook that let users upload photos to it. this app will display a line chart like a timeline and will increase when the amount of uploaded photos increase. so let's say that yesterday users uploaded 30 photos and today users uploaded 60 the line should be move up. Also the app will let the users click on any part of the line to see the photos. Users can click a peak and...

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    I would like to add a subscription button and allow users to create a subscription page that behaves as a favorite folder. User should be able to click select button and have user control of subscription directory.

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    I have an exsisting Web Form that needs some updates and slight mods. I need: some Field updates, a reset page option added on Search Functions, update on email function and some minor html formating to print for one page etc. I will upload the VB and aspx project files. let me know how soon I can have these. thanks djoeg

    €103 (Avg Bid)
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    I have an exsisting Web Form that needs some updates and slight mods. I need: some Field updates, a reset page option added on Search Functions, update on email function and some minor html formating to print for one page etc. I will upload the VB and aspx project files. let me know how soon I can have these. thanks djoeg

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    Please read the attached document carefully before bidding. Thank you

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    Project For tourism business online reservation system and shopping cart My client has a custom shopping cart built from scratch and would like to have the option of the system functioning on mobile devices. More information provided to interested parties ## Deliverables 1. I have three types of cart landing page designs (calendar, dates listing and accommodation style arr...

    €44610 - €892193
    €44610 - €892193
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    create jquery form Udløbet left

    i want this simple 5 part form, but with some changes : [log ind for at se URL] changes i want : - part 1 use checkbox instead of radio. Add in another option named "Others" - part 2 use slider max 10 units [log ind for at se URL] note: - part 3 is using postal codes from google maps singapore - part 5 will send confirmation emails to admin & customer. Both emails must cont...

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    Javascript developer,Very small function..30 min work..budget $5-$10...need to be done [log ind for at se URL] a randomize function in array.I have implemented the random function bt there are still some issues

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    I need a function that accepts a JSON input, does some data analysis with two databases, and returns a JSON output. ------ more specific details -------- An image says a thousand words ... ![][1] Inputs: payerID, sellerID Database1 has tables named using payerIDs. Each table has one column, containing 6-digit alphanumeric codes. Database2 has tables named using selle...

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    We are a Singapore based company that creates children education apps as well as other educational based apps. We are currently seeking a developer(s) that we can work with for our side projects. For this project, we want to create an app that simplifies the process of keeping track of scores on the assessment book questions and mock tests. For a start, we would like to do a very simple prototype...

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    We have a simple API in PHP that receives a geo-location as a HTTP Request and checks that location against others in a mysql database. If it finds one that matches, the response returned is a JSON string. We are using Apache Web Server and MySQL and at the moment on a VPS and also tested using Amazon AWS. Currently the amount of requests we are able to do per second is (approx 100) which is too ...

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    We are upcoming startup involved in streaming music site for independent electronic music. Our first version is available at: I have a full time job and doing it as part time basis so I am looking for somebody to help me out with Rails/AWS work and mostly with Rails in contract basis. Its developed using the standard: Rails/Postgres/Nginx/Backbone.js with Twitter Bootstrap...

    €27 - €4461
    €27 - €4461
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