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    Hi, I have bought a Sectigio EV code signing certificate. I am able to sign exe made with it. I want to be able to sign device drivers with it and also sign Advanced Installer project with it. I need help and guidance / demo in this regard. I can share my screen on Anydesk / Teamviewer or any other tool that you are comfortable because the EV Code signing certificate is on my a USB token on my PC.

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    Looking python expert 4 dage left

    I need help to scrap page urls from a publicly accessible website using python exe[window form]

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    ...for you to deliver quality outcome, but that part is solely your responsibility as a professional developer. The whole system should work offline on windows 64, with no requirements to make any further payments to make for any third party for the system to work as intended. You can send us the exe of the project first if you want so we confirm if this is ok. Then on delivery, we expect to get the full source code, properly structured and commented where needed so we build it ourselves and test the exe that it generates. ...

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    Now WhatsApp makes video calls from the Windows desktop, with the WhatsApp .exe software for Windows. i need a plugin that integrate whatsapp video call in live streaming software..

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    app development 2 dage left

    A good windows app developer is needed , someone with qualified experience to build for me a cryptocurrency windows application for windows computer. But first i will have to send a .exe wallet sample of what i need to be done. I need someone very understanding and lenient, someone who will listen to my own opinions about this project and not someone who doesn't listen . Please read through my job description and if its okay with you then send me a request. Thanks Skills

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    i want to convert small excel file to exe check attached file

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    I have a Windows95 Program, that has obviously hardcoded some fonts into it. I would need those fonts as ttf or similar.

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    wanna create a custom GUI in game that I can include scrollbar images button grid text also hooking for mouse and keyboard to controller the GUI like "inventory add item or remove item from inventory box" also send packets to server client - and client server if we can do a tools this create a dialogs well help me a lot -here you can download my exe file-

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    I need a windows script expert to write test and deliver an audit script that will collect : CPU, Hard disk, memory, installed software, list IIS web sites hosted on the server. F...on the server. For each web site : A. Find IIS web server root folder B. Track hosted web resources C. Track .NET dependencies D. Track additional dependencies Results interpretations to display : • IF (A is empty) => No website - orphan server • IF( (A is not empty) AND (B contains only Js, html, CSS, images and video) => static content • IF( (A is not empty) AND (B contains, dll, exe) => dynamic content • IF( (A is not empty) AND (C found any other dependency ) => dynamic and complex application • IF( (A is not empty) AND (D found any dependency ) =&g...

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    *** PLEASE READ BEFORE QUOTING A BID. I WILL MAKE A DECISION BY THURSDAY 6/23/2022 **** I have some queries in Postman that I want to run from an external exe file. No idea how to accomplish this. There is basic authentication within Postman for the queries. I just want a menu that has 4 items on it. Customer History/Sales History/Service History/Sales Closed/Service Closed. when you click on it, it asks for the Dealer ID (and date range if it's service) then starts the API. Need the regular error coding if something doesn't work and a cancel/back/exit button. I'm pretty good at manipulating programming but I don't know how to create something to access these queries from Postman. As a programmer it seems like you would create a button to run the quer...

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    Recreate an exe file 17 timer left

    This is a little exe that I need redone as the files are very old. This exe is a training for 9-1-1 students.

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    Objective = I have C# based App which i need to modify following. 1. Currently app stores config file to its root exe folder , instead it should store it to program data folder so it can be written by the exe. 2. Currently app has login screen which has text which i need to add hyperlink to it. I will provide the source codes. since this is very simple modification i will give you access to my pc and you modify the code and rebuilt the exe This Phase 1 of the project , Phase2 will be after this project is completed.

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    Необходим софт для автоматического запуска exe файлов в папках на Windows 10 Пример: Есть количество папок в размере 100 штук В каждой папке находятся файлы и exe файл самого приложения ( в каждой папке exe файл один и тот же) Задача сделать софт, который по порядку будет заходить в каждую папку и запускать этот exe файл

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    Need script/exe file to connect secure host system. The RAS key file will be used to connect target system

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    IMPORTANT: - Only freelancers with 100% delivery rate. - You must have a decent English or Spanish. - Your proposal must look customized for this project (no ctrl+v). - Read the description. 1. Create a login form. Passwords must be encrypted. 2. Create a form to create new users in admin app (we have a sepparated .exe that is only for admins). 3. Create a license system. Explained below: The product will be licensed, in other words once a year the product license renewal will be required. On license expiration there may be a 30-day grace period, once a new license is loaded depending on the expiration of the prior license the new license is valid from the date of prior license expiration for 12 months. The system MUST alert the users when the license is 60 days from expirat...

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    I need to inject a dll file into my game's exe file, and I can freely add a new interface and send it to the source packet

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    I need to inject a dll file into my game's exe file, and I can freely add a new interface and send it to the source packet

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    I have source code for a Unity 3d game, but I've lost access to the original developer. Code is in C# and requires a minor tweak where the audio is being muted when it shouldn't be. Designed to run on Windows. I'll provide source code and details of where it's happening in the code. I'll need the updated code back, along with a compiled version of the EXE application.

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    Unpack file .exe Udløbet left

    Xin chào ! Mình cần người unpack giúp mình vài file .exe pack bằng Enigma Protector

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    Looking for a team/developer who has expertise on building a software installer. For example - I want to make a .exe/msi installer which can be installed on the windows device and communicate with a remote console.

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    help setup python on my pc windows 10 ...face the issue cant be cover exe

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    ...must IMPROVE the line below or replace with something different/better: for /F %i in () do ( %i ) The above line will DOWNLOAD those "" files into the current directory, but of course since they all end in , they OVERWRITE and you end up with just ONE file. You must provide BETTER SOLUTION which saves with FILENAME as the "importantUniqueNameHere".exe You can use nested for loops, you can use setlocal delayedexpansion , tokens etc or you can combine dos shell with windows perl or with GNU awk/gawk for windows. You can even provide a PowerShell solution. Be CREATIVE but BEST WINNING SOLUTION will be the SIMPLEST easiest to understand, so that the methods can be re-used easily in future. I prefer short oneliners over full blow "scripts". Short

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    Hello, I need someone who can turn .exe file into .pdf file. Thanks

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    Attached are the screenshot of the software and need to develop the same. I will be sharing a demo exe.

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    Use ASP code to create a EXE using Visual Studio

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    Hi there, If you can create a exe antivirus software please ping me.

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    So I want to be able to use this on my PC directly: I want someone to build me a simple desktop program (as a python file or a .exe file) using this code. I have windows 10, and have two gpus (rtx 3090 and TITAN RTX)

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    We require a python script which can be compiled into an .exe application. The script meeds to use the following website: 1: The script needs to import a series of postcodes automatically into the website via a CSV. 2: The script needs to extract all the addresses from the website with the response into a CSV. I have attached our original script here: Maybe it can be fixed?

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    project it mostly si...the presentation u have move forward backward and take vote. ill attach the like for the device that im talking about the time frame for this project is short i need it ASAP presentation link: %D7%9E%D7%A6%D7%92%D7%AA%20%D7%90%D7%A0%D7%92%D7%9C%D7%99%D7% vote divice program: site of the device: screen dor the tablets: Please type " GD " on top of your bid so i know you have read my complete project and you can do it. Please don't bid if you can not handle this project. Please share the cost and timeline for the project.

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    Forseglet NDA
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    ...&[ingredient3]" plus option to enter in a generic script and the ability for user to edit.). -Customer would be able to uncheck these ingredients to not include them on their food order. Example, if the customer unchecks "Onions" the ingredient would display "NO Onions". "Attributes" Changed To "Options" -Currently there is "Attributes" which would allow users to input variations to items (Size, exe). This would be changed to "Options". Options Should Be Able To Be Applied To Multiple Menu Items -Options should be able to apply to multiple items. Like Size, instead of just storing the heading "Size" we would want to have the Options be applicable to multiple items (Small +$1, Medium +$...

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    Hi Mikhail M., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. Do you have any experience with exe modification? I want to modify the Onscreen Keyboard (system32/) to not bring up the focused window if it's in the background.

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    Im everyday downloading excel sheet which has tables for absent and late people and emails for those people then im filling form for each employee and sending it which takes a lot of time i want to create template and auto fill to the form and send the emails by doing automation , i preferred who can do first exe to connect my exchange email client to the exe then create the auto fill from the excel to the template

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    I need a script to run on the Windows desktop, which when executed checks the MYQL database. If the MYQL server's response is no new update the script calls and opens an .exe normally. If MYQL server's answer is yes it has a new update, the script doesn't call the .exe, it shows a new window with a link to download the new version.

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    PyQt application Udløbet left

    We already have a pyqt application that show a webview. We already have a exe file to excute de aplication in a windows PC. The application is like a Kiosk that controls a vending machine and also a electronic plate that activate electricity sockets to connect caravans. We need several things: 1) Convert the application to an instalable one (in order to activate windows kiosk mode) and make the application the only thing that the user can access 2) Change the flow in the purchase process, asking for an electronic ticket at the end, not in the middle of the process. 3) Set up a mechanism in order to restart the application if the server is out of reach for 5 minutos, for example.

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    1) Basic packaging: I'll want to bundle a python interpreter, the libraries, model into something installable/set up for 3 platforms. PyInstaller, Nuitka, py2exe, or something equivalent (MSI? EXE? C drive ). 2) Autorun application using registry while restarting a system 3) Other bugs

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    the project it mostly simple things, its combining tablet PC tesktop program and remotes for works with api. on the PC there is program that gets commands to load videos and presentations files (pptx) + getting data ...the presentation u have move forward backward and take vote. ill attach the like for the device that im talking about the time frame for this project is short i need it ASAP presntation link: %D7%9E%D7%A6%D7%92%D7%AA%20%D7%90%D7%A0%D7%92%D7%9C%D7%99%D7% vote divice program: site of the device: screen dor the tablets:

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    ...format) in my EXE file as Chr Numeric? waiting for answers please. Just an exampe: Our Software (Exe program) - which has paid version. After installing the it, the program asks for an activation code for a "Question". For example "what is the Answer for :0503" The server and The program also contains a Big Long Serial key like: "AABBBUQZDCUOQSCOUQZWBCOHCBOQIWOIQBCOQUIZWGOUIE ... " When User buys our program, he enters the number showed above (0503) on our website, and the server will tell the answer after paying. The First two digits (05) means>: Goto the 05th Character in the big serial code, and the answer is next (03) letters. After paying it theprogram shows to user. "UQZ" User pastes it to the Program and it works. T...

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    Exe protector Udløbet left

    Am looking to protect my file its based on c#

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    Hello everyone I have a python script that I converted it to an executable file on ubuntu (equivalent to .exe) and in order to run it I use the following code on my python script : import paramiko cmd = ("/home/dist/dist/mysoftware") ssh=() ssh.set_missing_host_key_policy(()) ("myvpsip",22,'root','mypassword') stdin,stdout,stderr=ssh.exec_command(cmd) outlines=() print(outlines) Is it possible to create an API or something like that, so instead of doing all this, I just want a "link" or request, to I could run the software like this : import requests url2 = "myip (or domain name)/apikey/home/mysoftware" r = (url=url2) print(r)

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    Hello everybody I'm willing to share an exe file (python converted to exe) with some people. And I want to protect my source code, to not make anyone download the exe file or decompile it. The file will be uploaded on my VPS (ubuntu) My requirement is : Can anyone teach me how to create users, and allow usrs to ONLY execute the file. They can't download, neither decompile or read the file. Is that possible ?

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    I have an XML file imported from a Windows task, I need that file to turn into an executable .exe.. and when .exe is installed on any other computer this task is created.... this is necessary because it is very complicated for my lay customers to import this task... in short, I want the installation of this task to be the same as installing a software, this will make my service provision more professional

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    I'm trying to extract data from .edb file. I was googling and that .edb file seems to be some kind of Microsoft Server Exchange file. I tried to convert it to .pst but it says the file is corrupted. But it is not corrupted because it is being read .exe file. The problem is that I cannot open .exe file because I get an error: Wrong disc inserted. Please insert the original CD/DVD. I need someone with knowledge of Microsoft Exchange Server, to import the .edb file and extract raw data.

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    I have created a few Dynamo scripts for Revit that I would like to turn into an exe file so I can install as plug-ins. the file has to be protected by licence key with the option to set it for a period of time, like a subscription.

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    Intune Help Udløbet left

    Hi, I need some quick help with installing an exe via intune. Need someone who can communicate Teams for a voice chat.

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    Hi Team I need Protecion for my Application its bulid on the Dotnet based

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    Using C# and .NET Framework 4.7.2, I need upgrades made to an existing piece of software as my developer has too many projects. Needs to become cross-platform software (Mac and Windows) and a single installable .exe file (MAUI). You will be provided with the current raw fills of the current software version, graphical JPG designs for the upgrade and detailed notes (with previous developers Q&A included). The software uses Microsoft Edge to create 8 browser instances (inside one screen) which then means each can have different sets of cookies/session IDs. Need to have the .exe install three (3) different instances of the software on the one OS. Need a server-verified (very basic) license system using a free hosting and .com domain. Everything else is just duplicate d...

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    We need a software/script to automate how user opens Facebook User pages and and how he/she col...public User information. Algorithm 2: The Software is given a "Start Community" URL. It parses it's Subscribers, then Subscriber's Friends and so on. And collects public User information. RESULT/OUTPUT: IF the User page matches the requirements (i.e. keywords), THEN the Software saves URL and/or other User details (i.e. name, description). FORMAT: Ideally this will be a PC-based, stand-alone .exe with a simple user interface (user log-in + input URL, input parameters/keywords). Other options can be discussed. IMPLEMENTATION: I don't think API will help. Instead a human emulator may work. Let's discuss. PROJECT REQUIREMENTS: 2-4 weeks. Please feel fr...

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    run bat or exe form react app

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    We are looking for a freelancer who will support us with Magento customization in the long term. Currently we are working on the theme rebuild to Tailwind, this requires that, another critical css file is loaded before the default magento critical inline. Furthermore, the module should be extended so that the base prices are also displayed in the cart and in the checkout. Further work then resulted after the aforementioned projects. Magento instance: 2.4.4 NGINX PHP 8.1 planned, currently 7.4 Varnish: 6.5 Elastic search: 7.10.x

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