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    This is a short project to debug and improve some javascript code to be used for tracking conversions to a website. There is already sample code in javascript designed to be included on the clients website however this is buggy and needs fixing. Additionally it may be necessary to create seperate code for the conversion point to ensure secuirity

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    ...billing and reseller tracking with our WebConferencing service. We are currently using a collection of "home-grown" interfaces and "off-the-shelf" scripts that have been cobbled together into a functional package. However, we realize there are some inefficiencies and "bugs" that need to be addressed. So, experience in HTML, PHP, Javascript, Perl, myS...

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    We need an add-on to Eudora that will allow users to protect against these new "Email Tracking" programs. First, we need a VB program that will add an icon of a Lock in the Eudora toolbar with the word "Protected" below it. When users click on the Lock it will need to open up a Help window that will tell users a little about the program and list

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    We need an add-on to Outlook & Outlook Express that will allow users to protect against these new "Email Tracking" programs. First, we need a VB program that will add an icon of a Lock in the Outlook and Outlook Express toolbar with the word "Protected" below it. When users click on the Lock it will need to open up a Help window that will tell

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    ...based point of sale (POS) system to manage several retail locations for Cellphone Stores selling phones, accessories, service plans, etc. 1. Tracking inventory with serialized and non-serialized items, 2. tracking service plan activations for commissions due and paid from the service provider, 3. handling sales to retail and wholesale customers, cash

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    ...specific URL evenly among a specified set of 2 (or more) webpages. The re-direct should be "seamless" - and not noticed by the visitor. The program can be CGI (php/perl) or JavaScript. This script must: --> Easy for a novice to install (either with an install wizard or *simple* instructions) --> Run either in the webpage or on a Linux Server --> Use a

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    This project is a web-based transportation software which will be constructed using ASP, VBScript, Javascript, HTML, DHTML and a MS SQL Server Data Environment. The product will consists of reporting features financial, logistical and inventory tracking. Our staff has already begun development on this project and are in need of resources to complete

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    ...system (similar to Scriptlances) - Multilingual - Integrate charts for budgeting - allow multiple advertisers for categorys (ie Dining Out - McDonalds) with images and click tracking - possible encryption of some data. - screen showing site stats (ie number of visitors, users on line, total transactions, Total users, total premium users, total affilates

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    ...of account balance limits 6. customizeable transaction reports 7. make payment via paypal ipn, [log ind for at se URL] gateway 8. keyword tool © view bids 9. ROI Tracking © Javascript that can be put on the purchase/conversion page so advertiser knows which keyword/ad registered as a conversion/sale 10. Targeted zones © GEO-IP Support ©

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    I need an exact clone (look, feel, functionality) of a link tracking and statistics program. I want to use this service myself instead of paying a monthly fee. This project really should be fast and quite easy for a programmer who knows what they are doing in PHP/MYSQL/LINUX, as the project needs to be done in these. ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    ...I am looking for script/code in javascript or a java applet which will have the following functionality described below... The popunder ([log ind for at se URL] page) should continously track and record the urls the user is visiting in the parent browser (The browser that opened the popunder). The popunder (punder.asp-javascript or java applet) will capture the

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    Rewrite or modify tracking program for reacting to the user. We want a tracking program as the one here: [log ind for at se URL] It track both php and html pages inserting a little line of code in them and parsing the html as php with a file .htaccess. On the site there is a working demo. In the program

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    ...other sites: **_Solution _ 1. Use off SSL and XML technology 2. JavaScript, PHP or similar 3. Front end Booking System 4. Backend to enter room details, rates, images, specials etc 5. Admin to see bookings 6. Affiliate System affiliate sign up area and booking tracking 7. Payment Gateway ready** **Back End System Site Administrator

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    I am looking for what seems to be a simple PHP script. Here is what I want it to do: I want to add a piece of code to my website (probably a javascript code or something) that sets a cookie on a users machine when they arrive at my page that has the code in it. I then want to record the next 10 pages that person visits, and the main thing

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    Partial clone of page design/functionality of [log ind for at se URL] with follwing changes: Technical requirements: - Perl/CGI or PHP is a must - Javascript menus and navigation bars - All text has to use CSS (except for menus, logos, text on images) - Must run on Windows or Linux server - Modular and easy to modify code - No frames - Software

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    1 bud card is not the same. In these cases the order will only come to my email address, and I will manually forward the order to the correct supplier if I choose. -3- Tracking of UPS orders: I want the customers to be able to track their orders through UPS from my web site. -4- Gift Certificates: I need to be able to accept and process gift

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    ...20 individual web pages that need one line of html tracking code pasted on them. In addition, the popups on each of the 20 pages need to have the code added to the "thank you" page. But the trick is, we've got all kinds of javascript, cgi code, web trends code, popup code, javascript date scripts, CSS and other stuff on our web pages

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    I need a javascript component for an ad application. I need it to serve 4 random images from my web server (buttons 88x31) in a standard 468x60 size box and contain a tracking ID number which comes from my database for each image and I need it to also captures the URL that the click was sent from. I wil need more services shortly so I am looking for

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    ...we can modify the pages as we need to on our end. I need all the associative backend tools to run the front end site. I need a comprehensive membership manager and tracking system. This includes the transactional processing system and whatever fax system they are tying into. I need a backend call center manager that allows a call center

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    Need a piece of Javascript code to place on several websites that will create a dynamically generated tracking pixel on the users web page. I need the pixel to have the following information in the query string: 1.) refurl=XXXX The referring URL of the previous page 2.) page=XXXX The page name that the pixel is on 3.) website=XXXX The website

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