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    Moodle report page Udløbet left

    ...indicators should include: - Number of completed quiz question - Number of course activities has completed - Current Streak day/Max streak days (number of continous days of doing quizs) - Number of skills (course sections) that made progress (has some activities) - Total time spent - Questions completed allocation by Subject (pie chart) - Time spent

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    Hi Silvyster A., My friend Bhanuka told me about you. I have some C# quizs too. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    ...developing android applications. I need an application where I can post daily. I want to post study material like daily gk updates, latest job posts and along with I want quizs for the users. I am a php developer and I already have website. I can make app from that website its simple process. In this content of both app and website will be same. But

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    Hello, We require a LMS ( learning management system) to be set up with the relevant courses( course material will be provided in word format) Quizs exams, All questions and answers will be provided. The systems should allow for students to Attend a class. continue where they left off. etc... all the usual aspects of a LMS but with the addition

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    I need an Android app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built. App should load questions from a text file or some online hosted file such as from Goog...a design for it, I just need it to be built. App should load questions from a text file or some online hosted file such as from Google docs. Should use 2-3 category based quizs.

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    Hi I need someone to complete my pre-calculus online homework assignemts and take my tests. There are total of 3 Test 4 quizs and a final exam. Dates will be priovided for exam and test dates. This course is from September 18, 2017- December 7, 2017 Course Syllabus Below: The following lessons are covered in this course. Module 1: Exponential

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    Design and develop facebook quizs

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    plz chekc files first i create milestone after deal with u i must get them on friday on local time than i will release milston Bocs many freelacwe cheat me before almost multiple choice 1 assessment some wrtten test

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    Create 2 quizs to insert in my website (created with wordpress) that people can completed and I can collect the data.

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    ...Phone number Email address The press "Enter" button 2. After entered: application show quizs, user answer the quizs for scored. There are two kinds of quiz: single select or opening answer(input to textbox). One kind for each question. 3. The end of quizs (user can move back to previous question), user will press the button "Finish" I need mock

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    I have an educational youtube channel and i want an application that shows my videos and where i can upload study materials and conduct quizs

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    ...user will need to be able to log onto the application and have a unique id via an email address and password. The app should have a simple front with 10 buttons. 1 - 9 are quizs and 10 will be a results history of the quiz. The quiz data and answers will be gathered from a website so I can update the quiz questions as needed. A quiz will have multiple

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    Ads Presentation Udløbet left

    Hi, my app implement Chartboost and Google AdMob for iOS interstitial ads but I would like a function to randomize presentation at a set frequency or 1 time for 3-4 quizs. [log ind for at se URL]

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    Build a Quiz Engine Udløbet left

    ...presentation of quiz. 9. Full control over user. (i.e. Gtanting access or revoking access) 10. Sub domain for tighup colleges 11. Result exporting in csv 12. 5 types of quizs a) Match the following. b) True or false c) Fill in the blanks d) MCQs e) Jumbled words 13. Question picking by students (I.e. Student can pick questions form courses

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    The project involves hosting various courses and quizes for banking exams for clerks and POs, CAIIB, JAII...gamifying the courses and tests. Other channels for corporate e learing for Banks and other financial organisations should be provided through secured user id and password. Daily quizs, social media integration and forums will be added features.

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    Build a Website Udløbet left

    I have a database with quizs and i want someone to make a html page where to dispaly the quizs so the user can asnwer that...........

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    hi there is one site that has online course course has timer to complete issue is when we counsume time on course it shows a quizs session and if we fails in questions,it ask to start again timer from start and note: it shows correct answers at end of quiz's it means quisz answers are saved at backend is it possible to check the correct answer? while

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    ...answer should be marked. Ad and banner management. User profile page with optional pic and his history and details. User activity history to be recorded like how many poll/quizs he played and his comments and last login date and registration date,winning,etc. etc An image or link to a youtube video can be embedded in a poll/quiz to further describe

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    Looking for a very high level designer. (!!!!!!!) Web site design is based on viral content. (Funny, Quizs System, Videos, News and more!) Attach your portfolio! Please give your skype ID.

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    The Website is going to...Website is going to be a new buzz style - all the hot recently in social networks. The Website will also contain a questionnaire system that users will have create their own quizs and share in social networks like facebook, twitter and more. In addition, the Website will contain funny news, vids ,pictures and FAIL BLOGS.

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    I have several quiz's and discussion items that need to be done for my courses. I have two course. I am taking. You would do discussion questions and take the quizes. I want to pay $75

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    GeoQuiz application Udløbet left

    A GeoQuiz application. A database contains different kind of quizs (Description, Area, ID) . Each quiz has a number of questions related to it, with picture and a specific location. The user selects a quiz, either by field of interest or by location. The user has to be on a specific location for the question to show. (Proximity 50m) The user can

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    I need someone help me to do my online test , it is western history and all of them are multiple-choice quizs. If you can speak chinese, that will be even better.

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    Using this script Create 12 categories for quizs and show us how to enter questions. Put On the front CCNA questions then on the bottom a rotating add that says LIVE CCNA Class only $599 603 879 0991 and [log ind for at se URL] which should be clickable

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    Hello , a full database of exam questions is needed urgently , I have a website like and I have an exam sections which shall show multiple choice questions .. in almost all fields and skills like those found in . So any one has such a database with those answers and questions is recommended to apply . I prefer if the database is a MYSQL one . Thank you

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    I have a LMS component called Guru that has been updated to joomla 2.5 and now the "Student Tests and Quizs" are not working. I need someone to check the database to make sure the correct data is there. Should be a quick job. DO NOT BID IF YOU SAY YOU CAN DO THIS NOW, ONLY TO GET THE PROJECT AND GO MISING FOR THREE DAYS>

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    ...stage 3 English and maths. it should allow uploading of material from the teacher and also have registration and logins, connected to an mysql database. plus also consist of quizs and a section for English and maths revision notes and also some mock tests. all the test results should be stored in to the data base. the parents should be able to view their

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    ...advice us if it effects seo as duplicate content.. 4. help us with strategies in improving the visitors using social networks.. 5. you need to help us how to contest quizs/polls in facebook and how it will be helpful to make them visit our website from there.. 6. I hope by now you might have understand that we need some experienced guy mostly

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    example: If the Npv OF project A is +$30 and that of Project B is +60, then the NPV of the combined project is...? There are 4 quizs in total of 80 questions, need it in 2-3 days time.

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    4 short quiz about finance and accounting in 1 week deadline simple questions with lecture notes provided for references

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    ...imgur. The user would select a category similar to those found on sporcle of their quiz. The site would require a back end admin panel with the ability to easily remove quizs. Further the front end would need a "random quiz" button, "top quiz" button and a "find quiz" button. The random quiz link would take you to a random quiz, the to quiz would

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    ...MYSQL for DB Optional- Communication via bluetooth between the GPS and computer that will automatically trigger a preset information. Open to programming language employed. Java prefered, but C++ or Python also acceptable. Communication via a central server that will: a. Keep track of movement of people (ie. their last checkpoint, points scored, etc)

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    ...personal spoke women swf flash to the new site. We want FAQ and Video FAQ. We need the volusion or something like it for communication with prospective customers. We want polls-quizs-chat forums-helpdesks and the ability to offer some type of online traning support like moodle but easy. We want our client to be able to create subsites that they can customized

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    joomla website Udløbet left

    ...personal spoke women swf flash to the new site. We want FAQ and Video FAQ. We need the volusion or something like it for communication with prospective customers. We want polls-quizs-chat forums-helpdesks and the ability to offer some type of online traning support like moodle but easy. We want our client to be able to create subsites that they can customized

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    ...get a review of how they done and should beable to see how they have done on various quizs on a review page. "Admin" once logged in should beable to add/delete/edit questions for the quizes, add or delete a quiz, review how "quiz takers" have done on various quizs. I must stress simplicity is key, php and mySQL. Questions and User details to be

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    ...looking for a job or want to sell their services this is a great place for them to start. Any "Promote Yourself" classifieds are added to the user profile. 10. Quizs Members can create and take a quiz created by other members. 11. Events If members have an event like a party, birthday, store sale, etc they can add it here so

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    ... Also, I need the coder to deploy a forum, something like what is freely available at The coder will also need to be able to convert two static HTML quizs that are one the site, and make it dynamic to the end user using some type of server side language such as PHP or .ASP, or whatever means you feel you can do it in. Also

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    Hello We would like a clone of Accep...multiply anwsers to the questions. We would also like it have a feature where points are given to allow them one three quiz creations but then they must earn point to earn more quizs by doinf offers such as vist our other website and then fill in the missing word. a nicer interface would be prefered

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