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    I have about 80 MPEG video clips on two adult websites ranging in size from 10 to 70 megabytes each and I need to reformat them to make them smaller but without losing video quality. Right now we are paying high hosting and bandwith fees because our members are downloading such large files. We are taking bids to see who can go on our servers and reduce the size of all of our videos. We ...

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    There is a "Compare by content" tool in Total Commnader ([log ind for at se URL]) This tool compares text of two files. Need exact clone of this tool. Delphi code only. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. (No GPL, 3...

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    I need an ocx (preferably) or a dll with all source code that can do an OCR on multiple graphic files that includes but not limited to : gif , jpeg , tiff , bmp etc.. That can return a string or/and a filename (that we pass to the ocx/dll) containing the text that was on the graphic file. This will be used with Visual Basic 6,SP 5 ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional w...

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    C socket example Udløbet left

    Basically what I need is an example of a server using sockets in C. The code would need to be compatible for Windows and Linux (if possible). The socket code should be in a separate class so the main program would be something like: #include "yourclass" void main(void) { socket_class first_server; socket_class second_server; [log ind for at se URL](); // Creates the soc...

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    Expert Programmer required for development of Java Based Mobile Phone booking application. Exact details have not been specified yet, but we would like to talk to ppl to source out the right person to work with. Examples of previous mobile application work is imperative. Please attach as file or lead to a website where it can be downloaded. Proof has to be shown that this program was don...

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    I need a dll written in vb6 that will accomplish the following: Given a folder path (where Outlook Express dbx files will be), it will extract each email out of every file and save these emails as .txt files. Here are the rules to be followed: Properties: FolderPath DestinationFolder Methods: ExtractMail For every file that is found in the FolderPath, a matching folder name ...

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    Hello I have a small VB script that I can run on individual files and it returns details on that file (like number of pages in the file). The VBS is for DjVu files (like PDF) and these can be multi page documents. **_The file type is not important_** as the VBS deals with the page counting and the file type already. I would like to be able to search a directory and it's sub directories (b...

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    I'm looking for a skilled coder who would be able to create a Instant Messenger for Java enabled mobile phones. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) E...

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    Flash example Udløbet left

    We need a flash applet to demonstrate our program (a search system for museums). The applet must do the following: 1. The user should be able to type one or more keywords in an edit box in the applet 2. The applet sends the keywords to our program (via a normal http url, e.g., <http://localhost?action=get&query=just%20testing>, or via a SOAP request) 3. The applet receives...

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    I am wanting to develop a website that subscribers can become member of for a small fee. The will use the site for purposes of marketing using the Net Send Command. I am not looking for a client based installation but rather a script (PHP) that is run from my server, not the desktop. This would allow anyone with website access to use the net send system regardless of their OS. So even someone u...

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    Offline application that synchronises with an online web-based solution (ASP) to retrieve live reports. The idea is to offer a comprehensive asset management service to an international client. Collating and generating reports that show sales, brand comparissons etc. Currently on VB, but needs to migrate to .Net - or C++. May incorporate GPRS, GPS and/or GSM technologies. It will run on a J2M...

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    COM + VB example. Udløbet left

    We need a developer to take the following program at the link below : [log ind for at se URL] make th program totatly into a com object, than i would like the developer to make the excact example they provice in vb using the com object, so the com object will hold all the functions and it will be made in vc++, and the example stuff will all be made in vb or delphi, does not matter whi...

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    1 High Level Requirements 1.1 Executive Summary We need a windows program that can help our DOS based program print files to any type of printer on any of the windows operating systems. Ideally this software will be able to monitor a specific directory for files, pick them up and send them to the printer. We need the software to be able to run automatically and to take very few resources wh...

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    Web application to allow view, sort, and retreive files stored on a webserver. It is envisioned that a user will log onto IIS server with an NT/2000 username and password and application would check the folder wwwroot/webfiles/username and create a list of files in that folder and present a web page (such as the attached) which will show them a list of Files (Pdf, Doc, txt...) in their ...

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    Develop a VB command line application that sends an email to a MAPI server (Exchange) and then performs a login to the server and check if the email is received in the account to which the email was sent. The application may not have any GUI! The parameters are read from a file called [log ind for at se URL] (each parameter starts on a new line). So no parameters are passed on other than from the ...

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    This script will edit all files in a directory. file 1 looks like: (there will be several files like this to edit all in one dir) plan=plan1 f5=63000 File 2 will have the entry: (there will be a file like this that goes with each of the above files but this file is not in the same dir) 9.2003=56000 What I need is: 1. plan=plan1 so f5 base setting is 60000 (there ...

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    mobile phone games Udløbet left

    In order to complete a web site of downloads for mobile phones, we are looking for mobile phones games, with preference to games tested and working on more than one brand of popular phones, (J2ME standard preferred). ## Deliverables 1) Presentation and concept description of the game 2) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all wo...

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    Develop a VB command line application that sends an ICQ message to the specified account. The application may not have any GUI! The parameters are read from a file called [log ind for at se URL] (each parameter starts on a new line). So no parameters are passed on other than from the conf file. The application outputs either OK or the error after delivering the message. ## Deliverables 1) Compl...

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    i need someone to show me how can i send email without trace, mean that i can send annoymous email, i hear about qmail and bind9 and also i need manipulate my server, i need help with that or there is any other solution for sending a large amount of email ( annoymously) , the reason i want this NOT FOR SPAMM for my subscriber email from my site. but i dont want to impact my ISP, assume tha...

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    We need a Microsoft Windows Application (developed in C++ or C#) with the following functionalities: General use: Permit web intranet user to upload documents from its windows PCs to a web server in an assigned category, selected in a tree-view component. The application should permit to be opened from the Microsoft Windows Explorer “send-to?? link. The work we need from the developer is ...

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    mobile internet Udløbet left

    hi i am to create a wap site the wap site will be based on buying and selling. the site will need be created using some sort of java ( i think java j2me is the right one). the site will be displyed using an emulator. the main idea of the site is that it will allow a user to log in and see items thay are for sale. this means that there will also need to be some sort of data base for user d...

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    I need a module to copy files from one directory to other directory. Must have the ability to over write existing files, with several options. Always overwrite files, If file was modifiied, If file is larger, Never copy existing files. Must also, have the option of only copying new files (files that are not in the destination directory). I will also need a way to view progress - files names and ...

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    Our application needs to be callable by other windows applications. We need a Visual Basic 6 example of application A passing a string and an integer to application B. I believe in the Windows world this is done by having application B acting as a COM server but I am open to additional approaches as long as it is a real-time communication method. The project will consist of Application A detectin...

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    Grand Scope: This is a multi-stage project, involving the external manipulation of entities composing CAD job files that are generated in a normal course of designing a schematic diagrams. Background: Job files produced by the CAD application are presented in a graphical form for the CAD designer to manipulate, and can be saved in a binary form to a job file. The saved job file is only available i...

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    Convert files Udløbet left

    I am presently using Peachtree Accounting and am changing to a different accounting software that uses Paradox 4 data files. I want to convert my Peachtree files to Paradox 4 file format. I can export say the vendor list from Peachtree in comma delimited format. There would be the vendor list, & the customer list. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in ex...

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    I need a Visual Basic 6.0 code that can handle XML files. The program should have the next Functions: 1.- Create an XML file. The system should ask for the name and the path. 2.- Write "n" contents. The system shoud ask how many elements and how many properties each element should have, and the name of each element and each property. 3.- Read all contents or a specific propert...

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    I'm looking for a program (php, I suspect) that I can install on my Linux web server which will allow a user to log in with a username and password I provide them. When they log into the page, they will see a list of .txt files in a directory. I would like the user to be able to select the .txt file and mark it as read, thus preventing it from showing up in the future (even though it rem...

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    Currently, I have an application written in C++ that runs on most Nokia phones and now I want to convert this code to pure Java J2ME application. This project needs someone with good understanding of Symbian SDK and Nokia SDK to be able to convert my C++ code to J2ME. I have all of the documents,sdk, and other tools needed to convert this code to a pure J2ME. So the project will r...

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    what i need to implement is a mobile or pda application written in j2me , this application for taking student attendance in the class for schools or colleges or any university . every teach or professor will download this application in his protable device , so he can access to his profile in the server , and he can see the subjects he are teaching , classes , labs , and can view the list of stu...

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    **Background:** I need an application created that would run on the Samsung A620 (VGA1000) mobile phone. This application would be strictly for transferring downloaded images (called screensavers) from the “Downloads-->Screensavers?? section on the phone to the “Picture Wallet?? or the “Review/Share?? sections. I am currently utilizing services on a website, [lo...

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    What I need is an OCX Active X Control to display tif or xif files. The properties it needs is path of file, page number, the number of pages in the document, and the viewtype. For the viewtype, the possible types would be make it fit the size of the OCX screen, fit height, fit width, or full size. The default would be fit screen. The image on the screen must look exactly as professional and sharp...

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    I need a program/script that will take a folder which has like pdf's or any sort of file in it and make a webpage out of it. so say we have 100 files in a folder. This program will go through folder and make 1 web page which 100 hyperlinks. When someone clicks thehyperlink, they are brought to another html page with the filename, date, ..any info you can pull in. So basically for 100 file...

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    The application needs to be developed in a VB.NET environment utilizing a SQL Server 7/2000 backend. This project needs to reproduce two sided marketing response cards in a PDF format. The application will have access to a set of jpg images that were created by scanning both sides of the original response card, and the set will contain two images for each card - one front and one back. T...

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    The purpose of the required Macro is to read, convert and organize text-based RealNetworks’ server log files into MS Excel workbooks, which in turn should be manipulated into Pivot Tables and Charts. I have created a starting point Excel Macro (ImportLog) where the text-based input files are converted into Excel format and columns are detected. I now need the macro to create multiple works...

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    Normalize MP3 files Udløbet left

    OCX or DLL Code (for use with Visual Basic) to "normalize" volume of MP3 file to given percentage or dB scale (where 100% or 0dB is digital maximum before clipping). ID Tags (ID3) within the file (which may include TXXX tags should be unaffected by the normalization. Kate. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as c...

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    Hi all; An example is required that shows step-by-step and in details the following: 1. The example should be done by asp.net framework 1.1 (Not asp.net 2003) 2. The aspx page should have a table with an image control 3. when the page loads the JavaScript function will start by collecting the user screen resolution 4. The Code-Behind in the aspx form will read the screen width and height for...

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    I need to know how to create ASX files, with embedded movies (WMV format) and a link to web site. ASX files for Windows Media Player are a rapper, sometimes used as playlists, usually contain links (http://) to WMV movies on web servers which will they play automatically. The basic ASX format is like this: <ASX version="3.0"> <TITLE>Title of movie</TITLE&g...

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    Java applet using **Java 2 Platform Std. Ed. v1.4.2 ** prefer implementation using java swing (compared to java awt) Overview >> Design and implementation of a multithreaded animation using Java threads and 2Dor3D graphics . >> Programmer should design an applet that contains 2 threads in which that allows 2 pacman(animation objects) to travel along seperate and ...

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    I need a small Delphi Browser Helper Object (BHO) to show how to gain access to the text in the browser window, to selectively highlight simple words. A Tool bar should be created that has one button that turns on and off the highlighted words when clicked and one text input edit box that takes the text (Single words are okay) to be highlighted. Must be written in **Delphi** 7 and is not goin...

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    Hi, For testing purposes I need someone who can provide me with: Combined or IIS log files Please only bid, if you can tell me exactly: -what sort of logs you can give me -what plattform/server/version etc. -number of files -size of the files etc. Thanks, Dave ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete sour...

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    I need someone who can help me with some customizaton of the open dialogue box of a windows financial accounting application. The application on launch shows a window listing all files opended in that application in the the past so that one can select from this dialogue box which file to open now. I want that this dialogue box that opens automatically on start of the application does not remember ...

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    I need a working sourcecode version of this... Im looking to spend $20 bucks for a fixed copy. Or a version just as fast only written in vb simple code rather then vb api.. The link below is the code I would like, only in working order.. I also included the zip.. The code must work without any timeout or msgbox's because oddly if you add a delay, it works properly.. Howeve...

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    random access files Udløbet left

    Using VB.Net create a random access file with 15 positions. This file contains the names of the cocktails which is served at the A+ club. Each cocktail has a number consisting of 3 digits. Record structure: *Cocktail number *Name *Main Ingredient *Danger measure The program must must be able to *Delete a record(write a blank record over the record) *Add a record *Retr...

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    i have already code an application to update 3 files but it dont work like i wish. is there anyone who can help me to implement some features (like getversion, setdate ...) best regards drawing the application should be written in delphi. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all wo...

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    How can I stream video files (mpegs, avi's) over a netmeeting <nobr>webcam</nobr> session? I've seens loads of examples of how to 'capture' video from a webcam but I want to do the opposite and 'push' my video files up through a 'virtual' webcam. I guess some kind of virtual webcam driver would be needed? and the video files stre...

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    We are looking for a reliable aggressive java developer to help us develope the first generation of multiplayer mobile games for mobile phones. We have several projects in developement so there is room to choose. All projects are turn based combat games, mostly using tile based systems. We already have a robust multiplayer wireless server archtecture complete with a well docuemnted api. ...

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    I want to create a aspx page that when a user goes to the page it will ask them for there name, it will then grab there IP address and send a instant messege via msn instant messenger to me. This project must contain full source code and MUST be written in VB.NET with full comments. Here are some links that may help. [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] ## Deliverables 1) Co...

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    I need a fast programmer who makes a very simple postcard system for me. Here you can see almost all the details from the project: [log ind for at se URL] (excuse my english)

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    At this stage, this is a capabilities gathering bid to identify a set of developers who can build (and live test) an Instant Messaging client for a popular open source IM system. The target device is a RIM Blackberry 6200 which has J2ME support on the OS and GPRS support for networking. The client will need to have features traditionally found in popular IM clients, but robustness is the key crite...

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    I was given a small project to write a VBSCRIPT program to do the following: Specs: Ability to compare servers within an environment to ensure the files are the same on all of the servers for that environment. ## Deliverables Specs: Ability to compare servers within an environment to ensure the files are the same on all of the servers for that environment. For example in Production: p...

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