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    we are trying to simulate Paypal IPN. the is it saying " IPN was not sent, and the handshake was not verified. Review your information. do you know how to solve this problem ?

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    we are trying to ged transaction related data on our store from paypal, this is why are inegrating paypal IPN, but after using simulator we got this error, do you know how to solve this ?

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    our script is genius cart script. you must have previous work experiencce on this script, otherwise i will not hire you. you have to show me evidence that you have worked on this script before. write i have evidence on the header of your bid, or i will simply just hide your bid. reqirements are attahced as screenshot here, and also written on the images. please check and send me a message. thanks

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    our script is genius cart script. you must have previous work experiencce on this script, otherwise i will not hire you. you have to show me evidence that you have worked on this script before. write i have evidence on the header of your bid, or i will simply just hide your bid. reqirements are attahced as screenshot here, and also written on the images. please check and send me a message. thanks

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    Send Digistore24 sales data to mysql database via php. Database is hosted on my server. Windows 2012 server running wamp and php. Sample code is here. Fields I need to transfer: order_id - do not need order_status - Paid order_date - need order_item_id - need product_id - 11584-1 product_name - need quantity - 1 tax - 0 total - need ship_first_name - need ship_last_name - if possible ship_city - if possible ship_country - need ship_email - need referrer - need checked - 0

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    Send Digistore24 sales data to mysql database via php. Database is hosted on my server. Windows 2012 server running wamp and php. Sample code is here. Fields I need to transfer: order date order id product name total order first name order first last order country email address or purchaser affiliate

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    Necesitamos realizar un motor de pagos para nuestro ecosistema. Usamos coinpayments como pasarela de pago. Lo que necesitamos es un motor de pagos para gestionar las ventas de nuestros productos. Tenemos varias plataformas desde las que ...La idea es que en el motor de pagos haya un endpoint, al cual se pueda llamar desde plataformas externas. En este endpoint se comunicará la necesidad de realizar un pago. El motor de pagos se ha de conectar a coinpayments y generar la URL de pago. Esta URL de pago se le ha de comunicar via request del endpoint llamado anteriormente. Cuando el usuario realiza el pago, se recibirán los datos al IPN del motor de pagos, en ese momento se ha de mandar a otro endpoint la confirmación de pago No se necesita desarrollo de ningun f...

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    El proyecto ya esta listo, fue comprado & montado en el sitio , esta hecho base a laravel 8, viene con paypal integrado necesito estas api PayPal URL IPN para poder activarlo & necesito instalarle mercadopago para que pueda funcionar en latam

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    ...3. it is crucial that testing and implementation is done without interrupting existing operations or taking any portion of the website offline or making it inaccessible. 4. Currently PayPal is the only payment method and there are issues with the implementation as it depends on IPN response and sometimes the response is delayed which creates an error when redirecting back to the website. Ideally would like a solution that would implement that payment on the website and provide confirmation without having to use IPN responses as they are unreliable. 5. Only one milestone will be created and released when the project is 100% completed, working and tested by me as done and fully functional. There are no other way around it, no partial release, the entire project amount will...

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    ...Problem: If a user does not stay on the checkout page (coins take time to arrive at a given address) until it forwards the user to the predefined "REDIRECTED" page, then we can not save the user purchase history completely. Solution: Use the CoinPayments IPN system and get its notification from our server. What you need to do : 1. Show us how to get the IPN notification from CoinPaymnets 2. You just create a fours simple PHP page One just with one the CoinpPayments button: that will have our merchant id, success URL, failure URL, and IPN URL and other required fields for the CoinPayments button 2nd page is the success URL page....this page just need to print success (echo "Succes for user 1") 3rd page...

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    I need two urls creates inside a Woocommerce Payment Gateway plugin. 1. One url which I can access via url with an empty function that can echo some string/text if I run the url on browser. 2. Another url that I can run or the browser to be used as acallback url for the payment gateway. Note: If you can simply add 2 urls that can echo some text if run the browser, that will be enough. Big for fast awarding

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    I have a website that was working with PayPal IPN and customers monthly subscriptions. Since upgrading the site that is on phpbb3 it no longer works. Would require an extension for phpbb to be created that can manage PayPal reoccurring subscriptions. Will store PayPal info and customer in separate tables, then send customer email to log into phpbb site. Would need to manage customers, see who has subscribed/lapsed etc.

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    Have most of it set up and plugins installed but its not working properly. Looking for someone to review and ensure paypal payments are working properly for subscription

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    ...dashboard to manage orders. • Seller can add Simple and Downloadable product. • Admin can restrict the account menu options and sequence. • Admin can select the order status for the seller. Only selected order status will be used by the seller for changing their product order status. • The admin can assign specific product categories to sellers. • The admin can pay to all sellers at once using MassPay-out. • Select Open cart store for the Marketplace. • The admin can preview the seller’s product. • The sellers can add tax information from the front-end. • Customers can view the estimated date of the delivery on the product page. • Sellers can use Seller-Customer Switcher to hide Market place menu. • PayPal ...

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    Jazzcash payment gateway integration in core php backend according to app flow. Ipn notification, generate payment, store response etc

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    ...pages. 4. I have a script that works every time when run from a browser, but fails when run as a cron job. It is failing on the following line: require '/var/www/vhosts/' 5. I have a page with two buttons. One changes the row format (hides one or two columns) and the other restricts the data shown. The buttons don’t work consistently. 6. I’d like to introduce IPN for paypal, so that customers are returned to my code without needing redirects. 7. I'd like to ensure that certain users can only access the system from a specified ip address. 8. I have a small bug with buttons that change the payment type of transactions. Some of them work but some fail. Any developer hired will have to sign an NDA. I've uploaded an image of one issue and will ...

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    Bonjour, Je souhaiterai être conseillée pour 2 projets 1er Projet : pour fermer/ occulter mon hall d’entrée. Au niveau du hall d’entrée nous souhaitons l’optimiser au niveau rangement et surtout fermer l’accès à l’espace nuit. L’idée est de garder de la transparence sur les volume de l’espace et préserver la vision des escaliers et de l’ IPN L’idée et de d’avoir plus d’intimité sans occulter les espaces et les volumes qui sont la signature de notre maison. 2ème projet: Nous construisons une piscine nous souhaitons avoir des conseils pour l'aménagement autour choix des sols et construire un petit pool house. Merci,

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    Hi, I'm having problem for getting the IPN from paypal. Transaction goes well but no woocommerce orders - not any idea what happen with the transfer.

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    Inventor animation and rendering presentation. The idea is as follow, We supply a 3D IAM file of a lay-out. A IPN file of this layout needs to be created according to a script we will draw out and supply.

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    Need skilled backend developer familiar with PayPal to program Website with 8 buy now options and 9 IPN download buttons for a digital product. Urgent request

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    I am getting a 500 error with paypal ipn when someone try to subscribe o add money in my website, my wbsite it built on laravel

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    Hello, we are a young ACADEMY in the DACH region, which offers online courses via member areas. In the sales process of Digistore24 it is currently only possible to capture the data (first name, last name, email ad...purchased. If two or more accesses are purchased in one order process, only the first course participant is currently transferred to Builderall in the member area. In this case, the buyer has to send us an Excel list of all course participants and we enter the remaining persons manually. We want to fix this by programming our own generic IPN connection. For this Digistore24 provides developer documentation: We thank you for your support and your package offer. If the work is satisfactory, follow-up orders are possible.

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    Looking for someone to build Coinbase commerce IPN Payment Getway

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    We need a credit card module that will work between our site and the Wyre Credit Card Processing API. There is an API developed and working between the two platforms. We need a module that will communicate between our site and Wyre, pass back an IPN to the users account and show the users USD balance to them after the transaction has processed. Additionally, it must send via our API all of the user KYC Data for their own records. This will be accomplished via a data transfer between both API's. This module can be work via the use of a popup window widget or directly integrated into the site directly - we just need it to work as expected.

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    *PLEASE NOTE - I have had a quote of $50 (USD) already, but developer cannot start job for over a week, so not look to pay anymore than this. We recently swapped from Magento1 to Magento2 (around 10 days ago) Using PayPal Payments ...the issue is and along with PayPal, are asking me to speak to a developer. Debit and credit card payments all working ok. Also works as a standard PayPal checkout ok but then does not then go to the success page. Bounces to the home page with error 'Invalid Form Key - Please Refresh The Page' Also getting error - IPN (instant payment notifications) PayPal said the issues are connected. They said.... Please check your server that handles PayPal Instant Payment Notifications (IPN). IPNs sent to the following URL(s) failed: Only want ...

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    To keep it simple, the screenshot attached is my "idea" Basically, I want viewers to be able to 'fill in the blanks' of a sentence with predefined words. I have a rough prototype working, but I want it cleaned up and more customized with a fancier UI, backend attached, and as well as payment IPN hooked up (Paypal or such). The budget is $200 for only specifically above, future features we can discuss future elements as this has huge potential but for right now I only want a better UI, backend to add words, and a way for viewers to "pay" Thanks for bidding!

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    Pure PHP store script just add the Paypal IPN to the store

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    I need a PayPal subscription form with 1 custom text field. Upon successful payment, the string in this text field will be uploaded to a server via ftp and used as the file name for a blank file. If the subscription is cancelled then the corresponding file on the FTP server must be prefixed with "cancelled_" after their current paid period expires.

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    Hello, I need someone to integrate a CoinPayments IPN to my site so when the transaction is returned it stores the payment in the db with the status etc

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    Hi Mobashir H., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. We need you to help us fix the paypal IPN issue. or implement a new solution for paypal.

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    ...MUST have direct experience and successful live cases (you must have the code in hand) with BrainTree API inegration by No direct experience of and BrainTree will NOT be considered. 2. Language: with minimal (C# will NOT be considered). Database: MS-Access. 3. Currect situation (shopping cart): Submit a name/value string to PayPal --> handshake/listen notify page for IPN --> Auto-process the order. 4. New requirements: Shopping cart (I already have my own shopping cart) --> BrainTree API integration by --> Submit order info and credit cards (at least Visa, MasterCard, AMEX) to BrainTree's vault (store credit card info in BrainTree's vault) --> handshake/listen to webhook (only need the handshaking code and initializati...

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    Need fix Error IPN Response on woocommerce shop

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    We have a website built under Laravel PHP version 7.1. We sell online course, once the customer paid via PayPal and sign up, they should become our Paid member , but the system won't mark it as Paid because of PayPal IPN issue. Need someone who is experienced in PayPal IPN and Laravel to fix this.

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    Hello All, I need to set IPN for my PayPal purchases and also to set a PHP action for reoccurring payments. The IPN always sends as: and I need to change this URL.

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    ...users. The service is in Beta mode, but I am having issues getting a PayPal IPN script to work correctly. I am requiring a complete PayPal IPN script written in PHP that will send me an email notification when new or renewed subscription payments occur, and send a confirmation email to the subscriber. I will also require all data sent with the PayPal IPN call to be written to a MySQL database that saves all the transaction details. I would also like the script to update the users accounts, renewal or expiration date column, within a MySQL database. The PayPal subscribe button on my website contains one hidden PayPal field called “custom” which contains the username for the subscriber. This is integral in the IPN call to write to the correct us...

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    We have a large website based on PHP. We are implementing payment based on Paypal. In our local server in XAMPP, both sandbox and live modes work fine and we can receive IPN notifications properly for record purposes. In our live Linux server, IPN in paypal sandbox mode is working. However, the Live Mode does not work at all. We couldn't even find any log in Nginx or our PHP debug log. In PayPal dashboard of IPN history, it shows status 500 and it has retried many times to send the IPN notification. We need you to help us fix this issue. Is it due to DNS setting? Nginx server issue? Or our code issue? The work needs to be done remotely using remote access software.

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    I am getting an IPN 500 error retrying in paypal. I am running a windows server with iis. I click on the link in paypal and it returns a OK success message so I am not sure why it's not working. The script or source code is very old foxpro database.

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    ...converted to run on the server side by splitting the script code to develop this custom API custom. A clean and automatic connection must be made, no direct connections to the client/server database or open firewall/ports must be made. The script handles payment processors so each client independently handles its own IPN for each payment method (deposit and withdrawal), the correct functioning (deposit and withdrawal) of each payment method of the current script with its respective IPN must be maintained. The API must allow multiple clients to connect to the server automatically. 2. After developing the custom API, an authentication system must be implemented: The API must be used exclusively by authenticated clients, the authentication will be done with the domain na...

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    Ich suche einen API Developer, der ein Abrechnungsportal mithilfe der API und IPN POSTs von Paykickstart auf deutsch programmiert (). Das Abrechnungsportal ist in den Mitgliederbereich unserer Software in Product Dyno () integriert. Paykickstart stellt dieses Portal leider nur auf englisch zur Verfügung. Wir wollen unseren Kunden das Abrechnungsportal auf deutsch anbieten. Außerdem wird die doppelte Authentifizierung nicht benötigt. Der Kunde soll direkt nach dem Einloggen in den Mitgliederbereich Zugriff auf das Abrechnungsportal haben. (info: ) Anhang: So sieht das von Paykickstart integrierte Abrechnungsportal aktuell aus. Es soll umgestellt werden auch deutsch und eine vereinfachte

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    Current cart: Own coding; use session & cookie; database: Microsoft Access; printout dynamic table. Language: ( Payment gateway: PayPal Standard Checkout + IPN (listen to IPN for auto-delivering digital products) Project requirements: -- PayPal Express Checkout (API) <-- upgraded from PayPal Standard Checkout + IPN -- Get back major name/values from PayPal for auto-delivering digital products (similar to IPN)

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    Our PayPal IPN does not receives the "IPN" notification from PayPal sometimes. It works perfectly, but for some transactions (which has no specific difference) it doesn't. We need someone to fix it (to always receive the IPN) or create a secure PayPal IPN. Usually it works 80% of the time but lately we have been getting complaints customer's have not received there credits into there account which makes us have to manually add it. Thanks!

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    We need to implement a Paypal smart button on our site and are having difficulty. We will provide you with our Paypal API key, what we need is Paypal smart button code capable of… 1 – Accepting different amounts for payment 2 – Accepting different product descriptions 3 – Accepting a custom customer ID, their username 4 – Needs to send transaction to IPN handler 5 – Needs to redirect customer to thank you page when payment is complete 6 – No “Pay Later” option 7 – Would like to just have the “Debit or Credit Card” option if possible 8 – If we can remove the “Powered by Paypal” logo that would be great 9 - There is no shipping info required

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    We want to develop crypto exchange for that use open source platform. The person have full knowing about Docker / Kubernetes Ruby 2.6.3 Rails 5.2+ Redis 4.0+ MySQL 5.7 RabbitMQ need full crypto exchange website. Need Following features on that... Public API Private API Coinpayments Coin Api Integrated Instant Payment notice (IPN) Ready Direct Referral Systme Unlimited Coin Creation Unlimited Trading Pair Creation Application Settings Withdrawal and Deposit Management Limit Order, Market Order, Stop-Limit Order Live Trading View Chart User Activities Google 2FA Authentication Google Recaptcha Account Veification By Email KYC Verification User Notification Mobile Ready Ultra Fast Trading Algorithm Easy to go User Experience Project Budget is $500

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    Using PayPal PHP IPN listener and getting random failures. PayPal support department is no help at all. Need PayPal IPN expert to review listener and IPN processing code

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    Website is currently made on PHP Core on PHP 5.4 but works with PHP 5.6 ...use paypal standard payment api. Checkout flow should remain the same. After successful payment the customer is given an email with a code to unlock their purchase. Contact me for more information. Here is current of checkout flow: 1. Customer goes to purchase page: 2. Customer presses buy now and is redirected to paypal 3. After successful purchase there is IPN listener which gets successful payment and creates a random code which is sent in an email to customer. Customer is also redirected to after successful purchase. The random code which is generated along with payment information is all sent to database Everything should continue to work the same!

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    Need our website redone. It needs an auto payment system done in PHP for bitcoin. It also needs a security and code overview as well as plugging some form variables into cURL requests.

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    Hi there I have been working with a developer for many years in India. Late last year she upgraded my Zen Cart to v1.5.7a, the upgraded site was made live around the 25th February and a few days later 28th Feb we started receiving PayPal Instant Payment Notification warning's. I am guessing this has something to do with the upgrade or coincidence? I have checked with my hosting as PayPal have been messing with IP addresses, my host says they cannot see any problems. My developer has been uncontactable since the 28th February so have been forced to find a replacement. Can someone sort this out for me. David

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    My name is Colin. I work for a small company as their 'Techie' but with limited PHP skills. We have a literature competition for designers. They usually fill out a form and send us their book and the form in the post but due to Covid, we have to move it online. So I'm looking for a PHP designer to help me. I don't need any CSS done as I have the CSS for the form already. So the applicant will fill out a form which will have 3 inputs; A dropdown for the Competition as there are 3 categories, the name of the book and a brief description of the book. I want them to be able to enter multiple books (So if they want to enter 3 books in 3 different competitions or 3 books into the same competition). Each competition costs €25. Then I want to be able to collect some ...

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    Deliverable: Payment extension for opencart for BTCpayserver API documentation is available on the BTCPayserver website. Skills required: PHP, SQL, and possibly some Javascript. Developer must have their own test environment prior to testing with our self-hosted BTCpayserve...Payment extension for opencart for BTCpayserver API documentation is available on the BTCPayserver website. Skills required: PHP, SQL, and possibly some Javascript. Developer must have their own test environment prior to testing with our self-hosted BTCpayserver. * Extension must be able to change order status to admin-defined success status after payment has been verified using callback/IPN through btcpayserver. * Extension must have minimum $ amount field, before payment option becomes...

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    Pila Teleña es una editorial especializada en libros de Educación Física y Deportes. Tenemos a la venta más de 30 libros de forma una editorial especializada en libros de Educación Física y Deportes. Tenemos a la venta más de 30 libros de forma online. Necesitamos una persona que sepa configurar de forma correctamente el pago por Paypal. Actualmente tenemos activado el pago por PayPal pero no funciona bien. Cuando una persona realiza un pago, NO aparece como procesado en woocommerce y es por qué no está llegando bien el IPN de Paypal a woocommerce. Necesitamos que cuando un cliente pague por paypal, automáticamente aparezca el pedido como procesado en woocommerce para que automáticamente el cliente...

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